Dream 536 – The Lord sends His Angels Ahead of the Battle

Received on Sunday, November 21, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all You do.  The last two weeks have been the most discouraging to date.  All areas in our lives are under attack…

  • Spiritual
  • Physical / Health
  • Financial / Provisional
  • Relational
  • Emotional

After three months of relative peace, the enemy has been hammering away at us the last little while.  I have cried at random times.  I had to go back over old files and documents once again.  This stirred up memories of long-ago agonizing battles.  It was only through the miracles of You that we endured.  I certainly never did anything aside from You that was beneficial.

When combing through documents, I saw times when I had become disheartened.  I lost so many of my battles.  It was so difficult because it was as if no one read the evidence given to them on my behalf.  I was instead judged based on my circumstances and not by the acts of the one who caused all of this.  The bottom line seemed to be that I was stupid and somehow deserving of what was happening to me.  I guess they figured my children deserved it too.

I found the photos from the police in a file of my youngest son when he was only five.  Time had somehow lessened my memory of how bad the beating was from his father, the one man who should have been protecting him instead.  So much flooded my memories within seconds of looking over this evidence against this ‘man’.  After this flood of memories, I began to wrestle with You.

I mourned for anyone who has gone through this with a child.  I am just so thankful my son is still alive.  With my personal ambitions removed, I made my children my priority.  I spent day after day on my knees to You without knowing if You had heard me.  I thought I could be like the ‘persistent widow’ in Luke 18:1-8.  I thought that You would then get tired of hearing from me day and night and would finally turn Your face towards me and help.

Well, You ended up doing so much more than this.  You returned all of my children to me.  Even though I have still not been vindicated, people still sought me out to work on their home designs.  It made no sense.  If I was such a horrible person, why would they want to still do business with me.  I feel I now know why.  I believe these people knew in their hearts that what was said of me were complete lies.

As I continued to go through documents, I dialogued with You.  Father, I still have so many questions about all that has occurred.  My personal battles were long and unfair.  They never seemed to really end.  The effects of harm done by evil against the innocent has long-lasting effects.  In just a short period of time, something horrible and tragic can destroy the goodness of a joyful life.

Father, I wrestled with You.  At times, I am still mad at all that I had to endure.  I went through the five stages of grief.  I am accepting that I cannot change anything here.  This is clearly Your show and always has been.  As I sat there gathering my necessary documents, my sight grew dim.  The many lamps in my devotional room were no longer helping me to see.  Since I could no longer make out the pages, I stopped.

Oh Lord, my candle is now burning so low.  Each one of our children is struggling with unfair situations.  There can be no other reason for this than us having to be closer than ever to Your coming Great Move!  Father, I am now looking for the incredible.  As I shared my thoughts with you, a chickadee landed on my window screen.  He was only inches from my head and actively talking to me.  I smiled as I wrote down my dream…

Sub-dream 1 “Questions from Strangers” begins…

Lately, my dreams have involved neighbors and other people I don’t really know approaching me with questions about You.  At least three of them involved people approaching me who weren’t Christians.  These non-Christians then treated me as if I were a psychic.  Each one had separate questions…

  • One had questions about the death of a loved one. Where did they go?
  • Another was a young man who wanted to know if he should take a fellowship in a distant city.
  • Another asked me about the forgiveness of God.

In these dreams, You had given me supernatural knowledge about each of them.  Even though the answers from You could be brutal, they continued to pursue the truth.  It was then that I understood how someone bent on evil could easily manipulate vulnerable people like those in my dreams that are looking for answers.  I prayed to the Lord for their protection and to lead them to trustworthy sources instead.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “Teaching on How to Properly React” begins…

I was meeting other people that were ‘unlikable’.  The Lord then had me hold off reacting.  He then showed me that there were layers to the evil behind a situation that were far greater than I realized.  While He then had me help some, He also had me skillfully avoid others.  He taught me to stay silent when being falsely accused.  He also taught me to answer truth with truth.

Sub-dream 2 over…

After experiencing my ‘dimly lit room’, I knew that God was showing me a more deceptive plot in place of which no light could be shed if I continued to try and prove my case.  What He then directed me to do was incredibly brilliant.  It was so brilliant that I knew it had to come from Him.  When I told my husband, he wholeheartedly agreed that such brilliant advice could only come from God.

I had an interesting visit with my friend from Portland OR on the morning of Friday, November 19, 2021, just a few hours after the longest partial blood moon lunar eclipse in a span of over 1000 years.  While I didn’t have much time to meet with her, we had fun visiting a couple of our favorite thrift stores.  Things felt ominous though, not only because of the blood moon, but also because we were waiting for the verdict on Kyle Rittenhouse.  While not sure, I really felt that this was a significant day to You.

We then went into the first thrift store.  When I entered the store, I was immediately drawn to a doll about 14 inches high on a doll stand.  While I do not collect dolls nor do I ever even really look at them, this one seemed quite different to me.  I picked it up knowing it was very valuable as it was in perfect condition.

All of her clothes looked handmade.  She wore a blue wool jacket, a blue plaid linen dress, white linen undergarments and blue leather shoes.  She also wore a hat that matched her jacket.  She had blue eyes and long curly golden hair.  Unlike so many dolls, her face was not scary at all.

The price for this beautiful doll was only $8, so I picked it up.  I then looked for some identifier.  However, no matter how hard I looked, I could not find a signature, a tag or a mark of any kind.  I walked around the store with it.  I was still trying to decide if I should keep this doll.  My friend looked at what was in my cart with complete shock.

Friend:  “Why do you have that?”

Me:  “I am not really sure.  There is something about it.  My husband will surely think I have lost my marbles as he knows that I don’t collect dolls.”

Friend:  “Hmm, she looks a lot like your daughter.”

Me:  “Well, yes, I guess she does.”

Friend:  Looking at me like I was crazy.  “Well, I guess you did find that one really high-end bear that one time.  You know what you are doing.”

Me:  “For the price of a latte, it is worth the risk.  Someone spent many hours on this.  I have never seen anything quite like her before.”

Friend:  Shrugging her shoulders.  “The resale doll market is horrible.”

Me:  “I would keep this.  If I eventually don’t want it, I will just donate it.”

I was done shopping and headed to the cash register with my doll.  The woman at the register looked surprised at my find.

Clerk:  “I have not seen this doll before.  Where did you find it?”

Me:  Pointing to the window where I had found her.  “I picked her up over there.”

Clerk:  Looking shocked.  “Wow, that is impossible.  I was just dusting there when the store first opened.  The doll wasn’t there.  This doll is in incredibly good shape.”

When I brought the doll back home, I suddenly realized that the face of the doll looked familiar.  However, no matter how hard I tried, I could not place her.  I knew it was not the looks of my daughter, so who then?  This doll would come into play in my dream later that night…

Sub-dream 3 “My Doll looks like My Long-Ago Angel” begins…

I had a dream of the angel with beautiful shoes who literally came into my store in 1996 right in front of witnesses.  While I can remember so many things about her, I could never recall the look of her face with any clarity.  The three witnesses in my shop said she sounded like an elderly woman singing to me.  However, they were then shocked when they looked to see that she actually looked young and was in very high-end clothing.  One of the witnesses said that she didn’t look like she was from around here.

When the angel spoke to me, her voice had a similar supernatural quality to that of Jesus and the other angels.  What I mean by this is that there are no voices like this here on Earth.  Her voice was perfect and had no ‘irritating’ voice identifiers.  All of the angels are unique and perfected, including even their laughter.  All humans, especially once you have been around someone in particular for a while, have voice flaws that become apparent over time.

Note:  Enoch and Elijah are special cases as they are in Heaven yet never died on Earth.  While they still have young faces, their wisdom in their speaking voices, as well as their mannerisms, clearly mark them as more ‘Heavenly’ and older in age.  While they sound ‘almost’ like angels, they don’t fully do so.  This is hard to describe.

It then finally hit me.  The face of this angel looked similar to the face of my new doll.  I suddenly realized that this is why I was drawn to the doll.  She looked like the angel I remembered.  When I later wanted to post a picture of this doll’s face on the Nest, I then felt a check in my Spirit that this was not to be distributed.  With sadness, I am therefore keeping this to myself (well, other than sharing this with my husband).

As this dream was about to end, I heard the bells on my shop door (The Paisley Plum, Ltd.) ring.  The door opened and there was a bright light.  The light was so bright that I could not make out the form, only the shoes.  I then heard an angelic voice.  While I could not make out who the angel was, the words spoken were clear…

Angel:  “Erin, I have a message for you from God.”

I then woke from this dream so suddenly that I knew I was to specifically note this.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Me:  “Oh Lord, You are here with me, right?  What are You trying to tell me?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Finally, she stops guessing as to what I am doing and turns to ask Me.  A miracle has indeed occurred today!”

Me:  Laughing.  “Oh Lord, I am so sorry.  I have been so distraught.  I have been so scared for the world, our children, our Nest friends and my health.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, there are so many things that you have no control over.  Indeed, you have no control over any of these items.  So then, I must ask… why are you taking all of this on?”

Me:  “As You know, Lord, I have had to gather proof to fight against their mistake.  I know that I am ‘in the right’ on this one.”

Jesus:  “Perhaps you are, but at what cost?  Erin, what they are requiring of you is designed to disclose information that will harm your life.  It is meant by the enemy to ensnare you.  It is a trap by which they have a greater goal.  Now, remove their ability by doing nothing except waiting for their ‘evidence’.  The burden of proof is on them.  They will trip themselves up.  Do not worry and do not entertain fools.

“Allow Me to carry you.  Give them no power.  Send only what is asked and no more.  They are expecting a fight.  Give this all to Me.  I have and always will take care of you.  Now, why have I allowed so many troubles right now?  This is so the enemy exposes his true hatred against My people.  Remember, what seems like confusion that garners great attention is actually a distraction away from a hidden agenda.

“The enemy seeks to overcome My people by wearing them down.  The enemy does this by every means necessary to achieve a common goal.  The enemy wants to extinguish your light so his evil can flourish in the darkness.  Light exposes the activity of evil.  This is why it is rare that they operate in the light of day.

“Evil now seems to have no boundaries.  Evil now seems to have destroyed law and order.  Erin, this is lawlessness in action.  Though this lawlessness has been foretold in My Word, always remember that God is in complete control.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, You are so wise.  I am sorry for being upset at You.  I am so sorry.”

Jesus:  “I have forgiven you.  Now, you have one goal here today… love the Lord God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind.  As we are now one, we cannot be divided.  I am the light in you.  Beautiful are your feet which bring Good News.  Every time you worry or react to the world, you are taking on the world aside from Me.  You then take on burdens of the world that are too heavy for you to bear.

“Erin, you are to talk to Me instead.  I am here.  You hear My Voice.  The second you ask, I answer.  Sometimes you avoid asking because you fear My answer.  Do not worry and do not fear as I do all things for your good.  When you walk on your own instead of with Me, you become sleepless, your headaches increase and you have no peace.  Erin, shall I continue?”

Me:  “No, Lord.  I am sorry.”

Jesus:  “Stop.  This is wise counsel and instruction for you, not condemnation.  You do not understand.  You have a new Tool… God in you.  This is different than the Counselor sent.  I have given you a new Weapon.  Your habit of independence gives no room for Me to work.  When this happens, I am quiet.  I am then more like a guest in your home instead of your Voice and Creator.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, You must be rolling Your eyes, tapping Your fingers and shaking Your head.”

Jesus:  “Enoch and Elijah met you in a vision over 21 years ago.  They spoke to each other and communicated with no words.  They then spoke to you with their lips so you could understand.  Erin, I am here.  You and I are as one.  We communicate with hidden words.  I do not need to speak to you in parables anymore.  As this is all still new to you, you are still struggling to understand this.  When you struggle, I send signs and wonders to get your attention.”

Me:  Pulling out an old document.  “What should I make of this?”

Jesus:  “Erin, you pulled out this document during your search for evidence.  What is it?”

Me:  “It is a legal document from the Multnomah Defenders, Inc, the State of Oregon, Plaintiff & Victim vs. Defendant Ray Young.  It was a Civil Compromise Agreement from an incident that occurred at 6:00pm, December 20, 1991, in the Pearl District of Portland OR.  I was working as a junior designer at Office Interiors, Inc.

“A man who was naked and on drugs took a newspaper stand and smashed it across my car right in front of me.  The man was crazy.  It was cold outside too.  His mouth was drooling.  The police came to arrest him within seconds.  They were parked a block away and had witnessed it.  The policemen were very nice.

“While insurance covered the damages, I was still shaken.  I decided to look for another place to work as this area seemed unsafe to me now.  A few months later, I received a letter from Ray Young from the Multnomah County Jail.  In this letter, he apologized to me for everything and promised to change his life.  I was in shock that he would write to me.  In my mind, this was already over.  I had even forgotten about this.”

Jesus:  “This was a turning point for the young man.  You not pressing charges or pursuing a case against him saved his life.  You had mercy on him.”

Me:  “I guess I hadn’t thought much about it.”

Jesus:  “Well, he did.  He was in jail waiting and he thought about all his actions every day.  He lived in fear of you.”

Me:  “I had no idea or I would have done more to help him stop living in fear.”

Jesus:  “No, Erin, this was not to be as this went My way instead.  I showed you this document to let you know that he was set free by your signature.  He changed.  This was good.  Some things which seem small actually have a great impact.  This is like a small stone thrown into still water.  Now, when you come to Me, I will give you peace.  However, I will give you even more…

  • I will give you sound instructions.
  • I will give you clear directions.
  • I will remind you that, less of you, means more of Me.

“Truly, I say this to you… nothing will come against you with any success.  Rejoice, Erin, as all good things that are lovely, make you laugh and bring you joy are gifts that I have sent.  This means ALL good things come from Me.  Even those things which seem bad are turned to good, all for My Glory.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “You are welcome.  Very soon, I will rise up in My people.  Pray, Erin, as there will be a Great Upheaval.  This is good!”

Dream over…

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