Dream 404 – Can you trust Me a little longer?

Finished on Thursday, April 23, 2020

Received on Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  I am feeling exhausted today and unusually so.  My movements and breathing have been labored.  My dreams last night were disturbing.  I woke up suddenly from one of them because my husband was having a scary dream that I had woken him from.  It seems that we have both had increases in difficult dream subjects recently.  In my dreams, You were instructing me loudly and clearly.

Father, I am scared.  I don’t understand everything, but I know Your Voice.  You know the hearts of men and the schemes of the wicked.  Please help me.  It is difficult to not be fearful even though You tell us to take courage.  My dreams seem to be a foreshadowing of what is still to come.  You have given me knowledge about events while taking me there in my dreams.  You are instructing us through these dreams.

However, lately, and even in my waking moments, You are now instructing me here too.  When I was at the grocery store yesterday, something unusual happened.  You highlighted various people that were in the store with me.  You highlighted one person and said ‘she is Mine’ or ‘he is Mine’.  Another one was ‘this one was hurt’.  Another one was ‘The road back to Me will be a difficult one’.

Another one was ‘this one was never Mine’.  As You said these things, my heart would become heavy.  I was becoming heavy hearted.  This all made me realize that I would get these things wrong on my own.  The ones I thought were His were not and the ones I thought were not were His.  This was not always the case though as, like I said, I discovered I am a horrible guesser.  This was truly hit and miss for me.

Take for instance a man who worked in the fish department.  He was very gruff, rugged and tough.  While he didn’t display Jesus on his face, this changed in an instant when I made a joke about how much my son liked his special coated Cod fillets.  I joked that this was huge as my son was more of a corndog connoisseur.  All of a sudden, his face lit up and I could now see Jesus on his face.

Worker:  “In that case, I will take this as high praise.  It is nice to know that the fish department staff have fans during all of this.”  He smiled and was so sincere.  “Sadly, we are not allowed to make these up for you right now.”

Me:  “Well, this will soon be over and I will be the first in line with my son to buy your almond crusted fillets.”

After we laughed together about this, I then went to the checkout and a familiar cashier.  I had visited with this woman before many times.  I had thought for certain that she was the Lord’s.  As I was checking things out behind the plexiglass curtain wall, I noticed that she was acting quite odd.

Me:  “I hope you are staying safe.”

Cashier:  “Yes, I am fine.  I am still here.”

Me:  “Well, thank you.  God is good!”

Cashier:  “God left this area a long time ago.”  She quickly switched topics.  “Do you collect bonus points?”

Me:  “Well, if God is gone, what is the use of bonus points, right?”

I smiled at her and was trying to make her laugh.  It clearly was not working.

Cashier:  “First off, you can use these points for free stuff.  These are worth something.  You can then actually touch and see it.”

I watched her shrug her shoulders and disinfect the area.  While I said a polite goodbye, I wanted to say more about God’s goodness, but felt this was not the time.  I was so sad.  Oh Father, there are so many feeling hopeless just like this woman.  These six feet of separation and suspicion seems to be starting a new cold wave.  Father, the world is growing colder and more so every day.  I had an interesting dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “Like a Red Bull in a China Shop” begins…

I was in a beautiful antique shop. The owner had sectioned all of the collectibles, porcelain and furniture into beautiful vignettes.  It almost felt like a museum.  I had never seen such a beautiful display in all of my years of antiquing, even from earlier on in my life.  There were beautiful tall arched doors with topiaries.  The stone floor looked like Jerusalem stone pavers.

The first vignette was Italian pottery and beautiful artwork with gilded frames.  There were small religious diptychs and triptychs with small oil paintings and crucifixes.  These seemed quite Catholic in theme.  The subsequent vignettes in order were Spain, France and Germany.  Both France and Germany were filled with beautiful porcelains, steins and pottery.  All of these exquisite items had been hand-painted.

The next vignette was themed for Switzerland.  It had a collection of money, bank notes and legal documents.  It also had an incredible collection of chocolate molds.  As I was walking toward the Dutch, Belgium and English vignettes, I was approached by a very beautiful soft-spoken woman who was from the Land of the Dragon.

Saleswoman:  “I see that you are enjoying our collection.”

Me:  “Yes.  I have never seen museum quality items like these for sale anywhere.  Even at auction, this is hit and miss.  There is so much that I am interested in.  By the way, do you also sell items from the Southern Hemisphere of the world, places like Africa, India, South America and other places?”

Saleswoman:  “Hmm, no, there is really no value there other than items for mining.  My father owns all of these collections and he has worked tirelessly to find the very best.”  The woman then purposely repeated the last three words… “The very best!”

Me:  “Well, his taste is incredible.  It is amazing how he found items that are without flaws or blemishes!”

Saleswoman:  “Although these things are interesting, they do not have lasting value.  They will not keep value like the collection over here.”

She then walked me over to a series of vignettes from Ancient China to current.  A man with blonde hair then approached us.  He was wearing very expensive jewelry that he was trying to hide with the sleeves of his shirt.  When he spoke, he had a British accent.

British man:  “Let me explain something here.  All that you see in these vignettes were actually stolen thousands of years ago from Chinese craftsman.  Intellectual property on a worldwide scale was stolen from Asia.  All crafts, from porcelain, pottery, monetary exchanges, weaving, silk, painting, metallurgy, weapon making, vessels and jewelry, were all stolen from Asia.”

I knew I was not to argue, but to agree.  I really didn’t believe him at all, so I worded my reply in a way that he thought I agreed.

Me:  “Hmm, this makes it sound like all of the historical records of the origins of these crafts were not telling us the truth.  This is so sad.  By the way, your jewelry is incredible!”

The man suddenly looked nervous, but I was not sure why.  It was as if I had gone ‘off script’.

British man:  “Yes.  I paid 5G for them.”

Me:  “Five grand?  Wow, that is a steal!  Amazing.”

British man:  “No, 5G, as in 5G.”

I still didn’t quite understand, but I nodded in agreement as I didn’t really want to continue to discuss this.  Just then, I heard the rattling of a cowbell at the front door.  We turned and a very large bull began to walk quietly inside the shop.  It was a longhorn, as in VERY longhorn, and was reddish brown in color.  The saleswoman and the British man began to panic.  The British man got on the phone and called someone who could handle the situation.  He then texted several people.

Saleswoman:  “We need to call the media immediately.”

Meanwhile, I watched the bull walk down the area with the European vignettes.  While looking from side to side on occasion, his long horns would accidentally knock things over.  He did a lot of damage with very little movement.  The saleswoman began to scream as the bull had now set his eyes on her.  It was then that I noticed there was a reason for this.  The saleswoman was wearing an outfit that kind of resembled a cape, but with arm holes.

I remained calm as this bull was not being aggressive at all towards me.  The saleswoman then began to throw items at the bull to try and hurt him.  Just then, the bull began to stir up.  It was as if something had struck its backside.  It began to kick up trouble.  This first happened on the ground.  Things displayed on the floor flipped up and toppled the higher items over.

The saleswoman’s continued harassment did not make the situation any better.  The bull broke apart a priceless collection of Ming, Qin, Han, Zhen and Shang dynasties.  Even though the woman was yelling at the bull, he kept coming for her.  Just then, the bull stopped, turned towards me and ‘smiled’.  I smiled back.

Me:  “Come on, let’s get out of this shop.”

The bull then left with me.  As I looked back, most, if not all, of the inventory was in complete disarray.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Received on Thursday, April 23, 2020

Last night, I had a deeply disturbing dream that I found quite confusing…

Sub-dream 2 “A Tornado and Time” begins…

My husband and I were staring at a city skyline.  While I am not sure what city this was, it seemed similar to the skyline of Atlanta, Georgia.

Me:  Talking to my husband.  “Look, there is a tornado forming.”

As we looked, we could see a funnel cloud.  What was really odd, and hard to describe, was that it was reflective, sort of like glass, but spinning like a tornado.  There was a red script reflecting through this ‘glass’ from the slogan on a building.  It reflected the word ‘Time’.  The script, font and color were very similar to the Time in Time Magazine.  While this doesn’t sound ominous in describing this, it was ominous in the dream.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, the winds howled last night.  Something banged against the side of our house.  It sounded like knocking.  I remembered what a police officer had told me.  While this is counterintuitive, thieves come around during these storms.  They know that, when people hear a knock, they will most likely attribute the sound to the storm, not to their thievery.  I was also told that the most common break in times were between 3:00am and 6:00am, the fourth watch of the night.

Thank You, Father, for Your signs and wonders.  I was so excited to see a golden crowned king bird outside of my window yesterday.  I tried to take a photo, but it was gone before I could get set up.  It was still so exciting to see though.  My husband and I are trying not to watch as much news.  Most of it is bad reporting and just creates depression and fear.  This opens up time for more photography, right?

Father, please help my heart.  I am troubled and discouraged.  I want to report good news.  I had to stop yesterday because I was so sad at what You showed me.  There are days when I wonder if I am equipped for all of this.  While my husband loves to date speculate on when You may do this or that, I am more passive about this and just listen.  So many of these days look good.

I then remind myself that God created each and every day.  Every day is made anew.  Each and every day is special to God because He made it.  As for today…this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118).  Thank You for this day.  Even though It is blustery outside right now, it is still sunny out, all complete with a landscape filled with my little furry and feathered friends.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in the middle of a field full of flowers.  I was in the Valley of Blessing.  The colors were indescribable as they don’t even exist on Earth.  I felt something in my hand.  I was holding a rein.  I turned and there behind me was a beautiful white horse.  I kissed his nose.  He then motioned for me to sit on him.  He bent down his legs so that I could easily mount the beautiful saddle.  I was so excited.

Me:  “Okay, so, where are you taking me?”

Even though I was holding the reins, the horse was clearly the Lord’s to guide, not me.  Since the horse was tall, I was able to see amongst the beautiful patchworks of the variety of flowers.  God is so incredible.  The horse came to a stop at the end of one of the fields.  There was a small spring coming from a basalt column.  This then overflowed into a small pool.  There was a small bench there.

Me:  “Is the Lord meeting me here?”

I climbed down from the horse’s saddle and walked over to take a drink from the spring.  The water tasted amazing.  I went over and sat on the bench to wait for the Lord.  I didn’t sit long though as there was a patch of flowers that caught my eye.  I went over to them.  They were parrot tulips.  While you would think it would be hard to improve on the earthly variety, these were so much better here.

Me:  “Oh Father, these are on Earth as they are in Heaven…just not as great.”

In just this small patch alone, there were so many colors and textures.  The petals looked like the feathers of colorful parrots.  Very dramatic.  Each one is different here though.  Absolutely stunning.  These have to be one of my favorites, along with peonies.  I walked back to the bench.  The horse walked over to drink from the spring.  I began to cry.  Father, thank You for the promise of Heaven.  Thank You for Your love.

I put my head in my hands and cried.  I could hear birds in the distance.  I could hear the sound of the bubbling spring.  I could hear a horse breathing into my ear.  Wait, what?  I looked up and was surprised to see the Lord’s horse there.  The horse I had ridden was also still there.  I stood up and hugged him.  I was still crying though and His horse then nudged me as if he had wanted me to stop.

Me:  “Oh, I see…you want me to stop crying.”

I then heard Jesus’ Voice!

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Hmm, I thought I might find you here.  This is the horses’ favorite spring.  This is why your horse decided to bring you here.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, You are so funny.  It was You Who put all of this together!”

Jesus:  Hugging me.  “Erin, life on Earth will not become easier.  Do you understand?”

He looked at me.  He was studying my eyes.

Me:  “I know, Lord, it is just…Oh, it is just that I am trying to hang on there.  My recent dreams have been scaring me.  Perhaps there is someone out there that would be better entrusted to all of this than me.  Are you sure…”

He immediately put His finger to my lips.

Jesus:  “Do I make errors in judgement?  Repent.”

Me:  “Please help me, Lord.  I repent.  I am just so heavy-hearted right now.  I am scared.  We are in need of miracles here.  I need a Physician and a Healer.  I need You.  I need an Advocate, a Defender and a Protector.  I need You.  I need a Hero and a Savior.  I need You.  I love You, Lord.  The world needs You.”

Jesus:  “I have you.  Erin, I love you.  I know you and appointed you in your mother’s womb.  It was not you who chose Me, but I Who first chose you.  Why you?  Well, you are like a voice in the wilderness, one who cries out to Me.  You are like a messenger who prepares the way for the Great Move of God and for Me.  You are like a servant for Me who has been through My Refiner’s fire.  I have refined you as silver and gold.  You are then to say for Me…’Return to Jesus and He will return to you’.”

Me:  “Is this like a shadow of Malachi?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes and no.  You are My servant whom I have called for this time to write as a scribe a letter of love to those who think I have forgotten them.  I have not.  You are writing from the tablet of My heart and your heart together.  You are giving Good News to those who are disheartened, to those who had expectations after coming through the furnace of afflictions and to those that may currently still be in the midst of the flames.  Many are unsure if I am there with them.  I Am!  I Am in the midst of you.”

Me:  “Lord, much of Malachi seems just like today, like right now.  It was foretelling of Your coming.”

Jesus:  “Yes.  I made a covenant with the people in those pages.  When reading prophecies from the prophet’s Words, many events have been fulfilled.  However, these Words are seldom referenced today as the Laws of God.  Many of the Words of the prophets were buried when I died and was resurrected.

“While this was fulfilled, so many priests and teachers today discount this.  They should not.  They will stand in awe when they see My Words and those of the prophets being fulfilled in a way they think not.  So, in light of this news, let us revisit this.”

Me:  “Malachi 3 is so interesting, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Well, yes, it is, but so are the other prophecies.  You are able to see these events occurring now.  So is the 4th chapter.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  There are also Jeremiah, Zephaniah, Isaiah and Joel.  However, the world is stubborn.  Lies are now accepted as truth and truth as lies.  There are even reports that You didn’t actually die on the cross.  You then, in a vision, had an angel take me to visit the place of the killing rampage in Nova Scotia.  Only some young boys ten and twelve escaped.  There is no one to bury the dead.  There are no funerals or gatherings to support the grieving.  This is horrible, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Erin, if an angel of God was sent to you, there was a purpose under Heaven.  You must trust Me when I give you such things.  What was told to you?  I will give you confirmation.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I am sorry, but this is so difficult for me.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I know this is difficult.  I understand this.  Please continue.”

Me:  “The angel told me that You allowed this shooting as a foreshadowing of what the enemy has planned against those nations who resist what is coming.  The angel told me that the shooter was ruthless, but also shrewd in his dealings even with his family.  He took on the resemblance of a police officer.

“People were peaceably confined to their homes during the stay at home order.  This shooter then went quietly door to door and killed people in their homes, many while they slept.  He then set their homes on fire.  The people were defenseless and unaware of the danger going from door to door.

“Every person and every animal in his path were shot.  Because this was done when so many were home, there were so many victims.  Two young boys managed to escape and hideout at a neighbor.  The reaction a few days later was a call for gun control.  This was so incredibly saddening and tragic!”

Jesus:  “What else did the angel tell you?”

Me:  “That this was a study in a larger plan.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but it was also a warning of a larger scale attack.”

Me:  “Why can’t evil leaders just stay in their own countries and be satisfied?”

Jesus:  Kind of chuckling.  “Well, unfortunately, this is not how evil men in power work.  Evil enjoys the spread of darkness over light.  They hate any freedoms afforded to others.  They live in misery, anger and paranoia.  To offset this, they perform wicked deeds on those who are innocent.  Erin, you and your children understand this.  You often cry and think ‘if only we could have just lived our life in peace under normal conditions.’  Well, Erin, evil doesn’t operate like this.

“You are instead witnessing a mass exodus from truth.  From what was once good is now being crafted into a new narrative.  This new narrative means new laws, new governing and a new way.  While all of this is presented as good, make no mistake, many, many will perish.  This will all be for the sake of a few in power.  Evil enjoys child sacrifice to their gods.  Millions of babies have been slaughtered.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is near to the brokenhearted.  Remember, it is not in the obvious which evil operates.  The evil is in the shadows.  If it appears in the light, it is quickly gone again for fear of exposure.  Erin, the evil man from Germany slaughtered millions of Jews, elderly, infirm, young and disabled.  He slaughtered anyone he deemed to be genetically unclean, a swine or repugnant.

“The same is true today, understand?  The enemy is now shutting down churches, Synagogues and prayer meetings in the hope of removing My Words and My Powers.  Well, there is another plan in place, one in which I own the playbook.  I have written it.  Since they choose to not follow My Words and the Laws of God, I will make Heaven visibly prevail on Earth ahead of My coming.  Yes, and I am coming…it is written!

“Now, I know that these things grieve you.  I know that you have many concerns.  I once showed you a mad woman in a room full of china about to destroy all she was in care of, all she once held dear.  Well, Erin, she represents those who have fallen away from their first love, those countries no longer under Me.  They are balancing on uneven scales.”

Me:  “But I thought this was like an analogy to the stock markets?”

Jesus:  “Ah yes, the heart rhythm, an EKG of the world’s health.  This is not something you could trust in for eternity.  Same as for the crude oil that runs in the world’s veins.  Yes, there is a movement to do away with all of that now.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  We are seeing these voices rise right now.”

Jesus:  “These are from the same people who would prefer that natural selection be at their hands, not God’s.  Woe to those who play God for they will soon bow down and beg for forgiveness for the blood on their hands.”

Me:  “Lord, I want to ask, but I don’t want to ask yet again…”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, I know what you are asking for.  Just know that I am with you and that I have you.  Do not worry.  I have a plan.  Can you trust Me a little longer?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, and for eternity even!  I just hurt.  I am sad.  My heart is broken for the people…for those who need You and for those who need help.”

Jesus:  “Good answer, Erin.  Now, do not worry.  I have a plan and this is good.”  He smiled.  “Come, I will show you something special.  I have a Gift for you!”

Dream over…

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