Dream 517 – God’s Army dwarfs the enemy’s army

Received on Sunday, September 19, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You for this beautiful place around us.  It is a blessing.  One thing upon return that both my husband and I noticed was that the leaves changing colors had seemingly been halted while we were gone.  By a miracle, Father, the trees were placed on pause.  This made me happy since, as most know by now, fall is my favorite season.

Besides our fish Heaven dying, I observed that many of the birds and animals have left.  Only an occasional chickadee, mourning dove, crow or squirrel appears.  My sparrows, woodpeckers and nuthatches are gone.  So too are the hummingbirds.  I had already cutback drastically on feeding all of them so that God would takeover their care.  As for our groundhogs, one of our neighbors said he trapped six of them.  I miss them too.

When I drove to the store yesterday, I spoke with my daughter on the phone.  She shared several things about her activities at her school.  I was so excited for her as she seems so happy.  Thank You, Father, for Your hand in her life.  While she was not doing well here, she seems to be so joyful out west.

After stopping at the store, I then went to the gas station.  When I buckled my seatbelt and began to drive, I noticed a very large grey-sacked spider crawling on my grey pants on my right thigh.  Without hesitation, I grabbed my cellphone and obliterated it on my pants.  It caused a stain.  Yuck!  Must be a sign of some sort of warfare coming.  Hopefully, it was just me killing a spider… smiles.

As I continued to drive home, I was astonished by a rare sight around here.  There were hundreds of seagulls flying right over the car.  This continued for about a three-mile stretch.  It was strange because we are inland and not really in seagull territory.

I am still suffering from jetlag.  It is unusual for me to sleep past 8:00am.  The last two days, I have been waking up at around 10:45am.  Just shocking!  Both days have been riddled with dreams.  I had a couple of troubling dreams last night…

Sub-dream 1 “God moves His children into caves” begins…

There was a man with an enormous amount of money conducting an experiment on the children of God.  He had constructed some concrete boxes in a massive field surrounded by tall trees.  There were 12 boxes, all rectangular in shape.  Their size was 8 feet by 12 feet with an 8 feet high ceiling.  The boxes were arranged where five faced five in a line with two capping both ends.

The front of the concrete box was all glass with a door integrated into the glass.  The box walls were about 12 inches thick, all of concrete.  There were no windows and no backdoors.  The Christians were summoned to these 12 houses and were given some furnishings for familiarity and comfort.  These were Christians from all over the world.  Those selected for this were all unique in their DNA component.

The people were all linked by their faith in God and the miracles that God had given to them.  While the people were not allowed to communicate with each other, God worked around this.  Because of their great faith in God and despite language barriers, they were able to communicate to each other through prayer.

After about a week, the man disappeared and so too did the food.  Each box was locked so the group prayed together.  After they prayed, the doors were all unlocked.  After a day of gathering food and praying together, an angel of the Lord appeared and gathered all of the community together.  The angel took them to a safe place in some clefts of the rocks near a valley.

The next day, a massive army descended on the now empty boxes in order to destroy the children of God.  The general ordered the entire area be destroyed.  Missiles rained down on the boxes and they were obliterated.  In the meantime, they were already in their safe caves.  The caves were all of white clay and stone.  Even though the caves were illuminated by the power of God, the enemy was still unable to find them.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “Even the bankers worry about a financial collapse” begins…

I decided to go to my local bowling alley.  I drove with my daughters on a Saturday afternoon to a bowling alley in Portland OR.  Since the lanes were packed, we had to wait until one was free.  Twice we were robbed by others who went ahead of us.  Someone finally pointed to an open lane on the far right of the building.

When we went there, we noticed that the usual bowling pins had been replaced by a green bush.  I then saw a normal lane open and wanted to get to it.  However, a group of ten bankers were ahead of us walking to that lane.  I stopped them…

Me:  “My daughters and I have waited for over an hour for a lane.  Would you mind if we take this one?”

Banker 1:  “Please do!  We will wait for the next one.”

Within about ten minutes, a lane opened right next to us.  The bankers talked loudly amongst themselves and we could hear every word.  As we bowled, I could hear their deep discussions.  I then looked carefully at each of the ten bankers.  Each one was wearing a tag.  Each one represented a different major bank, ten major banks in total.  They were discussing strategies for the upcoming financial storm.

The bankers were all wearing light grey suits.  Their skin was yellow and they looked sickly.  Each had faces that were sunken in.  It was then that I noticed that they had pigeon droppings all over them.  I could now hear them with clarity…

Banker 1:  “So, shall it be the 6th day or the 7th day?  Shall it be the 10th month or the 11th month?”

Banker 2:  “They are talking about seizing assets and accounts of millions and millions of people.  There will be great rage and anger.  The wars will be here.  The world will surely plunge into darkness like nothing we have ever seen.”

Banker 3:  “I am pulling my money out.”

Banker 4:  “I still haven’t paid off my mortgage.  Will my house be seized?”

Banker 5:  “Yes, the homes will be taken.”

Banker 6:  “No one can move assets without them knowing.  We can’t even help ourselves, never mind anyone else.”

Banker 7:  “We are all screwed.  The people will kill us first.”

Banker 8:  “Stop your worry.  The banks will be safe.”

Banker 9:  “Don’t be an idiot.  The banks will not be safe.  Their plan is to consolidate to one bank, one currency and one power.  It will no longer be the power of 10, it will be the power of one.”

Banker 10:  “I like my life now.  My customers like their lives.  Why are they doing this?  It is unnecessary.  There are other ways to get power.”

Banker 9:  “It is their way and this is non-negotiable.  I say we just continue to bowl for the next few weeks prior to the storm.”

Something odd then happened.  Their bowling lanes changed, even though ours did not.  They were now bowling on very narrow two-foot-wide lanes with joint gutters.  It was impossible for them to bowl straight.  Their bowling balls jumped lanes and hit each other’s pins.  Rather than complain or move to a normal lane, they adjusted their rules and decided to make a game of it.  My daughters and I shook our heads at the sight.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, these were disturbing dreams.  It seemed like pigeons were a common thread.  Please help me to understand what these signify.  Is the coming financial storm about to hit the world?  Why the bowling alley?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  The bowling alley represents your training lane of learning in the prophetic.  You were with your daughters.  This is because they too look for signs and wonders.  You then noticed that others came and took your lanes while you were patiently waiting for a lane yourself.  This happened even though it was your turn for a lane.  Despite this, you remained calm.”

Me:  “That is a great summary.”

Jesus:  “It is incomplete.  When having dreams, notice details such as colors, numbers and measures.  These are all significant.  Better yet, I am here.  So, are you now asking Me or the dream for interpretation?”

Me:  Laughing.  “You, of course, Lord!”

Jesus:  “You lived several years in Portland OR.  In Portland OR, you removed your other gods and destroyed your idols.  You put on new garments there.  You gave Me your heart there.  This was in the year 1993.  However, it took until the year 2000 for you to give Me your journey fully.  This was good.”

Me:  “I had good times and bad times in the Portland OR area.  It felt odd to visit there again, but I was so happy to see my daughter.”

Jesus:  “When you visited the land of your heart, there were pigeons nesting on the roof where you slept, as well as the areas at the entrances.  Pigeons and doves were a sacrifice and offering allowed by the poor before the Altar of God.  This was to atone for sin and was also a gift to God.

“You went to a land that you love and is in your heart, yet you cannot afford to live there apart from Me.  There are many who have fled evil to settle there (Bend OR) for a better life for their families.  However, almost all are far apart from Me.  Many are about to lose everything as the spirit of poverty hovers over the area.”

Me:  “How will this be, Lord?  From what we saw, there were some very wealthy people.”

Jesus:  “Upon appearances.  However, their investments are soon to disappear.  It will turn into a place of despair for many.  As for Portland OR, I have given the city over to the worship of a god they have created (the Portlandia statue).  While they claim it as female, it appears as a male.  It is therefore neither a male or a female.  They worship this.  As for their leaders, they are weak.  The city is given to rebellion even though there is no cause or root other than just rebellion for rebellion’s sake.

“For this reason, there is no remedy that will satisfy.  Their god crouches on a portico adjacent to the governing palace.  However, it means nothing as the inside of this structure is weak.  It means so little to the birds that pigeons relieve themselves on this statue at all times of the day.  It means that this once great city, port and all its beauty is now dedicated to the spirit of destruction and poverty.  What you saw of the city in your dream will one day be.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, Portland OR was once so beautiful.  Can You not stop this?  Please throw down the statue and bring back the good!”

Jesus:  “What good?  They chase away any reference to Me.  They are worshipping the gods of their own choosing.  Their fountains are soon to be great urinals for those who need to relieve themselves.  Who will stop them?  Who cares?”

Me:  “Lord, this is so sad!”

Jesus:  “Erin, this doesn’t mean I won’t bless those areas removed from the city.  The area where your daughter is, along with other surrounding areas, are good.  Do not worry as I have all of this under My control.”

Me:  “What of the bankers?”

Jesus:  “This is of note and reveals a great plan of the wicked.  The plague was released upon the world at first as an initial experiment.  It was met with confusion because those who released it and those who paid for the research of it as a weapon did not expect the magnitude of the variants.  It was supposed to be released in moderation.

“The Red Dragon used the virus to strike against certain areas to weaken them.  They especially struck those areas that told them they were not interested in cooperating with them.  At the same time, the Black Dragon used this time of great fear to rise up in power and corruption.  The great plan of the Black Dragon is to remove the governing powers.  These powers were governing for the people and by the people.

“The Black Dragon instead seeks to remove the power from the people into the power of the Black Dragon.  This is done by punishing and shaming the people.  They are forcing people to do their will out of fear.  Examples are made of anyone who dares defy them publicly.  Right now, the Black Dragon is positioning an army all over the world.  They are using various lies and money to corrupt leaders into allowing policies the people have not allowed.  They are arming criminals and disarming the innocent.

“As for the bankers in your dream, they were wearing suits of ashen grey.  They are neutral parties about to be overthrown by these dragons.  In order for a great wealth transfer to occur, the assets of millions of people must be seized.  They will do this in order to gain more authority.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, should we close our bank accounts?”

Jesus:  “No.  I am and always will be God over all things.  I am telling you these things so that, when they occur, you are not surprised.  These evil governing bodies are trying out various methods of control to see how far they are able to go to change the order of things.”

Me:  “But I thought the great wealth transfer was to be a miraculous move of God for the good of those who love You?”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, I am merely showing you the plans of the enemy.  They are anticipating My moves and are first blazing a course for evil so quickly that most people do not notice it until it is too late.  Have you ever known a time like this where every aspect of your life can be taken over by the evil governing body?  Where they can track your every move by a keystroke on your phone.

“Now, I have remained silent even as angel armies battle over you constantly as the enemy tries to strike down God’s people.  However, I have a plan far greater than anything devised by the enemy.  The enemy has a plot to kill God’s children and create their own version of savior.  They hate the Jewish people, the Christians and anyone opposed to their evil.

“Their plan of equity is to bring all people to poverty and shame.  As for equity in Heaven, this is one where those who are lowly are given the ability to be as one under the Throne of God.  Here in Heaven, we bring those who are low in spirit and lift them up.  We let them rejoice together with the Kingdom of Heaven.  Now this is Holy Equity!

“Then there is the issue of global warming.  Well, yes, the heat has been turned up, but instead of each land embracing what God has given them and blessing the land back in Holy Sacrifice to God, they instead punish the people of the land with rules that are evil.  This is done not for the people, but instead for the rich.  This is so the people are subject to poverty and slavery while their goals are being met.

“Their other plan is to remove all elderly people over 60 as they have deemed them a drain on society.  They want to take their money, remove history and recreate a better way.  The desire is to also reengineer a superior race that is free from illness and is stronger and more intelligent.  It will be of mixed race, yet still one race, one government and one way.  Another mystery.

“Now, do not worry.  There is no confusion unless I allow it.  As for the enemy, I send confusion into their camps so that they are unable to form their plans.  Now, I have promised miracles, signs, wonders and healing.  I have promised something the world has never seen before.  It is now God’s turn to put on displays that can never be replicated by man no matter how hard the enemy tries.

“Erin, this will be a time like no other.  However, you are not to worry about anything.  Your ‘Spy Report’ was good and true.  Continue to pray.  Corrupt governments are working overtime to keep their positions.  Soon all of it will be exposed and toppled by truth.  I love you, Erin.  Do not worry or take on a mantle of fear of what you see versus the fear of God.”

Me:  “Lord, please help.  There are fewer and fewer true Christians.  Those who love You are like lights growing dim.  Please!  Those with strong faith in you are now bright lights that are wondering whether they should dim their lights or face persecution.  Lord, please don’t wait.  The attacks are becoming worse.”

Jesus:  “I love you.  I have a great plan in all things.  Have faith.  I won’t be long now.  I am here with you, even at your door.  Fortify your faith in Me as I will do all that I have promised.  Rejoice, I am here.  Oh yes… Heaven (our deceased pet fish) is here with Me.  He lives.”

Dream over…

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