Dream 448 – God’s plans Trumps the enemy’s plans

Received on Sunday, November 22, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You most of all for my dreams and visions from You.  Father, I was visited by an angel of the Lord last night while I slept.  He gave me a word of knowledge that I hope You will allow me to recall today.  I awoke at exactly 3:16am.  I then heard You say to me…

Voice of God:  ‘For I loved the world so much that I sent My only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’

I was astonished at the clarity of God’s voice.  It was loud and went into every part of my being.  I cried as I laid there.  I cry even as I write this.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was sitting by a peaceful river.  I watched as the peaceful flow became heavier.  The water began to flow rapidly and soon became a great torrent.  The water then began to foam.  The foam changed from being white to then being brown with yellow.  The water flowing was now dirty and had a foul odor.  It happened so quickly that I had to refocus my eyes.  Just seconds before, the water had been calm and clean.

Me:  “Father, all hope is gone.  Please send fresh clean rain in due season to wash away the sins of the land before we are no more.”

I then felt a hand on my shoulder.  When I turned to look, I first thought he was Uriel.  He wasn’t.  This angel looked like him, but not quite.  Still, I thought I would ask.

Me:  “Are you Uriel?”

Angel:  “No.  I am his brother.  I too am a messenger of God.”

Me:  “Where is Uriel?”

Angel:  “He is in a battle in the heavens.  I was not too far from here on an assignment from God’s Court.  I came here after God had summoned me to.”

Me:  “I have seen you before somewhere.”

Angel:  Smiling and laughing.  “My brothers tease me about this.  What you say is common.  However, I don’t believe I have been captured quite adequately.”

Me:  “Wait!  You are in paintings?  You are!  I have seen you.  Raphael?  You are Raphael!”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Nice to meet you, Erin.”

Me:  Now crying.  “Oh no!  Are you taking me Home?  I am not ready yet.  Oh Father, please, no.”

Raphael:  “Wait, wait!  No, Erin, no.  I am not here for that.  You are here for a purpose under God.  Still, I see we have some issues which need to be addressed.”

He bent down and put his hand in the dirty water.  He swirled his hand in it for a couple of seconds.  The water immediately became pure and clear.  It was also calmer.

Raphael:  “I think I will keep this river flowing for a while in order to flush out any remaining impurities.  Now, is this not beautiful?”

Me:  Now smiling.  “So beautiful!  Oh Raphael, you are so funny.”

Raphael:  “Well, my business from God is very serious.  To ease tension and turn hearts to God, He has made me…”

Me:  “Funny?”

Raphael:  “Well, I lighten the dark mood.  I am a messenger of Good News and of healing.  While Uriel brings saints into the presence of God, I bring God’s love into the presence of the saints.  It is difficult to understand fully, but when someone is in great pain or nearing death, I am a messenger of light and the Good News of God to those who need to know God is with them…Emmanuel.  I also bring healing from God in miraculous ways.  We are all angels of His Presence.  However, and just to clarify, we each have different assignments and directives from God.”

Me:  “I think I understand.  There are no accidents under God.  So, why are you here?”

Raphael:  “God has sent me to make some words of knowledge you were given come to light.”

Me:  I immediately became sad.  “Oh.  I was hoping for…”  I stopped myself.

Raphael:  “Were you hoping for something else?  Perhaps healing?  Hmm.”  He shook his head as he smiled at me.  “Oh Erin, do not worry, for your healing is imminent.  However, I am here first to clear up muddy waters.  God has sent me to give you a message.  Since God’s Promised Land once again became a nation, the enemy of God, man and the angels knows his time is coming.

“Like the river changed so quickly from relative calm to tumultuous waters, so to has the times leading up to this time.  The enemy hates God’s chosen people and does not want them to realize that God is the God of Perfection and Truth.  Since the beginning of the fall of mankind, the enemy has never stopped plotting.  They have a plan in place, but it is a plan that fits a repeating pattern.

“While he may raise up new players, or new game pieces as in a board game, he still doesn’t change his objectives or strategies.  As such, he can be easily tracked if you know what to look for.  The Lord has showed you this in advance.  He has told you that there is nothing new under the sun.  While God can do a new thing, the enemy cannot do a new thing.

“The enemy can only proclaim with lies that he is new and innovative.  This is a lie though.  When he fell from Heaven, he lost his abilities to create new things.  For the last eight years (since December 2012), he has verbally attacked others and accuses them of the very thing he proclaims.  When this happens, it allows those who see and hear the truth from God to understand the playbook of the enemy.”

Me:  “Do you ever get mad about this?  After all, you were once all friends under God in Heaven.  You served God together, but now…”

Raphael:  “Yes, but we have come to grips with this.  It has been thousands of years, yet still seems like yesterday.”  He smiled.  “Think of it this way…I would rather be on the side of what is right than on the side of what is left.”

Me:  Laughing.  “Oh, that is so clever!”

Raphael:  “Now though, everything is different.  The enemy believes that God’s people are on his gameboard.  He believes he will win by their destruction.  Well, he will not!  This is why Jesus was sent.  To point out to the enemy that Jesus has been given the keys to life and death and that He has the power over all of salvation.  In contrast, the enemy is only given that which God has allowed.”

Me:  “I am thankful for that.”

Raphael:  “Since the enemy is not God, he is therefore not omnipotent.  As much as he acts like he is, he is not.  Erin, I was there in the Holocaust, as were other angels from Heaven.  We took the souls of God’s people Home to the Promised Land before the sting of suffocation in those chambers.  God is a God of compassion and mercy.  He is and will always be ‘The True Final Solution’.”

Me:  “What about COVID-19?”

Raphael:  “This great plague was sent to cause fear and the death of the elderly and physically challenged…to steal their breath and cause great suffering.  However, there is also another underlying reason…to remove the remnant of the remembrance of true history.  The same spirit is now upon another leader.  You are now seeing the rise of evil in a torrent of activity.”

Me:  “What the enemy is doing is so unsettling.”

Raphael:  “Yes.  The enemy has now decided to be more subtle so as to confuse the masses.  Through bribes, favors and threats, the enemy has systematically risen.  God hates the killing…the shedding of innocent blood.  While the ‘help centers’ from the past were disguised to look like a place of mercy and fresh starts, they were instead a hidden form of population control, but really genocide of a race of people and others with deformities and handicaps.”

Me:  “Is this the rise of Nazism?”

Raphael:  “It is deeper than this.  While the rise of the enemy was occurring in the east across the water, the rise in the west was also occurring.  This was designed first for the Jews and then for the remnant, what the enemy believed to be hidden Israelites disguised as gentiles.  They were being set up for annihilation.  Always remember that the enemy uses ‘victimhood’ to tug at hearts.

“The enemy loves using slogans such as ‘we need to be taking care of those less fortunate.’  Money, welfare and free care is then given in order to create dependence.  Dependence then removes allegiance to God to become a dependence on man instead… the enemy… understand?  Anytime a leader opposed what was happening because they could see the same pattern, they were killed.”

Me:  “The Kennedy’s?  Are you talking about the Kennedy’s?  Oh no…what will happen to the Trump’s?”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Don’t panic, Erin.  Remember that God is ALWAYS in control.  I can hear the panic in your voice.  I am giving you this information so that you have the playbook of the enemy.  I am not doing this to panic you.  You should also know that those who survived the Holocaust know exactly what is happening right now.”

Me:  “Oh Raphael, this is really scary!”

Raphael:  “Well, this would be scary if not for God.  The enemy has tried to destroy the land dedicated to God and profane His Holy Name.  He has imposed punishing rules using different governors to oppose the leader that God has favored.  He even teamed up with a global leader to hold the people prisoner in their own dwellings.  However, he did not read the fine print.  This global leader also desires to be leader over all.  As such, he too is willing to enter into agreements with his enemy in order to one day claim dominion over the nations.

“Now, let me give you a history lesson from the overlook…”  He smiled.  “…a God’s eye view from Heaven.  You have only to see the patterns from just decades ago.  The world was at war.  There were many wars and rumors of wars.  There were so many distractions created by the enemy all over the world that many key matters were hidden from everyone but God.

“In the shadows of these distractions, many millions of people were murdered by the enemy.  Amongst the murdered were six million Jews and five million sympathizers or disabled.  There was great destruction, starvation and discouragement.  Why?  Because the enemy had to stop God’s children (the Jews) from returning to the Promised Land (Israel).

“This all had a basis in 1918, a busy year for the enemy.  He had work to do as the First World War had set up a case for Israel to reform as a nation.  The enemy could see the times of the end taking shape.  While there was still much for God to do, the enemy was not able to stop Him.  He has since continued his quest to destroy the children of God.

“Erin, you have only to read from the Holocaust Memorial Library.  You should read this before it is removed by the enemy.  It describes how the enemy is now working the same pattern, putting the same things together for his good and the destruction of all that is good.”

I then went to the source and found an article in the Holocaust Encyclopedia from the US Holocaust Museum titled ‘Deceiving the Public’.  After reading this, I went back to Raphael.

Me:  “Wow, Raphael, I just read this.  This is happening again and right now.  This is happening now.  What is next for us?  This is very worrisome!”

Raphael:  Smiling as he nudged me.  “See, there you go panicking again.  Erin, you must always remember that God has all of this.  The enemy doesn’t win at any of this.  In fact, God told you permission was granted to the enemy in December 2012.  Yes, but for what, you ask?  The hidden would become visible and the times of evil would increase again.  The race wars would also begin…the ‘Revolution’.

“The current President was then accused of being another Hitler.”  He laughed as he shook his head at the ridiculousness of the accusation.  “Of course, it is because the enemy and his army knows to accuse you of the very same thing he is doing.  This is genius.”  I knew he was being sarcastic about the ‘genius’ part as he yawned as he said it.  “Well, Erin, we have seen it all before.”

Me:  Laughing.  “Was that a real yawn?  Do angels really yawn?  That is funny.”

Raphael:  “You are right, Erin.  This was only an expression.  Think no more of this.  Now, in 2012, the enemy and his army became very upbeat.  It was their time to shine light on darkness and declare darkness good and light bad.  It was the time deception was given permission by God.  However, God had another plan and now the enemy is furious.  The enemy’s plan was to slowly turn up the heat, making a simmering pot to eventually boil.  This was then to spill out over broad portions of the world…

  • He first began to take over the channels of information to control content
  • He declared that he would remove celebrations of Christians
  • He shed doubt on truthful narratives about history in order to one day revise it, eventually to remove the Good News about salvation through Jesus
  • He met with world leaders and became popular
  • He set up his old familiar seat in Germany and had a new one built in his name
  • He abstained from aiding peace with Israel, even giving money to support their enemies
  • He appeared in his place in the east, travelling to Mecca
  • He gave rise to things detestable to God in order to further blaspheme His Name
  • He took God’s land and broke it into halves, dividing it, as well as the people
  • He became very skilled at charismatic speech, the perfect outlet for his empty promises
  • He has declared that the Word of God is full of hate
  • He even funded the laboratory that produced the plague
  • He desires for no citizen to have arms except for those set on evil

“Well, I could go on, but you now understand where this leader is going with all of this.”

Me:  “I have seen the cities being destroyed.  I have been there in my dreams and visions.  It is frightening.”

Raphael:  “Yes, but this is the times of the end, the times after the enemy takes his seat.  However, God removes His people and even the animals before this happens.  This is why the enemy has come up with meat alternatives.  He knows that his army will soon need to be strengthened on something other than meat.  There is no meat shortage.  This is a lie.  However, God will create the shortage when the animals are removed.”

Me:  “Well, Raphael, since you are giving us so much detail, I don’t suppose you will tell us when all of this will happen?”

Raphael:  “I have only given you the plans of the enemy and his familiar patterns.  The Good News is that God rules!  His Word is Truth and it is final.  Do not fear.  Name it and claim it does not apply when God’s Truth will Trump the enemy’s plans.  Now, you will be like in Nehemiah (1:1).  God will use you and those He has called to restore the land, fortify it and show that God is with His people.

“The enemy had plans to annihilate all those who supports God’s plans.  If they could kill 70 million people (Trump supporters), they can certainly revise truth, history and even the laws of the land.  They have been at war and the world doesn’t even realize that the enemy has been winning.  When God flexed His muscles and raised up a leader to reveal truth, the enemy attacked from all different areas.”

Me:  “I see this already.  The media.  Technology.  Learning institutions.  They are destroying history books and other books.  Money institutions.  Now food distribution.”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Wait!  Erin, are you worrying again?  Who is over this and in complete control?  Well, Erin, it is God and His angels.”  He laughed as he pointed at himself and nodded his head.  “Although you cannot see it, many more are with you than against you.  God is in you.  Greater is He than he who is in the world, understand?

“We know this enemy.  Do not be afraid.  God has a great plan.”  He smiled.  “I must go.  I will see you again…”  He nudged me.  “…and much sooner than you think.”  He smiled.  “There is a war.  I am being called to assist my brothers in this war.  God has appointed angels to surround you.”

He showed me my house and property and waved his arm.  I could see at least one hundred mighty angels surrounding our home.  He waved his arm again and they were once again veiled.

Raphael:  “There are also many angels surrounding your ministry, so do not worry.  This too is veiled for only those whom God sends in this season.”

Me:  Pouting, but still smiling.  “Well, it seems as if I am not being healed today.”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, God loves you, the angels speak of you and the saints petition for you in Heaven and on Earth.  God has a great plan.  You will be in this number.  Take courage.  God is with you.”  He smiled.  “He has a plan!”  He then pointed behind me.  “Oh, look at that.”  I turned to look and there was an amazing red Cardinal bird.

Me:  “Oh wow, that is awesome!”  I turned back to Raphael, but he was already gone.

Dream over…

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