Dream 390 – God uses the Corona Virus to wake people up

Finished on Monday, March 16, 2020

Received on Thursday, March 12, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for dreams and visions.  Thank You for sending our Counselor, the Holy Spirit.  Thank You for Your Word of Truth, our written ‘war handbook’, the Bible.  Thank You, Father, in all things.  You are speaking to me with great clarity and I am so thankful.  However, I must admit that I am a bit scared at the same time.

We do not have the means to survive great trouble.  We do not have the reserves and the means to survive a prolonged quarantine.  Father, I know there are many of us who are experiencing these same concerns.  Great fear creates anger and panic.  We are also seeing a rise in rage.  I now see demonic manifestations like nothing I have ever seen before in my life.

We are coming into a time where we will see both the worst in people and the best in people.  We are in the beginning stages of WWIII.  Only one nation has devised a scheme of long-term globalization and domination.  The Land of the Dragon even calls themselves the center of gravity whereby all things rotate and revolve around them.

In contrast, the American Dream was just a home with a family and a white picket fence.  This included freedom to live and enjoy America within its territory.  This included serving your fellowman and God, giving Him thanks for all things.  This dream was to live in a place apart from hate, prejudice and fear of death.

Instead, something else has been happening under the radar.  The Land of the Dragon has been planning a long-term vision to be completed by 2049.  Their dream was birthed from a ‘Century of Humiliation’.  This was the foundation of their rise.  The Communist Party rose to power in 1949 and this was the plan that was put into place.

After a hundred years of humiliation by foreign powers, they would now rise up as the global power by 2049.  While the rest of the world slept, their slow, methodical takeover began.  The USA let this power rise by shifting their power to them.  The Land of the Dragon then rapidly rose, mostly in secret, in the following areas:

  • Financial resources in all of its forms
  • Land acquisitions
  • Global market shares
  • News media outlets
  • Technology
  • State of the art military
  • Educational resources
  • Intellectual property
  • Knowledge of the law and the ability to use this to their advantage
  • Store house for the Earth’s elements, including minerals, rare elements and other precious metals, a type of monopoly

Much of our country’s wealthiest people are those who became rich by selling, trading and standing with the Land of the Dragon.  However, it is not just the USA that has done this.  There is also Canada, Europe, India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Africa and South America, along with their dreams.  Look at it this way.  We know that this trouble is coming from somewhere.  There is a root.  Just follow the money and how it was used in an indirect manner to fuel global unrest in return for their continued gains:

  • Who funded and fueled the wars? Was it really Russia?
  • Who funded the mass migration of Syrians?
  • Who fueled the Middle East wars and why?
  • How has this all served to weaken almost all of the nations except the Land of the Dragon?

Father, I am troubled, so troubled, by all of this.  We were once independent.  We know that there are many who look at the Muslim Brotherhood as the main culprits.  Yes, they have their theories and they may even be correct.  Yes, there is a massive number of Muslims who long for their savior, Mahdi, to rise up.  We know that they have come into different parts of the world to persecute Christians and take the land.

However, this does not make as much sense to me on how they would do this as they are a ruler with no land.  Yes, they are a strong religious movement and they are want-to-be invaders of Israel.  And yes, perhaps they will be a stronger force soon.  However, who is already there?  We now know for a fact that this is the Land of the Dragon.  They are already an economic powerhouse and getting stronger every day.  This makes even more sense to me.

Received on Sunday, March 15, 2020

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was up at God’s door.  Uriel was there.

Uriel:  “God requests your presence.  Erin, why did you withhold your dream?”

Me:  “I just didn’t write it.  I am sorry!  Is God mad at me?”

Uriel:  “While God is not upset with you, you must write what He directs you despite the enemy’s efforts to keep you from this.  While much of what you have discovered is true, you are not to worry as God’s plans are much greater than man’s.”

Me:  “Uriel, I must repent!”

Uriel:  “As I have told you before, you are not here under God’s judgment.  However, He does request your presence.”

He placed salve in my eyes and brought me into God’s presence.  I was now in God’s Throne Room.  The choirs of angels were singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’.  I fell to my knees with my face to the ground.

Me:  “Oh Father, my heart is so very heavy.  I see the enemy building up against the nations and we will all soon be in trouble.  Stores are out of disinfectants and even toilet paper.  Certain medicines have run out on the shelves.  The pharmacy was packed.  People are panicking.  The world has gone into a panic over the Corona Virus.  Please have mercy on us.  Please protect Your people.  Please, Father!”

God:  “Erin, I have given you dreams and visions about this time.  I am in control.  None of this is a surprise to Me.  There is an evil plot by a handful of people to destroy the nations.  What have I shown you?”

Me:  “There has been a plan in place to destroy the USA.  This is because certain nations hate Trump.  The USA was beginning to thrive again.  Jobs and growth were returning.  It seemed that Trump had been pointing out and exposing the wicked intentions of several countries and within our government.  While they have not tried to kill him yet, I am sure that this is next.

“I believe the virus was started by the Land of the Dragon, working with others against the USA, to cause economic instability.  They did this knowing that fear would make the markets plummet.  They could then purchase USA stocks at a bargain price so they would have even more control.  The virus doesn’t seem that bad compared to what it could be, but the news media has been stoking great fear.  Father, You raise up kings and throw them down.  Please be with our President.  Please be with our people.”

God:  “Yes, Erin, I have appointed him.  He was raised for a time such as this.  He stood up against corruption.  He stood on behalf of those sacrificed to the evil Moloch, the innocent children.  He then pointed out the country who has been stealing.  This has not gone over well though because this nation has paid for false narratives and confusing reports.  They (the Land of the Dragon) purchased these in order to cover up their wicked schemes.

“The truth is then left muddied.  There is a master plan being discussed behind closed doors and in secretive meetings hidden from the public.  However, their master plan will not succeed because I will expose it.  Those who have witnessed the corruption are threatened and/or paid to keep their silence.  Erin, I am God.  No plan of man will prevail against Me.  I am over all things.

“Though your nation is wounded and your leader dealt a near fatal blow, I will raise him up.  I will stop the plans of the wicked.  Any nation who sacrifices to false deities, burns incense at the altar of the dead and/or practices Baal worship is unclean.  I will not let them go unpunished for their corrupt schemes.  They lie to their people.

“However, I have called warriors to rise up in the midst of them.  I have seen the sacrifices these warriors have made to spread truth about the Good News of My Kingdom.  Therefore, for their sake, the enemy, the wicked leader, will not prevail.  I will expose him.

“Now, I have not forgotten My people.  There is an assault in place to stop worship and gatherings.  They want to stop prayer and silence My elect.  Because of this assault against my people, I will turn their celebrations and new moon festivals into a barren haunt for jackals.  I will expose their lies as they have angered Me.”

Me:  “Father, are You speaking about those people in the Land of the Dragon who love You with all of their hearts in secret?”

God:  “Yes, Erin.  I have not forgotten them.  I have not forgotten My people all throughout the nations.  I hear their pleas, their petitions and their prayers.  I have seen their great faith in the midst of persecution and I have not forgotten them.”

Me:  “Today is declared a day of national prayer.  Father, we love You.  Please accept our prayers.  You are our Father and a Treasure beyond any treasure on Earth.  Father, there is so much fear.  Please help us.”

I was interrupted here and decided to take a break for the day.  The dream continued seamlessly the next day.  Received on Monday, March 16, 2020

God:  “Erin, never forget that I am always in complete control.  I am here.  I am with you.  Do not be afraid.  Though there is great panic, remain strong and be courageous.  Do not be afraid.  Now, you have a dream that I had given you in the past that is now on your mind.”

Me:  “Yes, Father.  It is the dream about the pale, yellowish/white cow who was very sickly.  It was along the side of the road.  It was very ominous.  Her babies were starving because her milk had dried up.”

God:  “What were you doing?”

Me:  “I was walking and healthy.  I was not afraid.”

God:  “This is because you feed off of the milk and honey of Heaven.  This is My promise to you.  I have you and you are Mine.”

Me:  “Father, people are afraid, horribly afraid.  800 people crashed the doors of a major box store and ran in to get supplies.  One mom was so distraught because she had little ones with her.  There were no diapers and no paper products, including toilet paper.  People had compassion on her and gave her some of what they had.  This store set a single day sales record that day.  We went there the next day and nothing had been restocked.  The shelves were emptied.  This all seems so ridiculous.”

God:  “Erin, it will be finished.  This is part of the shaking of the land.  This will humble the hearts of man.  Even so, when this passes, men will continue back on their course.  For now, some ask ‘does God care?’ or ‘does God see?’  Well, I am not idle.  I am not carved of wood or forged in iron.

“I do not sit on a shelf only to be toppled over in a storm or by a great earthquake.  I am here and I am God.  I have compassion on the meek, the infirm, the orphans and the widows.  Who will turn to Me for comfort in great times of distress and who will instead turn to the bearer of bad reports and worshippers of lies?”

Me:  “Father, man was created by You for Your enjoyment.  Our hearts were originally created to worship You.  However, the land is now filled with those who worship self and all things vile.  Please turn and have mercy on those who love You and those You have called.

“My faith is in You to save us, but I have no faith in my fellow man to do what is right in Your sight.  I have only seen a small snippet of the heart of greed these last few days as people put themselves first above others.  It is frightening.  Not all people can be trusted in times like these.  We see the best in some and the worst in others.”

God:  “Erin, the world is at war against an unseen threat.  I have allowed this so that man would understand that they fight against an unseen enemy and that they are dependent on that which the enemy provides.  This is the time man should rend their hearts to Me as I alone control all things.  If they turn from wickedness and unclean practices to look to Me, I will save them.

“However, they do not look to Me, so I have given them over to themselves.  While I have not forgotten My people, they also must not fear what comes as much of this is meant as a tool to invoke great trembling.  The enemy uses fear and lies to destroy.  When you hear something, come to Me.  When you see a threat, cry out to Me.  I will protect you.  I will not let you starve or hold your paper products hostage.

“Come to Me.  Turn to Me.  Do not participate in the enemy’s schemes.  As a wildfire can spread rapidly and burn field upon field, so can the lies of the wicked spread even faster and burn up the hopes of the righteous.  Do not allow this.  I am the Giver of Good Gifts.  Come to Me with your requests, your petitions and your prayers.  In return, I will grant you supernatural wisdom, knowledge and strength to endure.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father.”

God:  “There is more.  I am about to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.  This time has come.  I am with you.”

Me:  “Father, I believe You.  Please heal us.  Please show Your powers, Your might and Your miracles.  Replace our fears with songs of worship to You.  Strengthen us.  Grant us the ability to run fast like Elijah and stay ahead of our enemies (1 Kings 18:46).  Father, please well up in us, fill our vessels, change us and grant us supernatural abilities from Heaven.  Please use us to show Your grace and mercy.  Please use us to heal the nations…in Jesus’ Mighty Name!”

God:  “Your petition is good.  I find your proposal good.”

Me:  “So, will You do this today, Lord?  Please?  Please!”

God:  “Allow Me to work, Erin.  I know what you ask for and have prepared you with dreams and visions.  These are not your imagination.  I have planned this from the beginning.  Do not worry.  I will take care of you and your household, as well as your friends and their children.  Do not worry.  Rejoice, Erin, for your time of waiting has come to a close.  Now, rejoice, I have you.  I am with you.”

Just then, Uriel reached for my arm and brought me back to my feet.

God:  “Bless you, My child.  My face will shine upon you and I will be gracious to you.  I have turned My face to you and I will give you peace.”

I dropped to my knees again.  I put my hands up in the air in worship towards God’s Throne.  I felt a hand on my head.  I cried.

God:  “My favor is upon you, your children and your family.  I will go before you, be beside you, be behind you, all around you and within you.  I am with you during your walk in the morning and at all the watches of the night.  I am with you when the moon shines brightly or even when darkness comes.  I am with you in your coming and your going.  I am with you in your weeping and your rejoicing.  I am for you, not against you.  I am with you.  Receive this blessing now.  I love you.  Erin, I love you.”

Me:  Crying, but really weeping with joy.  “I love You too, Father.  I did not know You when I was young.  I had turned away from You.  However, now that I am older and I love You, You have shown me the favor of kings and a love for my Savior.  You have made me wealthy by knowing who You are.  You have made my heart glad and my soul rich.  I will chase You forever, Father!”

God:  Laughing, but in a way that made my entire body smile…hard to describe.  “You have Me, Erin.  I am with you.  I delight in you!”

Uriel brought me to my feet again and back to God’s door.  I turned around and waved to God.  I was filled with an absolute love for Him.  A flash of light that I have determined to be a wave back surrounded me.  While I could not see Him as His glory is just too bright, I knew this had emanated from His Throne.  Uriel brought me through the door.

Uriel:  “This is a big day for you, Erin.  God has blessed you and your household with a priestly blessing.  Now, do not be afraid.  Continue to worship Him.  Invest in God and the things of Heaven.  Do not invest in the lies which lead to the depths of Sheol.  I must go now.”  Uriel was in his full armor.  He mounted his horse.  “Rejoice, Erin, for God has blessed you and your family.”

Me:  “My friends too?  My friends that are here with me on the Nest (that is, the members on our Nest Forum that have been so faithful to me and my family)?”

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin, your friends too.  Now, this is a good day!”

He turned and was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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