Dream 372 – Uriel and the Demonic Orders Attack

Received Friday, December 6, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for caring about all of those who love You and place their hearts upon You.  I am so sorry that I have been struggling.  I have been communicating less on all of my devices.  I have been withdrawn.  I have had more tears than normal.  I have pressed into You more through prayer than I ever have before.  Oh breakthrough, where are you?

Father, the state of this world is becoming worse.  Things around us don’t seem promising.  The last few months have been crushing.  Disappointing news is followed by even more disappointing news.  I am looking for help.  You say ‘hold on’, but for how long?  You say ‘help is on the way in a little while’, but what is ‘a little while’?  So, we wait.  We wait, hope and hang on.

We cling to the life preserver of Your promises knowing full well that You have us.  I don’t ever want to let go of You.  Father, when can we expect breakthrough?  I have denied myself.  I have changed patterns.  I have redirected my focus back to You.  I have taken all the steps.  You reassure me that I have done what is right in Your eyes, but am I doing enough?

I have been pressing into You more.  My prayers have been deeper and my sessions alone with You are longer.  However, things are not becoming easier like before.  Things are instead becoming more difficult.  The longer the time goes with difficult news or no news, I wonder if I am doing something wrong.  Who knows, perhaps I am doing something right and the enemy hates it?

Father, my eldest son had a severe relapse after a long phone conversation with his dad.  Something happened to him and he is now unable to use technology or screens of any kind.  Numbers torment him and he is hearing voices telling him to open a link.  He feels as if ‘they’ can see him through any screen.  We recently prayed for him and anointed him with oil.  While this helped a lot, he is still not 100%.

My greatest enemy has practiced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for more than 25 years.  While he is not licensed, he has used this in the past on my children and me without our knowledge or consent.  This is witchcraft.  While I thought he wasn’t doing this anymore, I now realize he still is.  You told me that this was still happening over the summer.  I continue to fight against it with prayer and anointing oil.

This practice is far more difficult to detect until the results manifest.  It is like carrying an illness prior to displaying signs of the illness.  However, once it manifests, it is too late.  On the positive side, my prayer life over the kids have really kicked up several notches.  While sleeping at night, I often have dreams where I am battling various forms of evil in my sleep.  I am assuming that this includes battling the kids’ father.

Based on what You have revealed to me, including the angels battling in the Heavens over us and on the web over the Earth, I now no longer take this as ‘just an illustration’ or ‘like a parable’.  Yes, this war above us is far more significant to us here than I originally thought.  Father, please forgive me for perhaps taking this all too lightly.  Speaking of attacks, I had an unsettling dream last night…

Sub-dream description begins…

I saw something like a millipede or centipede crawling into people’s sheets and mattresses.  They did this as the children and young adults were sleeping.  These ‘creatures’ would then go into the thoughts of its victims.  This is just one type of demonic entity that is just one part of a larger evil army.  Without constantly fortifying our spiritual firewalls, these know how to find a way in.

It was now time for me to destroy these entities.  I knew this would take a lot of work.  When I went to kill it, it would curl up and act as if it was dead.  It didn’t fool me.  I went the extra mile and finally knew I killed it.  How was I sure?  Well, it was now mashed up.  It was only then that I realized just how much damage it truly did.  While it seemed to be ‘just a worm with legs’, it was an order of the demonic, one I hadn’t dealt with before.

These things were entering into ears, mouths and nostrils.  They were killing off all good thoughts.  Anything positive was removed.  I walked over to a computer screen and saw that several news stories involved this entity.  I saw Obama, Hillary and others there.  The leader of the order would then make a command via a key word or phrase.  The words used were unassuming, words like ‘change’, ‘resistance’ or ‘buddy’.

The watching army would then allow this to absorb into them.  This army would then begin to react to this.  The attacks were then spreading out from there.  I saw inexplicable deaths from first time drug use.  I saw suicides with no pre-warnings.  I saw anxiety and paranoia over things not seen.  I saw lucid memories of nightmares, all retained in frightening clips.  Hearts were now beating faster than normal.

Even the thirst for clean water was now decreasing, being replaced for ever increasing desires for caffeine and energy drinks.  There was now high-volume use of these.  I then heard a horrible sound coming through our cellphones.  It sounded like an early warning system.  This suddenly activated a massive army of young people…mostly teens and children.  Their hearts had now grown very cold, even against their parents.

They began to follow the orders of these beings.  These were dark, dark beings with even darker powers.  I was soon very disturbed by this.  While I can’t remember what it was, I was then given a prophecy of something that is happening right now.  I finally couldn’t take it anymore and called out to God…

Me:  “Help me, Father.  Please help me!  Please help us!  Help us to stand against this evil army.  Our young people don’t even know that this exists.  Our children are unable to see this coming.”

Sub-dream description over…

Oh Father, this dream was too real to dismiss.  Yes, please help us.  Better yet, strengthen all of us.  Please finalize our healing so that we are readied for battle.  Use us for Your glory.  Guide us and help us to stand against this!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was standing on a Heavenly version of the road we live on.  I could see the pond in the distance.  The landscape was cloudy and overcast.  There were no cars to be seen.  As I walked, I started to notice a common Heavenly theme to the signs around me.  There was ‘Michael Angel Construction’, ‘Arch Angel Road’, ‘Painting by Raphael’, ‘Uriel Street’, ‘King’s Lake’, along with other signs.

There were so many signs that I soon started to laugh.  I kept walking down the road toward where our house would have been.  I saw a sign that pointed ahead to a ‘lighthouse’.  This seemed funny to me because there is no lighthouse where we are, just a cell tower with a couple of blue lights.

Me:  “Lord, are You here?  Where are You?”

Just then, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned and there was Uriel.  I could tell that he had come through some battles.

Uriel:  “God has sent me to let you know that you are not going mad.  The Lord has filled your vessel with good.  When you have a very strong sense you need to go here or there or you need to pray, then this is God working through you.  There is an epic battle occurring right now.  While I cannot frame time for you, you must know that what is occurring has been foretold.

“The warnings you have been given is not your imagination.  Do not forget that your greatest ability is realized through prayer.  Yes, even the Lord’s Prayer.  Over a period of time, you have learned about the schemes of the enemy against the children of God.  All schemes are meant to provoke the Lord and make you fearful.  Do not be.”

Me:  “Uriel, how do I fight against this to protect my family?  As I am today, I am useless.”

Uriel:  “God has given you wisdom and knowledge about that which comes against you and your house.  You are the lighthouse keeper.”

Me:  “Forgive me, but I don’t even feel much like an inn keeper, let alone a beacon of hope or light myself.”

Uriel:  “Well, Erin, you are.  Now, think about what function a lighthouse serves.  Does it not warn those who are on rough seas to turn away from the impending doom lest their ships be dashed against the cliffs in the darkness?  Will you not better understand the schemes of the enemy by encountering them yourself so you are better able to assist those in need?  See, the signs of the beginning of the sorrows have begun.

“Many have been deceived by other gods.  There are wars and speculation of impending wars.  Nation is rising against nation and kingdom is rising against kingdom.  There are famines, pestilences and earthquakes all around in various places.  These are the beginnings spoken of by God.  However, Erin, something is about to occur in this time.  Many will hate you and be offended.  Brother will turn against brother, even children against parents and parents against children.

“The rise of rebellions is occurring and, in the midst of this, the enemy is like a conductor of an orchestra with many different instruments.  You have been warned to guard your heart as it is the well spring of life.  However, you must also guard your other senses as, just like you have been shown, the enemy doesn’t come only by the front door.  No, the enemy also comes as a thief in the night in order to mimic, mock and provoke God.  He comes to rob, kill and destroy.”

Me:  “This seems scary to me.  This seems so unexpected.”

Uriel:  “No, Erin, this is not unexpected.  While many believe that the enemy only attacks one way, I am here to tell you that he uses many methods.  However, and more than this, I come to deliver you good news.  The good news is that God is revealing this to you.  God will then protect you and your household from any attacks.  Now, look at all that is around you.”

Just as Uriel turned, I could see an army of angels over us.  While all were tall and very muscular, some were amazingly tall.  I felt such comfort having them around me that I started to wave to them.  Uriel laughed and so did some of the angels surrounding us.  A few even smiled and waved back at me.  I suddenly felt overwhelmed.

Me:  Crying.  “Oh Uriel, I am scared…really, really scared.”

Uriel:  “Remember that more are with you then against you.  This includes you and your family, but also your friends.  Erin, while I only send you messages of good news, you do not see it this way.”

Me:  “While I am always grateful to receive good news, would it not just be easier to heal and strengthen us instead?  Now that I am aware that the enemy is busy with new schemes every day, I guess I am just growing tired of all of it.”

Uriel:  “I am here to let you know the good news, Erin.  We have been assigned to protect you and your family.  I am here to bring you into God’s presence at His request.  I am also to send you a message from Him.  Here is the message from Him that He wants me to deliver to you as you are still worried…

“…Erin, I know that the hour is late.  You are to remain steadfast and diligent.  You are to be aware of shifting landscapes and trouble building all around you.  Though you see it, and even are there at times to witness, until you are called by Me to act, you are to do nothing other than pray.  There is also a growing enemy alliance against Israel and the USA.  There is a force coming to attack the USA financially.  The siege ramps are being constructed.

“…The threat against Israel is great, but this is as it has always been.  However, it is now more so than ever as enemy armies now have a vested interest in wiping out both regions.  They want to do this to both by first destroying their economies and opening up their borders.  There is a select group, a few with no country, who are making these decisions.  The enemy is also weakening the leaders of both countries so that there will be a hostile takeover.  No country will stand out of fear.”

Me:  “Oh Uriel, when will this be?”

Uriel:  “The times are upon you.  The enemy’s armies have recruits who have no idea they are working for the enemy’s side.  They have no knowledge.  There are many orders to the enemy’s armies…

  • There is an order that governs ‘the sins of Sodom’. They confuse and weaken.  An example of this are men that wear women’s clothing.  Another example of this is a four-year-old boy wanting to change his sex to a girl.
  • Another order pushes for the right to kill children and sacrifice them to the god of Moloch. An example of this is the pro-choice movement.
  • Another order is there to convince socially by any means necessary that we are to no longer eat meat. This then leads to the ingestion of genetically produced food proteins.  Over time, this weakens the body.  An example of this is vegetarianism.
  • Another order teaches that laziness, lack, loneliness and isolation is desirable. In this case, the only fighting men would be those who are exhausted and addicted to technology.  This can then lead to suicidal impulses.
  • Another order teaches men that leading a household spiritually is ridiculous and a waste of time. In an unevenly yoked house, this then leads to the women having to lead the household spiritually.  In the end, the true goal is to emasculate all of the males under their very own rooves.
  • Another order leads people to take distinct marks and receive genetic testing. This group is also into body and skin mutilation, extreme tattoos, piercings and other worldly marks.  This will soon lead to increased pressure to have DNA registered trackers ‘installed’.
  • Another order wants to track everything we do. Once registered, marked and located, all devices are able to track everyone.  Any behaviors are then marked, registered and studied.  This is used as a ‘trojan horse’.  Their desire is to have things in your homes in which the enemy can even listen, record and see all you do.  A huge database is to be used to track the daily footprint you give off by your comings and goings.
  • Another order constantly tells everyone that social media technology is to be trusted and used at all times. This technology primarily attacks females.  They try to make women, but mainly young girls, feel like they cannot live up to the idealized woman.  This leads to being ‘lovers of self’, overuse of makeup and sexualizing even young girls for later grooming.
  • Another order demeans humanity by selling human parts. This includes DNA tracking, harvesting organs, blending genetics and attempting to mutate humans in order to create a stronger race and satisfy demand.
  • Another order worships other gods through cults. This includes witchcraft and conversing with the dead.  They also use false miracles to convince others to follow their evil practices.
  • Another order takes away the rights of others by false testimony and accusations. They try to silence God’s people by calling them haters of the other groups.  Having an opinion that matches the Bible is now considered hate.
  • Another order elevates drugs to the status of ‘another god’. It convinces those who don’t use them that they would feel better if they did.  This is a broad group as it is often intermingled with prescription drugs, alcohol, prostitution and the like.  Once addicted, the subjects are under them by need.
  • Another order tries to get into church leadership. There goal is to silence those who follow the Bible.  They use intimidation to stop and silence the elect from speaking up about the consequences of sin.  This then renders churches into silence.  Only a select few megachurches will be seen, but their message will often be without the power of God.

“There are many, many more orders and these are just a few examples.  Often each category will compliment the other, working in conjunction with each other.  These orders are highly organized.  Even though this is true, remember that the Kingdom of God is near.  This is why you are seeing such bizarre behaviors.  This is the evil manifesting within them.  The times are now nearing to when the spirit of rebellion will become wide spread.”

Me:  “Hmm, this is all very dark to me.  Please forgive me, Uriel, but this doesn’t really seem like that ‘good news’ to me.”

Uriel:  “Well, it is, Erin.  The times you have prayed for have come.  This is also the time when Heaven will be visible.  Now, rejoice, as God has an army around you.  He is about to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.

“Remain joyful in the midst of the trouble.  God has sent help and soon much more.  Your good news has come and God is about to answer your prayers.  Do not worry, the children’s story you have seen on the news, those who lost their lives, are in the arms of our Lord.  They are enjoying the safety of Home in Heaven.”

Me:  “It has been so difficult to see so many children being killed by loved ones in such horrific ways.”

Uriel:  “They were called for this time.  Do not worry.  They are martyrs and measures against the wicked.  They are part of the army of God.  I know it is difficult.  It is for us too.  Many times, we want to ask God if we can stop the enemy.  However, for now, we are to stand down until God says ‘now’.

“We see so much more than you do and we then talk amongst ourselves and before God.  We know the enemy because he once resided in Heaven.  We know the others too.  We know who is behind each order, as in a general.  We know each order that I have listed, along with all of the others.  These are the ones we battle against.  We then uphold God’s commands and His plans.”

Me:  Smiling.  “Oh, this all makes sense.  Thank you.  By the way, do the angels eat?  Should I buy more food?”

Uriel:  Laughing.  “There is no need.  We work for God and the Kingdom of Heaven.  We are well cared for.  Now, be encouraged as the ‘good news’ is coming.  As commanded to by God, I will see you again soon.  In the meantime, I have my dear friends and associates over all of you.

“Oh yes…about the exhaustion you are experiencing.  This is all part of the battle.  In your sleep, you battle.  Pray for peace in your sleep.  Pray for Jerusalem and the USA.  Stand on the Word of God and Truth.  This will set you free.  That is enough for now.”

He turned and, in an instant, he was gone.  I looked around, but could not see any angels.  However, I just knew that they were never that far away.  I suddenly heard the audible Voice of God…

God:  “I am with you.  The angels I have sent to guard you in all of your ways are mighty.  Do not worry.  I love you, Erin.”

Me:  “I love You, Father.”

Dream over…

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