Dream 528 – Time to Imagine the Unimaginable

Received on Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all we have.  Thank You for my husband, our children and our Nest friends.  The blessings of this fellowship are beyond what I ever imagined.  I had three quite vivid dreams last night…

Sub-dream 1 “The Giant Chess Game” begins…

While I could not see the players in great detail, I was viewing a real-life chess game.  The white pieces represented the Church and the black pieces represented the world.  In this game, the chess pieces represented the following…

  • The Pawn: As the pawn’s movements are extremely limited, these pieces had the least amount of power.
  • The Bishop: Has the power to move in an X-Pattern.
  • The Knight: Has more freedom as it can jump pieces in an L-Pattern.
  • The Rook: Has the power to move in a +-Pattern.
  • The Queen: Has the power to move in either an X-Pattern or a +-Pattern.  A powerful piece, the Queen is used to protect the King.
  • The King: The King is the most important piece on the board.  It cannot be captured or the game is over.

The Church side was united under the core belief of ‘one God, one way’.  There were stronger pieces and weaker pieces.  The world side was after the Church side, but especially the Queen.  The Church side was represented as follows…

  • The White Queen: Represents the Bride of Christ.
  • The White Rooks: Represents the Prophets of God.
  • The White Knights: Represents the swift speed in which the Good News could be spread.
  • The White Pawns and the White Bishops: These pieces were easy targets for the world side to ‘pick off’.

The Church side wanted to take over the entire board, but truly for the good of all.  While the game began fairly, I then saw the evil world side begin to add players and change the rules against the opposition.  They would then gloat and celebrate their victories.  As I watched, the pieces moved themselves.  After a while, the white pieces were finally lined up against the black side.

However, the world side now had three times the pieces as the Church side.  This is because the white side had continuously obeyed the rules.  I then saw a stick similar to a craps table stick remove all of the white pieces but the White Queen and the White King from the board.  The White Queen was now almost down, barely hanging off of the edge.  There was great cheering from the world side as they celebrated.

Without warning, the Hand of God came down and crushed the black pieces into powder.  After this, the world side was no longer celebrating.  Their celebrations had completely ceased and was replaced with sheer terror.  The Hand of God then propped up the White Queen, the Bride, near her White King.

The White King was then elevated.  Thousands upon thousands of white pieces of many shapes then appeared for the ensuing celebration.  There were no longer any black pieces remaining.  All of the black pieces were gone.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “The Beloved Evil Queen” begins…

I saw a queen.  She was wearing a beautiful long tapestry robe.  The trim on her robe was made of white mink.  She held something like a eucharist crossed over with a staff.  Her crown was purple velvet overlaid in gold and jewels.  On top of her crown was a cross.  I watched as she stepped up onto her throne.  All came to bow before her at her throne.  I then noticed something upon closer observation.

She was neither male nor female.  She wielded great power.  Men were so enthralled by her beauty that they paid her great wealth to come to her tent.  Women also gave all they had to lay with her.  All was permissible under her.  People even brought their children to her.  They did not see her evil.  They did not smell the stench of all the foul smells coming from her tent.  People did not care as they loved her.

Sub-dream 2 over…

We drove right by a red fox yesterday.  The colors of the fallen maple leaves blended with its coat.  It stared at us.  Its eyes were yellow and orange, the same color as its coat.  Amazingly beautiful, yet ominous at the same time.  This was not something I will quickly forget.

Last night, I went outside after dinner to look at a project my husband had just completed.  Right across from our driveway was a porcupine staring at me.  I didn’t want it to destroy any more of our trees, so I ran it off into the dark woods.  One of our beautiful maple trees may not live because a porcupine had stripped its bark.  With thousands of trees in the forest to choose from, they choose our most visible ones.

Father, these are direct signs from You.  We even had an eagle circle overhead while I was driving this morning.  On my way home, I prayed and worshipped the greatness of You.  So many people have such great needs.  There is evidence everywhere of Your Good Name being removed.

We still remain hopeful in a world full of liars and thieves.  We believe that You will soon fulfill Your promises.  We believe that You will soon restore us.  We believe that You will soon bring truth back into this fallen world.  We believe that You will soon reconcile back to us what the enemy has stolen.  I pray for this in Your Mighty Name, the Name of Jesus, Amen!

I had another dream last night.  This dream was quite an epic one at that…

Sub-dream 3 “A Poor Family’s Misfortune is Reversed in an instant” begins…

I had organized a youth event in a very poor town.  The town was mostly abandoned.  We sent messengers door to door in very poor conditions in order to search for children who might want to come to this event.  We had food and food boxes, as well as gifts.  We were also sent to heal.  However, when it came time to begin, only three children came.  I approached the three children.

Me:  “Where are the rest of your friends?”

A girl looked over at me to answer.  While she was very thin and only looked about seven years old, I later found out that she was twelve years old.

Girl:  “The children are hiding from you.  A man came around telling us that you were coming to hurt them.  We were the few that didn’t believe him.”

Me:  “Well, we are here to help you, not hurt you.  Could you bring me to your friends?  I promise you that it will be great.”

The girl held my hand and had us start at the farthest location away from town.  We then went up to a house and she called out a boy’s name that I could not hear properly.  I then heard a baby start to cry.

Girl:  “His folks aren’t around much.  His dad is a miner.  His mom is not around.”

I went up to the door.  As I did, the Lord gave me the boy’s name.  It was Tommy.  Since the door had no handle, I was able to simply walk in.  I called out to him…

Me:  “Tommy, your friends are here with me to help you.”

When we stepped in, I saw the baby that was crying.  The baby was a toddler.  He held his arms up for me to pick him up.  He was covered in filth and had no diaper.  There was no floor in the house, only packed clay.  When I picked up the baby, he was instantly healed.  He now had new clean clothes and a fresh bottle.

Me:  “Your little baby brother is now healed.  Do you want to come out and see?”

Girl:  Calling out to me.  “He is in this room.”  She pointed to his room.  “He is here.”

I went over to his room and opened the door.  He was crouched under soiled bedding and cardboard.  The smell was horrible.

Me:  “Tommy, Jesus sent me to fix up your place, give you food and bring you out to have some fun.”

He was afraid to look up at me.  Even though he was young, I could tell that he was embarrassed by the conditions.  I prayed to the Father with great might and there immediately was a great flash of light.  In an instant, everything changed and the house became unrecognizable in the very best of ways…

  • The house now had a solid foundation, complete with deluxe flooring.
  • Each bedroom now had a comfortable and clean bed.
  • There was now running water and electricity.
  • The kitchen was renovated, complete with new appliances.
  • The bathroom was completely updated.
  • They now had both living and dining areas.
  • Every inch of the house was made beautiful, bright and clean.
  • The house now had an amazing ‘new house smell’.
  • The new living room had a fireplace and comfortable furniture.
  • There were even some chocolate chip cookies warm and ready in the oven.

Just then, the timer for the cookies went off…

Me:  “Oh look, the chocolate chip cookies are ready.  Tommy, can you help me with these cookies please?”

Tommy was in shock and couldn’t yet comprehend all of the great changes that had just happened to his surroundings.

Me:  Smiling.  “Look around.  Once you are done, we can pull the cookies out together.”

No sooner had I turned my back to Tommy than he screamed with joy.  He was now laughing and smiling.  Tears of joy were coming down.  He came up to me and hugged me.  He was now crying uncontrollably.  I could see he was about 10 or 11 years old.

Tommy:  He pointed up to the sky to God.  “My prayers… my prayers…”

I could tell that he had a speech impediment.  I hugged him and could feel how very thin he was.  He cried on my shoulder.  I then prayed to the Lord on Tommy’s behalf.

Me:  “Jesus, please heal Tommy!”

There was a flash.  In an instant, Tommy was a healthy weight.  He was no longer so thin.  He could now speak clearly.  He had been fully healed.  He went over and hugged his little baby brother.

Tommy:  “I am sorry.  I am so sorry.”

Me:  “Tommy, it is not your fault.  Jesus has you now.  You won’t be alone again.”

After eating some fresh cookies, the kids became excited to help me find even more of their friends.  They led me outside.  The kids then looked back at Tommy’s home and celebrated with some more screams of joy.  It was a beautiful home with a manicured lawn and garden.  I carried the toddler as we went to more homes and found more of their friends.  As we did, I prayed to the Lord…

Me:  “Oh Lord, would You please reconstruct this town?  Will You add businesses and parks to restore everything to being better than before?”

Well, His answer must have been yes.  Not only did He restore the town, but He replaced it with a new city, complete with peaceful beautiful homes and lots of recreational facilities and parks.  He then created a large church with amazing architecture for all to come and celebrate and worship.  This all happened in a day.  Thousands of people in this town were then healed.

More importantly, they also had their faith restored.  Families were reunited and healed.  No one was abandoned.  All in all, a few hundred homes were completely refurbished to match the dreams and prayers of the people living there, but especially the prayers of the children.  As for me and those who were with me, I can’t tell you how it deepened our love for God even more.

Sub-dream 3 over…

There is nothing like seeing the hopelessness of a poor child be changed to such great joy.  As a child, it was what I had always imagined.  I didn’t want a mansion.  I just wanted a clean and orderly house with peace and love.  I wanted a white picket fence.  I wanted a puppy that wouldn’t die or get lost.  I wanted cookies instead of fighting and worries.  I wanted simple truth and peace.

We were poor.  I didn’t know Jesus.  However, I still somehow knew there was ‘a God’.  I felt it.  Since I somehow ‘just knew’, I also somehow knew to pray to ‘this God’.  How many more are like I was, Lord?  How many out there are poor with no hope and no promise for more?

Me:  “Oh Lord, please heal us and send us to those who need to hear the Good News of You.  Jesus, You are here!  Jesus, You hear their cries.  You and You alone are the God of Miracles.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I will do all that I have promised.  I am about to do a new thing.  Who can perceive it?  Who can imagine the unimaginable?”

Me:  “Lord, my dream was so real.  I was there.  I could smell.  I could feel.  Was I really there?  All of this is such a mystery to me.”

Jesus:  “Erin, there are millions of hopeless children.  I am with all of them.  I carry them as lambs close to My heart.  There is no one closer to Me than those I carry, understand?  So, when I tell you to allow Me to carry you, you allowing Me to lift you up is the surrender of yourself to Me.  When you allow this, you are closer to My heart.  When you allow Me to carry you like a child trusting their fate into the hands of a good father, I will then fully take you to places you would never be able to go on your own.”

Me:  Crying.  “Lord, I didn’t know this act of trust means so much to You.”

Jesus:  “Well, sometimes you still walk on your own.  Since you now know the difference, which one is better?”

Me:  “Oh, by far, in Your arms.  When I am in Your arms, I am close to Your heart.”

Jesus:  “While this is true, you are also close to Me because I am now in you.  Your heart has now been expanded from just taking down the wicked to also being a part of the healing and revival to soon come.  This will be My new Church under Heaven, but still here on Earth.  Any of you who go out with Me working in you will heal and show signs and wonders.

“Erin, you will not just hear about these stories.  You will instead be a Vessel in these to deliver the miracles and the Good News.  I am the God of the Impossible.  With Me, I am the Beginning and the End.  I am now going to build back much better than it has ever been.  Rejoice, Erin, for what you have prayed for, I have answered.  My Spirit is upon you to preach the Good News!”

Dream over…

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