Dream 482 – Caught up in a 3D Vision with Jesus

Received on Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Note:  I am sitting here writing today due to an unusual event that occurred just this morning.  While I was listening to praise music, the perfect song came on.  As I was listening, I was brought into a 3D Vision with Jesus.  When I came out of the vision, I was now sitting in my devotional chair with my journal at the ready.  This has never happened to me before.  Time to write!


Dear Father,

Thank You for dreams and visions!  Thank You for this beautiful spring morning.  My morning was quite the rush.  I was seeing my oldest son off to work and he was running late.  This is part of his ‘Asperger’s traits’.  It is horrible.  While it seemed he wouldn’t get out of the house in time, by a miracle he did.  After he left, I quietly played some worship music.  After the ‘rush’, I needed to reset my emotions.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work well at first.  It was all my fault of course as I started yet again retracing all the terrible things going on in the world right now.  The New World Order is mostly already here now and no one seems to notice.  A song then started by Hillsong Worship called ‘No one but you’.  As I listened to the words, tears streamed down my cheeks.  I was suddenly caught up in an active 3D Vision…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

The sun was to the upper right in the sky and was beautiful.  The scene was lush with fragrant flowers, green flowering vines and beautiful fruit bearing trees.   As I looked over this scene, I saw a tiny hand on powdery dirt crawling out of a hole.  As the toddler emerged, I could see that she was about two years old.  From my vantage point, I could only see the back of the toddler.  She was wearing something like a burlap dress.

She had bare feet.  She had dark brown hair to her shoulders.  It was fine and slightly curly at the ends.  I could see this toddler struggle to stand as if she just had recently learned to stand on her own.  Just then, I could see the feet of Jesus on a rock in the distance.  He was wearing beautiful sandals.  The toddler then lifted her hands up to Jesus to signal to Him to pick her up.

Toddler:  “Hayah.  Hayah.  Hayah up.  Hayah up!”

Jesus was now next to the toddler.  His feet came into better focus.  He was smiling and laughing as He stretched out His arms for the toddler to walk to Him.  His laugh was contagious and I smiled as I watched this lovely scene.

Jesus:  “You can do this!  Come, Erin!  Go ahead.  One foot in front of the other.  Come.  I am here.”

I realized that the little toddler was me.  As I struggled to run into His arms, along with the uncertainty of my legs, I could see a determination to get there.

Me:  “Hayah!  Hayah up!”

Suddenly, I was no longer looking at this scene from a distance.  I was now the toddler and saw things from the toddler’s vantage point.  Jesus picked me up.  When He did, my burlap sack cloth was instantly replaced with a white linen smock.  The fabric was the softest I had ever felt in my entire life.

Jesus:  “Erin, you have done very well.  I am proud of you, Erin.”

As I heard these words, I had tears of joy.  He was looking deeply in my eyes.  His eyes are so kind and beautiful.  I placed my right hand on His cheek.  I could see my reflection in His eyes.  He smiled.

Jesus:  “I see you, Erin.  Don’t cry.  Rest on My shoulder.  I am here.  Nothing will harm you.”

I laid my left cheek on His left shoulder.  With my small right hand, I patted His hair.  I could smell Him.  His hair had a distinct smell.  While this won’t make sense, I will do my best to describe this in an earthly sense.  However, imagine these things to be heavenly instead.  Okay, here I go…

Take a Bounce dryer sheet and the inside of a Nike plastic bag and add Sandalwood and Cinnamon.

Of course, this still doesn’t do His smell any justice at all.  His clothing and hair have a smell of fresh and clean far beyond anything here on Earth.  I continued to play with His hair.  I breathed in and was loving His divine smell.

Jesus:  “Rest, Erin.  I am here.  You are safe in My arms.”

The sun was warm on my face.  I could hear songbirds.  I felt His heartbeat.  I became sleepy.  I fell asleep.  I am not sure how long in real time, seconds really, but it was years in my vision.  I was awakened by Jesus’ Voice.

Jesus:  “Arise, Erin.  Arise from your slumber.  I am here.”

I opened my eyes.  I was laying on a thick, soft bed of grass and moss with small fragrant flowers.  Jesus took my hand and brought me up to sitting.  I was now in my twenties.  I was wearing a beautiful white gown.  I stretched as I let out a deep yawn.  I was so relaxed.  Jesus smiled and laughed.

Me:  “How long was I asleep for?  I was a toddler before.  Did I just sleep 23 years, give or take?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “It matters not, Erin.  It is now time to arise.  There is much to do.”

I could see myself reflected in His eyes.  I was young again.  I now looked as the person He saw me as.  Tears started to stream down my cheeks.  I was speechless.

Me:  Crying.  “Lord… Lord…”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Your life reflects in My eyes.  I am reflected in yours.  Let nothing ever separate us from each other.  Erin, I am with you now and in you in all matters.”

Me:  “I will follow You wherever You lead me, Lord.  You have my heart.”

Jesus:  “This is good news as I have much to teach you.  Now, come, we have some plans to execute.”

Me:  “What plans?”

Jesus:  “Good plans.  Good News.  Beautiful are the feet who bring Good News.”

He whistled.  Two horses then approached.  I was excited because I recognized them.

Me:  “Okay, Hayah, I am ready!  Let’s go!”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Yes, come with Me!”

The song by Hillsong had started over again.  The vision immediately closed.  The edges became blurry and then it folded up like a scroll.  I felt such joy in my Spirit.

I then decided to revisit this song by Hillsong.  I had heard the song before, but it finally sunk in.  Thank You, Lord.  Here are the lyrics to ‘No one but you’…

Who can melt the hardest heart and speak life into my soul?  Who can spin the world around and hold me ever close?  Who can search the depths of me and love me to the core?  Who controls the world I see and walks me through it all?  No one but You.  No one but You.  Who has made the righteous bright?  Who has paved my way with grace, loved me through my darkest hours, a thousand different ways?  No one but You.  No one but You.  I’ll sing of You love.  I can’t get enough.  I just want You, the Lord of my soul, the King of my heart.  Jesus, it’s You.  Hear the oceans roar, see the skies light up.  Every heart now, sing to the Lord.  Hear the rocks cry out.  See the mountains bow.  Every heart come worship the Lord.

I needed this today.  My body is battered.  My heart is broken.  I am tired and weary.  I am ending…smiles.  Please, Father, breathe life in us today.  Refresh our souls and revive our spirits.  Our vessels are ready, but they have been dormant.  Awaken us.  Pour out Your Spirit of Living Water into us.  Ready us.  Find us here where we are.  Find us ready and with willing hearts.  We love You, Father.  Speak life into our souls.  We pray for all of this in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!

Dream over…

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