Dream 401 – God will be ever before us

Received on Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Dear Father,

I am anxious, scared and still very worried, but also hopeful for Your soon miracles.  I have had some unsettling dreams recently…

Sub-dream 1 “Selling some of our items” begins…

My husband and I were at a border town in Minnesota or Wisconsin, not far from Winnipeg.  I was speaking to a woman there who was taking some of my antiques to the USA to sell.  She travelled once a week.  Even though we were staying at a hotel, it felt more like a dorm room at a university.  The furniture was dated and sparse.

While I gave her one set of descriptions for our items, she completely changed it for the sale.  She also had a bunch of items for sale.  As I walked around looking at her items, I found a couple of things of interest.  One was an odd piece of jewelry made of green transferware.  This doesn’t even exist in real life.  My husband and I didn’t have time to purchase this though as we had to leave immediately for a reason I was not aware of.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “An island on a lake” begins…

I had to travel to an island in the middle of a lake.  I had to get clearance to go.  I flew in on the last few days of the summer season and had a place there.  There were small resort cabins there that were very modern.  There were so many construction workers on the island that they were practically stumbling over themselves to hurry their work by a certain time.  The small cabin I was staying in consisted of a single bed, a closet, a bathroom and a small kitchenette.  I was there for something important.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, what if You have abandoned me?  What if You remove Your love and favor from me?  What if I am rejected?  What if I am alone?  I am scared.  What if me just feeling like this makes it so You turn away from me?  Oh Lord, You are my Best Friend.  You have always been with me.  Please help me, Father.

After writing the above part down, something odd suddenly started to happen to me.  It seemed like there was some kind of focus on the number 22.  When I looked down at my emails, I immediately noticed an email with the number 22 in it.  One email in particular seemed to be highlighted to me.

It was from a few months back, so I opened it to refresh my memory.  It was a message sent to me from a Nest member (Annie from Oz) dated August 22nd, 2019.  I remember I was sad that day and this was so gratefully received and perfectly timed.  With permission from Annie, here is her message, along with her attached poetry…

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Beloved Erin,

I love you and your family with all my heart.  You are always close to my heart and I bless the day I first heard your name seven years ago.  Little did I know that I would come to know my Jesus so much more because of these dreams.  I wrote the below poem 25 years ago.  This was 18 years before I even knew you.  I thought of you today and remembered the poem.  When I read the poem again today, I knew that it was missing something…your name.  After adding this, I felt called to send this to you today…


One day, the Master took a thread of life and began to weave a priceless tapestry.

On and on He wove until sadly I began to despair that this work of art would be trampled underfoot in the market place.

For who would appreciate the grey tones of grief, the charcoal threads of broken dreams.

Surely no one would believe that these dark threads were useful in the Master’s Plan.

On and on He wove, seeming to ignore my pleas for light.

Questioning, why, why, why, I feel asleep, awakening only to find that the Master had been working all night.

Dazzling colors of sunrise exploded in joyful celebration, while warm hues of humor chuckled along meandering tracks leading to a glorious new morning.

The brilliant gold of nobility, the purity of white, the crimson red fire of love danced that scene before me.

Tenderly the Master turned to me and said…

‘In My care, both light and dark become a priceless work of art.  You are My masterpiece.  I have called you by name…Erin!’

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

This was so touching and brought tears to my eyes…thank you, Annie!  I then went back to my MSN account and saw some more emails being highlighted.  I did not feel called to open these ones though.  However, I once again noticed that they all continued to center on the number 22.  Please, Father, help!  What is happening?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was up at God’s Door with Uriel.

Uriel:  “God requests your presence, Erin.”

Me:  “Yes, please.  I would love to see Him.”

He put salve in my eyes and brought me into His presence.  I wept as I listened to the beautiful choir sing.  I sighed a very heavy sigh.  I went as close to God as I could before my cells forced me to drop to the ground.

Me:  “I am sorry, Father.  Some of the dreams You have given me have scared me.  Father, I am afraid.”

God:  “Be still, Erin, be still.  I will not leave you.  I know what has happened and I understand your pain.  However, I will never leave you.  As for those who have trampled on you that are still on Earth, they think nothing of what they had done to you.  They do not recall the pain they have caused you.  However, I haven’t forgotten one thing…not one.

“See, I know the many times you have been cast aside…your heart crushed and your dreams dashed.  You had hoped for something that never came.  While you prayed for blessings and to be honored for your hard work, this never came.  I watched, Erin.  I saw it.  I knew that there was a day that I had planned for this to happen, but I first needed to know that, if this never came, you would still love Me and serve Me on Earth.

“Well, Erin, you have.  Still, as God, I am never surprised.  As God, only I am able to say things using absolutes.  As you and others are not God, I send tests and trials when someone uses absolutes.  These follow a declaration.  However, here you are.  You still come here.  Even in fear, you still come here.  Therefore, greater is your reward.

“I will do much more than I had originally planned.  Now, forget your former things, the pain of your heart, and focus on Me.  I am the Mender of broken hearts and dreams.  What I promise, I fulfill, and I will not abandon you.  You are a hidden treasure and an unopened gift.  You are more precious than rubies or the finest gold of Ophir.  I have picked you.

“Today, I sent you a message written more than 26 years ago, a message placed upon the heart of someone in a different hemisphere than you even.  While this was made for you, I am going to send even more to you.  Your Love is returning as ‘He chooses you and He comes for you’.  He is not abandoning you for another.  He already chooses you even as you are now.

“Your heart is fine and now I will deny you no good thing.  Whatever you ask in My Name, I will do this.  You are precious and honored in My sight.  I will not pass over you.  I will instead part the way for you.  You will cross on level ground there and nothing will come against you.  I reserved you for a great purpose under Heaven.  Do not worry, Erin, as you are not delusional or self-edifying.  I am declaring this.  You are Mine.

“When you pass through the raging waters, they will not overcome you nor will anyone come against your children, animals or property.  I will protect all of this as these are Mine.  You will be confident in this.  Where you walk, there will be peace.  Where your feet step, truth will overtake troubles and evil will flee.  Terror will be on the hearts of those who recognize that I have sent you.

“Now, wait for My instructions, as these are soon to follow.  Do not be discouraged.  I will send My daughter with a great dowry from Heavenly storehouses.  Kings will see and send gifts as they will also see that I am with you.  Now, rejoice today, Erin, rejoice, as I am with you!”

Uriel reached for my arm and helped me back to the door.  I turned back to God and curtsied as I wiped away my tears.  I felt His love permeate my every cell.

Me:  “I love You, Father!”

God:  “I love you, Erin.”

Uriel took me outside the door.

Uriel:  “Erin, God is showing you that you will be at rest and peace wherever you are called.  This is because His hand is upon you.  Do not worry as God has a plan!”

He smiled at me as he turned away from me.  He disappeared in an instant.

Dream over…

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