Dream 456 – The Kind Right Owner vs the Evil Left Owner

Received on Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for rest.  Thank You for a warm home when it is so cold outside.  Thank You for my husband and children, as well as my friends from all over the world.  I dreamt of this my whole life.  Just ten years ago, during one of my darkest periods, I asked You ‘if I died tomorrow, who would even come to my funeral?’

My children…if they were allowed to.  Maybe a couple of co-workers.  Maybe a friend here or there out of respect or duty.  My mom.  My brothers, but probably not their wives.  It was awful to think about the loneliness I felt.  The isolation in the desert was horrible.  Father, I am thankful You removed us from the desert before the Coronavirus came.

Just look at the amazing miracles of what You have done for me and my children.  You brought my sons back to me and secured me as their main caregiver.  You brought me a helpmate and a husband.  However, just before doing so, you moved us to a far away place to be with him.  This was and is a place You appointed and built under the care of angels.  Then there is the restoration of justice portion You gave me.

However, and even more than this, You gave me dreams and visions.  You gave a woman who hates to write the ability to do so under Your governance and miracles.  While I obviously love to paint and draw more, I am physically unable to without consequences.  Over time, I have learned to love to write as this means I get to spend some awesome quality time with You, Lord!

I discovered something recently that I didn’t realize before.  I had 8 years of hammering, October 2004 to September 2012, followed by 8 years of ministry, September 2012 to today.  You then directed me to an interesting parallel to what is now happening with the USA.  You allowed me to go through all of the same patterns personally as I see playing out now.  The main theme has been injustice.

In my fight, I brought solid physical evidence, police reports and photos, as well as testimonies from witnesses.  I even had a memory card.  When the police had ordered a subpoena for my enemy’s computer, he claimed that it had mysteriously caught on fire and was no longer available.  There were so many reports on my side, including interviews with my young children.

Despite all of this, and in a ridiculous turn of events, the judge didn’t even bother to open these ‘files of truth’.  He wouldn’t even accept it.  He instead referred to our case as a ‘he said, she said’.  It was anything but this!  I had evidence, photos, police records and my enemy’s confirmed forgery of my signature on federal documents as confirmed by the FBI.  How is it possible that none of this was accepted by the judge?

Well, easy.  There were more loyalties to the judge and the attorneys than to justice.  I came to later discover that one was a coach for his son’s team.  One purchased the home of another.  Well, the list goes on and on.  One thing which I remember is that an assistant didn’t want to bother the opposing attorney’s assistant because she had another case she needed a favor on.  This harmed me and neither cared!

Here I was, night and day, on my knees praying.  I couldn’t sleep.  I couldn’t eat.  My heart was broken.  The pain in me was so horrible that there are no words to adequately measure the depth and width of my pain.  I could only trust in God.  I had nothing else to sell to pay for counsel.  If I were to lose my attorney, I would have lost my children.  It was really just that simple.

As a result, I needed cash often.  To make ends meet, I worked as many side jobs as I could.  This was in addition to having a fulltime career.  Many then took advantage of my desperation.  In the meantime, my name was being dragged through the mud.  The rumor mill made people at our church question my sanity.  They accused me of lying despite all of the evidence proving that I was in the right.

My enemy was so effective that he was able to turn lies into truth.  He did this by repeating the same things over and over and over.  I finally had a bright spark in September 2011.  The Guardian-at-Litem was investigating our case.  She interviewed my children, my accuser, our neighbors, friends and families.  She then presented a rock-solid case that overwhelmingly vindicated me.  It looked like I was finally going to have my victory!

My excitement was to be short-lived.  Within days of the report coming available, but before presentation to the judge, the guardian was being questioned and discredited in another case.  In a horrible twist, and even though she was proven not guilty, she resigned from all court activity.  This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  As a result, my enemy’s attorney was able to place an injunction against the guardian’s findings.  The judge agreed with him and did not allow the report as evidence.

I literally vomited when I got the call from my lawyer explaining this terrible turn of events.  The only bright side was that my lawyer was nicer to me as he believed the report and that it wasn’t my fault.  Soon after this, the trial was scheduled.  It was scheduled for the first week of October 2011.  My attorney told me that he needed almost $6,000 or he wouldn’t go to trial for me.

I then somehow managed to get him to allow me to pay this back in two halves.  Regardless, the balance had to be paid by the end of September.  If I couldn’t come up with this, he would withdraw from counsel and I would likely lose.  Refusing to accept defeat, I went to my employer and asked for a two paycheck advance.  How I would manage with losing two paychecks is something I just had to ignore.

I then asked for extra work from several builders.  All said no.  I worked on one kitchen design, but couldn’t be paid until October, after my lawyer’s end of September deadline.  I knew that my paycheck advances would leave me without income for October, so I still agreed to the work.  I couldn’t lift my television to take it to the pawnshop, so that option was out.  I also couldn’t pawn my computer.  This is because I needed it for my legal case as it was my only form of communication.

Clearly, I now needed a miracle that only God could provide.  Within five days, I had a side job in Arizona.  The client needed me right away and my employer agreed.  I worked straight through the weekend.  She had always given me $2,500.  I worked really hard there, including working in 105-degree temperatures.  I did so much that I just knew that God had strengthened me.

When she drove me to the airport at the end of the job, she handed me the envelope as she had in the past.  I waited until I was on the plane to open it.  When I did, I was in shock.  It was only $1,500, $1,000 less than expected.  The plane landed in Pasco.  I drove the car home.  As I drove by my mailbox, I wondered what bad news awaited me.  I decided to stop to get my mail.

Over the years, I noticed a pattern in the mail I would receive, in particular legal papers and bad reports.  To ruin my weekends, the opposing attorney would send or serve papers by late Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.  I would then receive it late Friday afternoon or Saturday.  To make this even more evil, they usually did this on weekends when I had the kids.  As it was the weekend, I was then not able to respond.  This left an entire weekend for worry and insomnia.  A clever tactic by the enemy.

Well, on this day, I decided to pick up my mail.  I saw a bill, so I gathered the pile and went to my apartment.  Once I settled in at home, I reluctantly started to go through my mail.  To my complete shock, I received a check for over $10,000.  This was money that was owed to me by the government that I had no idea I was receiving.  I was so overcome with the joy in that moment that I was speechless.  I thanked God for the miracle.

I contacted my attorney the very next day.  He had already tentatively begun the process of removing himself from my case.  He even had a phone call scheduled with my enemy’s attorney indicating that we would likely be unable to go to trial.  Imagine his shock when I told him that I would be dropping off his check by noon during my lunchtime.  When the opposing attorney received the news, just the final presence of knowing that my evidence would finally go before a judge made them change gears.

Everything turned on a dime – a pivotal point…smiles.  The opposing side made a reasonable plea and I accepted.  While my reputation was not repaired, I received my children back.  You, God, then finished this case in 2012.  You then granted me even more…these dreams and visions!  You are the Father of all miracles.  My period of troubles is just like what is happening to our nation right now.

In reality, You have prepared me for this.  Father, You reminded me that You are in control 100% of the time.  There is no judgment against anyone who believes in You.  Judgment is based on this fact… Your Light through Jesus came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the Light.  Their actions were evil.  Oh Father, what sorrow is there for those that say evil is good and good is evil.  Jesus is truly the Light of the World.  Jesus is also the One and Only Truth!

Something odd happened to me yesterday.  I had an appointment for my pacemaker.  They were performing my annual calibration.  It was at a hospital.  There was no wait.  When I checked in, they gave me the number 420.  I laughed as my husband and I had just discussed this number from the dreams that morning.  I took a photo of the number and sent it to him.

When I went into the heart clinic, they placed a wand on my device.  They then removed the wand and printed out a report.  I was confused when they then told me they were almost finished…

Me:  “But you haven’t done the pacing yet.”

Technician 1:  “That was all done last night while you were asleep.”

I was in shock.  Without my permission, they remotely tested my heart monitoring.  This includes racing my heartbeats.  In essence, they were playing with my heart as I slept.  I was speechless.  They must have seen the shock in my eyes.

Technician 2:  “Don’t worry.  We are doing this because of the virus.  With the Coronavirus here, we do this so that it is safer for you.”

Me:  Literally still in shock.  “Oh…okay.”

I was finished in less than ten minutes, a record for the 12 years that I have been doing this.  Still, it gave me much to think about.  If they could do this to my pacer unit while I slept, what guarantees do I have that I would even wake up?  Hmm!  Again, Father, please continue to protect all of us…oh, and my heart too…and the hearts of my family and friends…in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!  I had an interesting dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “The Owners of a Good Deli and an Evil Deli” begins…

I was in a large cafeteria that contained two delis (mini-cafes) on opposite walls.  Everything inside of this building was mostly white, including the walls, ceilings and counters.  The exception was the floor, which was concrete painted chalkboard black.  During the summer time, both businesses thrived equally.

My personal favorite was the deli to the right of the front door.  He was kinder, friendlier to his staff and had better food.  The business to the left claimed to have better food and even sent out reviews as press releases to advertise it was better.  However, in reality, their food was stale and not the quality of the business to the right.

It was not until the late fall near the holidays that I went back to the delis to eat.  I was very sad because my favorite deli on the right looked as if it was closing.  The owner, the Kind Right Owner, was alone with no employees.  Although I looked, he had nothing to sell in his display case.

In the meanwhile, the deli to the left was buzzing.  It was fully stocked and had small treats for purchase displayed beautifully.  I chuckled when I noticed that the name of his business was everywhere in black and white tags saying ‘Bittersweet Treats’.  I walked up to the Kind Right Owner.

Me:  “Have you closed?”

Kind Right Owner:  “I have one last chance coming up for ‘Capital’…THE Capital.  I need the Capital in order to function.  Without this, I have no business and no hope.”

Note:  This was clearly a play on the word capital.  This word can mean two things:  1) The most important city or town of a country or region, usually its seat of government and administrative center.  2) Wealth in the form of money or other assets owned by a person or organization or available or contributed for a particular purpose such as starting a company or investing.

He was now looking clearly defeated.  I sighed.  I turned to look at the other business, but the other owner, the Evil Left Owner, wouldn’t look me in the eyes.  He was quite smug.  I looked at one of his displays and I recognized it as being the Kind Right Owner’s treats.  However, it was labelled as his.  I went back to speak to the Kind Right Owner.

Me:  “What is happening?  These are yours!”

Kind Right Owner:  “Yes, they are.  I had to sell off some of my recipes to the other deli, my competitor.  However, I should really say that he stole them under the cover of night.”

Me:  “How so?”

Kind Right Owner:  “They stole my recipes, as well as my money.  I have it on camera.  It was him and his staff that pulled it off.”

Me:  “Did you call the authorities?”

Kind Right Owner:  “I did.  However, they believed him instead.  The lie given was that I was simply being a sore loser.  He has been trying to undermine me for a long time.  He doesn’t even like his customers.”

Me:  “What are you going to do next?”

Kind Right Owner:  “After turning down his offers to buy me out, he has kept me poor, ruined my reputation and copied my recipes.  No one believes me.  They see his success and my failure and then they don’t come back to purchase from me.”

Me:  “What do you have to eat?  I will buy your food…”

Kind Right Owner:  “My refrigerator was stopped in the middle of the night.  All is ruined.”

Me:  “I don’t care if it is ruined.  I will purchase it anyway.”

Kind Right Owner:  “It has been thrown out.  It is too late.  I am waiting on ‘The Capital’.”

The Evil Left Owner came over to mock us.

Evil Left Owner:  “Good luck with that.  I have more ‘In Capital’ than you do.  It is time to close your doors.”

The Kind Right Owner didn’t respond.  I didn’t either.  I addressed the Kind Right Owner instead.

Me:  “Do you believe in God and His miracles?”

Kind Right Owner:  “I do!  However, He has had plenty of time to change all of this…”

Evil Left Owner:  “God doesn’t care.  He doesn’t even know you.  Look at me and how I am thriving.  He obviously knows me more.”

Me:  “Yes, He does!  He knows exactly who you are and what you are doing.  He has seen it all.  You will have a special day before God.”  He could tell I was not on his side.

Evil Left Owner:  “Get out!  I will call the police.  You are evil and full of hate.”

Me:  “Well, you are partially right.  I hate evil and I can’t stand your hate.  You are wicked.  Bittersweet will be your reward.”

Evil Left Owner:  “Do you really believe that this God of yours will do something?”

I nodded yes.  Just then, a bell sounded.  The door opened and in walked a Delivery Man, all in white, wearing white gloves.  He had a large white envelope for the Kind Right Owner.  He signed for it.  We were all silent as he opened it.  The Kind Right Owner broke down in tears.

Kind Right Owner:  “I believe!  I believe!  God is truly the God of Miracles!  This letter shows that all has been turned around.  This would be impossible without God.”  He looked at the other owner.  “This shows all that you have done.  You are finished!”

Just then, the clock overhead made a click.  I looked up and it was the 11th hour and the 12 strikes were just coming in.  This was a true miracle.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I woke up at 9:30am, really late for me.  While it was sunny out, strong winds were blowing around the little snow we have.  I walked out to feed the animals.  It was cold.  As I went by the stream, I noticed the amazing clarity of the water.

Me:  “Thank You, Father, for clear water and sending angels.”

I then heard the Voice of God.  I was literally outside and not in my devotional chair, so this took me by surprise.  His Voice was so clear.  After calming down, I listened intently.

Voice of God:  “Erin, I am here.  On the third day, in the 11th hour, all will change.  Rejoice for a Great Miracle is upon you.  For it is I Who is God over all things.  For I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  Rejoice!  Rejoice!  I have heard your cries and I will deliver a Great Miracle.”

His voice then stopped and I went back into the house.

Dream over…

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