Dream 467 – Back in the Arms of Jesus

Received on Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Dear Father,

Note: This was quite the surprise!  I had not met with Jesus in person for a Nest dream since Dream 446 on Sunday, November 15, 2020.  It was so awesome to be hugged by Him again after nearly two months.  How blessed am I to experience such amazing things from Heaven?  I am so thankful that I can share all of this with all of you.

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love and protection over us.  Thank You for sending angels to protect us in all that we do.  Father, I know You are in charge over all things.  I listened to the prayer for the opening of President Trump’s impeachment today.  This woman prayed for the sword of truth to pierce the atmosphere and prevail.  Yes, Father, may Your Mighty Will be done!

I had hoped for some great miracles this morning.  Instead, the war of silencing truth and replacing it with lies has come.  It is a massive wave of dark lies.  An employee from PBS was caught on an interview calling for the removal of all children in any household that supported the Republicans.  This person wants these children to then be placed into reeducation camps.

While PBS subsequently removed this employee and put out a statement denouncing extremist ideology, how many people on the left absolutely agree with this?  Trump was removed from YouTube.  What comes next?  I remember years ago in history class not putting much creed into Orwellian theology as in the novel 1984.  However, we are there now.  What I did pay attention to though was the cruelty of the Nazis.

I was so horrified by the Nazi agenda.  They did horrible things to anyone who disagreed with them.  In my mind I thought that this would never happen again.  I felt that the genocide of an entire group of people would never happen again.  Well, what happened to the Jews is now happening to Christians all over the world.  Sadly, I am now seeing the set up for this happening here, but for an even broader group of people.

The radical left is calling for the removal of anyone who voted for the Republicans.  They want anyone who did so to have no income, no healthcare, no license to drive and no ability to fly on an airplane.  They even want to set up a snitch line to identify all of them.  There is a push to remove truth and cancel history.  They want to cancel You, Father.  This is all so horrible.

We are Your children.  We come in many different colors, many different socio-economic backgrounds and many different countries.  We are like grains of sand on a seashore.  Father, please cover us with Your love and comfort.  Please help us!  We need You!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Father, I am so distressed in my heart right now.  I am in so much pain.  I actually hurt from all that I am seeing.  I love You.  Millions of people claim to honor You.  None of us have been perfect… not one.  Not one of us is pure in heart.  As much as we can be refined in the furnace of affliction, we are still flawed.  I am angry, Father!  I do not like what is happening.  Evil appears to be winning.

Oh Father, when will You deliver truth?  When will You pull back the veil to expose the wicked?  They lie both day and night.  There is no comfort.  Father, please be our Champion.  Our flames are flickering right now.  I can’t even speak of how great You are and testify with all that You are when the darkness is closing in so quickly.  Please don’t forget about us.  Please don’t forget about Your promises.

We love You!  Please fill us with lovely things.  Please fill our hearts with such joy, peace, comfort and love that we overflow with lovely things of Heaven.  Make us like little children wandering in Your Baby Animal Garden, discovering new things in safety and peace.  I love the place in Heaven You have created for all of those who love You.  Please don’t forget us.  Please have mercy on our foolishness!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I looked out to our yard.  There was the Lord.  I sprinted towards Him.  He was smiling.  I ran straight into His arms.  I wept as He held me.  I could not stop crying.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  I am with you.  I am here.”

Me:  “Lord, I have missed You so much.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “But I sent Raphael to keep you smiling.  Should I speak to him?”

Me:  “Oh no, Lord, he is wonderful.”

Jesus:  “It is okay, Erin, you can let go.”

Me:  “I never want to let go of You.  When I don’t hear from You, I worry that I am out of Your favor.”

He pulled me away from Him so that He could look me in the eyes.

Jesus:  “I am with you always.  You only need to ask Me.  I am with you.  I answer you in My Voice.  You don’t talk to Me because you are distracted with many things.”

Me:  Crying.  “I am sorry.  I am so sorry.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Erin, I see all that is happening.  It is difficult to hear lies.  These lies seem to multiply, even rebounding and expanding with such force that they gain even more momentum.  However, I am not phased by any of this.  While the demons have no fear of man, they do fear Me.  They also fear God’s Children, My Bride, the Remnant, along with anyone associated with them.

“The enemy knows what is coming so they are desperately trying to put laws into place to protect themselves and destroy anyone who stands for God.  However, this you must understand… I do not bend truth.  I do not compromise truth with a sprinkle of lies.  I do not accept a false doctrine.  I do not accept the dialog of demons placed into law.  Erin, I will not do this.

“A law pressed into vote under threat of man is not a law God abides by, understand?  I do not uphold a wicked discourse.  So here it is… What you are witnessing is painful.  While it does anger Me, it does not surprise Me.  This is the path of the wicked.  It is even more difficult to witness lies as edited live action clips enhance certain movements and remove others.

“Once this creative editing occurs, all who see it then see it as truth when it is not necessarily true.  Erin, understand that these people who present good as evil and evil as good will be exposed in full.  The same goes for all of those who directed them to do so, as well as those who paid for this.

“You have only to understand the patterns of the enemy by what they are doing to those who are good.  What they accuse you of doing is what they are doing.  What they coerce others to do by threat is what their beliefs and patterns are.  Erin, you know all too well what the pattern of an enemy attack is…

  • They first surround you
  • They then cutoff your ability to communicate with the outside world
  • They create infighting based on fear
  • They then cut off supplies, including money, food and the means to survive

“All of this is in the hopes of ultimately weakening you for takeover and death.  Remember that much is learned in ‘Valley Moments’.  Giants often appear in these valleys.  They come off their lofty hills and taunt those who are unable to fight back.  This is just one of those ‘Valley Moments’.  However, Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills surrounding this valley?  Whose are the beautiful feet who carries Good News?  Where does your help come from?  Erin, look around…”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  I love You.”

Jesus:  “I love you too.  Erin, the enemy knows that a Great Move of God is coming.  This is why he is trying to destroy all good and gain control.  He operates in the shadows.  Many of his deals are made in the dark of night.  However, I am the God Who sees.  I separated darkness from light and established it.  I also sent in light by day and by night as a reminder to look from where does your light come.”

I pointed my finger upward.  He then laughed as He reached for my hand and redirected my pointing finger towards Him.  I felt silly for not pointing to Him in the first place.

Me:  “Of course, Lord.  You are our Light.”

Jesus:  “This is not a rebuke, just a friendly reminder.  I would like you to go back to the promises I have given you.  I am the Keeper of Promises.  I am also your Protector.  Erin, I will protect you.  I will send angels concerning you to continue to guard you and your children in all that you do.  Oh Erin, there is a River that makes glad the City of God.  God is in the midst of her.  She will not fall.  I will help you at the break of day.”

Me:  Hugging Him tightly.  I started to cry.  “Thank You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “This means that I will also do the same for all of those who recognize that it is I Who stands against the giants in the valley.  It is I Who own the hills and it is I Who have established all things on Heaven and on Earth.  So then, be still and know that I Am God.”

Me:  “Lord, please help us soon.  We are now in the Valley of Decision.  Please!”

Jesus:  “Erin, I am allowing this to continue in order to establish each person’s position.  My Father sits on the Seat of Judgment as we speak.  His scales are based on good weights and measures.  He never uses crooked scales or an unbalanced tongue.  God is not easily provoked.  This is because the enemy never determines the narrative.”

Me:  “Lord, perhaps we can provoke our immediate Transformation with love?  Can my brokenness provoke You and move You to relent and bring Heaven to Earth?  Can I provoke You to heal Your people?  We are no one.  We are called weak.  However, Lord, You can make us strong.  Please consider our request.”  I was now crying again.

“I love You and I love God.  I love what You have done for us.  There are so many, and even my own children, who wonder if You are seeing all of this.  Please just turn, save and strengthen us.  There are so many losing hope.  Hope is all that we have right now to combat the fear.  All of my hope is in You.”

Jesus:  “Your request is good.  I have heard your petitions and I am moved by your heart.  Your love provokes Me to move.  However, you must let Me finish the Great Separation first, recording their declarations against God’s appointed leader (President Trump).  Remember your promises that I gave to you.  These have not been removed nor have they been fulfilled.  I am within you.  You will not fall.  I will help you at the break of day.”

Me:  I nodded okay.  “Lord, how about right now?  This seems like as good a time as any.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “The Great Separation continues right now, therefore I must go right now.”  He nudged me.  “Just remember that I am always with you.  Rejoice, Erin, as Heaven will soon be visible on Earth… on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Just then, soft snowflakes came down.  They fell straight down, gentle and soft.  There was no wind.  This was happening both in this dream and in reality.  The timing was so perfect, just like our Amazing Savior.  He reached over and kissed my forehead.

Jesus:  “You are greatly loved!  I Am the God Who hears.  I Am the God Who created you and loves you.  Now rejoice!”  He smiled. “Soon!”

Dream over…

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