Dream 382 – God, Uriel & Groundhog Day

Received Sunday, February 2, 2020


Dear Father,

Today is Groundhog Day.  Thank You for giving me one more day.  Thank You, thank You, thank You!  Today is also a ‘Palindrome Day’, meaning that today’s date is the same backward as it is forward.  That is, February 2, 2020 = 02-02-2020 = 02022020 and is the same forwards and backwards.  The fact that today is both Groundhog Day and a Palindrome Day makes me smile as I had used the ‘Groundhog Day’ term with You recently in a personal dream…

Note:  What do I mean when I use the term ‘Groundhog Day’ as an expression?  It means that each day seems the same, much like in the movie Groundhog Day.  Groundhog Day is a 1993 fantasy comedy film starring Bill Murray as a TV Weatherman named Phil.  When covering the annual Groundhog Day event, Phil gets caught in a time loop, repeatedly reliving the same day of Groundhog Day.  However, what makes this particularly funny is that he is the only one who knows that the day is being relived.  While I quite like this movie, I should warn you that there are a couple of scenes that kids should be refrained from watching.

Oh Father, I feel as if there is nothing else I can do…no sacrifice I could make, no time I could spend, no testimony I could give and no pages I could write…to thank You adequately.  I have no gifts to give that would be valuable to You except my heart.

Well, You now have my heart.  So, how do I tell my story?  How do I shorten these pages of all You have done?  I can’t.  I can’t.  All I can do each day is come to You willing to receive anything You choose to give me.  Sometimes I am quiet and I wait in silence until You call me.  Sometimes the silence is broken when I take seeds out to the birds and little animals like I did earlier this morning.

When it snows, the landscape is quiet.  Flurries have been falling for twelve hours even though there was no forecast of accumulation.  As I spread seeds, I suddenly heard a little deer.  I must have startled him as he started running through the trees.  It was the little guy I have been calling ‘Steve’.  He has been hanging around our place for some time now and his mother is nowhere to be found.

As I began to come to the end of my seed supply, a flurry of activity began.  It went from complete silence to many different sounds.  There were grey squirrels, red squirrels, Hairy Woodpeckers, Downy Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, chickadees and Society Finches.  They all seemed to come to life with the sound of seeds.  It was funny.  After experiencing this beauty, and with the house asleep, I went to prayer.

As I sat in my devotional chair, I welled up with gratitude for such a safe place.  While we are in uncertain times, at least we are in a safe home.  Each day to me can sometimes feel like ‘Groundhog Day’.  It is the same routine unless my pain is just too great for normal goals.  Unfortunately, these days seem to now come quite often.  In this last week, I have also had troubles with my sleep.

It also seems that I am often restless and can’t get comfortable.  My stomach then turns, either from an over abundance of bile or from maxing out on my pain threshold.  Sometimes both.  It seems as if I have done a lot of battles since January 22, 2020 and this does not help my situation.  Some of these are unreasonable battles and they have not stopped.  They also do not appear to be ending either.

I take comfort in Your Word, Father.  You tell us there that, ‘in our weakness, You are made strong.’  Your power then shines in our inabilities.  Father, please strengthen us physically for these battles.  These battles are Yours.  Please take our bodies and prepare them adequately for battles.  As for me, and as it stands right now, You have rendered my heart ‘able’, but my body ‘dis-abled’.  Please heal me by Your power, Lord.  Please heal my family and friends so that we are all able to battle!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was up on the path in the Garden of God.  I looked ahead to my right and there was the beautiful pond with the fountain.  Instead of going to sit by the pond, I decided to go to the Bulletin Board.  There were no signs on the board today.  I had hoped.  I turned toward the door.  Before I could knock, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned and it was Uriel on his horse.  As he dismounted his horse, I noticed that he had his full armor on.

Uriel:  “I was to meet you sooner, but our army was held up in battles over seven regions.  Now, God requests your presence.”

Me:  “Uriel, are you okay?”

Uriel:  “We are the Army of God.  The enemy has limited resources compared to those we possess.  God has granted us the abilities to know the enemy and his army.  This means we also know his every move.  The enemy makes advances off of old battlefield history.  He studies the past to gain his knowledge for current battles.  In contrast, God’s Army already knows the enemy’s plans and that he is defeated.

“This does not mean that the battle is easy for us.  It is not.  Delays are also in God’s plan and work together for the good of those He loves and has called.  You have been under attack because the enemy wants you destroyed by any means possible.  However, please know this…God is in complete control.  He records the lies spoken about you.  These will not prevail.

“Be encouraged to know that we have been holding the line until we are called to advance.  God has not yet begun the next stage of this fight.  We are told to stand and not advance until He gives us directives to.  When He does this, you will witness God’s miracles unfold.  You will not just see this with your eyes though…you will also be a part of this.  The wisdom God has granted you is the beginning of knowledge.  Erin, all of this is to prepare your mind for the battle.

“If your enemies are advancing using old patterns, old techniques and old weapons, you can then know precisely what will happen next to head them off.  You have been given this ability from God.  This is the beginning.  Study these things and write them down.  You will then understand all that is occurring.  Do not worry though as you will be successful in all that you do.  This is because God is with you.  Hold your line!

“Remember that God will do all that He has promised.  While there may be delays, God never delays as all is within His power.  While these ‘delays’ are hard for you to understand now, you will understand this after you have been changed.  Just know that God always comes at the proper and appointed time.  God is no respecter of a man’s hours, but He sees the hearts of those He loves.  He sees your tears.  He will therefore not delay.  Now, God requests your presence.”

Uriel placed salve in my eyes.  He then brought me into God’s Throne Room.  I could hear the choir of heavenly hosts singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’!  I dropped to my knees and wept.

God:  “Erin, rise to your feet before Me.”

God gave me the strength to do so as I am normally unable to rise without Uriel’s assistance.

Me:  In shock, but grateful in His presence.  “Thank You, Father.”

God:  “I Am your God.  I Am the Great I Am.  I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  I created you.  Yes, it is I Who knitted you in your mother’s womb.  I have taken you on a long journey.  It started when you were thirty years old.  I called you.  I refined and shaped you into a child after My Own Heart.  Like a baby bird, I found you.

“I handfed you and I prepared a Nest for you at My Altar.  Here, you could raise your young and be close to Me.  I have never forsaken you.  Although at times you thought yourself deserted and forgotten with your young, and even prepared to die when you became sick, you were always protected.  Although you witnessed troubles for your children at the hands of your enemy, they too were always protected by Me.

“Though all of this was hard for you to see, these battles strengthened your children and turned their hearts also to Me as their Father.  Erin, I love you and I am here.  I am not finished.  I have you.  Here at My Altar, there are other’s Nests, a multitude of those I have raised by hand and fed.  These are also protected.  For what purpose do you ask?  Well, for something I have planned since the beginning.

“As for those the world has disqualified, I have found them worthy.  I have raised them and soon, very soon, you will understand what I have done.  Now, rise up, child, and know that I Am God.  I Am your Father, the Creator and Lover of your soul.  Do not worry as I am always with you.”

Just then, Uriel reached for my hand.  I was in tears.

Me:  “I love You, Hayah!  I love You, Father God!”

God:  “I know, Erin!  I love you too!  It took awhile for you to turn to Me and see that I am good.  Now, rejoice, Erin, as you, your family and your friends will soon fly as eagles!”

Uriel took me outside of God’s Door.

Uriel:  “Erin, God has found favor in you, your family and your friends.  Do not worry as He has all of you.”

Me:  “When?  When will this all happen?  Many of us are anxiously waiting now as we have been waiting for a very long time.  Oh Uriel, when?  When will this finally all begin?”

Uriel mounted his horse and turned to go.  He looked back at me.  While he was as serious looking as ever, he was also smiling at me…

Uriel:  “Soon!”

After saying this, he was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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