Dream 389 – Jesus exposes the Hidden Tiger

Received Monday, March 9, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family and friends.  Most of all, thank You for Your love for us.  I feel rich in love.  So many of our friends have had such disappointing news after prolonged prayer.  It is so discouraging.  So many of our Nest members are experiencing bad news.  I became scared the last few days.  Fear is a liar.  I found myself traveling down fear’s path.  I did this for really no good reason.

The world has changed.  Things I had hoped for as I neared retirement age now looks so unattainable.  These are hopes I might never see here.  I am afraid.  I am not doing well because of it.  The world has changed, Father, and not for the better.  Not at all.  You have shown me that a few greedy people have sold out our country.  However, it is not just the USA that has been sold out.

Canada, Israel, much of Europe and so many other countries have also been sold out.  Greed has made all of us dependent on a communist country, the Land of the Dragon.  They control their people by enslaving them.  While the focus has been to draw our attention away from what is happening to us by them to instead focus on other countries such as Russia and North Korea, the one truth of their slow takeover of us remains…we have basically already given our lives over to this enemy.

However, I want to be very clear here…while the citizens of this country are not our enemies, their leadership are.  In terms of the people themselves, I believe a great revival will soon come from this land.

In terms of their historic rise, it was in the 1990s when we first gave rise to their powers through the pharmaceutical companies, but especially in 1994.  Thanks to this sell out, much of the world’s lifesaving drugs now come from the Land of the Dragon.  The rise of autism really started to accelerate after this, but especially from around 1996 or so.

Baby formula, neonatal vitamins and baby foods are all now produced there.  Insulins, antibiotics and other drugs are also produced there.  At any moment, they could put something into a few batches and weaken an entire nation.  We have emboldened our main enemy by allowing them to control most of what we ingest, both drugs and food.  This is like ancient Israel telling the Philistines to produce and provide their food supply during a siege.  Not a good idea!

Would it be unlikely that all of this could have led to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and suicide?  Another example is bottled drinking water.  Where is this really coming from?  This is frightening.  It is no longer fear taking over me now, but rather a feeling of anger, anger towards our leadership for selling us out so blatantly, as well as to the media for purposely not reporting on it.

How many politicians have been paid off?  How many were paid to look away and keep their mouth’s shut?  How many media outlets have been paid off?  Father, this is the worst sin possible against humanity.  Have the sins of our nation put us in danger of takeover?  Why wouldn’t You as even those who claim to follow You are now indulging in so many horrifying sins?

While some will mourn the USA when we eventually fall, we are still hated by so many.  Please help us.  Please don’t allow this.  Please let the Corona Virus be only a wakeup call for us to fight and turn back to You.  Please let the manufacturing of our vital medicines and foods be brought back to the USA and away from the enemy’s hands.  We need to produce these ourselves again.

Even the cleaning products and masks we use to try and combat this are coming from the Land of the Dragon.  How do we know these will even work against what we are fighting against?  How do we know they ever have?  Things have now become of such poor quality that they are basically disposable.  Nothing is meant to last anymore.  I know that You, Father, are in control of all things, but do we not have a right to be upset about this?  I had a dream a few nights ago…

Sub-dream 1 “Junk Store with Museum Pieces” begins…

I was at a junk store shopping.  I had never been there before.  There really wasn’t anything I was interested in, so I was going to leave.  I then noticed that people were pulling up to the front of the store.  I asked what they were doing here and they said they were going to the backroom to see the items for auction.

I had been pushing a shopping cart and it had moved away from me about ten feet…then twenty feet.  I went and retrieved my cart as I did not want to be separated from it as it had my purse and a journal in it.  It was only then that I noticed the backroom for the auction that had been previously hidden.  I went into the room and could not believe my eyes.

The room contained the best of everything, all displayed in museum cases.  Each case contained valuable things many would want to collect.  Each piece was numbered for the auction.  All in all, there were twelve cases and each of the cases contained simply amazing items.  I suddenly realized that God had a purpose for each of the items in each of these cases.  I could hardly wait to see what He was going to do with all of them.

Sub-dream 1 over…

The dreams I am having these days are not much fun.  I had another disturbing dream just last night…

Sub-dream 2 “The Bear is not our enemy, the Tigers are” begins…

I started off by facing off against someone I had thought was my main enemy.  We were standing face to face.  This enemy was someone I didn’t know directly, but I knew that they hated Christians.  I was standing my ground and not backing down.  After a short while, this person lunged at me.

When I put out my hands to stop her, I suddenly realized she had no muscles.  She was basically nothing but skin and bones hidden under bulky layers of thick clothing.  I could literally blow this person over with my breath.  In essence, she was just a voice shouting.  After standing up to her, she decided to walk away.

Soon after, I then felt something moving behind me.  I suddenly felt something go over me.  I instinctively knew it was a shield from God and that I was now fully protected.  When I turned, there was a massive black bear standing very close to me.  I am not sure if he had tried to attack or not, but the shield would have kept me safe either way.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that the bear was sick and wounded.  There were tubes coming from his stomach.  These tubes were short, like stints, as if something had been hooking up to the bear.  While the bear was angry, he had no energy to attack.  Even if he did, I am not sure if he really wanted to.

The bear then suddenly vomited.  The vomit was gold and green colored, all covered in a white foam.  It was bile.  He did not look well at all.  I decided to approach the bear.  I laid a hand on the bear and prayed for his healing.  Tears formed in his eyes.

He nudged me to continue to pray.  I called upon Jesus to heal this sickly bear.  As I prayed, the bear began to gain strength.  I then watched as the stints going into the bear’s belly were supernaturally removed.  To my shock, the bear started to speak…

Bear:  “Do not be afraid of me.  I have been weakened.  It is what is out there that you should be careful of.”

I looked behind the bear.  There was a forest of birch trees there.  While I could see movement, I was unable to see what it was.

Bear:  “They are there, but they are concealed.”

I then prayed to the Lord for revelation.  While still faint, I could now see many large white tigers with black stripes blending into the birch trees.  Their camouflage was as perfect as you could get.  With their black stripes, they blended right in with the stripes on this dense forest of birch trees.

I then prayed to the Lord for even more revelation.  The white tigers then changed colors and were now orange tigers.  I was shocked as there were many more tigers there than I had first thought.  It was extremely frightening.

Me:  “They do not belong here!”

Bear:  “Yes, but you are part of God’s Army and are stronger than them.  This is because God is with you.  You have His strength and His wisdom inside each of you.”

Just then, a tiger sprang up to attack the bear.  However, two very large angels suddenly appeared in armor and the tiger scattered in fear.  The angels then turned towards us.  They towered over us and were more than thirty feet in height.

Angel 1:  “There is nothing you can do.  While the world slept and attention was drawn to the east, the enemy rose up in the west.  They have been allowed to ravage the land.”

Angel 2:  “It was…and is…a machine that cannot be stopped.”

Just then, the angel opened up a hole in which a vision appeared.  There in the vision was a dream I had from several years ago.  It was a massive machine like a rototiller.  However, it now also looked like an excavating machine with a drill had been added.  This strange combination is hard to describe.  It was devouring the land.  Where a normal landscape once stood…a beautiful little home with a white picket fence…was gone in an instant.

Note:  After finishing this dream, the Lord helped me clarify some of what this section meant.  The rototiller represents the Land of the Dragon and their indirect control of the invasion of Islam to our lands through our governments.  The Land of the Dragon has controlled the governments to use these people to soften the countries they have invaded (burden on social programs, unrest, etc.).  The excavating machine with a drill represents the Land of the Dragon and their unseen control of our lands.  There was also a combine machine that seemed to represent their unseen control of our commodities.  Even today’s record stock market plummet will benefit the Land of the Dragon as they can now scoop up stocks at a reduced price.  Their tentacles are pervasive and now growing exponentially.

Me:  “The American Dream is gone.  All is lost!”

Angel 1:  “Erin, do not worry as this time you are in has been foretold from the beginning.  Just remember that the enemy follows the same pattern.  This is not new.  Even though this is so large in scale, it occurred right in front of all of your eyes.  This happened in secret because there were trusted, but crooked in reality, voices telling you that this wasn’t actually happening (the media).  Now you know it really is.  Remember though that you are not to worry as God is with you.”

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, even though I know I shouldn’t be, I am still scared and I am still worried!  Please strengthen us all.  Enemies we thought we had might not be our enemies at all.  Hidden enemies we didn’t know we had may be much more powerful than we had ever thought.  We may even already be in a WWIII right now even though it hasn’t been declared yet.  Please help us, Lord!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in a Heavenly Vineyard.  It was sunrise and the dew were like tiny diamonds on the vines.  As the sun rose, the warmth and light created a dance of activity around the clusters of grapes.  This was so different and I was fascinated.  The juice inside the clusters appeared to dance in the light of the sun.  When I looked around, I realized that there were no angels harvesting yet.  Perhaps it was too early in the morning?

I then noticed the beautiful archway a few rows down the path.  I decided to take two grapes before running down the path.  They were too big to eat both at once, so I put just one in my mouth.  The taste was so amazing that I instantly stopped running.  I closed my eyes and I could taste so many different vines in one, even the sweetest wine.  It started with white grape, then red, then burgundy, then sweet and then even sweeter still.

I decided to keep the other grape for Jesus to taste.  I opened my eyes and continued on my way to the archway.  When I arrived, I could see Jesus meeting with a large group of angels at the end of the path.  This explained why the angels were not in the vineyards harvesting.  I wanted to walk up unnoticed so that I could ‘eavesdrop’.  Not unexpectedly, there is no ‘sneaking up’ on Jesus…

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Hmm, it seems a tiny sparrow has just arrived.”

I heard the angels laughing in a good-natured manner.  I then started to laugh when I could then hear nothing but music from a divine orchestra.  I was laughing because I knew Jesus had turned up the music so that I could no longer ‘eavesdrop’.  I smiled and shook my head at myself.  I could not hear a word of what they were saying.

Jesus then took turns putting His hand on each of the angels’ shoulders.  Once finished doing this with the last angel, they all started clapping.  They then turned to go back to ‘doing their angelic business’.  Jesus was smiling.  His horse was with Him.  He laughed as He held up the reins to His horse.  I started laughing so hard that it took awhile before I could speak.

Me:  “Soooo…’whatcha’ up to, Lord?”  I was now giggling.

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Well… reassuring scared sparrows… coaching angel armies… saving the world one soul at a time… you know… the usual.  And you?”  He was still smiling.

Me:  “Oh… You know, Lord… not adding to my days by constantly worrying… stressing… general malaise… You know… the usual.”  I started to laugh.

Jesus:  After laughing so hard.  “Well, you are refreshingly honest today!  So, have you repented for this yet?”  He was smiling at me.

Me:  I had to think.  “Hmm, I guess I haven’t.  I am sorry, Lord.  How about sending some healing my way, as well as a few ‘Heavenly Super Powers’, so that I am ready to face what comes our way?”

Jesus:  “So, are you trying to negotiate with the Living God?”

Me:  Laughing.  “Is there another?”  We both laughed together.  “I believe You are the only Living God before me other than our Father in the Courts of Heaven on His Throne.  I would instead like to label this as more of an ongoing negotiation, something like peace talks, but instead these are ‘hope talks’!”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Okay, okay, this is good.  I am glad you continue to press on and pursue the miracles I have promised.  Erin, I have given you these dreams so that you would get to know Me as the One Who loves and pursues those I call, My Bride.  While it has been a short courtship in Heavenly Time, it has been a long one in Earthly Years.  However, I needed you to first learn who I am, not what many say of Me.

“Erin, I am not far removed from you.  I am instead the One Who pursues you and has from the beginning.  There will soon be a day when I can share things that are hidden with My Bride.  However, I have given you dreams and visions like those of ‘the prophets of old’ so that you would not be caught unaware at the ever-changing landscape before you.

“Right now, you have been looking for and waiting on a massive war.  While there will be much fighting, much of what you had expected this to be is different.  However, it is actually the same as it has been in history.  You have only to look to the pages as the stories of invaders are no different.”

Me:  “I believe there are nine in the Bible, Lord?  Is this the ninth or is there a tenth?  Oh, I am not really sure at all about this.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Do not worry about this.  There have been far more since the beginning.  There are several ways to invade.  While the most obvious way is ‘by force’, there are others.  However, for right now, this invasion is clever and, like this story you speak of, is…”  He then nudged me to finish His sentence…

Me:  “Oh yes… Troy… the Trojan Horse!”

Jesus:  “Yes, but this is even more slow and methodical.  Erin, what have I revealed to you?”

Me:  “Lord, this is so awful.  It makes me angry.  If it were just a few consumer trade goods, it would be easy to stop this war.  However, it is instead far greater and more widespread than we ever imagined.  A few of our leaders, each of them evil men and women, have sold out North America to a foreign power.  We then laid in bed with her and prostituted ourselves, even sacrificing our babies to her in the process.

“She now holds the ‘Earthly Reins’ to all things essential to life on Earth.  This includes medicines to food, to baby formula, vaccines to fight illnesses and all other goods we need for daily living.  Our abilities to produce these things stopped because factories closed and left to the Land of the Dragon.  Having now made her powerful and very, very rich, we then allowed her to come back in and buy up all of our farms, mills and land so that we are powerless.

“She has paid the media, the politicians and even the search engines.  She has done this so that she appears perfect, wholesome and sovereign, like a pure virgin.  Oh Lord, the world has laid with her in ten beds just as the dream I had long ago showed.  She only needs to remove our defenses and then she wins.

“She even sent Fentanyl over to destroy the young and healthy, those discouraged with no jobs and no hope.  She purchased our universities and invaded them with her children.  They even stole that which was hidden by learning who we are and where we reside.  She even determines the money as many are the banks under her care.  Lord, please help us!”

Jesus:  “Erin, I will thwart the enemy’s plans.  Remember Who I am.  Remember what I am holding.”  He smiled and held up His horse’s reins.  “Now, do not be afraid.  While you are correct that the power has shifted, that which was once completely surrendered will now be a fight (due to our soon Transformation).

“I am not pleased.  I will not allow the takeover of My people.  Do not worry as I have seen her treacherous ways and I have heard her blasphemies.  I know her worship of gods and I know how she mocks Me.  However, there will come a day, Erin, when every head will bow and every tongue will confess.”  He smiled.  “However, there will be some kicking and screaming before this.

“Now, I have given many of you great knowledge and discernment.  Do not practice her ways.  Do not burn incense at her altars.  Do not follow her wheel and compass as this is not the same as My Calendar.  Their wheel is used for conjuring the spirits and conversing with the dead about the living.  These ‘sensors of evil’ are an abomination to Me.

“While they were once Mine, they have since gave themselves over to Moloch.  They practice evil and even sacrifice their children by burying them alive in tombs with the dead.  Well, Erin, I have never forgotten their cries.  They are here with Me.  I took them Home to Me.  The sins of their fathers are grave as they kill God’s children.  I hear the cries of martyrs at My Altar.”

Me:  “Lord, I have rarely seen You so upset!”

Jesus:  “This is so you know that I do not sit from My lofty position and turn My back on this, Erin.  The lands have been measured and the scales are not equal.  I am therefore about to equalize the battlefield.  Do your best to come to Me daily, several times a day even.  If you have questions, I will answer you.  All you thought you knew is about to change.  Even so, My love for you will never change.  Now, do not worry, as I am with you and I will provide for you.  I have you.”  He smiled.  “Do not be afraid.”

He smiled again as He reached over and kissed the top of my head.  I started thinking about everything He had recently told me.  I started remembering so many things.

Me:  “Lord, the dream I had about the tigers devouring the babies…”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin, it is true.  I have been preparing you for this time in advance.  I will soon do even more.”

Me:  Suddenly remembering the grape I had been holding to give Him.  “Lord, I wanted to give You this grape.”  I put my hand out and opened my palm.  The grape rested there.  “I am afraid that I have been…”

Jesus:  Smiling, He took the grape from my hand and popped it into His mouth.  “Hmm, a very good grape, Erin.  Thank you.  Now, the angels are getting ready for this ‘Special Harvest’.”

Me:  Crying.  “Lord, why does all of this have to be so hard?”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, yes, I know it is hard, but just wait.  I have a wonderful plan, a plan for those that I have prepared and called.  It will not be thwarted.”  He smiled again as He hugged me.

Dream over…

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