Dream 405 – The fields will soon need us to work them

Finished on Monday, April 27, 2020

Received on Sunday, April 26, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for all You do for us.  You are constantly at work in the world as Your Divine Ways are so far beyond our dim imaginations.  Father, I have been working to ‘be still’.  It has not been easy though as the enemy has been working overtime on me.  One of my sure signs of spiritual warfare is plumbing issues, such as burst pipes and leaking cracks.

Our sons live in the basement of our home.  Several years ago, we had a corrupt contractor take advantage of us.  Because I have been in the remodeling business for many years, I looked over our project and knew what to do.  This guy hated me because of this.  He was part of our church and we trusted him.  However, in hindsight, doing so was a big mistake.

This man took advantage of us.  Every time I was there, he was trying to take short cuts.  He tried to act friendly, but he hated me with a passion.  He was not used to being challenged on his shoddy work, so I was an aggravation to him.  While my husband and I tried our hardest to have this man do the right things, and sometimes succeeded, this man was very crafty in the way he did things.

There was one thing we asked him to do that probably pushed him past what he was capable of.  This was the shower to be built in the basement for our sons.  While we watched him as best we could, we didn’t see everything.  We didn’t see how he joined the pipes.  We didn’t see if he took care on everything.  Well, it has been a few years now and it came to a head yesterday.

My husband ripped up the vinyl flooring that covered the path from the shower to the drain.  We then found evidence that something has been failing.  While it could be that the shower pan has failed, we are just not sure.  Worst case scenario…it all has to be ripped out and the concrete floor opened to look for a leaking pipe.  We are overwhelmed.  We simply cannot wait for the Transformation on this one!

Quite simply, this cannot be held off.  This is a mess.  Father, this could not be at a worse time for all of this.  Please heal our home.  Please repair the leaks.  Father, please help us.  You can just make it alright for us.  We cannot have the original contractor come back as he was lazy and wicked.  His cure would be worse than the problem.  Father, please help us.

Oh Father, we have been able to enjoy our safe home here during this lockdown.  Please don’t allow the enemy to win this battle.  This has given me a heaviness today.  I am exhausted and so sad.  There is so much more to this than just the plumbing though.  All the things you have shown me have begun to unfold.  Even though I knew these things would come to pass at some point, can one truly be prepared?

Sub-dream 1 “Credentials Please” begins…

Our family went to a restaurant to eat.  It was not that busy and there was plenty of space for us.  The hostess asked to see our credentials.  It had a feel of Nazi Germany.  We did not have any credentials with us.  She excused herself and brought over the manager.  The manager told us that we were not welcome to eat there.  We left.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Overall, it has been a very rough day for me.  My husband just asked for prayers for me and I am already feeling better.  Thank God for our Nest and their love and prayers.  How lonely this walk would be without all of our amazing friends on the Nest!  Thank You, Lord, for sending each of them here to be with us during these darkening times.

Received on Monday, April 27, 2020

Thank You, Lord, I feel much better today.  Prayer is powerful.  We also called a plumber this morning and he is going to come and inspect our basement shower tomorrow on Tuesday, April 28, 2020.  All of my dreams are now showing me sad and disturbing scenarios.  Yet another one of these dreams came last night.  It seemed to illustrate what life would soon look like for our family if we had not been Transformed instead.  It was chilling to the core…

Sub-dream 2 “Nothing for your family unless you comply completely” begins…

The landscape around me felt very dark.  Because of my name being last in the alphabet, I was able to shop at the grocery store at a certain time of night.  The people allowed on this night was based on their last name initials (U, V, W, X, Y and Z).  While we were the largest span of letters able to shop, we also had the smallest block of time.

On this particular night, we were standing in line at the front of the store.  There was a booth with two people interviewing those ahead of me.  When I arrived at the booth, they addressed me in a cold manner.

Booth:  “We need proof that you have been tested by blood and have been cleared.”

They were very serious and I could tell that they would tolerate no exceptions.

Me:  “I don’t have any proof of this.  Is this a new requirement?”

Booth:  “You are not allowed into the store without this.”

Me:  “But I need groceries for my family.”

Booth:  “You are not allowed into the store without proof of testing, immunity or other.”

Me:  “Well, I don’t have proof of testing or immunity.  Perhaps I have ‘other’.  What is meant by ‘other’?”

Booth:  The two attendants looked at each other.  “Well, if you have to ask then you are not ‘other’.  These requirements are for the continued safety of all people and products in the store.  We have a kiosk set up where you can get tested.  However, there is a waiting period.  If you decide to use the kiosk, we will give you a one-use shopping pass to enter today.”

Me:  “But that doesn’t seem safe to me at all.  What if I am a carrier?  I would still be allowed in the store and who would know?  This doesn’t make any sense to me.”

I soon realized that this booth must have been something new that had sprung up on an unsuspecting public.  I deducted this as not one person in our line up were aware of these new requirements.  Not one person had the required documents.  All of us were being forced over to the kiosk.  As I got closer to the kiosk, I realized that it was being run by a robot.  The robot was all white and meant to look fun and friendly.

It had a somewhat human looking face, but not really.  Hard to describe.  It had a friendly male voice that was somewhat soothing.  It was holding a tablet screen.  It somehow already knew my name.  It felt creepy, for lack of a better description.  No one else seemed to be as disturbed by this as I was.  It started to ask me many questions.

Virtual bot:  “Hello, Erin, nice to see you today…

  • Could you please confirm your address, social security number, phone number and date of birth?
  • How many people live at your house?
  • Has anyone been committed of a crime in the last ninety days?
  • Are there any firearms at your home?
  • Does anyone at your home have special training or speak other languages?
  • What is your mother’s maiden name?
  • What is your religious preference?”

At this point, I was really upset.  I started to walk away.  After taking just a step or two, a warning bell sounded.  I looked around and realized it was meant for me.  I watched as two concerned looking attendants quickly approached me.  I waited for them.  They knew my name.  No, this was not a pleasant experience at all.

Attendant:  “Hi, Erin.  Do you have a problem with answering these questions?”

Me:  “No.  It’s just that I am now ready to go home.”

Attendant:  “But you haven’t picked up your groceries.  Sooner or later, you will need to answer these questions for your health registry.  Once you have done this, you will then be allowed to enjoy your freedoms again.”

Me:  “So, are you saying that, if I want to do anything, like shop or go to a restaurant, I must register first?”

Attendant:  “Erin, don’t worry…your information is safe with us.  Just know that you will be required to register to even receive services like mail, fire protection, police services, electrical, water…”

Me:  I could tell that the list was going to be long.  I interrupted.  “Wait!  What?  What?”

Attendant:  “Why are you so upset?  You should be glad to know that only one person from each household must register and it is only a one-time service.  Just remember that this is necessary to keep everyone safe, understand?”

Me:  “Okay, okay, I get it.  We need to eat.  Let’s proceed.”

I stepped back up to the virtual bot.  My heart was now racing.  I decided to lie on some of the questions as they were absurdly personal.  As soon as I finished, an alarm sounded.  The two attendants rushed back over to me.

Attendant:  “Excuse me, Erin, but the kiosk has detected a change in your heart rate, as well as in your eye movement.  We will allow you one chance to make corrections.  Remember that this is for the good of your household.”  He gave me a look that told me that he knew I had done this on purpose.  “I am sure that you were just nervous and forgot some of the answers to our questions, right?”

The virtual bot had an accurate rate of determining which questions I needed to ‘adjust’ my answers to.  This was horrifying.  After answering all of the questions truthfully, I was given a temporary card and told that I was now allowed to shop.  After I had put everything in my cart, I went to pay.  After everything was rung in, I noticed that my price was triple what I had expected.  I gave the cashier a concerned look.

Me:  “Why is this so expensive today?  This is triple what I had expected.”

Cashier:  “Until your registry is complete, you will be unable to purchase at the same rate as the others that have already registered.  Once registered, the prices will be more in line with what you are used to.”

Me:  “But we will run out of money and starve by then.”

Cashier:  Leaning in towards me to whisper.  “Listen, I am not supposed to tell you this, but you were marked with an ‘R’ status.  The ‘R’ stands for ‘Resister’.  Because of this rating, and until you are cleared, you will be paying three times as much anywhere you go.  I suggest you stop resisting.  Just comply or it will be very bad for you.  You won’t be able to get gas, see a doctor or even attend church.”

Me:  “What’s next?  A chip or a tattoo?”

Cashier:  “You don’t know?  I already have one in order for me to work or bank.”

I was now dumbfounded and speechless.  I paid and quickly left the store.  When I arrived home, there was a man inside our home asking questions at our kitchen table.  I set the overpriced grocery items down on the counter.  My husband and our kids said hi.  The man smiled at me and I could tell he already knew a lot about us.  It was scary.

Interrogator:  “Ah, Erin, hello.  We have been waiting for you.  Let me introduce myself.  I am your local advocate.  I am here to facilitate your family with services such as health care.  First off, you didn’t tell us that your sons have special needs.  That is important information.  I also noticed that you do not have a registered firearm permit and that one of your vehicles lacks registry.”

Me:  “Well, we don’t have guns and our one vehicle doesn’t run.”

Interrogator:  “Well, your answer was a good one as your story matches your family’s previous answers.”

Me:  “This is all very scary.  I am sick to my stomach.”

Interrogator:  He was writing as I spoke.  “Well, this is how we are going to keep the world safe and healthy moving forward.  We need to know who is healthy and who is not so that we may provide appropriate services.  Take your sons for instance.  They should be registered, but you left their information off at the kiosk.  Why?”

Me:  Trying to keep calm.  “It just slipped my mind.  Sorry.”

Interrogator:  “Ah yes, that is right…you have a brain tumor, as well as other ailments.  This could be affecting your memory.  In order to keep you and others safe, you will now need to stay home from now on.  Erin, other than at strictly controlled times, you can no longer go out.  Your doctors will be monitoring you from home from now on.”

Me:  “Oh, yes, so that you can leave me here to die.”

Interrogator:  “This is for your safety and for the common good of all.  Here is the problem as we see it.  According to your medical records, you are now costing more than what you are providing for the common good.”

Me:  “I knew it.  You are ranking people to see if they are ‘worthwhile’ to society!”

Interrogator:  “Then why did you not just register all of this the first time?”

Me:  “Because my fate is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  You have already decided my fate, right?  Are you going to have me come to the train station next?”

I could tell from his sinister smile that he knew I was referring to the trains the Nazis used to bring Jews to the death camps.

Interrogator:  “Okay, I can now see that you are delusional.  This is another condition to add to the registry.  Now, you need to stay home.  Remember as this is important.”

Me:  “Okay, yes, I will stay home.  Just allow my family to have food.  Please.”

Interrogator:  He seemed satisfied with my groveling.  “Well, this is a good day for you.  I will now clear your household.  Congratulations, all of you can now go to shops and restaurants.  However, for you, Erin, you are restricted.  Other than being in your house, you can go to a park or garden four times per year, but only on designated days.  Other than this, you must remain home, understand?  If you are caught doing otherwise, your family will lose all of their privileges.  Do you understand?”

Me:  “Okay, fine.  I agree.”

Interrogator:  “Here are your cards.  Oh yes…for those of you who would like to work, there is a further clearance measure.  A tracing device will be provided.  This will be very small.  This will trace your steps in the event you come into contact with someone who is ill.  This is vital to the overall health of our society.”

The man left a pamphlet and walked out.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, please help us.  What has happened to the world?  This feels like war.  Father, please, we need You now and more than ever!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in the harvest fields.  I could see the lovely bridge that crossed over the raging waters.  I looked at the field.  They had grown so lush since I was here last.  The fruit was young and not yet ripe on the trees.  There was wheat, barley and other grains.  There was also some corn.  All of this was not quite ready yet though.

There was enough food in this harvest to feed an army.  However, I was more focused on the bridge that crossed the waters.  I ran down the rows of grapes.  The grapes were still hard and small as they were too young.  I rounded the bend and was just about to breakthrough from the orchards when I was abruptly met by Uriel on his horse.

Uriel:  “Hi, Erin.  Where are you going?  It is not yet time for you.  You are the farmer of these fields.  Have you ever seen crops such as these?  There is such a promise of record yields in this harvest.  Why then would you stop?”

Me:  Crying.  “Uriel, I am scared.  We are experiencing warfare.  I have done all I can do as one small woman.  As I am, I can do nothing.  I need God to heal me.  I need a physician.  I am sick.  Our plumbing is leaking in the basement.  I need a plumber.”

Uriel:  “Erin, you are no different than others who have gone before you.  You can run, but you cannot hide.  However, it is better to be sought after by God than hunted by men.  Now, be still.  This was your Physician’s orders.  He delights in you, Erin.  Do not run ahead of God.”  He pointed to the bridge.  “While this bridge is about to be your best, you must still wait a little longer.”

Me:  “Uriel, does the world not see that the war has already begun?”

Uriel:  “Well, no.  However, if you go to a declaration that was made in 1999, you would understand.”

Me:  “Do you mean the song ‘1999’ by Prince?”

Uriel:  “No, but in a way, also yes.  This is what the world does.  All are filled by the appetite of sin as if there will be no consequences.  However, I am instead referring to a declaration that was made (by the leaders of the Land of the Dragon) back in 1999 while the world was distracted.  They proclaimed that there would be a different war soon to come, one that was not to be fought on a standard battlefield.

“They chose this type of a war as they knew the cost of a traditional war would be too great.  Their main tactic is to instead cut off vital nutrients so that a tree cannot bear fruit, understand?  You have been taught this.  What does the enemy do in war?”

Me:  “Well, they always seem to follow a familiar pattern…

  • The enemy cuts off your supplies after surrounding you
  • He then causes inner power struggles, the same side fighting against each other
  • He then cuts off food, medicine and water
  • He then slowly weakens them and makes the people ill
  • He then has allies turn against them
  • He always makes great efforts in controlling the news and therefore the narrative
  • Finally, he creates great fear in the citizenship

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin, this is a creative war as it is disguised or cloaked.  It is a non-military action, understand?  In some ways, this is more frightening than military action as it creates great confusion.  In the midst of this particular war is the creation of great fear through the use of lies.  All of this is noted and several enemy forces are crafting a way to shape the world under one rule.  There are two powers at odds on this though.  Soon this too will be revealed.  Erin, God has given you knowledge.”

Me:  “Yes, Uriel, and it has been gnawing at me.  1 John 2:18-20, but really the entire book, is amazing.  This one part in verse 19 is interesting.  ‘They went out from us, but they were not of us.  For if they had been of us, they would’ve continued with us.  But they went out, that it might become plain that they are not of us.’  Uriel, this is about deceivers being among us.”

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin.  This is the last hour.  However, there is also a hidden gem for you, something that the Lord is about to do.”

Me:  “It seems like John was referring to liars among them who branched off from them.  It seems like they were spies.”

Uriel:  “Well, yes, this is true and a common tactic used by the enemy.  Those trying to deceive are easier to spot than you think.  The Lord’s Voice is loud if you ask Him to turn up the volume.  However, you still need to ask Him.”

Me:  “Thank you, Uriel, but I already feel as if I am constantly nagging the Lord.”

Uriel:  “Do not worry, Erin, as He can take it.  Ask for discernment.  Things you once thought would be impossible are now occurring.  There are now signs that something from God will soon be coming that is much greater than anything designed by man.  Erin, nothing will compare to what God has planned.

“Now, turn away from your discouragement and see what the Lord has for you.  Erin, He is worthy.  See what He has for you, Erin?”  He pointed to the crops.  “If not you, who will work these fields?  These are your fields to work.  Now, rejoice and ask Him.  Seek His face.  He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Dream over…

Update – Prophecy from Dream 405 Fulfilled: The Virtual Bot is unveiled

The above dream came out on Monday, April 27, 2020 and said the following in Sub-Dream 2:

“As I got closer to the kiosk, I realized that it was being run by a robot. The robot was all white and meant to look fun and friendly. It had a somewhat human looking face, but not really. Hard to describe. It had a friendly male voice that was somewhat soothing. It was holding a tablet screen. It somehow already knew my name. It felt creepy, for lack of a better description.”

Now, look at what was just unveiled on Friday, May 1, 2020 just four days after this dream was published:

This is from an article on Fox News:

Tokyo unveils robots that will serve coronavirus patients at hotels


Quote: “The Tokyo Metropolitan Government unveiled two robots on Friday (May 1, 2020) at the Apa Hotel & Resort in the capital’s Sumida ward.”

Here is the image of the robot from the article:

Look at how perfectly the description matches:

  • “The robot was all white and meant to look fun and friendly.” CHECK!!
  • “It had a somewhat human looking face, but not really. Hard to describe.” CHECK!!
  • “It was holding a tablet screen.” CHECK!!

I was with my husband when I first looked at the picture in this article.  I immediately gasped.  My husband has rarely seen me do this before, so he knew it had to be important.

This is probably the fastest that any of the prophecies in these dreams have gone from written to fulfilled.  Buckle up, everyone, for surely the Lord is about to put this into high gear!

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