Dream 515 – Walking with the Giants

Finished on Monday, September 6, 2021

Received on Sunday, September 5, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for this beautiful fall-like summer day!  The leaves are beginning to turn on the trees.  Thank You for my family and friends.  To be loved in life is a gift.  To love and be loved by You, Father, is the Greatest Gift of all.  We travel out west on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets.  Other than to visit my daughter, we have no significant ‘personal ambitions’.  In other words, even our itinerary is subject to change.  However, this is exactly as You wanted us to have it.

We are to follow Your leading each day, with each day anew.  Yes, this trip is all according to Your Will and leading.  This is the first time I have travelled anywhere without a firm purpose.  You have told us to go to the place of my heart (Bend OR) and wait for further instructions there.  Well, and on faith, we are now going to do just that.  I am both excited and scared.  It has been 7 years since I have been in Portland OR or Bend OR.  It is my favorite time of the year there, so I pray it will be beautiful.

I am resting completely today.  I had an ‘emergency’ last Sunday and ran to the store.  Well, this was ‘in violation’ of my set Sabbath day as I have defined it for myself.  I then fought a fever on Monday and Tuesday.  If I had only rested for the entire Sunday, I would not have subsequently lost two days.  I was weak and tired and lost quite a few days of finishing my tasks.  Father, I am just so very sorry for my foolishness.  The Sabbath day of resting in the Lord is a gift for us.

It took me many years to finally understand the benefits.  Thank You for an appointed day of rest.  Illness fell upon our home last week.  My husband’s temperature peaked at 103, but myself and our children were on and off at 100.  Thank You for our now complete recovery!  Thank You for this gift.  All illness aside, I became behind on my tasks to complete.  I was far ahead, but now only have Monday to complete what I have left.  I pray for supernatural strength to do so.

My dream last night was disturbing.  It was unlike any other dream I have ever had…

Sub-dream 1 “The Giants walk the land” begins…

I was in a city being built in the 1800s.  There were no modern conveniences.  The ground was dirt and the sidewalks were made up of wood planks.  I was operating a concrete swimming pool for a living.  Yes, I know this does not fit in the time period.  My sign said ‘Bathhouse’.  The pool was shallow and was fed through a type of tube from mountain springs.  The water was warm and pure.

The pool looked completely modern and was a light blue / green.  While I am not sure how, I had a way to keep the water pure.  I began to open operations for the day.  I unlocked a door that looked similar to an outhouse door.  I put out a sandwich board that read ‘Refreshing Healing Bath – Cost 50 cents – includes towel’.  I placed some potted flowers near the entrance to make it look nice.

The flowers looked like California poppies.  I sat on a rocking chair on the porch and waited for my first customer of the day.  As I looked down the street, I noticed a lot of activity.  My mouth then dropped in amazement when I saw six giant men walking with the crowd.  These giants were 28 feet tall each.  The ordinary folks next to them looked like toddlers in comparison.

When I saw one of the giants eyeing my bathhouse, I panicked and wanted to remove the sign.  It was too late for this though.  I feared the damage he could do and it really scared me to only charge him the standard 50 cents.  He was wearing a long black coat and a type of top hat.  When he came to speak with me, I was terrified.

Giant:  “Can I take a healing bath?”

Me:  “Yes, of course.  I just hope you can get through the door.”

Giant:  “I think I can.”

I prayed to God for help and a miracle.  The giant gave me 50 cents.

Giant:  “If the bath is great, I will give you more.”

My pool was about 25 feet long and 10 feet wide.  It had stairs and was somehow illuminated.  I heard him laughing.  He seemed really happy.

Giant:  “I will be here awhile.  This is not of this world.”  Just then, I heard a noise and a flash of light.  I heard a scream from the giant.  “How is this possible?  What will I wear?  Help?  Help!”

Me:  “Are you okay, sir?”  I was behind the door.

Giant:  “What kind of bath is this?  Please get me some ordinary sized clothes and find my brothers for me!”

I went to the mercantile and asked for a pair of britches, shorts, socks, shoes, button shirt, under shirt and a suit.  I didn’t see his brothers though.  I went back to him.

Me:  “Here is your clothing.  However, I was unable to find your brothers.”

After a few minutes, he came back outside.  He was no longer a giant.  In fact, he looked completely normal.  I was in shock.  He then went to look for his 5 brothers.  I decided to check on my pool.  To my surprise, everything was pristine.  After about ten minutes or so, the man returned with his 5 brothers.  Since they were now extremely angry, they were even more terrifying than usual.

Me:  “Are you here for a healing bath?”

While two of the brothers said yes, the other three remained angry and did not want to participate.

Me:  Forcing a nervous smile.  “One at a time though.”

The second brother went into the bathhouse.  We heard screams of joy and laughter almost immediately.  The third brother then went into the bathhouse with the same results.  Three of the brothers now had normal sized bodies.  However, three of them remained giants and were even more furious.  Since I must have been protected by God, the three giants turned away from me and began to lumber down the street.  They were effortlessly ripping people apart in their rage.

Me:  Praying.  “Lord, this is horrifying.  Could you please destroy these giants immediately?”

In an instant, all three angry giants dropped dead from heart attacks.  The people cheered at their deaths.  The three former giants then came up to me.

Brother 1:  “What witchcraft did you use to heal us and to kill them?”

Me:  “This is God, not witchcraft.  You were healed of your afflictions.  Now you can have compassion on others.”

Brother 2:  “I can marry!  I also won’t be so hungry now!”

While happy for them, I was still struggling with the horror of the butchering of the people by the three angry giants before they dropped dead like a stone.

Me:  In a serious tone.  “If you turn completely from your wickedness and look to God, you will be blessed.  However, if you return to your former practices, a curse will fall upon you and you will die just as your three brothers did.”

As I said this, the third brother became distracted by a beautiful woman.  This woman was grieving at the side of her now deceased husband, torn apart by the now dead giants.  He looked upon her with an unholy lust.  His thoughts were still just as wicked.

Brother 3:  “Now I can take this woman and she will not fight me.  I can now do as I choose and not suffer any consequences.”

Since the Lord saw that his heart was still intent on evil, his heart stopped immediately and he suddenly died.  The two brothers that still were alive looked at me in shock.

Me:  “God was not happy with your brother’s evil intentions.  This was a heart issue.  Even though the top of his head was still wet from the healing pool, he was already back to plotting evil.”

Brother 1:  “What do we need to do to make things right and atone for our sins and the sins of our brothers?”

Me:  “Who are your parents?”

Brother 1:  “Our father is from generations of evil men.  My brothers are all from different mothers.  All the mothers have died.  It is hard to be married to a giant.”

Me:  “Where are you from?”

Brother 2:  “We come from far away.”

Me:  “Like another planet?”

Brother 1:  “No, from a gateway, a place of hiding.”

Me:  “Like a cave?”

Brother 2:  “Yes, you can say that.”

Me:  “Do you have money?”

Brother 1:  “We are very wealthy.  We employ giants for many things.”

Brother 2:  Handing me some gold.  “Here, this is for my healing bath.”

Me:  “You must also reimburse the families.”

Brother 1:  “Yes, of course.”

The two brothers then set out to atone for the deaths of those who the giants had killed.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Lord, this was one of the strangest dreams I have ever had.  It was so frightening when the giants went on a rampage.  I don’t understand it.  Why the 1800s?  Perhaps this dream was given to me because I am subconsciously worried about facing my giants in Oregon.  However, these were much taller than any of my current enemies… smiles.

I pray, Lord, that we remain fully focused on You in all that we do.  Things have changed for me.  The moment I ask, You answer.  You remove wicked schemes of the enemy.  You then turn schemes back upon the schemer.  I pray that I have reconciled all things to You.  Please go before me in all I do.  Please let Your Glory go before me.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  You are anxious.  Be anxious for nothing.  I am with you.”

Me:  “Lord, why this nightmare?”

Jesus:  “Think of it more as an analogy or parable of the wicked.”

Me:  “I have so many questions about all of this.”

Jesus:  “Well, instead of asking why did you have this, how about you ask Me what My message is through this.  So, here it is…

“The lands once contained many physical giants.  These were offspring of fallen angels who saw that women were desirable.  The giants were their offspring.  God created angels separately to be servants and messengers.  He made them differently in stature.  They are of Heavenly Origins.  They know of Heavenly Ways.  They are physically larger, stronger and have abilities that man does not have.

“They were therefore forbidden to procreate with human women, the daughters of Eve.  The results of this perverse union produced unclean offspring, half human and half angel.  These had no leading and were given over to rebellion.  Because of this great sin before God, these offspring had no ability to process between what is right and what is wrong.  They were void of spiritual connections to Heaven.  They lived to satisfy themselves by any means possible.

“When they struggled to lay with women, they turned to all living creatures.  The Earth was then filled with abominations.  It was much worse than what I showed you in your dream, understand?  My Father on the Throne then sent the Great Flood to remove them from the Earth.  When the waters receded, what remained were the remnants of their tributes to their fathers and physical remains.”

Me:  “Are some still here?”

Jesus:  “The remnant in graves.  There are also a few underground.  If they had been left to remain, the world would have needed much more than a Savior.  All would have been devoured.”

Me:  “You are mysterious, Lord.  Why the dream?”

Jesus:  “To remind you that the Me in you is greater than any giant.  People will come before you that you do not personally like.  While you have seen them destroy others, I will still call you to heal some of them.”

Me:  “Yes.  I think that the world is filled with giants.  So much I see makes my stomach sick.  Please help me, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Then pray and I will heal your illness.  This is not about you, Erin.  This is about who they are at the moment of healing.  The heart.  Some are healed and go backwards.  Some are healed and are extremely grateful.  You must understand that those who need a bath will come to be cleansed.

“Many will not understand fully what this means.  This is the difference between spiritual death and eternal life.  Not everyone who is healed is changed.  The way of great change is too much for them.  However, these will not understand fully the consequences.

“Remember the thieves on the cross.  One was saved and came with Me to Paradise and the other was lost.  I will strengthen you so you are able to stand.  Do not worry.  I love you.  When you look at yourself, I hear you ask how you can be beautiful to Me when you are so old.  Well, Erin, how do I then answer you when you ask this?”

Me:  “You say ‘I am older than you are, Erin!’  This makes me laugh every time!”

Jesus:  “You are precious in My sight, Erin.  You have honored Me with your obedience to My call.  You are completing your tasks.  I will bless you for these.  I am with you!”

Me:  “So, Lord, there were 6 giants and only 2 were truly healed.  Is there any significance to the 1/3rd being healed?”

Jesus:  “Hmm, it is interesting you picked up on that.  I am a Harvester of Hearts, not a harvester of likes on social media, understand?  You will see many run to the hills and flee.  These are the names in the book of death.  Some will be so grateful, repent and turn to be healed and these will be made anew.  These will be written in the book of life.  Then there are those in between.  Do you understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, I do understand.”

Jesus:  “Your job is not as a savior, only as a worker… with Me showing you the way you should go.  Now do not worry or be anxious.  Allow Me to work through you in this season.  I will carry you.  I will shelter you.  I will now be in you.  You will receive instructions from Me.  Doors are about to open.”

Received on Monday, September 6, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank you for another day, another chance at living for You!  Thank You, Father.  You are the best Father in the Universe and our only God and Creator.  Lord, today is the last day of preparation for our trip out west.  I am now understanding why You pushed me to finish my tasks.  It was so I didn’t feel planted here.  Although this is our home, I had settled in here and, with shut doors, I had been determined to remain here.

The rest of the world does not call me out anymore.  I had lost my joy in Your promises and placed these on a shelf, packing them away.  I have never had a sense of security here on Earth.  What I mean by this is a sense of ‘this is my home and it is permanent’.  I have moved so many times in my life that it has become second nature for me.  Our home here is the home the Lord built for us.  It is in a beautiful setting.

Other than a few fixups of botched construction and failing pipes, it has been the perfect home for our family.  It is safe, at least for now, and the place where You have made a bridge to Heaven.  Lord, thank You for this.  Finishing these tasks have uncovered forgotten memories during this month of Elul.  I have spent time forgiving those who have wronged us.  I have prayed for miracles in family relationships.

I have also prayed with my daughter as she has already gone out west to carve out a life for herself.  I peek into her room every now and then and stop myself from the realization she is not there.  I am thankful though.  I was watching the best of her die here.  The enemy was eroding her faith by using her Christian friends that were not as they appeared to be on the surface.

My daughter talks the talk and walks the walk.  This alienated her friends and they started to limit the events they invited her to.  My husband and I looked at this from both sides and as unbiasedly as possible and agreed that she was experiencing unreasonably harsh attacks.  After looking over many texts and other communications, we concluded that the enemy had weaponized these ‘kristians’ against her.

Lord, I am relieved that You preserved her faith.  Lord, I am thankful and grateful too.  I am grateful that all of these years of pummeling by various enemies have actually given my children a perspective of good vs evil.  They have witnessed the attacks.  They have heard my late-night tears when I thought they were sleeping.  They have been with me and continue to join me in pressing into You.  They did better when they were with me…

  • They slept better at my apartment than at their extended family’s home.
  • Peace was with me because You were with me. Even though our situation wasn’t peaceful, the kids still felt at peace.
  • Safety was and is here because You govern our home. Our rentals were even safe even though someone else held a key.  You were with us and my kids felt safe and secure as a result.
  • In comparison, there was fighting at my enemy’s home.

Lord, I now know that You are here with all of us.  Everything we have is Yours.  Fill my cup, Lord.  Fill me, my husband our children, our house, our family and our Nest with Your Glory.  Fill it with Your Robe.  My Home is where my Father is in Heaven.  As for here on Earth, my home is whatever You make it to be.  Please be here and where my daughter is.  Please be with us wherever You take us.  Lord, You are the God of Miracles, our Father in Heaven and on Earth!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “Erin, I am with you.  My glory is upon you.  Though you worry, please worry about nothing.  Finish your tasks today and prepare for your departure.  I am with you in all things.  When you arrive at your destination, I will give you further instructions.  It will be an exciting time.  Do not worry about your home here.  Trust your children for their good works and they will surprise you with their care.  This is good!  There will be peace while you are gone, so do not worry.

“I will move your daughter sooner than later to a better room (away from her current roommate).  I have a purpose in all of this and she will understand this one day.  I am not with the wicked nor do I take up residence with evil.  I will not dwell there.  Do not worry as she (your daughter’s roommate) will not harm your daughter or her things.

“Now, you are to finish loose ends today.  Do not overdo yourself though.  If you do, your first day will be spent in painful recovery.  So, take it slowly, but bring all things before Me and I will make your path known.  When you go to the familiar land, the land you are from, there will be changes.  In Portland OR, there is now a heaviness of spiritual darkness over the city.

“This darkness is not where your daughter is though (she is attending school in a town just outside of Portland OR).  This city (Portland OR) is not blessed by Me.  However, no matter where you travel, I will be with you, so do not worry.  The land of your heart transformation (Bend OR) is still a place of great hope.  However, invaders have begun to take over and the place no longer has as much of a ‘hometown atmosphere’ as it once had.

“The very wealthy have descended on this area to escape the decaying cities.  While it will be financially daunting to you while you are there, remember that the God in you, the God before you and the God over you is Me and I own all of this.  I own the cattle on a thousand hills.  While this is worth quite a lot, I own even more.  Erin, you are not to be afraid as I am and will be with you in all things.

“You are going on full faith to the place you love (Bend OR).  You have no agenda except to do My Will.  You are spies going into the land I promised for you many years ago.  There is a great reason why I have sent you now.  You will soon understand.  Do not worry as I will provide for you.  I love you.  I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  Rejoice, Erin, rejoice!”

Dream over…

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