Dream 520 – Don’t judge a book on its cover

Finished on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Received on Sunday, September 26, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my husband.  Thank You for our children.  Thank You for our friends on the Nest!  Each day brings a new challenge and a new surprise.  Thank You for our home.  This is a safe and comfortable place.  This is a blessing and a gift from You.  While we were on our trip, I took photos of all of the dwelling places I lived from 1991 to 2009.  2009 was when the kids and I left Oregon.

There was only one place in which I did not take a photo.  All in all, there were ten different homes / apartments and three businesses.  It was brutal.  All I wanted the whole time was to just make one of these a home for us.  I just wanted one that we could call our own.  During our time in Oregon, I designed well over a hundred homes.  Of those, at least 20 were over the million-dollar mark or more.

In Washington state, I designed over 150 homes in just five years.  I worked in so many homes and with so many different people.  One day, I stopped envying the buyers because I knew that God would one day do something amazing for me and my children.  It finally happened here.  We bought a home that was new and built by a young couple.  They just wanted out.  He was transferred out west so there was urgency.

My husband and I discovered the home on line.  It was a miracle.  My husband contacted the agent and went the next weekend.  In a matter of a few days, he became qualified to purchase it, also a miracle.  Just as quickly as we saw it, we owned it.  We took possession in July 2014.  My three kids and I then moved in at the end of August 2014.  This was clearly the place You built for us.

This was a great lesson in trusting You for a great promise and fully embracing it.  Please, Father, show us how to use what we have been given and multiply this for Your glory, not ours.  Father, it has been almost nine years since the dreams began from You on September 30, 2012.  These have been a great blessing and a true miracle.

Would You consider soon transforming us as You have shown us?  Could You multiply these dreams so that those who doubt Your miracles or believe only in New Age will turn and seek Your face because of them?  My husband and I have many enemies.  Will You please vindicate us and bless us?

Please provide a way for us to purchase a home out west that no man can touch or harm in anyway.  Let it be as a great banner on a hill for my enemies to see that we are Yours.  I have quit pursuing material things and pursue You instead.  Please continue to pursue me!  Thank You, Lord, for all You do for us.  My dream last night was very clear and detailed…

Sub-dream 1 “Driving around in Bend OR” begins…

My husband and I traveled out west.  The virus / plague was now gone.  We stopped at a golf course that had a restaurant and a driving range.  We decided to hit some balls.  The golf shop and restaurant were separated from the range and golf course by a busy highway.  We crossed the highway with a few buckets of balls.  The driving range was really strange.  We were to hit into a forest of trees.

We then noticed that a group of women in long skirts and tan sweaters were collecting all of these balls in the forest.  It was odd as no driving range I know of directs golfers to hit into the trees.  I then told my husband to wait for me while I went back to get another bucket of golf balls.  I had a sense in our dream that our kids were also there.

I went into the golf shop and noticed a pair of golf pants.  It was a designer brand called ‘Tribeca’.  My husband’s size was hanging from the ceiling in an odd display.  Two other gentlemen were also interested in the garment.  Just as I asked the clerk for the pants, my husband came in and said, ‘I love them.  I’ll take them.’  The two men turned in anger, but then became afraid of him as he was now Transformed.

After this, we drove into town.  We drove down two streets in Bend OR that I did not recognize.  I saw all kinds of homes I liked.  We had the ability to see through the homes.  We arrived at one place that had a tennis court.  We pulled into the driveway.  We then discovered about 50 college students on lounge chairs completely naked.  They began to yell at my husband and call him a pervert, but we decided not to engage.

We then drove to a business place I used to know.  A man was there who sold pottery, including confit pots.  The building was white stucco on the side of a steep cliff.  The pottery was hideous and in gross white, black and red colors.  While the owner was glad to see me, he was visibly disappointed in seeing me with my husband.  He looked like a famous actor from the 70s (William Hurt).  You could tell he was proud of his stuff, but we were not overly impressed by it.

Man:  “I am now a potter and these are my creations.”

I told him what we were looking for.  He then pointed to some items he had on the other side of the store.  He then made a very strange request.

Man:  “Before you are allowed to go over there, you have to answer the question of the day.”

He then pointed to a sign that was labeled ‘question of the day’.  It read…

“What is significant about the Jubilee Year and how it relates to the Shmitah from September 7, 2021 – 2022?

My husband:  “This is really two questions, not one question.”

Man:  Clearly irritated and jealous of my husband.  “Look, just answer the question.”

My husband:  “It is a time of release and rest.”

Man:  “Wrong answer.”

After this, the man became disinterested in us.  My husband and I then decided to leave.  We did not feel welcome there.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, please help me with the meaning of all of this.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  This is a great time to be in My care.  How great a thing to be under the covering of My cloud.  How do you believe you received your nickname (SparrowCloud9)?”

Me:  “Well, I lived in Cloud9 Estates.

Jesus:  “Yes, but there is much more to this.  You are a sparrow in which I care, but you are also under My covering of blessing wherever you go and wherever you dwell.  However, I am now here with you always.  I will work through you the things that would be impossible for men.  The display of My power will be made visible through you.  Nothing will be impossible for you because of My presence and My glory.

“Now, throughout the lands, people who are drunk with evil are reigning terror over those whose hope is still in Me.  I will not let them become discouraged or downtrodden.  I will answer their prayers and I will turn and heal them.  Though it seems as if the enemy is in control, they are not.  As for the border invasion, I have a Great Plan.

“Erin, the great nations are ill and have removed God.  Still, many are in prayer and these prayers have reached the Courts of Heaven.  My mercy is now about to be poured out as My wrath is about to be removed from the lands.

Me:  “Lord, I am scared.  Please do all that You have said.  I would hate to be out of Your favor.”

Jesus:  “Well then, this is good news.  Erin, you have trusted Me in many things.  You gave to Me your knowledge as you knew very little about the many topics you wrote about over the years.  With your dreams, you allowed Me to lead.  I instructed you in the way you should go and you followed.  While you sometimes hoped that I would take you to a certain place or that I would declare a certain date, I usually did not.

“I instead took you to a place that was uncomfortable for you.  There is then the greatest miracle happened… when I spoke mysteries through you without you having knowledge.  If you had been a scholar, you would have stopped the free flowing of My Spirit through you.  You would have instead argued and fact checked Me.”

Me:  “Well, I still did on some things.  I checked on some of the Scriptures, but especially on Hebrew words.  I just wanted to make sure I didn’t write something down incorrectly, especially those things I had no familiarity with.”

Jesus:  “That is okay, Erin, as this is wisdom.  Now rejoice, Erin.  As the rain has come in due season, so too have My blessings.  I will open Heavens unto you because you believe.  By faith, I will then bless you abundantly more than you thought possible.  I love you!  Now rest today and rejoice tomorrow!”

Received on Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love and care.  Thank You for keeping us under the cover of Your wings.  I have not been feeling well.  I wish I had more energy and freedom to move about more consistently.  We are an injured / special need / challenged household.  We are in the middle of the wilderness awaiting Your miracles.  Still, I thank You for our current state of being.  Father, You know what is best for us.

Lord, I have seen a Great Revival in my dreams.  I have seen a last wave of the miraculous here ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’.  Please don’t delay.  We watched a news program last night that showed the blatant move of the spirit of evil permeating every single part of the land.  It is happening now.  There is so much confusion and evil that it just has to be clearly planned.  This is an ‘orchestrated chaos’.

Father, we have peace and comfort through You.  For my whole life until now, I have been unable to own a home.  I would often wakeup in fear that I would be evicted and my lease terminated, thereby leaving us homeless.  In Bend OR during the 2000s, a builder would build a new home, rent it out for a year or two to avoid taxes, and then sell it.  I didn’t know about this tax break until after our first year’s lease was up on a little 1500 square foot home we were renting for $1,075 per month.

At the time, this home would have sold for around $150,000.  Not long after, it would sell for $250,000.  This home today would be bring in around $650,000.  This is a pretty incredible return on investment.  The home maybe cost $100,000 including the land.  The developer built in great scale, so he would get great deals on everything.

Father, many of these developers were Christians.  You gave them the idea and wisdom to put this entire project together.  You bless them and, in turn, they were a blessing to many.  It was hard for us during that time because of these tax loopholes.  As a result, we moved from home to home and we could never afford to buy them.

However, I have learned to never judge Christians on how You decide to bless them.  This is between You and them alone.  I am so grateful that You are good and You reward according to a man’s heart.  I have learned over the years not to judge on appearances because these don’t always tell an accurate story.  By appearances alone, we would look rich to some, but poor to others.

Our home was built by You, Lord.  While we didn’t find out until much later, the people who sold this house to us considered it a ‘fire sale’.  While our home is not worth that much here, it would fetch a pretty penny in other places.  This matches the common saying used by real estate agents… the three most important factors in real estate is location, location, location.

Oh Lord, we are so extremely grateful to You.  You have given us the ability to maintain the payments on our home.  We are so thankful.  You have given us the ability to afford when emergencies come.  These are miracles and such a blessing.  Thank You for our special place in the trees.  It has been both a struggle and a blessing.

Father, please bless Your people.  Please heal the land.  Please have mercy and turn Your face toward us.  Revive us, Lord, and show us what is good.  I am scared.  The freedoms we once enjoyed have been stolen.  Our nation has been hijacked by an evil government who hates their people.  They have deceived millions of us.

They have closed our churches.  They have opened our borders to invaders.  They have taught evil to our children.  They are forcing us to take a vaccine we know very little about.  They have closed the small businesses in favor of large businesses.  They have forced us to wear masks.  They have told us to shut our mouths and accept it.

Father, when will You come to help us?  I had really hoped for today!  I plead to You the Scriptures of Great Revival… Joel 2, Psalm 85 and Habakkuk 3:2.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I know, Erin, I know.  I am here.  You are witnessing evil on full display.  Those who are still allowed to speak now call this evil good.  Erin, you are correct not to judge a man based on appearances at first glance.  Many Christians are quick to judge and accuse and slow to apologize and make amends for wrong judgments.  Blessings are a heart matter.  The world would like to see My people destitute.  The only thing that would satisfy the masses would be if they were all in poor quality clothes.”

Me:  “I have cotton clothing.  While a lot of this is now dated, the quality has remained good.  I have been told that I dress well.  Well, Lord, this is because You have always blessed me with incredible bargains.  This has worked against me though.  A while back, I had bought a very expensive coat from goodwill and only paid $10 for it.  This was literally pennies on the dollar and I was so grateful for the fit and comfort.  When I wore it to church one time, I was later confronted by one of the ministry staff.  Here is how I recall the conversation that ensued…


Woman:  “You should not be spending money on costly clothing.  You should instead save your money.  Look at the coat you are wearing as an example.”

Me:  “Yes, but I purchased my coat at goodwill for $10.”

Woman:  “Well, it isn’t just the coat, it is the other nice things that you own.”

Me:  “I also get most of my other clothes, including my children’s clothes, from thrift stores.  I also once owned a high-end woman’s clothing boutique.  When I sold the store, I kept what wasn’t wanted or what wouldn’t sell.  These garments may be old, but they don’t wear down due to their great quality.  It would actually cost me a lot more money to look destitute.  I would need to replace my clothes.  Would this be better?”

Woman:  “Well, you look privileged.  It is hard to want to help you based on your appearance.”


“While I could tell that this woman knew I had a valid point, she refused to acknowledge this.  My feelings were very hurt.  After this, I retreated from church.  It was impossible not to look a certain way even though it cost us virtually nothing.  It was exhausting.  Based on these experiences, I try not to judge.  Some of my wealthy looking clients ended up with nothing and some of my poor looking clients had unbelievable wealth.”

Jesus:  “I remember all of it.  Erin, all you see around you is Mine.  All you have been given is because I have given this to you.  Things that make you smile and delight you are from Me.  Things that burden you are from the enemy and not from Me.  There are many hypocrites everywhere.  There is not one perfect person.  Keep your focus on Me and all that I am about to do.

“Keep the lost before you in your prayers.  There will be a time when there will be destitute people living in mansions.  However, they will barely have enough to keep warm.  They will then burn their belongings just to stay alive.  Those who once took advantage of the poor will then know what it is like to be a victim.”

Me:  “Lord, please come in miracles and revive the land.  Please breathe new life into us.  We have let go of the former things.  I just let go of my high-end sweaters after 20 years of owning some of them.  I now own acrylic sweaters instead.”

Jesus:  “Although it was time, letting go of former things after 20 years is difficult.  There are very few things that retain value or increase in value.”

Me:  “Well, I know what has… my walk and my dreams.  You have blessed me, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I will continue.  You are experiencing a tidal wave of evil.  The wicked wave has swept across the lands.  However, do not worry as their rejoicing is about to turn into mourning as those who delight in evil will receive more evil turned back upon them for all they have done.  Do not worry as all of this had to come before it became ‘My Turn’.  When My Great Wave of Miracles come, many will hide in fear.

“They will hide in fear because of things that were said against Me, My Kingdom and the children of God.  As there is no fear of God right now, evil is free to move about.  However, I will soon flip tables upon them and terror will be their punishing rod.  They will be unable to sleep or find rest as dreams and visions of their deeds will be ever before them.  They will find no relief no matter where they try to run and hide.

“Now rejoice, Erin, rejoice!  Tell your friends on My Nest to rejoice.  I love you!  I love all of you!  I am with your family.  I am with your friends.  Enjoy this day.  Do not worry as your treasures are stored up in Heaven as well as on Earth.”

Dream over…

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