Dream 492 – Our times for the measuring of the wicked are ending

Received on Wednesday, June 2, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for keeping our household safe.  Crimes are rising.  My daughter has not been able to connect that well with friends here.  While she is involved in local ministry, she has become disconnected as the church has become less about Jesus and more about the world and performances.  My older son is going through some depression.  I have no idea what to do as the majority of their issues are situational.  Many people do not want to hire anyone with special needs.

I had a good cry about all of this last night.  I thought things would be different by now.  However, they are not.  Father, the world has changed and I am scared.  I am sickened by stories from friends and families and their experiences.  Father, racism is on the rise.  Anti-Semitism is also on the rise.  So is racism against Asians and the elderly.  It is difficult to watch these videos of horrific attacks.

Father, it has been almost 9 years since I received these dreams from You.  This is the 9th year and we are now nearing summer.  Father, we know Your promises are true as You have supernaturally taken care of us through lean times.  You have kept us safe during attacks.  You have used all of us as measures.  I feel in my heart that the things of this world are quickly coming to a close.  All things have lost their luster.  We are feeling the effects of war, yet we do not see the physical affects… or do we?

My health has never improved.  I have become worse.  I wished I had done things differently and clung to You more.  Now here I am.  My children want to go out into this cold world and they are Yours, not mine.  However, Father, I pray we have given them the tools they need to navigate the world.  I would much rather they go out and begin a new life still in love with You and well equipped than to remain here and stagnate, disillusioned about their faith because of the actions and non-actions of other Christians.

In the end, I just have to give all of our children to You.  They are young adults now.  Please help me, Father.  I have saved up a fountain of tears in the last 12 hours as I have been quite weepy.  Please bless our Nest and our friends all over the world.  Please protect them and their families from the enemy’s advances.  Please give my entire family hope and a future where there seems to be none, especially from their vantage point.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock on my door.  I could see it was Jesus.  He was smiling at me.  I opened the door.  I was in tears.  He stepped in and hugged me.  I wept even as I write.

Jesus:  “I am here.  I know, I know.  Erin, I never said any of this would be easy, I just said I will be with you through it all.  You are an Arrow in My Quiver.  You are an unconventional Arrow used for My purposes.  I know that it is difficult for you to understand your worth to Me.  I know it is difficult to explain this to your children.

“With your daughter, I am with her.  She has done nothing wrong.  She has stood for Me against the enemy and even as a public proclamation.  However, the enemy of My people never forgets and he never relents.  The technique he uses is a constant chipping away, carving and carving more and more, hoping that, eventually, there will be only a broken life remaining.  However, his plan did not work.  I have instead made a masterpiece for My purposes and for the Glory of My Father in Heaven.

“The world is not kind to those who are marked by Me.  The enemy has coordinates on every single one of My people.  Some I carry Home, giving their lives in sacrifice to My Words and promises.  They now pray day and night at the Altar of God, at His Throne, as they know the wicked still remain.  However, the wickedness is much worse than what you see.  Erin, it is much, much worse.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please vindicate Your people.  Please rise up in us and strengthen us.  We love You.  Our house stands for the Kingdom of Heaven and Your Throne.  You are in our hearts.  No matter what we do, we are under attack.  Please administer Your divine justice.”

Jesus:  “Erin, a day unlike any other day is coming.  I have not forgotten My promises.  They are true.  While I know you are downcast, restless and weary, I have plans for all of you… great plans.  I have plans for your children.  I have plans for your friends and their children.  I have plans for your husband.  There will be good news soon for all.

“I have not forgotten your daughter.  She must remain in Me and I will remain with her in all things.  However, her past should now be in her rearview mirror and behind her as something ten times greater is coming.  Her wait will be over very soon.  She will be lifted up and vindicated.  A gift is coming.  My reward is with Me and, despite the world, she must keep her eyes on Me.

“Your sons are not forgotten.  Their times as a measure for the wicked are ending.  They will be healed.  The veils will be lifted and they will be changed.  I have them.  Your prayers for them have been granted some times ago.  Now rejoice for answered prayers.  I do not forget.

“You are soon to be changed.  Yes, changed, with healing, and you will be like your youth, but better.  It is coming.  I am with you, Erin.  I will provide for all of your needs.  I will bless those who bless you.  I will continue My call.  Your life to Me is a piece of art.  In you and upon your face, the world will see and experience the Finger of God and the Hands of the Potter.”

Me:  I began to cry.  “Lord, I want to help so many.”

Jesus:  “You will.  You will.  I will do this through you and in all things big and small.  When you are downcast and unsure though, turn to Me.  I will answer immediately.  I am here to stay with you.”  He smiled.  “I love You.  You are Mine.”

Me:  “I love You.”  I reached over and hugged Him.  “I need You, Lord!”

Jesus:  “That is good!”  He smiled and laughed.  “I love you too!  I love all of you!”

Immediately after this, I was taken back to a dream I had last night…

Sub-dream 1 “The Alarm sounds during a Renovation” begins…

We were completely renovating and remodeling a house.  This house was once a great house, but there were now many issues with it.  The exterior was old and outdated and the interior of every room had issues and needed repairs.  While the contractor was working, the smoke alarms continued to be triggered even though there was no smoke.  The alarm was louder on the outside of the home to the neighbors and quieter on the inside to the workers.  One day, an evil man walked up to me and Jeff…

Evil man:  “Your alarm has ruined my life and my business.  If you don’t stop this, I will physically stop you.”

This man seemed unhinged and looked at us with a great and murderous hate.  Just as he left, the alarm sounded again.  This time there was actually smoke.  A fire was blazing in a small screened porch area.  We quickly extinguished it.  We then both noticed that the fire had started at the precise moment we allowed the evil man inside.

Me:  “Hmm, we will need to be more careful next time.”

My husband:  “Next time?”  He laughed.  “There will be no next time.  He can never come into our house again.”

Me:  We were both now laughing together.  “Yes, I agree.”

As the big change was finishing, we were finally ready for the great reveal.  Some of our deceased relatives had come to celebrate with us.  The list included my grandma, grandpa and mom, my husband’s dad and his cousin, along with others that I recognized.  Although they had passed away, this house was on Earth.  We had now finished preparing for the party and the big reveal.

Important note on this dream and other past dreams – “Speaking with the dead”:  I have been accused in the past of ‘consorting with the dead’ in some of these dreams.  These accusations have always been by fellow Christians, but not once by Nest members.  They have accused me even though I have never conjured the dead nor will I ever.  This practice is witchcraft and of the devil.  Anytime I have conversed with someone that is deceased, it has ALWAYS been in a dream.  Just think about it… almost everyone has experienced a dream with someone deceased in it at some point in their life.  I believe this happens and is allowed as part of a reconciliation process that God uses in His great discretion.  To say that this is a “huge sin” and that the person should be condemned because of it would be so unjust.  After all, who can control what or who appears in their dreams?  No one!  As for me, and for the specific purposes of these dreams, I asked for and have been assured by the Lord that only He controls my dreams.  Therefore, instead of judging me or others harshly on this, how about appreciating that God’s ways are WAYYY above our ways and He will do things as He feels fit.  Well, I thank God for that… and so should you!

Sub-dream 1 over…

Dream over…

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