Dream 488 – Endure and receive the Crown of Life

Received on Sunday, May 9, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for this beautiful Mother’s Day!  Another day I woke up from bed and I am thankful to You for one more daily chance.  Thank You!  Thank You for another day here.  Thank You for my family and our friends.  Thank You for Your Great Love and Divine Inspiration through even the darkest of times.  My dream two nights ago was very vivid.

Sub-dream 1 “The Blossoming Tree on a Hill” begins…

I was dwelling on a hill above a city in a valley.  The hill was covered by wheat and brown grass.  Even though it was in the season of a drought, I still had plenty on the hill.  While I was now confined to this hill for some reason, God sent friends to bring me essentials and visit with me.

One day, I was sitting on some large rock by a tree.  Even though this tree should have been languishing in the arid climate, it was blossoming instead.  This was a miracle.  As I was staring at the tree in wonder, the sun behind the branches created a magnificent silhouette.  However, it supernaturally did not hurt my eyes to stare at the brightness.

I then saw a sparrow land on a branch of the silhouette and start singing.  I got up off of the rock and stood to look closer.  The sparrow was white.  I had never seen a white sparrow before.  A few more white sparrows then came.  Their combined song was so beautiful.  I somehow knew that this was my sign to climb to the top of the hill to meet with the Lord.

I soon found the path.  This path was made of dirt and cut into the hill.  The path meandered back and forth.  There were even times that the path was narrow and filled with boulders.  Some boulders were big enough that I had to climb over them.  When I arrived at the top, I could see all around the area.  I rejoiced and called out to the Lord…

Me:  “There are many hills, but only One God!  Father, where are You?”

Sub-dream 1 over…

When I was growing up, my artwork reflected my subject matter and my mood.  It has been seven years since my accident and I thought that, at this point in my life, I would be painting the subject of Heaven with immense colors.  Unfortunately for me, art and drawing, my love of illustration, my hopes and dreams of this, have faded away, along with so many other personal ambitions.

God has instead provided me with the art of allowing Him to flow through my pen as a scribe.  Oddly, I can’t write on any other level using my small motor skills unless the Lord is leading me.  I struggle to type, text or do anything using my fingers.  Despite this, God still creates ‘written art’ through me.  He also gives me daily beautiful signs and wonders.

In my simplistic quiet life, He brings events to us.  He allows daily struggles so that we strengthen our abilities to endure while we wait.  God is my muse in all things.  However, on a personal note, Jesus told me I was His muse a few years back.  I had laughed so hard when He said this.  After all, to think I could, in any way, inspire God seemed so out of bounds…or should I say ‘out of the boundaries’ I placed God in.

Jesus then needed to clarify this as I was still confused.  The answer was not obvious.  Our mistakes in our lives, when yielding the outcome back to our Divine Creator, the Potter, gives Him the inspiration to do something greater in us that is far beyond what we could ever conceive.  We give God ‘Infinite Creativity’ when we allow Him to work through us.

Still, how could I, as small and insignificant as I am, give my Creator God inspiration to do infinitely more than I ever thought possible?  As a human, I am limited apart from God.  I thereby then limit God because I cannot see beyond my circumstances and my place in the world.  Again, so how can it be that I could be a muse to my Father and Lord to do the impossible?

Well, I am still not sure…smiles.  However, He said it, so it must be true, even if I still don’t fully understand!  God is good.  He is so far above all things.  Nothing compares to God.  Earlier in my life, I had big dreams of being a great illustrator if my golf career failed.  I didn’t even have to work that hard at this as God gave me a talent from an early age to draw photo realism.

I was the only artist in my family at the time.  I day-dreamed a lot.  I observed.  I was moody.  None of this went over well in a family where emotions were not allowed, only jokes and sarcasm.  When I was in my teens, I drew and painted in greys, blacks and whites.  I preferred the harshness of dark contrast and shadows with one light source.

In hindsight, most of it was gloomy, dark and sad.  My art reflected my mood.  This started to change once I entered college.  I then began to experiment with color and enjoyed it.  I studied under a professor who studied under N.C. Wyeth.  His son, Andrew Wyeth, was one of my heroes in art.

I completed my transition once I became a Christian.  I now used complete color from an all-over light source.  I no longer painted with harsh contrasts anymore.  Something later happened to me though and I casted aside all of my skills to focus on architectural design.  This is how I made a living wage.  I did this despite my family pleading with me to continue with my painting.

My mother grieved when I fully stopped painting in 1995.  Just five years later, my mom took some drawing classes and studied under a master engraver.  She would soon become an award-winning artist.  She achieved much more in a short time as an artist than I did as a formally trained artist over a lifetime.

The same can now be said about my daughter.  Out of nowhere (as she virtually never expressed interest in art), she just graduated from the visual arts program with honors.  The cycle is complete (smiles) as both my daughter and my mom turned out to be better artists than me.  Still, this makes me so happy.  It makes my heart glad as both said I had inspired them.

So, here I am, surrounded by art not my own and with dreams not yet realized.  However, You have a better plan for me than I could imagine, so I hold onto this.  Even my hopes for my dreams are such a gift from You.  Now I am a writer.  Well, I had always despised writing.  My mom was a writer, but I never enjoyed it.  However, when I now write these dreams, You take away my pain.

Father, I do not have any pain when I write down Your Inspired Dreams.  When I am doing this, my handwriting is clear and my fingers have feeling.  This is a miracle and a source of great joy for my heart.  When I am in Your Will, Father, my lost dreams are far, far away and replaced with new found miracles.  Thank You for this, Father.

As soon as I wrote this last sentence down, the house shook.  However, only I noticed it and there were no earthquakes in our area.  Hmm, perhaps this was You shaking me into realizing just how dire the times are and how much ALL of us still need You.  I had another dream last night.  I was particularly happy with this dream as we were performing many healings.  It was nice to have such a positive dream again.

Sub-dream 2 “Healing the sick and old” begins…

My family and I were driving to various locations and healing people.  We were driving to distant cities and to small farm areas that were now abandoned.  We soon pulled up to a three-story hospital.  It was so packed that there should have been many workers.  However, there were only a handful.  Lining the hallways were elderly patients on gurneys.  They were of every nationality and skin color.

As we walked down the dark corridors, the stench of neglect rose all around us.  These people were left to die alone with no help.  Some of the elderly reached out their hands to us.  There were also many hospital rooms, but not one had a door attached.  There were many, many beds crammed into each room.  Other than a lone television in the common area playing CNN, it was eerily quiet.

My group stood together and joined hands.  We prayed for God to heal them and lift them up.  As we prayed, we saw something like lanterns in the dark swaying back and forth over the bodies of the forgotten.  The lights then came on and each one sat up in their beds and gurneys.  They then leaped onto the floor and began to dance around.  We laughed and thanked God for the countless number of miracles that just happened.

Note:  These patients were not made young again as will be the case for us when our long-awaited Transformation finally arrives.  They instead were healed to have strong muscles and greatly increased energy.  Compared to their frail conditions beforehand, they greatly celebrated this.

Elderly man:  Bounding up to us in glee.  “Excuse me, but could you pray for the other floors and for the city.  This city has been abandoned.  Other than televisions on the other two floors, there is no electricity except for this one floor in the hospital.”

We agreed to his request and our group joined hands again in prayer.  Even though we were far from the coast, we soon heard and felt something like waves of the sea crashing.  We realized it was God’s healing waters sweeping over the area.  We then heard celebrations, shouting, music and praises to God.  We walked out the backdoor to our car and drove to the next town.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Sub-dream 3 “Sifting for Hearts” begins…

I was driving on a six-lane highway with my daughter.  As we drove, a massive group of angels were leveling the ground in front of us.  In addition to this, one of the angels was taking debris from a field and putting it through a giant two-acre sift.  It then shook the sift in order to preserve anything of value.  There were people being sifted as well.  It reminded me that God was panning for gold… well, really hearts.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Father, the world is changing and becoming so difficult.  No one should die alone.  If there be anyone alone, please be with them in all things.  Nothing we see will matter anymore very soon.  The Great Measuring and the weighing of good vs evil have almost finished.  Please strengthen Your people.  Please let Your Kingdom come and let Your Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

I have been so sad recently.  A group of watchdogs are claiming that I am going to be sent straight to hell because of my ‘false teachings’.  Father, please stop this.  I know it will become worse as we near even worse times.  If I have written anything falsely or said deceptive things about You in this late hour, please correct me.  I am imperfect, but desire to do Your Perfect Will in all things.

Please do not remove any of Your favor from us Sparrows.  Our hearts are on Your love as we wait for You in all things.  I love You, Father.  I love You with my whole heart.  I love Jesus just as much.  I give all things to You.  I pray that I am on a righteous path to Heavenly Places.  I pray that many of us are already together as one under the Kingdom of Heaven.  I thank You for our Nest Family every day!

Please let us forgive those who trespass against us.  Without forgiveness, we are unable to walk fully in Your Presence.  These dreams have been hidden jewels on my path.  This is all for us to experience more of You.  They are a banner in the pursuit of the Kingdom of Heaven and Your love.  Please forgive me.  I repent for anything I may have done to cause a person to stumble away from You.  Please keep me from evil and focused fully on You.  I ask for this in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock on the door.  The door opened and there was Jesus.  I ran over to Him.  He met me with open arms.

Me:  “I am so sorry, Lord.  Please show me where I have gone wrong so that I can make things right in Your sight.  Oh please!”  I was now crying.

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, I am here.  I am with you.  Do all things in obedience to Me.  Do not be subject to the world or those who claim they are of Me, but are far from Me.  Did you not think after the last word you had that you would be free from attacks?  Have they not increased instead?  Still, Erin, this is good.  Continue to persevere in the face of troubles.  There are many kinds of troubles.  No matter what kind, I am with you.  Now, what have I said about this topic?”

He was smiling as I was now receiving a divine quiz on memorizing the Lord’s Word.

Me:  “Let us not grow weary of doing good for, in due season, we will reap; that is, if we do not give up.”

Jesus:  “As for you, My Sparrow Bride…”  He smiled.  “…do not grow weary in doing good.  Erin, you are in need of endurance so when you have done My Will, you will receive what I have promised you.  The one who endures and keeps My Will receives the Crown of Life.  Erin, you will lack no good thing.”

Me:  “Lord, if we do not do Your Will, will we not receive Your Promises?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Wisdom is proved right by her actions.  The hour is late.  Do not be like the foolish virgins who decide at this late hour to go to town to seek their oil for their lamps.  Instead, continue on your path and count it good that people say all kinds of things about you that are false.  You are then the Perfect Bride for the Groom.  This is because the Groom had also received this same unfair treatment.

“Remember to not be afraid as this brings no comfort.  It is difficult when those closest to you decide to abandon you as you watch.  I know that you are also concerned about your children.  Well, Erin, your Vessels are ready.  I have not abandoned you.  I have read the hateful words of those who claim to know Me, but are far from Me.  They acknowledge Me with their lips from their high podiums, but their heart is not with Me.

“They gossip and malign others.  They cheat their workers and steal from the innocent.  They then still claim to speak to Me.  Erin, I do NOT know them.  Their hearts are far from Me.  When I called you, I did not call you in perfection.”  He smiled.  “I called you because you are perfectly imperfect for My Plans.  Through your battles, others see themselves as I see them… IN LOVE!

“I did not call a Biblical Scholar as many of them read the Words, but are uninspired by My Breath, the Breath of the Living God upon them.  Without Me breathing life into the words upon these pages, the words are then like closed doors.  There is nothing behind them to uncover.  To those I call, I give them keys to unlock doors.  There are then even more mysteries in those pages of My Word, understand?  Erin, I don’t expect perfection.  I instead long for you to desire to know Me with your whole heart.  This is love.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord.  You are my Greatest Gift and my Greatest Reward.  Nothing is impossible through You.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Then you must pull out that contract I signed with My promises.  The enemy hates you for this.  However, you are to remember that he hated Me first.  Now come with Me.”  He reached for my hand and we were instantly by the brook where Raphael cleans the water.  “Erin, this spot is to be named Beulah.  This is important.”  Just then, the bridge appeared.  “This is where Heaven meets Earth.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, our place is so small.  How will this facilitate all those searching for this?  I didn’t know that we could accommodate millions on our property.”

Jesus:  Both of us were now laughing.  “Oh Erin, there are other places too!  You will understand more very soon.  However, this will be hidden to those with evil intent or little understanding.  Do not worry as the masses will not come to this place.  I will inform you of more later.  Review your contract right now.  I am with you.  I am for you.  I am NOT with those who are against you.  Keep your focus on Me as I am with you.  Look, Erin…”

He pointed to a tree as He reached over to hug me.  I looked over at the tree branch and spotted a group of white sparrows.  I quickly turned back to Jesus.  I was afraid to miss Him.

Me:  Laughing.  “I was worried that You would ‘pull a Raphael’.”

Jesus:  “How about I pull out a hug and a blessing instead.  I should talk to Raphael.  He likes those catchy exits.”  He laughed.  “He also doesn’t like goodbyes.”

Me:  “Hmm, I didn’t think of that.”

Jesus:  “He is a guardian.  He remains close by.  He has many others who work with him.  This is what we call an ‘Angel Army’.”  He smiled.

Me:  “Of course!  This makes sense.”

Jesus:  “Since I am always with you, there is never a goodbye.  I must go for now…”  He nudged me.  “…as you see Me.  Just remember that I am always with you.”

He hugged me and then walked across the bridge.  In an instant, both the bridge and Jesus were gone.

Dream over…

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