Dream 452 – Raphael yawns at the antics of the enemy

Received on Wednesday, December 9, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family and friends.  Please bless all of them supernaturally.  Protect each one of them, along with their households and children.  Please also protect their homes, jobs and churches.

Father, our country is in an epic battle for liberty and justice for all.  We are at war and have been for some time.  However, this is not a physical battlefield.  This has been a war on information and truth vs. fiction.  Father, if You do not step in, churches will be permanently closed as ‘institutions of hate’ and our Bibles will be confiscated as ‘hate propaganda’.

The truth is being revealed about the Land of the Dragon.  They have been involved in a campaign of spies, bribery and corruption at the highest level of our government.  Father, please rise up and hear the cries of Your people.  Please send in Your army to help.  It has been so heartbreaking to see the evil rising and changing our landscape.  The ways of life, which were at least peaceful and safe, are now being lost.

The California that I grew up in as a child is no longer beautiful.  There is still natural beauty, but now criminals are being emboldened.  The new district attorney (DA) of the City of Los Angeles (LA) has now declared ‘free criminal activity’ as a free pass to the poor.  We grew up poor in California because politicians began to divide the classes in the 70s.  No one could afford homes anymore.

My grandpa purchased our 1000 sq ft home in the Bay Area across from the railroad tracks.  He paid $8,000 for it in the early 70s and it was then sold for 10 times as much, over $80,000, in 1976.  Today, this exact home has a value of just over $1 million.  This evaluation calculates to $1,000 per sq ft.  Who would pay this for a one-bathroom home in a not so safe area?

With these new laws, they are saying I can break into my neighbor’s home, steal their valuables and nothing will happen to me.  I can walk into Target and take what I want, as long as I keep it under $1,500.  No one will do anything!  So, how many times a day am I allowed to do this?  Is it once a week or several times a day?  It is awful, so awful.  I would never own a small business in California as a result.

Oh Father, the world has gone mad.  Please help us.  In Jesus’ Mighty Name, please help us!  How many governments are now under the Land of the Dragon’s rule?  Your Word of Truth has been rewritten and reprinted there.  This will soon be done to our Bibles here as well.  Please help us before they have any more success.  I had two vivid dreams last night…

Sub-dream 1 “A Salty Sea Captain fights Impossible Odds” begins…

I was looking over a scene taking place in the Great Lakes Region of the USA.  It was possibly Lake Erie.  Ice at least two feet thick or more covered the rocks on the banks of this mighty lake.  The ice was an unappealing tan color.  A world-renowned Sea Captain was there who had sailed through every severe condition upon the seven seas.

He was about to attempt an impossible feat.  The Sea Captain looked old fashioned.  He had grey and white hair with a long beard and mustache.  He had a curved pipe he would smoke in his mouth when he was not speaking.  He wore a deep navy wool peacoat and had piercing green eyes.

I then saw a crane placing a multi-million-dollar yacht in the sea somewhere between Pennsylvania and Michigan.  Again, I was not 100% sure.  The Sea Captain was already on the yacht.  The tumultuous conditions included gale force winds, choppy currents and swells as high as fifty feet.  Despite an opposing current, the Sea Captain had to somehow keep the yacht from slamming against the ice-covered shore.

The crane extended out, but soon had to stop as the spray from the water was icing up the extension.  Despite the yacht still being suspended over fifty feet above the water, the event sponsors gave the order to release the yacht into the water.  It was horrifying to watch.  The Sea Captain continued to wave even as the boat suddenly dropped down into the choppy sea.

This was an impossible feat.  If the yacht was dashed on the rocks, the only chance the Sea Captain would have was to somehow climb the ice-covered cliffs.  While he had been given permission to abandon the yacht, he was not allowed to until he waited long enough for the entire hull to be shattered.  The people running the event gave so many impossible conditions that it seemed like the Sea Captain would more than likely die.  All of this was being televised in front of a large audience.

The brave Sea Captain waved to everyone from the helm of the yacht.  I was amazed to see that he was alone.  He had no crew.  He was given no life vest.  He waved and puffed on his pipe as the wind tossed the yacht back and forth like a ride at an amusement park.  While the temperature itself was already well below zero, who knows how cold it must have been with the wind gusts.

The yacht was being slammed so hard that the Sea Captain soon lost his footing.  He was now holding onto the railing of the boat outside of the yacht.  He still managed to hold on even as the waves slammed into him.  While I could see the audience was crying in horror, the heads of the event and the commentators mocked the Sea Captain.  They were laughing and shaking their heads at his terrible predicament.

The Sea Captain had now been holding on for ten minutes.  I could tell he was losing strength and would soon be in the stormy seas.  However, in a strange turn of events, the yacht hit into an underwater impediment.  This catapulted the broken vessel upward.  The yacht was now split into two.

However, the side he was clinging to tossed him high up into the sky.  Instead of landing into the deadly seas, the Sea Captain was projected over the icy cliffs and rocks and onto a safe bridge.  He landed safely on the bridge.  It was an absolutely miraculous turn of events.  He should have died.

Then, and in another strange turn of events, another miracle occurred.  The remaining debris still in the sea were tossed up and out of the water, landing on the commentators’ multiple vans.  There were no survivors.  They were all destroyed.  In contrast, though salty from the water, the Sea Captain was very much still healthy and alive.

The Sea Captain never had to face the decision to go down with the ship!  He never had to worry about whether he would sink after swimming with all of his might.  A great miracle had just happened in front of all who were watching this.  The audience, an audience that greatly loved the Sea Captain, cheered in both happiness and relief.  There was a great celebration.

The event planners then approached the Sea Captain to trick him into doing the same feat, but in each of the other three Great Lakes.  He knew what they were up to and politely declined.  When asked why, he told them it was because he had just lost his lucky pipe.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Oh Father, this was a very scary dream, but with a great ending.  What does it all mean?  My next dream was quite frightening.

Sub-dream 2 “Superheroes going crazy” begins…

I was at a massive intersection somewhere in California.  It was nighttime.  Several different vehicles were exiting a Hollywood award show.  The awards show was based on the best superheroes and supervillains in film.  I had never seen this particular award show before and do not believe it actually exists.  This ceremony was bringing out mentally unstable people who were also well-known actors.

While I had not attended the ceremony, I was caught in the traffic jam caused by it.  As I waited at the front of an intersection, a well-known superhero actor stood there wielding a long sharp white ax.  He was taking advantage of people stuck in traffic to terrorize them.  When he then went to the car next to mine, he looked up and saw me.  The demon he had started to yell specifically at me.  While he then swung his ax directly at me, I suddenly woke up before it could do anything to me.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Oh Father, this seemed so real.  I couldn’t fall back to sleep after this.  Father, You are so mysterious.  While I cannot see You, I know that You are constantly before me.  I am so, so grateful for You!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I walked outside in our yard.  I turned and walked to the stream on our property.  The water was still rushing from the melting snow.  I smiled when I noticed that the water was clear.  I felt so much love for our Lord!  I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned and it was Raphael.  He smiled at me.

Raphael:  “This water is nice and clear.  This is what it should be…cool clear water is good for you to drink.”

Me:  “Thank you for coming here, by God’s orders, to keep our water clear.”  I then asked a question I don’t remember ever asking before.  “So, does God have anything to say today?  I am sad and I was hoping…”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Angels never come on their own accord.  Always remember that we work for God in His Courts.  If any angel comes to you claiming to be from Heaven, they might not be lying, but remember that many did fall, so they may be.  The difference between them and us is that they govern themselves and love using the words ‘me’ and ‘I’.  Understand this so as to not be deceived.  Those angels want you to call upon them and worship them instead.

“They are well aware of your past, but they only guess about your future.  This is because God has not sent them.  Many are deceived here.  They follow false doctrines of angels that call upon their own powers.  However, this would never be from God’s angelic army as we always work for God and are always under His Governance.  We are also not subject to man, only to God.

“Now, I do have a message from God for you.  It takes the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out (Proverbs 25:2).  There is something important God would like you to reflect on.  This is mentioned briefly in the Book of Jude.  Many years ago, someone you admire greatly has scribed what is now upon you”.

Me:  “Is this Enoch?  Are you referring to the Book of Enoch?”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “It is good to see your worry retreat.”  He nudged me.  “Now, Enoch, a righteous man, whose eyes were opened by God, saw the vision of the Holy Ones in Heaven.  However, he also understood that what he saw and heard were not for his current generation as he was only the seventh generation from Adam.  He knew that this was for a generation in the future, one which was and is to come.  Enoch then spoke of a story about them, similar to a parable.  I will summarize this for you…


The Lord will tread upon the Earth from His place in Heaven.  On Mount Sinai, He will appear from His camp.  He will appear in great strength and might from the Heaven of Heavens.  All will be in fear.  The fallen will quake.  Great fear and trembling shall seize to the end of the Earth.  High mountains shall be shaken.  High hills will be leveled and will melt.  There will be judgment upon all men.

However, He will make peace with the Righteous.  His mercy and protection will be upon His elect.  These elect will belong to God.  They will be blessed and prosper.  He will help them all.  And a light shall appear unto them…Erin, a sign in the sky.

He will make peace with them.  In a moment…Behold, He Cometh with ten thousands of His Holy Ones to execute judgment upon all and to destroy the ungodly and to convict the flesh of their unholy crimes against God and His children and His elect.

The godless will be cursed.  As the godless have cursed, they too shall be cursed.  All the saints shall rejoice.  There will be a great harvest of souls and the forgiveness of sins.  There will be mercy, peace and forbearance issued by the Courts of God as Heaven will be visible on Earth.  For there will be a great light and flame burning inside you.  Your mantle will be peace, joy and healing.


“…now, rejoice, Erin, as God has not forgotten you.  Great will be your reward!”

Me:  “Oh Raphael, I do not fully understand all of this.  Is this for now?  I am so sorry that I am still confused.”

Raphael:  “Well, I am pretty sure I heard correctly.”  He smiled and nudged me as he said this.  “Does it not seem like God to allow for a great shakeup?  Does it not seem like God to allow for some intrigue and flexing?  Would He not do His part to have them see this so that they will then turn and be healed?”

Me:  Laughing.  “Are you teasing me?”

Raphael:  “Am I?  Oh no…is this it?  Hmm, perhaps sit here while I go back to clarify all of this.”

Me:  “Okay, now I know that you are teasing me!”

Raphael:  “There are Scriptures as written that many fail to see because it is more exciting to them to instead believe that the Lord is coming to just take everyone Home (in the Rapture).  However, what is written is that the times of miracles, healings and Good News must be proclaimed first.  Please be encouraged.  Though all seems dark and evil seems to be winning, this is only what you see on that great and terrible soapbox on the wall.”  He nudged me good naturedly as he laughed.

Me:  “Do you mean a television?”

Raphael:  “Well, yes, but it can also be from that table version.”

Me:  “Do you mean a computer?”

Raphael:  “Well, yes, but it can also be from the handheld one.”

Me:  “Do you mean a tablet?”

Raphael:  “Well, yes, but there is also that other one.”

Me:  “Do you mean a cellphone?”  I was now laughing so hard.

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Just know that we are holding the firewall above you in ‘the information heaven’.”

Me:  “Do you mean the world wide web?”

Raphael:  “Well, yes, but there are some interesting princes of the enemy up there as well.  Some have legs…some have teeth…some just have…well, just know this…there is an army over you battling these wars.  God will occasionally allow Good News to slip through the enemy territory, but they then fight even more vigorously.”  He then yawned in an exaggerated fashion.  “Oh Erin, from our position, it is ‘a war of predictability’.  However, it is still hard fought.  It is God’s battle and we are in war there.  This is not for you to worry over.  Wait…I see it on your face…Erin, is that worry?”

Me:  “Well, I guess if you are yawning, I should not worry.”  We both laughed.

Raphael:  “Erin, I was sent by God to reassure you and cheer you up.  The times you have been waiting for are now upon you.  It will be much better than you imagine.”  He smiled.  “You will even drink from your stream of Living Water.”

Me:  “Wait!  What!  Really?”

I looked over at our stream.  When I looked back at Raphael, he was already gone!  Yes, he did this again!  When will I learn…smiles?

Note:  An extremely rare earthquake hit our area recently.  It was quite small – a 3.0 magnitude earthquake.  We did not feel it nor was there any damage to our property.  Still, I feel like something this rare must surely be a sign of just how close we are to the Transformation.  Smiles…I am praying this this is not just wishful thinking!

Dream over…

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