Dream 466 – The Red Tide has turned into the Red Wave

Received on Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Dear Father,

Note: The Red Tide and the Red Wave are NOT referring to the Republican Party (GOP) of the USA. No, this is small thinking. This is about God Himself sweeping the land, something all of us have been praying for with all of our might!!

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all You continue to do.  It has been difficult to watch the horrifying events unfold as the USA is now splitting in half.  There are those who stand for truth and justice, equality and freedom, all under You, Father.  On the other side, there are those who are united in their great hate against any opposition to their agenda, but really against You, Father.

Father, You are allowing things to move so quickly now.  This is going so fast that I can’t even wrap my head around all of it.  Not long ago, I complained that everything was moving along so slowly.  I guess one should be careful for what they wish for.  We are so unsettled by the speed of events that my husband and I started an emergency three day fast starting after dinner tonight.  Our next meal will be dinner on Friday evening.

I should also point out that my daughter has been fasting since January 1st.  She is going to go for 21 days… or at least that is what she is shooting for.  Ever since her fast started, You have been speaking through her in vivid dreams.  They are even coinciding in some ways to my dreams.  This is like synergy.  However, there is something that would stop our fast in its tracks.  Our Transformation!  We’ll then be celebrating!

The alternate platform to the censorship on Twitter was an app called Parler.  I visited Parler from time to time, but decided to check it out more closely to see if there really is an ‘insurrection’.  I didn’t see it.  In fact, it was quite civil.  The only hateful posts were from liberals.  They were saying such wicked things.  While I don’t like what they say, they deserve to be on there.  Free speech is not about silencing the opposition.

Well, Parler is now gone… completely shutdown by the left.  The app was destroyed.  The server owned by Amazon dropped them.  Everything is gone.  In the meantime, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and even financial institutions are beginning to assault the creators and their sympathizers.

Things then accelerated even more.  The word came out yesterday that all election fraud claims and ‘stop the steal’ were to be removed ahead of Biden’s scheduled inauguration.  All of this seems to be very much fear based.  If they didn’t steal the election, they shouldn’t care if people discussed it.  Their hands would be clean.

Well, Father, You have allowed all of this.  It is so evil… like off the charts evil.  I had a dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “The Red Tide has turned into the Red Wave” begins…

I was somewhere on the West Coast.  The tides were very high.  It was dark as it was now nighttime.  The water kept rising.  There was no end in sight for how high it seemed the water would go.  Without warning, a massive wave then swept up the black seas into a powerful crest.  Someone had their radio on…

Radio Reporter:  Yelling.  “Caution!  The Red Tide has turned into the Red Wave.  It is powerful.  Take cover.”

Sirens started to sound and people began to evacuate.  Too little too late as this Red Wave was coming fast.  Many went to the range of mountains and others over inland to evacuate the coast.  No one was prepared.

Man:  Screaming out.  “The Red Wave has come on shore, but it has now turned white.”

Everyone kept running.  The crest of the Wave was now sweeping over the mountain range.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I woke up suddenly at 4:00am.  I was tired and it was too early to wake up.  I reached over for my phone to see if there was any late breaking news.  There it was.  The Crimson Tide had just swept the Buckeyes 52 to 24.  The College Football Championship between Alabama and Ohio was last night.  I didn’t even know there was an important game on.

I next woke up at around 8:30am.  I went down and woke up my older son.  We had a telemedicine doctor’s appointment at 9:00am.  I kept reading headlines and even some twitter posts.  I then saw one that was greatly alarming.  The poster indicated that he was a black conservative software engineer at Amazon.

He went into his supervisor’s office to resign after he posted that he could no longer work at a ‘communist’ organization.  He identified his personal website as ‘Red Wave’ (Ali Fisher).  I later tried to find him, but he was removed.  After all of this commotion, I spent a lot of time in prayers.  I just know something is coming as my Spirit is restless.  Father, are You about to move?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I walked outside in our yard.  There was a red feather in the snow.  I wondered if it was from the Red Cardinal that has been visiting me.  I have not seen him for a few days.  I picked up the feather and walked over to the stream.  There was no bridge.  I felt a hand on my shoulder.  It was Raphael.

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Erin, your King is over all things.  God has sent me to tell you that what you feel in your Spirit is real.  There is a great war in the heavenlies.  The enemy knows that the times of great change is upon the land.  Because of this, they are working overtime to change truth into fiction and fiction into truth.

“However, you are not to worry.  When God moves, the enemy will too, but not in the way the enemy wants.  After this, you will not see them as much.  This is not because God has Raptured them, but because they run in fear at the sight of His Army.  Be encouraged, Erin.  Do not be afraid.  God is greater than all that you see.  One group stands for truth and the other group stands for lies.”

Me:  “I recently read where a former President had said ‘To anger a conservative, lie to him.  To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.’  This is what is happening right now.”

Raphael:  “I know it is difficult to watch the rise of the wicked.  However, do not worry as their fall will be quick.  God will deliver you from this.”

Me:  “Our delivery?  But I was hoping for our Transformation instead so that we can all work with Jesus in a closer and mighty way.”

Raphael:  “Oh Erin, delivery means bringing you from one state to another state.  A baby is delivered from the womb to the world.  Perhaps you are about to be delivered from the womb of the world to the glorified state of Heaven.  Erin, God has a Great Plan.  It is always darkest before the dawn.  Do not worry.”

I heard a twig snap to my right.  I turned and looked and then back at Raphael, but he was already gone.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

Dream over…

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