Dream 439 – Give all your worries to the Lord

Received on Sunday, October 18, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day, a beautiful day!  You are amazing, Father, and Your love knows no bounds.  You have extended the fall beauty here.  You have made everything beautiful with changing leaf colors.  The sound of flocks of geese are all around.  The wildlife has come out.  However, there is still the looming threat of the virus.  This limits the freedoms that we once had.

This also limits the ability to see medical specialists when there is a need.  I have not been feeling well.  Something I never thought would rear its ugly head is the possibility I may have pancreatitis again.  The last few days have humbled me.  I spent many days in the hospital 16 years ago while I dealt with this horrible illness.  This is something so horrible that I would not wish it on even my very worst enemy.

I had a dream two nights ago…

Sub-dream 1 “The big, scary rat” begins…

I walked outside in the dark to get something out of the passenger door of our car.  As I rounded the corner, a large rat about 20 inches long and grey-brown came out of the tire well of the back-right side of the car.  This startled me.  The rat was also startled and, in fear, ran back into the tire well.  He then went under the car and soon scurried off of our property entirely.  While we don’t have rats here, this still scared me.  While I felt that this may be a warning, I was not sure.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, I am sorry if I have been distraught.  I have been sad and on edge.  I have been deeply concerned over events in the news.  I am concerned about the possible state of the nation leading up to the election, but especially after the election.  Please forgive me for my worry and distress.  I am unsure about what to do.  I have more ‘can’t dos’ then ‘can dos’.  I live with so many limitations that I am grieving in my Spirit.

Father, I work for You.  You have hired me and granted me as a worker for You.  I am blessed because You are the King over all things.  You are my Father and my Employer.  We are blessed by You.  As I began to write, the pain in my abdomen lessened.  Still, oh Father, this is no time for me to be in the hospital.  Could You please have mercy and take this from me?  I am scared.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was at my house again.  I ran out my front door to look for Jesus.  I turned the corner and there He was.  He was already sitting on the beautiful rock.  He stood to receive me.  I ran into His arms.  I was in tears.  He held me in His arms.  I cried on His robe.  The fabric of His robe received my tears.  His robe was instantly and supernaturally dry.

Jesus:  “Erin, you are worrying about many things…

  • You worry if you are in My favor
  • You worry if you are saved
  • You worry if this is your last dream
  • You worry about your children
  • You worry about your friends…their situations, health and living conditions
  • You worry about your husband and a job for him
  • You worry that you aren’t doing enough
  • You worry about the plague

“Erin, your worry list is long.  Why do you worry when you know I love you, your husband, your children and your friends?  Am I not the God over all things?  Am I not your First Love?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, You are.  I am sorry.  I repent of my worry.  I wonder ‘when?’, Lord.  Hours, days, weeks, months and even years have now gone by.  I wonder about so many things.  Did I miss something You may have said?  To me, ‘be ready’ means now…”  I then laughed as I nudged Him.  “…as in today…as in right now even.  Regardless, Lord, I am scared.  What if I am not ready?”

Jesus:  “You are ready.  You were born ready.”  He smiled and laughed.  “Erin, a call such as yours is not an easy calling.  You rest in the assurance of My promises, yet when you then experience no movement, no progress or a blatant enemy attack, you question your mental state.  Well, I did not promise you an easy journey.  However, I did promise you an exciting and fulfilling journey experience.

“I have revealed to you the things I have prepared for you in Heaven and for all those I have called…as well as things on Earth.  Unfortunately, the things on Earth are often contrary to the things here in Heaven.  However, Heaven will soon be visible on Earth.  The landscape will change.  There is still a greater event to come and, later, a much greater event still.

“Erin, tell your friends that I am God over all things.  I see all things and, for the moment, I have allowed many things, including those things unholy and unclean.  However, I am never oblivious to the suffering of My people.  The attacks from the enemy are nothing new.  They have happened over the course of history.  Just because the pattern of the enemy is predictable doesn’t mean that I am stagnant and passive.

“I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  While I am unchanging, I am still about to do a new thing unlike anything prior.  This will come at a time which is perfect.  This will fulfill that which is written and doesn’t contradict My Word.  Even so, this still comes at a time man thinks not, understand?  When I move, I will do this at the perfect time.  This will be at a time which was foretold.  So too will I come and return at the appointed time.  It is appointed in advance so there can be no argument.

“Now, I would like you to relax.  So, what does ‘be ready’ mean to you?”

Me:  “Well, I look at this as leaving no thing…no task…undone.”

Jesus:  “Seriously?”  He was laughing.  “Well then, when will your many projects be ready and finished?  The world is waiting for you to be finished so that this important great day can finally arrive.”  We were both laughing now.

Me:  Putting my head in my hand and shaking it.  “I can’t believe that I just said this.  I didn’t mean that.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Well, no wonder the enemy works overtime to distract you from your finishing of projects!”  We both laughed again.  “Erin, these matter not to Me.  In one wave of My arm, all will be complete.  The burden of all of this is purely enemy driven.  The need to finish all of this is self-inflicted.  This is a rabbit hole the enemy would like you stuck in.

“You are free.  I love you.  Troubles might loom, but they will be kept far from you.  You have kept My statutes and your heart is good.  ‘Be ready’ means ‘make your heart willing, ready and surrendered to Me’.  That is all.

“Now, the current news will say that this is a battle for the soul of the nation in reference to this election.  However, this is not accurate.  They are being prompted by the enemy to say this as if the only way to ‘save the nation’ is through the enemy’s way.  This is a lie.  This is, first and foremost, a battle.  This is a battle for hearts, a battle against good vs evil and a battle against God and God’s judgments.

“Well, you must take heart and comfort that I am in control over all things.  The enemy will not prevail.  If I can soften the heart of a rebellious leader and make him turn to Me and the nation to turn back to Me, then this is a miracle you are seeing.  You are a witness to My miracles.  You have seen an untamed tongue turn to the Living God, even speaking prophetically over the nation and its plight.  This man is like Cyrus.

“So, Erin, please do not worry.  The enemy also knows the time he is in.  As such, he is weaponizing every battle front.  Please do not worry.  I am God over all of this.  I have called you here, outside in your front yard, to reassure you.  Please remember that I am always in control and that I always care about you.”

Me:  “Why did I have the dream about the rat?  What does this mean?”

Jesus:  “It is a warning to My people that, where you go and where you travel, the enemy is there.  He hunts down those who are Mine.  Remember, where there is prey, there are usually predators in wait.  So too, while you pray, your enemy also watches and ‘preys’.  However, do not worry as these attempts to destroy you will be unsuccessful.  This means the same for your household and your friends.”

Me:  “Speaking of…we have had some more troubles here.”

Jesus:  “Let us start by looking at the very clear dream you had.  This will offer clues as to its meaning.  First off, the rat was outside of your house and your vehicle.  This means he did not have permission to enter.  This is good.  This means your home and car are secure.  Now, let us look at the time.  It was dark outside.  This meant it was lurking in darkness.  This is very typical of the enemy.

“As for its appearance, it was a very large rat…beyond normal.  This is an unclean animal, one which is a devourer.  It chews and scratches.  It carries plagues and diseases.  When it saw you, it was also startled.  It then ran away from you in fear and left your property.  It came from your rear wheel.  This symbolizes travel.  It is aware of your comings and goings.

“While it had been working to deceive you, it fled instead.  This is all a good sign, Erin.  Now, why did the rat flee?  Well, not because you were entertaining it.  It was because you had scared it.  The very sight of you made it flee.  So, this was good.  Now, how are you feeling?”

Me:  “Well, right now, my stomach pain is gone.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the enemy seeks to scare you so you have fear and worry.  He wants you to worry and believe you are going mad.  If he can give you hopelessness, then he has victory.  Please do not give up and give in to the enemy.  Instead, rest confidently in Me.  I know you are not feeling well.  Rest more.  As your Physician, drink more fluids and take joy in the provisions I give you.

“Erin, do not worry about how you will pay for this or, in the future, how you will do that.  If I appoint rulers, then won’t I also care for a sparrow, providing a nest at My Altar, a place where her young are cared for?  I have you.  I love you.  If you have a need, I know it.  When you knock at the door, please know that I am here at the door.  The door shall be opened to you and I will answer you.

“I will send help from My Sanctuary.  I love you.”  He hugged me.  “Now, worry does nothing to your days but add more worry.  Give this also to Me.  Let Me have your worrisome burdens.  My shoulders can carry these…”  He smiled.  “…I promise.”

Me:  “I know, Lord.  You are amazing.  I love You.  I will try to let go of my worries.”

Jesus:  “Good, Erin.  Now, let Me bless you.  A Great Gift is coming for My Bride.  This means a Great Gift is coming to you.”

Me:  “I like gifts!”

Jesus:  “As do I…”  He smiled.  “…as do I.  However, this one will change your lives.”  He smiled again.  “Now, enjoy the beautiful day…enjoy the beautiful day that I have made!”

He hugged me and then He was gone.

Dream over…

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