Dream 434 – Who is like our God?

Received on Sunday, September 20, 2020

Note:  I was completely free of pain in my hands, back and neck today!  This was an unexpected reprieve.  This made me want to go to the Lord immediately to see if He had anything for us today.  He did!  Oh, how I long to feel like this every day, but even much better!  Soon!


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love and great care.  I am thankful for You in all things.  Who is like You, Father?  There is no comparison.  No one can stand against You and succeed.  They will fail every time.  Because of You, all existence is before us.  Because of You, we take pleasure and joy in Your Creation.  We stand on the ground You created and, as we look around us, there Is nothing we have truly created without You.  Even that which is ‘man-made’ is still ‘God-inspired’!

We look up and there are the Heavens, the stars, the constellations, the moon, the clouds and the sun.  These things are truly beyond man, but all signify Your Great Works.  As for the human body…how is something this complex even possible?  While man may manipulate it, mutilate it, stain it, destroy it, reduce it, expand it, strengthen it, fortify it, fight against it, tattoo it, pierce it…ultimately, You, Father, create us and determine our every breath.  Our days are numbered as per Your Great Plan.

So, who can be compared to You?  Statues of gods, whose legends and beginnings were birthed from fallen angels who became legends on Earth?  No.  Demi-gods?  No.  They could never stand against Your Heavenly angels with any success.  Instead, these fallen angels used skills they learned in Heaven to teach men to trick them into turning these things into evil against His Creation.  This included the teaching of making weapons and other terrible things that showed such rebellion against God.

God began the separation of the people through language.  He then spread tribes / herds throughout the Earth.  The Great Flood destroyed most things, but rebellion still built the Tower of Babel.  The people, even the children of God, once again rebelled.  Sin still prevailed throughout the land until God reserved a special people for Himself.  These were the Hebrews, the Israelites…their very name meaning ‘to pass over’!

God then gave the sons of Jacob special strengths and abilities.  Each time they would cry out to the Lord in battle, God filled them with supernatural abilities to scale walls and even leap them.  They threw massive boulders with their bare hands.  Judah’s battle cries shook the enemy to the core.  It was so frightening that the enemy would become confounded and would flee.

The 12 of them together sounded like thunder, like the roar of lions.  Amazing!  They had other abilities also.  In six days, they slain and overcame seven cities (Jasher 40).  On the seventh day, they then went home to rest.  Each time the sons of Jacob cried out to God, God would well up in them and protect them against their enemies.  What is amazing is that the Lord has hinted that, even though we will have different strengths, we will be just as powerful…even more so.  This is so incomprehensible to me!

Still, what about as we are today?  Father, why can we not do the very miracles that Jacob’s sons did?  What about the miracles that Your Son, our Savior, Jesus did?  What about Elijah or Elisha?  There are others, Father?  I believe it is because You are holding out for ‘The Big Reveal’.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that You do miracles all the time in our lives.  It is not that.  I am talking about ones that make people stand up and pay attention.  I am talking about knowing that You will do this every time!

As for now, I am so thankful for the way You do this and conceal it.  I am not sure that knowing how many times daily You save me from evil schemes would benefit me other than adding to my feeling of fear at the times we are in.  I would also worry more about my children’s safety.  Most importantly, I just need You to know that I am so, so thankful for You, Father.  I had an odd dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “The Lord will personally restore our rundown farms” begins…

I now owned a large farm.  Since I have zero desire to be a real farmer on Earth in the natural, this was difficult work and I had no abilities.  The farm I had inherited had been previously neglected and abandoned.  The fields were destroyed.  It seemed as if they had endured what seemed like a great drought.  The fields of corn had short stocks and very few heads.

I could tell that at least two growing seasons had been neglected as there were old dead stocks and small shoots trying to grow through these.  The little stalks were strong and growing in conditions that were impossible for them.  They were growing amongst the dead and the barely alive.  I could tell they were not planted by human hands because they were not in even rows or in good soil.

They must have grown from corn cobs not harvested and from birds spreading the seeds.  I was not 100% sure on this though.  The livestock as given to us were thin and sickly.  It was as if they were left to somehow fend for themselves.  The areas where the livestock lived was putrid and filled with waste.  They somehow still found enough grass and corn to stay alive though.  Amazing, really.

They would then come back inside on their own, taking shelter for the night.  This was too supernatural to not have been God giving them these orders.  As for the large farmhouse, it was abandoned and left untouched.  It was filled with dust.  There were also several outbuildings.  One of these outbuildings had been a place for auctions for the local farmers.  No one must have come to the last few auctions though as all the items were still there.  No one had come to collect them.  There were many valuables.

I then walked over to an area with a small garden.  While there were two trees there, I was unable to tell their variety.  This was because they had dried up.  What was interesting was each had a branch that seemed to join themselves to each other.  It was as if they were holding hands.  At the base of these trees and between them was a small irrigation bed or tiny creek.  This irrigation appeared to have come from a well at the edge of the property.  As this was not working, the garden was mostly parched.

However, some vegetables still remained, but they were somewhat shriveled.  There were also some trees there that appeared to have had fruit growing on them at one time or another.  Again, they were in such bad shape that I could not tell what type of trees they were.  I was lamenting the condition of this when, all of a sudden, I was joined by my family.  I then became even more joyful when I was then joined by my friends!

We all then began to pray to God to restore this place.  We asked Him to restore it to its former state supernaturally.  We did this as we were all unsure on how to do this on our own strength as none of us were farmers.  One of my friends then came over to me with a letter from God.  I then read this message out loud to everyone there with me.

God:  “The season has come early.  You need to prepare your fields and crops for the Great Harvest.  Be Ready!”

We all immediately decided to pray to the Lord for His supernatural help.  We gave all we had to God for His Divine Purposes.  We then had dinner and decided to go to sleep shortly thereafter.  We did this as we somehow knew (in this dream) that our next week was going to be a big one.  Something then happened that night as we all slept…

A great army of God’s Heavenly angels came and restored the parched fields and gardens.  We then awoke at dawn to the sound of music and healthy roosters.  The sun was soon shining brightly.  There was dew on the ground from fresh rain.  The entire landscape had now changed.  There were grand fields of great crops.  There were healthy animals and livestock.  There was no smell of manure.

There was no brown.  It was all green grass.  It was all abundant fruit trees.  All of the auctioned items were now gone, all returned to their owners.  The beautiful garden next to the house was now like Heaven’s Gardens.

A supernatural well spring now fed the river that flowed around and in between the two fruit trees that were ‘holding hands’.  These two fruit trees, along with the other fruit trees, were now producing 12 different fruits just like in Heaven.  Everyone with me here cheered and celebrated.  We thanked God for all that He had restored.  We all rejoiced.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, thank You for dreams.  The farms around us here are experiencing great troubles and a drought this year.  Please restore their land…in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in the area of my yard where I feed the animals and the birds.  I immediately decided to run over to the (currently non-existent) rock by the stream to find Jesus.  He was not there.  The bridge over the stream was not there either.  I closed my eyes as I lifted my arms to pray.  I prayed with all of my heart…

Me:  “Father, please bring the bridge back so that I can cross over to see You!”

I heard something like a rumble.  When I opened my eyes, I saw that a bridge had appeared.  I could see Heaven on the other side.  As I looked into Heaven, I saw two angels on horses.  I recognized these angels as ones I had seen a long time ago.  They were in armor.  I ran across to greet them.

As I crossed over the bridge, my body and clothing changed.  I was now supernaturally young and athletic.  The angels had brought a horse for me to ride.  They directed me to come with them.  I jumped onto the horse.  We rode down a path to a valley surrounded by mountains with caves.  There was a fortress like a city with walls there in the middle of the valley.

Me:  “Where are we?”

Angel:  “We are at the training area.”

Just then, I heard a horn.  I looked up towards the entrances of the caves.  There were now others like me there.  I then heard the sound of horses behind me.  When I turned, I noticed that there were now thousands of others like me there.  We were all very excited.  The angels called us into groups.  We then gathered together on the floor of this valley.  Each group had angels assigned to train them.

A mighty angel then made his appearance.  This angel looked like Michael.  However, I was not certain as I have only seen Michael from a distance.  He was then joined by the Lord.  We stood up and started cheering.  We didn’t stop cheering.  We were all crying with tears of gratitude at the same time.  It was just so awesome to see the Lord in all of His Glory.  Jesus was in His full armor.

Note:  While Jesus was in His armor and clearly ready for battle, it is important to note that His armor was symbolic only.  He doesn’t need armor as He is God.  Nothing can come against God…ever…period!  In other words, He has no need for armor.

We all stopped our cheering when we heard the sound of the Shofar start up.  As it raised up in power and decibels, we all raised our arms up in worship to our King.  We were all listening to the amazing sound of the Heavenly Shofar.  When the sound of the Shofar died down, Jesus addressed us…

Jesus:  “You are all here because you have come through the refiner’s fire. All of you have endured great afflictions and have remained steadfast in your pursuit of Me and the Kingdom of Heaven.  Because of this, you will be marked by Me and given a new name.  You will be transformed from the Kingdom of Heaven and My Glory will be visible in you, upon you and all around you.

“You will display awesome deeds.  Where your feet travel, Heaven will be manifested.  Where death once traveled, life will now flow like a river.  All which you will touch in My Name will prosper.  You will heal the sick, cause the blind to have sight and the lame to walk and, yes, even leap!”

We all cheered and roared in unison.  Jesus smiled and put His hands out to quiet us down.  He had a pleased look on His face.  He radiated a supernatural love towards us that was completely beyond description.  Quite simply, He was as pleased with us being there with Him as we were with being there with Him.  He continued…

Jesus:  “Through you, I will grow limbs to those who have none.  Through you, I will remove pain.  Through you, I will restore those who have been given a death sentence.  Those abandoned and left for dead will be found by Me.  You will be My Vessels, My Army of Heaven on Earth, those I have raised from the Earth and even from the ashes.  I have taken you and moved you to where you will be filled with Living Water.  You will walk with the breath of My Spirit in you.

“You will have knowledge from on high beyond the wisdom of man.  You will tread upon the serpent…handling it and subduing it.  Anyone evil who witnesses this will flee.  You will leap on the hills and scale walls.  You will say to the mountain ‘fall into the sea’ and it will fall.  You will say to the rubble ‘rebuild’ and the structures will be restored and even better than before.  You will be referred to by those who witness what I will do with you as ‘those sent by God to restore, rebuild and redeem in Jesus’ Name’!”

We all cheered.  We were soon roaring so loudly that Jesus started to laugh.  He was clearly pleased at our response.  He once again put His hands out to quiet us down.  He then continued…

Jesus:  “To you, I give the keys to Heaven.  To you, I give the powers to trample your enemies.  You are My Peacekeepers.  You are those that I have called to squelch the flames of evil.  You will be used by Me to restore the lands in order for My Glory to be revealed.  My presence will be in each of you.  My Spirit will cause the evil tongues to confess.  Where you go, evil will confess.  Evil will confess even as they run for the hills.  You will set the captives free.  You will do all of this in My Name…for the cause of Heaven and for the Throne of God.”

There was a cheer and a roar from us that soon became so loud, I was sure it could be heard throughout all of Heaven.  He then smiled at us with such kindness in His eyes as He once again put His hands out to quiet us down.  As we quieted down, a couple of individuals cried out to Him in very loud voices…

Individual 1:  “Go Jesus!”

Jesus:  Smiling and nodding.  “Thank you.”

Individual 2:  “You are the King!”

Jesus:  Again, smiling and nodding.  “Thank you.”  He then continued.  “Now, you will know many languages as I will be speaking through you.  You will also understand the plans of the wicked.  You will then thwart their schemes.  You will thwart them as no schemes of man will be able to keep those I have called from Me.  Now, are you ready?”

We cheered even louder than the last time.

Jesus:  Shouting over our cheers.  “Are you ready?”

A mighty earthquake started to shake the valley as we continued to cheer.  It was exhilarating though and not at all frightening.  It was as if the earthquake was joining us in our cheering.  All of our hearts were now beating with incredible joy and excitement.

We looked over and saw a storehouse of Living Water that had just appeared.  We then watched as Jesus moved a lever to release the Living Water.  The Living Water came over all of us in the most delightful of ways.  We felt supernatural power beyond description from this.  Jesus looked over at a mighty angel and nodded His head.

Angel:  In a voice as mighty as a Shofar blowing.  “The Pool is Open!”

As we all cheered, I suddenly found myself back at the rock in our yard next to the stream.  My heart was still pounding in excitement.  I was so happy.  I then heard the Voice of God…

Voice of God:  “Erin, all which was lost in the beginning at the Garden will soon be restored.”

Me:  “In Heaven, Father?”

Voice of God:  “No, Erin, not just in Heaven.  You will soon understand.  When this happens, nothing will be able to tempt you.  Nothing will be able to cause you to sin.  You will be so strong that nothing, no scheme of man, will ever come between us.  My love for you will never be removed.  You will know that I Am God.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father.  I love You!”

Voice of God:  “I love you even more!”

Dream over…

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