Dream 486 – The Enemy knows that all is about to change

Received on Sunday, April 25, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for the beautiful sunny Spring day!  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for sending dreams.  Thank You for all of my friends and family.  I had a couple of dreams last night that I really didn’t like.  They were disturbing.  The first dream included being in the marketplace again.  This is not a fun marketplace though, but scary…

Sub-dream 1 “To the city… or else!” begins…

I was in a marketplace again.  The marketplace was necessary to go to for supplies.  However, going in and coming out was very dangerous.  This was not a place just anyone could go to.  An event had occurred where ‘they’ were controlling the people.  I was not sure exactly who ‘they’ were.  They were now removing electricity in areas outside of the outskirts of a very large city.

By controlling the electricity this way, they forced people to either seek ‘sanctioned’ shelter or go without.  If going without, they would remain without power, refrigeration, heat or air conditioning.  They were also unable by law to have fires or use propane for cooking.  This created a dichotomy.  People either succumbed and went into the cities or tried going off grid by fleeing to the hills and forests.

While there were still certain large estates and farms in the country that had electricity, no one else did.  Darkness had now fallen over the nations.  In these certain farms, there were foreigners working the fields.  They looked like slaves or prisoners, but I could not tell which.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “The Vaccine from Hell” begins…

I went to my doctor for my vaccine.  I did not want this vaccine.  While I had already had a vaccine, this one seemed different.  My doctor seemed very somber.  He was no longer jovial with me.

Doctor:  “Erin, you are disabled and on disability.  You have been marked because you are receiving a disability retirement pension.  You can choose to stop your pension today if you want and continue to live your life without.”

Me:  “How can I work when I am truly disabled?  What would I do?”

He wrote something on a piece of paper and passed this to me.  I am not sure why he did this.  Perhaps we were being listened to.

Doctor’s Note:  “You can say ‘stop my disability’ and I will change the outcome.”

I still did not fully understand what my doctor was getting at.  I then heard the Lord instruct me…

Voice of the Lord:  “Proceed, Erin.  I am with you.”

Me (to the doctor):  “Let’s proceed.  God has me.  I will be okay.”

After telling my doctor this, I looked over on the counter.  There were seven syringes…

  • Three syringes were marked with a red band. One was labeled Erin, one had my older son’s name and one had my younger son’s name.
  • Two syringes were marked with a blue band. One had my daughter’s name and one had my husband’s daughter’s name.  They were both marked as ‘Blood Draw Required’.
  • One syringe was marked with a green band. This had my husband’s son’s name.
  • The last syringe was also marked with a green band, but with a ‘+ +’ marked on it. This had my husband’s name.

Me:  “Why are these syringes marked differently depending on who we are?”

Doctor:  “I am not at liberty to provide this information.  Are you certain I can’t change your mind about claiming your pension?  If you stop your pension, I can redo your vaccination in the ‘Green + +’ category.”

Me:  “But I am female.  Should I not have a blue band like my two daughters?”

Doctor:  “You have had a hysterectomy, right?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Doctor:  “You are not eligible for this category.  As for your daughters, a blood DNA will need to be taken to determine if they will move to a new category.”

Me:  I finally understood!  “Whoa, wait, wait, wait!  If I say I will keep my pension, I will be up for elimination, along with my two sons who are on the spectrum, right?  As for my daughters, they are being tested to see if they meet pre-determined pro-creation reproductive gene category requirements.  If they meet the requirements, they will receive a shot to enhance their DNA charts.  If they don’t meet the requirements, they will receive a shot to make them unable to conceive.  The green colored bands must mean that my husband and his son will be spared.”

The doctor handed me another note.

Doctor’s Note:  “Your husband is the ‘correct IQ’ for instructing youths.  He will be able to stay around until he is deemed no longer eligible.  As for his son, he is the correct age.”

Me:  Shaking my head as I read his note.  Well, it doesn’t matter.  God is in control.”

Doctor:  “Really?  Where is God?  Look around you!  I have administered shots to entire families today.”  I could see horrible pain in his eyes.

Me:  “I will be okay.  Go ahead and administer the red shot.  I can take it.”

Doctor:  “Please sign this document.  After I administer this to you, you will become very sleepy.  In two hours, you will be completely at rest.”

Me:  “Okay, but what if I say no to all of this?”

Doctor:  “In that case, the authorities will administer this and your entire family will be given the red band shot.  However, they will remove the sleep agent, resulting in a painful experience.  Erin, this will not be a good experience.  Do not do this.  Even your God won’t save you.”

Me:  “God can save me from anything.”

My doctor nodded his head in disbelief as he administered the shot into my left arm.  I felt something like fire shoot through my veins.  I began to recite Psalm 23 out loud.  Just before the ‘fire’ could reach my heart, it reversed out of my veins.  It spurted out of my arm and on to the floor.

Doctor:  Seemingly not to notice.  “Are you okay?  You will become sleepy in about ten seconds.”

We watched the clock.  After the ten seconds, nothing happened.  He stepped out of the office to discuss this unusual situation with the nurse.  He soon came back in.

Doctor:  “We will try another dose.  It should be working.”

I allowed his second attempt and presented my left arm again.  He jabbed the needle at my arm, but the needle could not penetrate my skin.  He then tried several other locations, but nothing.  He told me to wait in the waiting room.  He called in one of my sons to try the needle on him.  The same thing happened.  It did not work.  The doctor was unable to give any of us the shots.

Doctor:  “Hmm, I would like you all to please leave.  I will mark that you all had received the shots.”

We agreed with him.  All of us then left the medical clinic together.  God had saved me and my sons.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Note on possible Mark of the Beast Discussions on the Nest Forum:  We request that the subject of the current vaccination being the Mark of the Beast be discussed on websites other than our Nest Forum.  While the current vaccination for COVID-19 is no doubt a training drill for the upcoming Mark of the Beast, it cannot yet be the Mark.  To believe this vaccine is already the Mark would mean many millions of innocent people took something without knowing this would send them to hell without any future hope of reconciliation with God.  The angel Raphael will confirm this later on in this dream.  In summary, please leave these painful and hurtful discussion off of our Nest Forum.  Thank you in advance for obeying our directive on this.

Father, please do something quickly.  The night before, I had a different dream…

Sub-dream 3 “Planets and Constellations” begins…

An angel showed me Venus, Jupiter, Capricorn and Libra.  This was then followed by Scorpio.

Angel:  “These are planets and constellations in the sky.  In the year AD 28, look for signs in the moon and stars.”

The angel then went on to instruct me on many things.

Sub-dream 3 over…

When I woke up from this dream, I instantly forgot the angel’s instructions.  While we may not be able to figure out the significance of this, I thought I would post it in the hopes someone great in astronomy (NOT astrology) can figure it out… smiles.  Better yet, please, Father, show me what all of this means.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock on my door.  It was Raphael.  He smiled at me as I opened the door.

Raphael:  “Erin, I have a Word from God for you.  Come.”

He took my hand and led me to the bridge at the portion of the creek in our yard.

Raphael:  “This place is to be named Beulah and dedicated to the Lord who has loved you.”

Me:  “Oh no, does He no longer love me?”

Raphael:  “Okay, let me try a different approach.  This place, to be called Beulah, is to be dedicated to the God over all things who loves you.  Better?”  He smiled.

Me:  “Yes.  Forgive my concern.  I am like a Bride who wonders with a sick heart if my Groom will come for me or if He will reject me as His Bride.”

Raphael:  “You must reject this notion.  God has already chosen the Bride for His Son.  You are chosen.  The wait has been long and you are seeing the rise of Azazel and his army throughout the land.  The sin which was put upon Azazel for his evil has now been unleashed.”

Me:  “Wait!  Do you mean the scapegoat?  Was it not Jesus who took our sins in atonement as a Sacrificial Lamb on the Cross?  He removed our sins.”

Raphael:  “No, Erin, He atoned for them.  He set you free from the death of sin.  However, you must accept that He died for you as the Perfect Lamb of God.  He was offered up in your place.  His Bride understands who the Lord is.  However, before God came to the Earth in flesh, there was the scapegoat.  You have been shown this before.  However, you are now witnessing the sins of Azazel being poured out over the lands, visible for all to see.

“Well, not all is seen.  However, Azazel is building up the land on a foundation of lies in order to make himself seem as the savior.  He will even claim that he wants to rebuild the Temple.  He would do this just so he can sit in the Holy of Holies and curse God.  You have also seen this.  See, the spirit of the goat has been wandering in the wilderness for a few thousand years.  He is angry.

“As he wants revenge, he vows to slaughter all who call on the Name of God.  He is dismantling all that was once dedicated to God.  Azazel has then labelled His Holy Ones as symbols of hate.  He is moving quickly right now because he also knows that God is about to move.  This is Good News.  Do not worry about this vaccine if you are called to take it.  Just know that the Lord God will cover you and the enemy will not prevail in doing harm.

“Do not fear as this is the man of lawlessness using all of his armies and strongholds to assault God’s people.  Remember that the goat is unruly and needs no shepherd.  He does his own thing.  Still, there is nothing new here.  He uses the same methods all throughout history.  He is angry now because he no longer has access to God’s Courts.  He is now confined here on Earth.  Do not worry, Erin, as God is fully in control.

“Although it seems like evil is winning, they are not.  Look at history for patterns if you want to measure it against what is occurring right before you now.  From this, and apart from a move of God, then you understand where this train will lead.  However, God is God over all things.  He is about to move upon the Earth.  Heaven will then be visible to those with no hope and those who have prayed for miracles.

“There will be a time and times like those spoken of by the prophets of old.  A great time of turning away from evil towards a focus on God and the things of Heaven is to soon come.  Erin, the time and times you have been waiting for have almost arrived.”

Me:  “Oh Raphael, I pray that this is truly soon.  So many great dates have now come and gone.  So many are growing desperate and are in depression.”

Raphael:  “I know that this time of preparation has been difficult.  However, do not be afraid as a large wave is about to flood the land.  The evil will flee like rats to their holes.  Some will even turn and be healed.  A testimony of miracles will flood the airwaves and be visible for all to see.  There will be tears of joy and thankfulness as witness after witness comes before the Throne of God.

“Now, you remain in God and He will remain in you.  He is about to pour out a double portion of healing waters upon you.  In turn, you will pour out upon others.  A great wave of healing and revival will come.  Springs of Living Water will be visible.  Where there was once barren dry land, there will now be lush vegetation.  Cities once in ruins will be restored.  The poor will be made whole.

“They will be without a need for what the evil had offered.  The captives will be set free from their inflictions.  The land will be in harmony, joy and peace.  God’s love will be poured out equally.  His love will not be poured out based on the color of a person’s skin.  His love will instead be poured out based on the willingness and yielding of a person’s heart.”

Me:  “I am so happy!  Give God thanks for me.  I love Him.”

Raphael:  “He loves you, Erin.  He has you.  What He is about to do, the world has never seen.  Many will mourn and flee at the sight of Heaven.  However, many, many more will come, return and be healed.  However, I must go now.  You are loved.  Remember Beulah.”

He turned and was gone in a flash.  The bridge was gone as well.

Note:  After finishing writing this dream down, the Lord prompted me to post excerpts (but not the entirety) of the Personal Dream I had yesterday.  Here are those excerpts…

Received on Saturday, April 24, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for this beautiful Spring day and all that You provide for us.  Thank You for rainbows and all things of beauty around us.  Thank You for friends and miracles.  I am trying to find joy today.  I am trying to let go.  All things are in Your hands, Father.  Forgive me for not being thankful enough for everything.  You are real.  You always have been, You always are and You always will be!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock at the front door.  It was the Lord.  He was smiling.  I asked Him to come in and He stepped in.  I hugged Him.  I started to cry.

Jesus:  “Come with Me.”  He took me to our creek.  “Erin, remember that you will call this place Beulah as this is the place where Heaven is open to you.  This will not be by your death or the death of your children.  I know that your heart is broken.  Erin, I am sending you help and healing.  Now, you worry about your children.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I feel like a horrible parent at times.”

Jesus:  “No, Erin.  You raised them up in the way they should go.  They will NOT depart from this.  Be encouraged.  I am with you and My favor is upon you.  Now, look at you and your husband… you both are working together in union.  I have provided for all of your needs and I will not stop.  Erin, with you and your husband, I am very well pleased.  I have your children.  My plans are to prosper them and give them hope and a future.

“It is not to have them fail.  Erin, parents sacrifice themselves for their children.  This is because you see your children as a gift from Me.  You love them in spite of their shortcomings and sometimes even because of them.  This is a Divine Love.  This is unconditional.  Still, it is only a fraction of how much I love you… and them.”

Me:  “I love You too, Lord… but I fail.”

Jesus:  “Well, Erin… to fail is a part of the refinement process.  It is through your greatest failures that you can see Me working to fix yourself on the ‘what if I had instead done this or that?’  You try to relive the moments prior to your biggest errors and pray for a reversal of time.  Well, this is the enemy directing your attention to your failures instead of directing your attention to Me.  Well, Erin, I am here.

“All of your roads, albeit some portions were more difficult than others, led to Me.  Erin, all of your roads led to Me.  You are now here with Me.  This means every failure led you Home here and, one day, you will be with Me in your Eternal Home that I built for you.  So, Erin, I love you unconditionally.  I love your husband unconditionally.  I love your children unconditionally.

“You must understand that it is I who placed this veil over your children.  It is I who allowed them limited capacity and limited understanding.  They are My Vessels also and a measure, a Great Measure, for the wicked.  Do not battle or concern yourself with the task of instruction and expecting, after all of these years, to see results.  The results are there, but gradually, so small and immeasurable, that you cannot see progress.

“Still, progress is there though.  The small animals in your backyard are a good analogy to this.  You feed them a couple of times of day.  Even so, they scatter every time they see you come out.  Those that don’t scatter make noises at you.  Despite this, you still feed them.  Even though they wait for you and your food, they still treat you like someone coming to steal from them.

“This is also like a new believer.  They see all the benefits of following Me.  They then form a picture of how this will look.  Most think that no troubles will come or money will never be an issue.  They think that neither illnesses or death will come.  Well, the moment this model of what their expectations are changes, they then go through the stages of grief.  Some then do not remain in Me.

“Yes, they then come to miss their sins and freedoms.  They don’t understand that true freedom is apart from sin.  Sin equals captivity to the world in slavery.  True freedom is when you are in My ‘captivity’.  This is your surrender to Me.  Erin, your children have surrendered to Me.  While they are called into the world, they remain in Me.  I promised I would not harm them.  I promised I would give them the ‘Full Savior Experience’ without giving you heart troubles.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  I repent.  I repent for my anger and frustration.  I should know better by now.”

Jesus:  “Wait.  Setting up rules for your house is wisdom.  Erin, things are soon to become much worse in the world.  Your sons would have been victims and your daughters too.  This is only if it was apart from Me.  I have a Great Plan instead.  Please be encouraged.  I am with you.  You are obedient to Me and you trust Me.  I therefore delight in you.  Now, I am about to expand your house and grant you the desires of your heart.”

Me:  “Lord, please help me with my kids.”

Jesus:  “I will.  I have them.  I love them more than even you do.  Now relax.  Find joy today.  Erin, smile more.  Dream, Sparrow!  I have you!”  He hugged me.

Dream over…

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