Dream 462 – The Day Before the New Year of 2021

Received on Thursday, December 31, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for the end of this horrible year in the world.  While I am not sure if 2021 will start out great, I pray that Your Will be done and let it be on Earth as it is in Heaven in all things.  It is beautiful out this morning.  It was bitter cold yesterday and the stream was freezing over.  There was a thin layer of powdery snow that came down last night.

However, it is so warm this morning that all of the ice and snow should be gone by the afternoon.  You have taken mercy on us so far this season when it comes to our nice weather and we are so very thankful for this.  When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t sore.  I felt fantastic.  Thank You!

I had a wonderful surprise after feeding our little yard animals and birds.  After I went to our side yard, I walked over to the creek and right to where the place where the bridge appears.  There was a Red Cardinal foraging in the snow.  It soon flew off to a nearby tree where it watched me through a thicket.  To make it more comfortable, I pretended to ignore it and spread seeds.

The little chickadees and Blue Jays immediately flew in for first dibs.  The red squirrels came next.  Then a surprise…a fat Red Robin, a bird I usually don’t see again until spring.  After I finished what I was doing, I walked back inside.  When I looked out of my window, the Cardinal was gone.  I had a very intense dream last night…

Prelude:  The steep road followed by the visit with Enoch and Elijah at the Tram Platform is a nearly identical situation of the vision scenario I had back on February 23, 2000.  My first true supernatural vision / dream came on that day.  It has now been almost 21 years since this all started!  What a ride this has been!

Sub-dream 1 “Enoch & Elijah revisit me at the Tram Platform” begins…

I was driving a small car at dusk through the small village of Multnomah in Portland OR.  My speed was well within the limits.  As I drove past the stores I recognized, I came to a familiar sight.  It was a curve combined with a sudden steep decline in the road.  My guard went way up when I saw a steep towering mountain that I know doesn’t exist here.  I instant realized that this was once again from my vision back in 2000.

This realization came a bit too late…smiles!  There, right in front of me, and with too little time to stop, was the same deer that I had run into a couple of months back that was also in the beginning of my dreams in 2012.  Yes, I just couldn’t stop.  The deer looked at me as I hit her with my car.  It happened with enough force that the deer flipped up and came through my windshield.  I called out to Jesus.

Boom!  I was now suddenly up on the Tram Platform on God’s Mountain.  There were jagged alpine rock formations everywhere.  I snickered when I heard elevator music as the Tram pulled in.  The lights inside the Tram were so bright that I couldn’t make out who was inside.  I heard the sound of something like airbrakes as the Tram stopped in front of me.  As the braking sound quieted, I could hear the elevator music again.

The Tram soon came to a complete stop.  There was a few second wait, seemingly for dramatic effect, before the doors opened.  The light in front of me, combined with the fog that poured out the door, made it impossible for me to see in.  Yes, this was definitely for drama.  The fog cleared and the light dimmed.  There in front of me were Enoch and Elijah.  Unlike the time in 2000, they were both standing and smiling at me!

Elijah:  “I honestly did not think that this was even possible.  I was wrong.”

Enoch:  “I knew it was possible.  Erin, you made it!”

Me:  “Am I dead or about to die?  Did I have to go through all that I did just to make it to Heaven?  I must be really bad.”

Enoch and Elijah looked at each other.  I could tell that they seemed somewhat bemused that I would say such a thing after being taught something opposite for a number of years now.  Elijah looked disappointed as he shook his head.

Elijah:  “Oh Erin, you should know better than this by now.  God is not a ‘God of works’ to earn salvation.  This is not that at all.”

Enoch:  With a kind look on his face.  “What Elijah meant to say is that your journey of dying to yourself is complete.  While it was a difficult one, you are finally here.”

Enoch reached out for my hand.  He then gently brought me up onto the Tram to be with both of them.  I was excited about this as I had only seen the Tram from outside before.  It was incredibly high-tech.

Elijah:  Welcoming me with a hug.  “I am truly glad that you are here, child!”

Enoch:  “Yes, she is a ‘child of God’, but she is no ‘child’…she is a Bride!”

Me:  “Did I have to go through all of that to be a Bride?”

Enoch:  “Again…no!  This is not earned as it is an honor given by the Grace of God.  This is about your request to be used by God for His purposes.”

Elijah:  “Such a request as this requires much of an individual.  However, through it all, you still pursued your purpose under Heaven…”

Enoch:  “…and you have continued to love the Lord with all of your heart, soul and strength.  Erin, you have allowed the Lord to determine your path, not the reverse of it.  This is rare.  The world will say you are part of a cult of believers.  However, you are to ignore this.  You are now ready for service in God’s Army!”

Elijah:  “Yes, Erin, the world will label you as a cult follower…even Christians.”

Enoch:  “Especially Christians.  However, take all of your directives completely by God on behalf of the Kingdom of Heaven.  You are an Ambassador of the Good Things of God.  Your Mantle will be peace and love.”

Elijah:  “While this will be you mantle, you must also know that, wherever you step, there will be a lot of chaos and hate beyond reason…especially at first.  Fear has been the mantle of the enemy and his great yoke.  This has set the stage for more fear.  However, there is something that the enemy fears and this will cause great trouble.”

Me:  “Oh, wait!  I just heard this.  Hope!  Hope is greater than fear.  Hope causes a threat!”

Enoch:  “Yes, hope, but, more specifically, the Hope of Heaven.  The testimonials of the love of the Savior, our Lord, and the display of the miracles of God will bring this hope.”

Elijah:  “Yes, Erin, this will be Heaven visible on Earth, understand?  God’s army of believers will cause jealousy, rage and shock.”  He put his hand on his forehead and shook his head in emphasis.  “Well, it will be like…oh, what is that expression…’oy vey!’  While you will be disqualified according to the world’s view, you will not be disqualified according to God’s view.”

Enoch:  “I am so proud of you.”  I started to cry when he said this.  “I know it has been difficult.  You continued to endure troubles.  However, we knew the outcome in advance.  Now look at what you are wearing.”

I looked down and I was wearing an elegant white gown.  It was the first time that I had looked at myself.

Elijah:  “Yes, Erin, the designer sleeping clothes are now long gone.  I am so happy about that.”  He laughed.  Enoch did too.

Me:  “When we first met, why did you speak with no words?”

Elijah:  “You were unable to come into our presence because you were of the world.  It was similar to what the priests would call ‘ceremonially unclean’.”

Enoch:  “Many years after this, we were able to be in your presence.  We met you many times during your journey before the Throne of God.  We prayed for you.  We poured oil on you.  We blessed you and asked the Lord to keep hold of you on your journey.”

Elijah:  “There is a process of refinement.  This was a process that you faced with a willing heart.  While you still had many questions…”  He smiled.  “…you still had a yielding heart for the Will of God.”

Me:  “But I didn’t see either of you for a long while.”

Note:  I first saw Enoch and Elijah in my vision on February 23, 2000.  It would be almost 13 years until I saw them again.  My next visitation with them was in Dream 40 as received on January 24, 2013.  This was almost 8 years ago from today.

Enoch:  “Well, there were others to prepare.  An ‘army’ indicates ‘many’, right?  You have been with others on this journey.  They will have a specialty.  Many have been isolated… set apart… and also being prepared.  What seems like failures and shut doors are actually God’s Will and His Directions in this process.  While much of this has been painful, the rewards will be great.”

Elijah:  Smiling.  “You have a ‘fan base’ in God’s Courts.  They make pleas day and night for justice and healing for you and those who are with you.  This is good.  Now, you are not alone on this journey.  Take courage.  Do not be afraid.”

Enoch:  “Do not fear as God is with you in all things.”

Me:  “When will all of this be?”

They both looked at each other and smiled.  As per usual, they carried on as if I had never asked this particular question.

Elijah:  “Come, Erin…we have some things to take care of…”

They put their hands on my back and walked me down the aisle…

Sub-dream 1 over…

While I didn’t want to wake up from this dream, I did anyway.  I then fell back asleep and had another dream. There were three distinct scenarios or settings in this dream.  One of the settings was over the water, another was in the wilderness and another was over a cityscape.  They all blended in perfectly.

Sub-dream 2 “The Battle of the Two Young Eagles” begins…

My husband was driving our whole family across a bridge in our car.  We were travelling northbound.  Without warning, two eagles in combat with locked talons face to face dropped out of the sky.  These were young eagles and not fully grown.  As such, they were still spotted brown and white.  Just before they hit the roof of our car in free fall, they released and flew off into the city.

After we crossed a bridge in the form of a massive dam, we saw the same two young eagles again.  They once again had their talons locked.  They were face to face and free falling.  They soon hit the water at the base of the dam.  The force of the impact made them separate.  One went under briefly, but then emerged.  Both flew off and appeared to be rattled.

We drove into an area of trees and parked our car.  The young eagles were once again in the same attack position and free falling.  They came really close to crashing into us before they once again separated.  There were feathers everywhere.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in the front yard.  I ran over to the area where the Red Cardinal had been.  It was no longer there.  I could not find it.

Me:  “Oh Lord, where are You?  I miss You.  Where have You been?”

Voice of Jesus:  “I am here with you.  Though you cannot see Me right now, I am still with you.”

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned around and there was Raphael.

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Wow, Erin, you have been busy!  God has sent me to tell you this… ‘Rejoice!  Take Courage!  Do not be afraid!  Your time is finished!’

Me:  Crying.  “Wait!  What?  Am I about to die?”

Raphael:  Laughing.  “Have you come to this conclusion twice in one day?  Erin, is this what you are getting from all of this?  No, this is definitely NOT it.  Here is what else God sent me to tell you… ‘Speak kindly to her.  Tell her that the time of her personal warfare is over and that her sin has been paid for.  She has been pardoned.’  Erin, God has removed your debts.  He has set you free.  However, He has done this in a new way.  He is going to give you a double portion of blessings as His recompense is with Him.”

Me:  Crying, but with joy this time.  “Thank you, but I already have my true blessing… that my children all know Jesus.”

Raphael:  He placed his index finger to his pursed lips.  He spoke quietly, as if to keep someone from hearing what he was saying.  “Pssst…Erin…you are best to stop speaking.  You are going to want all that God has planned, okay?  Trust me that God’s blessings are greater than your ‘noble minimalisms’.”

Me:  “Okay, Raphael.  I am sorry.”

Raphael:  Speaking normally again.  “Be truthful… do you not want the fullness of what God will give you and not just that which you think you deserve?  Would you like a recap of your troubles from the beginning to the end?”

He nudged me good-naturedly and then placed his hand on his chin.  His other hand was open.  He did this to reflect that he was contemplating all of it.  He was trying to make me laugh.  It definitely worked.

Me:  Laughing.  “Oh no, Raphael… trust me, I am good when it comes to that.  I definitely do not need to rehash any of it.  This was the Will of God’s Completeness in my life.  Whatever His Will for me is… well… I already know it will be very good!”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Good!  I am glad that we established this.”

Me:  “Raphael, it did not seem as if there a particular event that defined an end to my time of affliction, my ‘furnace time’.  Am I missing something?”

Raphael:  “Oh yes there was!  You were finished and complete when you no longer wanted the things the world has to offer…homes, stuff and so on.”

Me:  “Really?”

Raphael:  “Yes, Erin.  You stopped.  It no longer mattered to you anymore.  The allure was gone.  Some would say it this way… ‘you lost that loving feeling.’”  He laughed.

Me:  “Had I been coveting this?”

Raphael:  “No, that is not it.  I will try to best explain it this way… you stopped imagining how God would bless you and instead left all of it behind to chase Him.  Your luster for earthly things is now gone as a result.”

Me:  “But I still like nice things?  Is it that Heaven has now spoiled me for the things on Earth?”

Raphael:  “Yes, that is it exactly.  Right there.  That is it.  Instead of Earth spoiling you for Heaven, Heaven has ruined you for the things on Earth.”  Now laughing.  “Yes, indeed, Erin, that was the final item!”

Me:  “Hmm, but I thought I had done this a while back?”

Raphael:  “Yes, but something else changed in you that God found good.  He found it complete.  Erin, this is a very good thing.  You are now ready!”  He smiled.  “Okay this is where I…”

He started looking around in his pockets in an exaggerated way.  After a few seconds of doing this, he took out his key fob.

Raphael:  “Yes, this is where I have my cue to put on my armor and battle gear.  Well, Erin, I have got to run.  We are in an…”

He paused and singled me to finish his sentence.

Me:  “…an epic battle!”

He laughed as the bridge and door appeared.  He pressed his key fob and I heard a beep.

Raphael:  “I will see you again soon.  Rejoice, Little Sparrow.  Happy New Year!”

He smiled, but was then gone in an instant.  I could then see the Red Cardinal hiding in the thicket.  Just as I was about to get a really good look at this bird, another beep from the key fob rang out.  The Cardinal flew off.  I laughed!

Dream over…

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