Dream 396 – Jesus:  My Promises are True

Received on Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for keeping this plague away from our home.  Please let us never be haughty or self-righteous about Your wrath as this is clearly being allowed by You to level the lands.  You gave the lands plenty of warnings.  While You tried to soften hearts, many instead grew even colder.  Many have turned Your grace and power into the opposite.  We watched this unfold as the spirit of rebellion went throughout the nations.

All things foretold by the Prophets are happening right now.  Yes, right now!  The grand kickoff to this rebellion, the time when everything was amplified, began in December 2012.  I just pray that this plague is far removed well before December 2020.  Father, the great wave of rebellion was meant to ‘shake fists’ at Your good works and holiness.  There are so many ‘shaking fists’ out there, with the following just a few of them…

  • Gay marriage legalized
  • Marijuana legalized
  • Addictions and deaths due to opioids
  • Tattoos and piercings on our skin
  • Worldwide persecution of Christians
  • Increased removal, either by ‘re-education’, force, shaming or sky high pricing by those in positions of influence, of meat from our diets (1 Timothy 4:1-5)
  • Church pastors melding with the world
  • Human trafficking with auctions
  • Constantly expanding abortion laws, including infanticide and partial birth abortions being allowed
  • All adultery and sexual immorality now commonplace and acceptable
  • Criminals are being set free in massive numbers
  • Robbers are allowed to take what they want as long as it does not exceed a set limit – the police standby and do not arrest them
  • Felonies are now misdemeanors, yet a regular citizen speaking out goes to jail
  • Rape is no longer actual rape
  • Those who practice Christianity are accused of spreading hate
  • Whole churches are forced to remove blocks of God’s Word as offensive
  • Any religion that does not follow Jesus are accepted
  • Even Sharia Law is accepted – people are afraid to talk about this

There are also things that we see happening as a result…

  • Suicides have now hit record numbers, particularly with youths
  • Guns are being taken away from law abiding citizens
  • Homeless camps have greater rights for public park use than those who want to visit these parks
  • Homeless go to the bathroom in the open and nothing is done to stop this
  • Increases in mass infestations, including locusts and rats
  • Increases in costs of staples, including bread, milk and ground beef products

The America that once stood for justice, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all under God, is now gone.  There is poor justice, no liberty, no personal freedom and a dying American Dream.  We have instead become self-centered and self-serving.  We have prostituted ourselves with many gods other than You.  You are the One Who created us, the One Who loves us, yet You are widely ignored now.

Oh Lord, please have mercy on us.  That which was once considered good is now bad and that which was once considered bad is now good.  The character of our President, a very good man and a true patriot, is relentlessly attacked.  I have seen an unreasonable amount of hatred being spewed against him.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing, a very real thing.  The amount of hate is truly not normal.

You would think the Gates of Hades have been opened.  Persuasive tactics are used against all of us to sway our opinions.  I am particularly disgusted by the rich Hollywood celebrities.  Most of them have been bought and paid for.  Bloomberg has openly admitted that he bought those he wanted to be in Congress.  What is even more frightening is that we are now under the control of the Land of the Dragon.

Father, the enemy started this plague through bio-weapons.  They are also able to see our reaction through our technology.  They manipulate the media so that the narrative is always in their favor.  The narratives are even increasingly depicting them as now being the heroes…here to save us from the virus.  I cannot recall a time in modern history when we have all of the following…

  • Worldwide lockdowns
  • Worldwide fear
  • Worldwide death
  • Worldwide control of the narrative on television
  • Worldwide control over guns, including a decrease in the ability to self-protect
  • Worldwide control over our medicines
  • Worldwide control over foods, essentials and liberties

Is there any doubt that World War III is already here?  Yes, it is not in the form of war that we would have expected, but, make no mistake, this is war.  We all expected something else, but using our health as a weapon is still warfare.  Thousands of people have died due to the Corona Virus and thousands of more will die.  Some have even written ‘Exodus 12’ on their front doors in the hope the plague will ‘Passover’ them.

Looking at the above list of things we are doing against You, Father, no wonder You are upset at the world.  Instead of Your commandments and laws being adhered to, we have inserted our own relaxed laws and muddied Your commandments.  Oh, how far we have fallen.  How disgusting has our ways now become?  A study of Matthew 5:17-19 tells us quite a bit of what we need to know on this subject…

  • Matthew 5:17: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them.”
  • You then made very clear the timing of this – Matthew 5:18: “For truly, I say to you, until Heaven and Earth pass away, not one iota, not one dot, will pass from the Law until it is all accomplished.”
  • You then gave specific instructions to us – Matthew 5:19: “Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven, but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Oh Father, all of Chapter 5 of Matthew, as well as the Beatitudes, gives us our personal orders to ready our hearts and to prepare ourselves.  However, we are still a motley crew of men and women.  None of us have done the right things all of the time.  All of us have fallen short of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Thankfully, Father, Your Grace falls like rain and washes us clean.  Your ‘Snow’ covers us and makes us white and new.

Truly, the hour is late.  Israel, our marker, became a nation almost 72 years ago.  Then there are the signs in the sky.  All of these have been written about by Your Prophets.  This is it.  The time has now come.  However, we are not strong enough on our own.  Only You, Father, can make us new and strong enough.  You make all things new and You declare it.  Thank You for Isaiah 43:18-19, Revelation 21:5 and Isaiah 65:17.

Please, Father, let us soon be without blemish.  As I am today, I have blemishes that the world can easily see.  Please let all of the work You have done in me count for something despite my failings.  I love You, Father.  I love You, Lord.  Please choose us.  You make all things new.  Please make us new!  Please make us ‘blemish free’, and not just in Your eyes, but also the ‘world’s eyes’.  Show us to be worthy of Your favor!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in God’s Garden of Trees in Heaven.  These trees were taller and wider than those on Earth.  I was on a beautiful path.  My neck felt no pain as I looked up at these massive trees.  I was in awe.  I approached the base of one these trees.  There was a plaque that read…

“For God has blessed me with a view of Heaven!”

I was smiling and laughing as I went to the second plaque on the next tree…

“For God has blessed me with strength to endure!”

I laughed as I thought, ‘what would need to be ‘endured’ in Heaven other than peace?’  I then walked over to the third plaque on the next tree…

“For I once bragged that I could fly, then I was toppled, yet God has shown His Great Mercy and I am here!”

Me:  Talking to the tree.  “Hmm, I am so sorry you fell, tree.”

I then went to the next tree and the fourth and last plaque…

“God sent winds, fire and drought and I stood His tests.  My Victory is in Him, the God Who saves.”

Me:  “Oh Father, You are so good, so very, very good!  Who is like You, Father?”

I walked further down the path.  The sunlight shined into a small clearing.  There were beautiful flowers and mossy grass.  There was a beautiful stream that ran through it.  I could hear the gentle sound of a distant waterfall.  I could smell wonderful scents.  I noticed that the smell of decaying wood was absent here.  I smelled Sequoias, Redwoods, Pines and Eucalyptus, as well as something like Sandalwood.

It was so fragrant here.  It was warm…not too hot, not too cool…perfect.  There was a mist just ahead of me.  This was not an earthly mist, but rather a dewy mist that was coming from the ground.  The sunshine mixed with this beautiful mist and created rainbows like a blanket.  I suddenly heard the sound of a horse behind me.  I turned and there was Jesus on His horse.  He was in full armor, but a different kind of armor.

I somehow knew that His armor was soft to the touch, but yet I also knew it could repel the fiercest of attacks.  This is difficult to describe as it simply has no earthly equivalent.  He smiled at me as He dismounted.  He opened His arms and I did not have to be asked twice.  I ran into His embrace and enjoyed His gentle hug.  I felt a peace and security in His arms that simply defies description.  All of Heaven is this way.

Me:  “Lord, this is so beautiful!  This is a wonderful Heavenly Gift and such a nice break from our earthly worries!”

Jesus:  “Well, I thought that this would be a welcome surprise.  I notice that you are working on your self-examination.  How is this going?”

Me:  “As You know, Lord, I am a sinner.  Just as I think I have finally figured all of this out and repented for my lack, I then realize there is still more to do.  Clearly, I am here once again bringing up my personal sin and epiphanies for a reason.  Quite simply, I am ever bringing these before You.  I must admit that this makes me worry.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, worry doesn’t add to your health and it doesn’t make your heart glad.  Still, I am glad that you come to Me with all of your troubles, worries and doubts.  If I call you friend and you still did not share these things with Me in truth and trust, then we could not have the relationship that we do.

“While there are many things for you to worry about right now, take this time to instead reflect in all that I have done from beginning to the end.  You will stand amazed.  These trees reflect the Glory of God and His Saving Grace.  These trees were once falsely labeled as ‘gods’ by wicked men.  However, they now stand here in Heaven.  Though hard for you to understand, they are even grateful for this.”

Me:  “Lord, do You mean that these are the trees that once stood in California that have since been destroyed?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes.  They are here now and there are thousands of them.  They are no longer subject to fires or men.  They are now only subject to God instead.”

I took a short break here to look up the names given to the tallest of the trees.  To my surprise, they were all named after Greek Mythology.  The names included Hyperion, Helios, Icarus and Daedalus.  I then went straight back to Him.

Me:  “I am so glad that these trees are now here, Lord.  I cannot wait to explore God’s Garden more.  There will be no fear here.  No evil will be here.  What a wonderful thing.  How glorious and fun all of this will be!”  I was now crying.  He reached over to give me another hug.  “Thank You, Lord.  Thank You for these dreams.  Thank You!”

Jesus:  “You have many concerns and worries.  While I understand why, remember that I am always with you.  I am glad that you are working at readying your house.  In the coming days, there will be many bad reports.”  I should note that He emphasized the word ‘many’.  “Erin, trouble has come upon the nations.  This is the Great Separation.”

Me:  “Lord, do You mean the separation of the goats from the sheep?”

Jesus:  “Perhaps.  Study My Word to gain knowledge.  Pray for wisdom.  This is more a time to humble hearts.  Weigh and measure yourself, not against the world’s view, but against Heaven’s view.  This is how you prepare.  While you are to take note of the former things, also take stock and purchase those things of Heaven, that which cannot be bought or purchased by earthly means.  My currency is different.  A penny has more value based on the heart of the giver.  However, there are also other things.”

Me:  “What other things?”

Jesus:  “Okay, how about forgiveness?  Have you forgiven others as I have forgiven you?  How about love?  As I have loved you without condition, have you loved Me the same in return?  Look at your fruits.  Check your stock.  Are these good?  This is preparation.  Make sure each one is checked and found good.  Fruits here in Heaven have no blemishes.  This is not the same on Earth, so make sure each one is examined.  Also, do not lend an ear to fools who desire to be the first to spread bad news.”

Me:  “Lord, I pray that all of my fruit is good.  Please forgive me for any fruits that I have neglected.  Please ready my house and find us pleasing and holy to God.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, now you are even more worried.  I am giving you this so you prepare.  I am about to do a new thing here and it is good.  Continue on your course of surrendering your heart to Me.  You already have.  Remember that I am with you and I have not forgotten you.  I have prepared a place for you here.  I will not revoke this.

“You, in turn, will remain with Me.  I do not demand perfection as, to demand it from you when it is impossible for you, it would mean that I am a deceiver.  I am not.  However, I instead look for a willing and pliable heart, a heart that will surrender to the works of the hands of the Potter, understand?”

Me:  “I am pretty sure that I understand.”

Jesus:  “Erin, you came to the Potter’s House and you saw your vessels.  Why would I fashion a vessel and not put it to good use?  I do nothing without a purpose under Heaven.  I am not idle or empty in My actions and promises.  I understand that, when all things around you seem dark and even some lights are growing dim, you wonder ‘is the Lord mad at me?  Is there more that I need to do?’

“Well, I prepared you in advance for this season.  I am not mad at My sheep, neither the ones who stay with Me nor the one who wanders off at no fault of their own.  While some I only need to gently call to stay with Me, I need to shake My Shepherd Staff at others.  However, all of this is good.  Erin, you are here with Me.  This is why I have told you to not be disheartened or misled at bad reports.  Come to Me with your concerns and questions.  Ask and I will immediately answer you.  I am here.

“Oh yes…obey the laws of the land.  I did not send you to defy those who govern.  There is much behind the scenes of which you do not know.  Take this time to walk with Me further.  Pray and fast for greater wisdom.  I will send dreams and visions to you.

“One other thing…when there are signs, wonders and miracles from Me for others, you will always have a witness to testify to this…two or more.  When it is a personal sign, it does not need two, but not all of these then are meant to be shared.  Use discernment.  If a man says ‘come out of your house, your savior is here’ or ‘come out to the woods, he is here’, do not believe it.  I come to where you are.  I am with you.”

Me:  “I believe that I now understand, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Erin, use the wisdom I have given you.  Stop, drop to your knees and pray.  I am there.  Remember, My promises are true.  Remember, I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.”

Me:  Smiling.  “Well, would a ‘world lockdown’ not qualify?  What about all of the earthquakes, fires and locusts?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Yes, understood.  I agree.”  He then looked into my eyes and smiled.  “However, something good is coming too.”  He hugged me.

Dream over…

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