Dream 533 – His Great Care in Hiding Us, His Hidden Ones

Finished on Sunday, November 7, 2021

Received on Saturday, November 6, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  Thank You for Your incredible grace and mercy.  What You have done for us is truly a miracle.  We are so very blessed by You.  You answered my cries and granted us help.  At times, my tears were daily.  Father, I never want to take for granted anything You have done.  I do not want to be a fool or ever act in arrogance or self-righteousness.

Please forgive me if, in the past, I ever acted this way.  The enemy wants us to live in fear.  Please release the grip of fear that has fallen upon Your people.  Please deliver us.  Please let Your Kingdom come, let Your Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Make Heaven visible through us.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here with you, Erin.  This is different than the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is like an unction, a Heavenly Two-Way Paging Device.  Now I am with you.  Wherever you go, I am with you.  You only have to ask and I will answer.  I will speak.  Now, your concerns are valid.  There are cases of the persecution of My people on grand scales.  You have heard many bad reports, those that are told and are able to be reported on.

“However, so much of this is now canceled or filtered, never seeing the light of day.  As you would say… truth is being suppressed.  However, you must understand this… the New World Order is an evil government made of liars, injustice, racists and haters of God.  This government now calls for silence and even the death of anyone who dares to speak the truth.  The truth is now called lies and the lies are now called ‘the new truth’.

“All that you are accused of is exactly what they are doing.  They are evil because this is the new order of evil on full display.  Erin, the enemy was not given permission to be omnipresent.  Being omnipresent is solely relegated to God in Heaven and the Son of God, the One who is in you.  The enemy has devised a counterfeit whereby he can access anything he chooses, an artificial ‘omnipresence’.

“This artificial ‘omnipresence’ is in the form of data and information.  He is using this against My people now.  He is planning a great wealth transfer from what little you have to those who have not earned it.  Theft is next.  This can come in many forms and can even be written into law.  This includes taxes becoming increasingly unfair.  They are trying to ‘tax all hope’.

“They want to facilitate the taking of property for unjust reasons at any time and call it ‘investigating an ongoing open case.’  This then stalls the dissemination of information to the offended party.  This then leads into a new plan… ‘see it, want it, take it and then even have the original owners pay for it’.”

Me:  “Lord, this makes me sick.  Oh Lord, please don’t allow this.  Please!”

Jesus:  “Erin, North America was the last order of business and the first order of business.  America sold out to foreigners decades ago.  Many were then paid handsomely to ignore the sellout.  There were warnings.  There were clarion calls.  While evil continuously progressed, much was hidden.  In the year 2000, I gave you a great vision that came with instructions.

“Later on, on September 11, 2001, the Towers fell and the judgment clock started.  No one stood at the 3rd, 4th and 5th watches of the night.  I sent judgment.  Whoever turns from their wickedness to Me will be saved.  I then gave 19 years.  In great compassion and in the last year, I then sent a punishing rod to the nations.  This was one last warning to turn from wickedness and follow Me.  Very few took up the challenge.

“The plague I sent kept people locked in their homes in isolation.  While in isolation, the enemy gained more control.  Some leaders verbally slipped the intentions of the New World Order.  However, the news ignored it.  Their plans of darkness are very evil.  All are ordered to declare that there is NO New World Order until there is one and then there will be none left strong enough to fight it.

“They are erasing history.  You only have to purchase history books at a used bookstore or dust off encyclopedias to see that much has already been erased.  These sources will soon be the closest to the truth going forward.  While your generation was taught how to read and write, your children only use their devices.  These are then graded in school.  However, who is it that controls the information found on these devices?  Who spreads lies and filters truth?  While this is the enemy, it was foretold and allowed.

“Erin, I can see that you are now worried.  Why?  Erin, I have carried you all this way and I am still carrying you.  I know you are ill.  I know you are worried.  I know it feels like you are under attack from all sides.  However, I am in you, your family and all those I have called.  They are hidden and will remain concealed until I unveil you.

“There is still much to do.  I will not let you fall.  The enemy will not proclaim victory of any kind over you.  I love you.  Your heart is ever before Me.  You have achieved what I have asked of you.  As you are now… a great Arrow in My Quiver… why would I even consider crushing you now?”

Me:  “You will if it is in Your Will, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, this is not in My Will.  I am the Archer.  Is it of My benefit to fracture the Arrows in My Quiver?  As a General over My Army, is it smart to dishearten and injure My best fighting warriors?  Just as a Quiver of Arrows are concealed, so too are the fighting warriors hidden until I use them to remove the enemy.  They can try to call, taunt, threaten and even cajole.  However, what I conceal, no scheme of man will uncover, understand?  Now, I know you question My plans at times.”

Me:  “Lord, I don’t question Your plans.  I instead question my abilities… or capabilities… to understand them.  I try to look to Your promises.  I then wonder if this is all for Heaven and not for here on Earth.”

Jesus:  “Then ask Me!  I am here in all watches of the day and night.  I am here in your comings and your goings.  You are beginning to breakaway from the world.  This is happening slowly, but surely.  The enemy, along with those envious it is not them, will later study your past habits and say…

“What?  This makes no sense!  A child of God with such great abilities should not need to replace a worn-out appliance.  She should not need to purchase medicine.  Why do they not attend a church on a regular basis?  Why does she buy goods from discount places and thrift stores?  Why would God choose an old sickly bride, one who comes from such poor DNA?  She is of mixed race!  This woman has gone bankrupt.  God would surely not choose someone such as her.

“Well, Erin, I tell you the truth… I have chosen you.  You are My Bride.  I am with you.  Do not worry.  Give all that you have to Me.  I am about to change everything.”

Me:  “I know You will… but when?  When, Lord?  Please hurry!

Jesus:  “Erin, remember My promises.  I have not taken you this far to remove My favor.  I dwell in you now.  You are a daughter of the King.  Erin, I gave you all you have and I will give you even more.  I am about to do something so great that you cannot even imagine it.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I have you, Erin.  Do not worry.  I love you.  Enjoy the day.  Rejoice!”

Received on Sunday, November 7, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for allowing me another dawn to wake up to.  Father, I love You and I am thankful for You granting me breath in my lungs and joy in my heart.  Although my body is ill, I can rejoice in gratitude that You take care of all things.  Though this life has brought me great pain, I am so very blessed to have come to know You.  I love You, Father, and You love me.  I am blessed to have become Your friend.

Father, when doctors give bad reports, it makes me look back to the promises You gave me to see if these align with what You wrote and signed.  They do not.  Either Your time of Great Changes are any day now or I might have to endure troubles and treatments prior to Your Grand Miracles.

Today is my Sabbath rest day.  To keep myself busy off and on for the last 12 days, I decorated for Christmas.  In a Personal Word, You had told me to go ahead and start decorating early this year.  I know there are a lot of Christians apposed to Christmas.  However, I don’t worship Christmas decorations or things that are commercial in nature.  Father, I worship You and You alone.  You are the Maker of this season.

You are also the Creator of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.  In each home, it is the celebration of joy and family.  If it is not a celebration due to circumstances, it is still the promise of a future celebration.  Regardless, I just love the lights.  I have always enjoyed the lights and so have my children.  However, all of my fond distant memories of Christmas tended to occur at our relative’s homes.

As for my childhood home, we never set up a tree.  This lack of tree was a ‘tradition’ in both my elementary and middle school years.  Either way, our home was not associated with any real Christmas memories.  After we moved to Idaho and I was attending high school, we then made some Christmas memories.  However, my most unusual memories centers around our Christmas in 1975 when I was almost 13 years old.

For Christmas 1975, we traveled throughout the USA.  My mom purchased a brand-new Ford Econoline Van.  It was green in color in honor of my late stepdad’s favorite color.  We took three months off from school and traveled to historical sites across the USA.  When Christmas arrived, my mom purchased a small live potted pine tree.  We decorated it with special items we had found during our trip.  The actual day of Christmas in 1975 was spent in a campground near Washington DC… a real adventure.

I don’t know if I have ever topped that adventure for my own children.  However, without even realizing it and when I look back, I actually did create fairly stable Christmas traditions and memories.  Each one of our children look forward to this.  Thank You, Father.  We invite You into our home everyday and pray You never leave us.

Me:  “Oh Father, please provide an Open Heaven over us!  Please pour down healing rains.  Please heal us.  Please display so much goodness through us that we are overwhelmed by all of You.  I am joyful, excited and scared all at the same time.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  I have not forgotten you.”

Me:  “Sometimes I feel forgotten.  The doctors’ reports are not good.  Please let me live.  I want to be here to see all that You have promised.  I want to live, Lord.  I want to make it back to Bend OR someday.  I want to see my children into adulthood.  I want to remain here.  Please do not keep us hidden for much longer, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I have heard your cries.  I promise that you will live in My Fullness of Glory.  I promise I will shine upon your face with the luster of My Light.  I am not finished with you, Erin.  I am in you and My Glory will come upon you in full measure.  As the enemy has his regiments and various branches of soldiers, so too do I.  However, Mine are more varied and more powerful.

“I know that you hear of miracles in one area and an outbreak of revival in a distant land.  These are but small contractions as My larger birth of the Manifestation of Heaven is about to be revealed.  I know you are discouraged and grow tired of hearing Me say ‘wait for it!’  However, I promise to deliver on My Words.

“Now, there is not one person apart from those I have sent who would say ‘one of the Hidden is in Erin’s household!’  You display nothing to point the adversary your way at all.  You are rarely on technology.  Your physical disabilities and other illnesses make you least likely to be one of My Hidden.  When I hide My people… well, I truly hide them.  There is a reason I have kept you without successes as well.

“Now, relax and know that I am God.  The world is not expecting you, your family or your friends.  The world is expecting large public proclamations and displays.  The world is expecting television appearances and other ‘airway technologies’ displaying massive congregations and key note preachers.

“While these are good and have had their times, there will soon be an even greater outpouring and display.  This outpouring and display will not be focused on one man.  This outpouring and display will be focused on God and His Kingdom and only on God and His Kingdom.

“Erin, no ‘one man’ will be a savior.  This will be how you will know the difference between My Glory and that of the world.  The times of self-edification have inactivated many who claimed to be called by Me.  While I did call many of these, they then rose by their own power and I then became less as they then became more.

“Now, do not confuse this with publicly shouting that the Kingdom of Heaven is near.  There are those I have called as clarions of this time.  However, beware that there will also be counterfeit displays to My miracles.  This will be through sorcery and illusion.  This happened back in the times of Moses and Aaron in front of the Pharoah and will be repeated in these times.

“That same spirit is alive today and stands ready to stand against the Kingdom of Righteousness.  However, not one of them is prepared… no scheme of man, no savior for evil… will anticipate what has never been done before by Me.  While you believe that you understand what is coming based on your dreams that I have sent in advance to prepare you, you cannot fully comprehend what comes until it is actually upon you!  As of right now…

  • The enemy sees Me as weak and silent.
  • This man (the emerging world leader) works overtime to call Me out.
  • This man mocks and rivals My Truth and spins a web of great deceit.
  • Ordinary men are no match for this man who claims to be everywhere, yet, to Me, is nowhere.
  • This man changes small things only to then segue them into much grander punishments and restrictions.
  • This man enjoys taking away that which is good and adding that which is bad.
  • This man enjoys sorrow and despises laughter.
  • This man pants after wailing prayers like course nails against steel vs sweet uplifting prayers and sweet melodies of healing praises.
  • This man prefers fighting and invasions to peace and abundant living in the lands of the free.
  • This man feels safer when criminals are free and feels threatened when safety and freedom from fear is practiced.
  • This man is the ‘man of chaos’.
  • This man sends bad news, lies and upheaval so that people will run after him to save them.
  • This man seeks to remove rules and government so that he can again rise to power unopposed.
  • This man has leaders who chase after him.

“Even though these are his plans, his plans will not prevail.  I am God and I will not be mocked.  The man with ‘cloven feet’ will not remain during the times of My Army.  I am God over him.  Beautiful are the feet who send Good News.  Cloven are the feet of those who spread lies and blasphemies.  I know where this man resides.  While I know this man’s comings and goings, he does not know Mine.

“Erin, I have not forgotten My people.  I will protect those whom remain under My Wings.  Allow Me to carry you.  Your freedom is with Me.  The life-giving words of My Spirit is in you.  Do not worry.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, Your people are worn down and tired now.  The enemy is aggressive and his aggressiveness now increases without ceasing.  All we hear about now is more and more bad news.  All we hear about now is doom and gloom.”

Jesus:  “I know that you are disheartened, as are many others on the Nest.  There are many good reasons for feeling this way.  Still, I know you are weary.  I know you ask yourself ‘am I going mad?’  However, you are not.  Erin, if I had told you 21 years ago that I have something special planned for you, but it will mean…

  • That you will be obscure and, at times, fighting the world.
  • That you would often be alone with no one to help you.
  • That you would remain ill, not being able to do much other than write in journals.

“While still at the top of your career, would you have taken up that cross?  Would you have done this knowing it would mean…

  • That you would be a slave to others.
  • That others would take all the credit for your work.
  • That others not as trained would be elevated and would mock you.
  • That your sons and daughter would struggle greatly.

“Would you have done all these things for this special call of God?  Erin, would you?”

Me:  “When You put it this way, would anyone?  Still, Lord, I am glad I did.  My husband and I run after You.  His children and my children run after You.  Our Nest runs after You.  I have seen the place You have prepared for all those who love You.  It is beautiful beyond words.  Heaven is a place filled with good things… the best fruit and bread… but, really, all food in general.  All that is there is pure and perfect.

“The water there lives and gives life.  The air there is pure and exhilarating.  Everything lives there because Your breath has breathed life into all of it.  There is nothing dead there.  Things we were told that would never be in Heaven, like animals and furry companions, are there.  The lions lay down and rest with the lambs in green pastures.

“There is nothing annoying or disturbing.  There is no fear or anxiety.  There are no locks.  There are no trespassers.  There are so many discoveries waiting for us in Heaven that there is no way to even describe all that You have planned for all those who love You.

“Without my heart stopping in 2004 and 2008, I am not sure I would have been able to endure this long suffering.  Well, if I really put this into perspective… what is waiting just a little longer when so many souls are now at stake.”

Jesus:  “Very good.  You are correct.  Without great notoriety, public acclaim and public visibility, very few would agree to this.”

Me:  “Okay, Lord, so what is next?  Watching everything going into destruction is hard.”

Jesus:  “Yes.  The gates of hell are now on display on the Earth.  Well then, what will it be like when Heaven is put on display on the Earth instead.  This will be quite the contrast, will it not?”

Me:  “Oh yes, absolutely!  Please, Lord, do this soon… as in now… as in immediately!”

Jesus:  “I have you, Erin.  Now, the leader currently in power was given his injection.  This injection then amplified his condition.  His condition is now on full display.  Very soon, he will become hard to control.  While this is by the enemy’s design, it has been allowed by Me.”

Me:  “So, this vaccine enhances our illnesses?  Exactly what kind of vaccine is this?”

Jesus:  “Unfortunately, it wakes up that which is asleep and unveils the hidden enemy within.  You are not to worry though, Erin, as those forced to take this will not be harmed.  There are even more sinister plots in the works behind the scenes.  However, all will now be brought to the forefront.

“Now, do not worry.  Greater is He Who is in you than the ‘little he’ who is in the world.  Rejoice, Erin, for the Kingdom of Heaven is now here.”

Dream over…

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