Dream 387 – Uriel:  God is unconstrained by time

Received Sunday, February 23, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  Thank You.  Thank You for my husband, my children and my friends.  I am blessed beyond measure.  I woke up late this morning.  This is the second day in a row in which I have slept in.  I have been fighting the beginnings of illness and praying that this will remain only a threat.  I am hoping I can combat this with rest, prayer and eating well.

Someone from my past was placed on my heart today.  This person hurt me severely.  She was, and still is, a part of a large ministry.  I had given freely to this family as they did not have much at the time.  I gave even more freely to them when the time came around to move to the desert after my heart had stopped in 2008 / 2009.  While we gave so much, I want to first fully acknowledge that we are not to expect anything in return.

Still, what they did to us shortly after all of this was so unexpected that it still stings today.  I had been told by my lawyer that I needed a third personal reference to my character as a mother and a person.  Since we had spent so much time with this family and I had attended their church where they were pastors for six years, I thought I could get a personal reference from them.  I phoned my friend for this reference, but she did not respond as I had hoped for…

Pastor (Name Removed):  “Oh, do I have to?  I am sorry, but I really don’t want to be involved with this.  We are just too busy.”

I was with my daughter when this phone call took place and she was surprised by my reaction when I eventually hung up with her.  I was crying so hard that I was having a hard time breathing.  This pastor couple had told us they were our friends and that they loved our kids.  How could she then be ‘too busy’ to write a short letter that would take only a half an hour to draft?  They were also still using thousands of dollars of furniture that we had given them (again, fully realizing that we should expect nothing in return).

Even though unconditional giving means just that, I am still human, and this cut deep.  I already had two references and I desperately needed this third one as three were required.  It was such a horrible gut punch.  I believed that the secondary reason for this was that my ex and his family had gotten to her and her husband.  While no one liked our ‘icky story’, you should still expect pastors to help you pray through it all and not simply abandon you.  My daughter, quite young at the time, couldn’t understand…

My daughter kept saying over and over again:  “No, mama, not Pastor (name removed).  Pastor (name removed) is our friend.  I love her.”

This didn’t help my crying as it was just so sad to hear this.  I finally told my daughter:  “No, Pastor (name removed) wants nothing to do with us.  She and her husband have abandoned us.”

What she did to us was so against what she preaches.  She’s on speaking tours and has written several books.  She is now famous.  She has connections in so many places, including Portland, Bend, Seattle, the Tri-Cities and Idaho.  Father, You have found such great favor in this person, a person who crushed me without even a second thought.  Father, I would be lying if I told You that this no longer hurts.  It still does.

Please forgive me as I am only human and this was such a tough time for me.  I have been hurt by so many people in my past while fighting my greatest enemy.  I ask for a heart of forgiveness towards them.  As there are no accidents in this life, I also ask that Your healing waves of love go out to anyone whom I have hurt.  Please do this so that I can make things right by following Your Divine Guidance.

I now see why You had us move way out here to the Land of the Trees.  You did this so that these dreams and visions could flourish.  You did this so that these dreams and visions could remain fully guided by You and not by man.  Had I continued my ministry where I was, I would have lost countless friends from these churches.  I may have even been removed because some could accuse me of pushing ‘another gospel’.  Doing so would actually be my greatest nightmare, but this is how people can be at times.

It was so odd that the ones closest to me where I had lived were book authors, pastors, Christian artists and public speakers.  They would have made me feel as if I should stop.  You moving us here protected my children and me and kept us focused on You.  We had been damaged by others for no reason, but this has been a place of healing.

Yes, Father, this has been a healing journey for us.  We are now in a place of healing, growth and safety, under Your Wings, until the day comes in which You bring us out.  Please let this be soon, Father.  I had a vivid dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “The only safety is on ‘The Path’” begins…

We were traveling by foot from one city to another.  No cars were operating.  We walked down one part of the road.  The crops on either side of the road had been ravished, either by a parasite or by locusts.  I was unable to tell which.  Stalks of corn were stripped and there was nothing left.  Crops, orchards and vineyards were now unable to produce food.  I heard people crying out, ‘What will we eat?’ and ‘What is left?’

A great wind then came.  Dust and debris were blown everywhere.  There were also tornadoes here and there that further ravished the area.  The heat then came and the temperatures broke records.  Fires broke out and burned up the barren land.  After a while, the torrential rains and flooding then came.  I now heard people crying out, ‘Where is God?’ and ‘There is no god who sees or hears what has happened.’

We continued to walk, making sure we stayed on the path.  We knew that, as long as we stayed on this path, we would be fully looked after and cared for by God.  We soon came to a massive university.  Their dormitories were crowded with student.  People were drunk and sinning in many different ways, even right there in the open.  There was no shame in them.  I now heard someone yell out, ‘Tomorrow might never come…enjoy all things and take your fill!’

Just then, a massive earthquake shook.  This earthquake was stronger than any I had ever felt.  The buildings at this center of higher learning crumbled, killing many of the partiers.  Once again, the path that we were all on was not affected.

It was now becoming night time and the moon in the sky was full.  As we looked up, the stars surrounding the moon started to shoot down.  They then started to hit the Earth like fireballs.  We then heard screaming, ‘Where is God?’ and ‘He is not here with us!’

We then looked up at the moon.  We all saw the most astonishing thing.  God’s hand appeared.  His hand took hold of the moon and pushed it forward.  The moon fit into the palm of His hand.  I could hear people screaming in horror at the sight.  Father, this seemed so real.  All of this seemed to have a specific order…

  • Event 1: Crops ravished, no food, famine came
  • Event 2: Severe winds came
  • Event 3: Record heat came
  • Event 4: Fires came
  • Event 5: Torrential rains and flooding came
  • Event 6: Massive earthquake came
  • Event 7: Fireballs from the Heavens / Stars came
  • Event 8: God’s hand pushing the moon forward came

As I looked over all of the damage, I was filled with a great sadness for all of those not on the path that would have to soon endure all of this.  I then prayed to the Lord that we would no longer still be in these bodies during this time.  This was all so awful.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Uriel was immediately in front of me on his horse.  He was smiling at me as he dismounted.

Me:  “What is happening, Uriel?”

Uriel:  “What you did not see is how many had joined you on the path.  Much of this life is a great mystery.  Why does one person experience darkness and troubles, while another person experiences great things.  Erin, you should have understanding on this by now.  By now, you should understand that it is all about the heart.

“The heart and the soul are one.  However, if the heart is as stone, then the soul is a ghost of missed opportunities to love.  If a man’s heart is of stone, how can he then have compassion on the lost?  How can he love without earthly conditions?  He cannot.  The Lord tests the heart to see if there is a heart condition.

“He then checks to see if, by adding Living Water, the stone heart can be pliable and shaped to the Will of God.  Those children tossing clay on the Potter’s Wheels with the Lord were shaping the hearts of their parents.  The children’s vessels are good.  Their life’s purpose here is as gold.  What quicker way is there to test a heart for God than with the loss of an innocent life?”

Me:  I was now crying.  “Uriel, I don’t like this at all.  It is disturbing.  It is very disturbing.”

Uriel:  “As you have seen by the number of children here in Heaven, children matter greatly to God.  These children did not suffer needlessly, Erin.  Do not judge the Heart of God.”

Me:  “Forgive me.  I did not mean to.  My heart just breaks for those parents.  It is so hard.  Please show mercy to them.”

Uriel:  “Erin…Erin…listen to me…when Jesus met you at His Studio with those children, were they joyful?”

Me:  “Yes, of course.  Uriel, I even now recognize one of the children.  The dream occurred way before I saw a picture in the news of the little girl that had later drowned in an accident.  When I saw her face, I instantly knew I had already seen her in my dream.  Heavenly time is different than Earth time and is difficult to understand.  Well, I don’t understand it.

“I have also seen beautiful and intricate engraved pieces in Heaven.  They had such beauty that I knew that they must have been crafted by a saint in Heaven.  I later found out that these engravings were by my mom.  What is confusing is that I saw these engravings two years before my mom had even died.  When I look back, I know it was her work here in Heaven.

“Again, this is confusing.  How can this be?  On Earth, I have still not received any of her engravings.  They were already expensive, but have now become even more so due to her death.  Her work is highly sought after.  However, in Heaven, she is an artist, yet still serves God.  How wonderful!  Oh Uriel, how can all of this be?”

Uriel:  Smiling.  “Erin, these are mysteries.  Do not try to understand Heavenly time.  God is not constrained by time.  This is a chasing and not a mystery that will be solved here.  When you finally rest in eternity, you will laugh at your quest for these answers.  You will laugh as these answers cannot be measured on Earth.

“All you need to remember is that God is the God of time and order.  Nothing is random or unplanned when it comes to God.  Take comfort in this.  God loves you.  No day of yours spent on this Earth is wasted, not one.  Each day has a purpose under Heaven, so take comfort in this.

“Now, back to your dream…all the events you witnessed were under the power of God.  Man had no control.  Even during these events, men cried out to God.  This is the final wave of trouble before God sets up His Throne.  Rejoice, Erin, as your path will have the ‘once lost’ walking on it with you.  Once on the path with you, they were untouched.”  He smiled.

“Now, take courage, Erin.  Remember that some mysteries are reserved for revelation here in Heaven.  Rejoice, Erin, as your heart is ready!”

Uriel turned and mounted his horse again.  He smiled at me, but was then gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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