Dream 539 – God will thwart the Great Deception

Received on Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love and protection.  Thank You for caring for our children.  Thank You for Your provision during these uncertain times.  I had some dreams last night I need help with.  It seems that much of my sleeping dreams have whole areas that are dimly lit and other smaller areas that are well lit for emphasis.  My last dream was quite odd…

Sub-dream 1 “Fogged up Mirror” begins…

Me:  Speaking to God.  “Who are the harvesters?”

I then saw a supernaturally fogged up large mirror.  I used a white bath towel to wipe the mirror.  I was struggling to see what was being revealed in the mirror.  As quickly as it became clear, the fog returned, giving me no clear answers.

Voice of God:  “Erin, I will make clear the vision soon.  Trust Me to reveal great mysteries at the appointed time.  There is nothing you can understand without My revelation.  Be patient.”.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I got up and spent 45 minutes on my regular routine in quiet.  Doubts crept in.  I am small, so why me?  I am really a no one.  Am I delusional?  I then hear Jesus’ Voice as clear as day tell me ‘No, Erin, I am here.’

I tend to start everyday with big plans, but they are my plans.  God then quickly changes my plans to match His plans for me.  I have learned to accept this as I want God to be the Ruler of my days.  There are days in which I hear Him say ‘Today, you rest, stop as you are tired.’  When I don’t then listen, I tend to be extremely inefficient.  On the bright side, when He tells me to do something and I do, it is extremely efficient.

Me:  “Lord, please grant me wisdom about all of this.  Please help.  I know very little about the prophecies in the Bible.  I am not a Biblical scholar.  While I have read the Bible a couple of times from start to finish, I tend to focus on my favorite parts.  While I have spent a lot of time in Isaiah, Psalms and the Gospels, I need to spend more in other parts.  I have seen things in my dreams that are far above my understanding.  While I know You have done this on purpose, please help me write with discernment.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I give you dreams and visions.  These are Mine.  The enemy has wielded the weapons of fear and deceit over My people.  He has sent these to you.  You fear many things.  It is good to be wise with the discernment of God.  It is foolish to use ‘the discernment’ of the deceiver.

“The great deception has come and has spread throughout the nations.  They break the seals of their own scrolls and sound their own trumpets, all based on fear and great destruction.  Well, Erin, the Great Tool is now with you.  Truth is here as I am in you.  Speak to Me.  Talk to Me.  The moment you turn to Me, I will answer.  Now, there are two leaders seeking different objectives, the Red Dragon and the Black Dragon.

“The emerging world leader on the side of the Black Dragon seeks the destruction of all things.  He promotes chaos in all things.  This leader is already more powerful than any leader before him.  He gains power through the unification of one world power.  In order to achieve his goals, he has allied with ten dominions and their heads.  However, not all of these dominions are physical kingdoms.

“He has been at war with the world from the beginning.  He hates God’s Chosen People.  His ultimate goal is to have as many go to destruction as possible.  This is why he is called the Anti-Christ.  He lies.  Since the beginning, he has established his position.  He led the great rebellion in Heaven against God.

“While I know this seems difficult to understand, he has been a deceiver of many and even angels, but not of God, not of Me.  I sent those with discernment to understand always to look to God for salvation, not to the deceiver, the fallen, the dead or any of the wicked.  Do no covenants or contracts with them.  Do not worship their gods or eat the fruits of their tree.  This will surely lead to death.

“Now, the dominions he has allied with should be obvious as these are being used against the people right now.  Out of fear, other nations are following in line.  You understand this now as they are calling evil good and good evil.  This is so prophecy is fulfilled by their own actions.

“What this deceiver has done and plans to do is worse than any time before in history.  I have explained this again because this spirit entity has originated from Heaven.  When he fell, so too did his followers.  His followers were also deceivers and were also wicked.  When they fell, they used their knowledge of a supernatural order from Heaven to execute war against the children of God.

“They then taught things that were not to be given to man.  However, since they were stripped of all divine gifts and illuminations from God upon arrival, there is nothing new under the heavens for them.  This makes their patterns followable by those who seek Me.  They are cleverer than man.  They also have more knowledge about the things of God, His ways and His character.

“As for this man, he believes he is more powerful than Me.  However, since his patterns do not change, he is easy to detect.  Even though he has now removed himself to a remote location, he still leads from there.”

Me:  “So, is Satan now in this leader?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes.  However, he is unaware that he was raised up in this manner to fulfill the course set out by God.  He instead believes that he blazes his own course.  This will ultimately end very badly for him.  Now, in a dream you recently had, you saw what I call ‘the little horn’, correct?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  This little horn had shifty eyes.  However, the shiftiness of his eyes was enhanced by the fact his mouth was covered with a mask.  In this dream, he would tell us to do something and everyone would then do what he says.”

Jesus:  “Well, Erin, you already know who this man is.  The world also knows who this is.  Make no mistake, this man is wicked.  However, he is also a fool and is soon to be exposed.  Now, why were you afraid of your dreams?”

Me:  “Lord, I don’t like my dreams that much these days.  In my dreams, there is no money.  Everything is traded.  All things which once had value now had none.  People worked so hard for next to nothing.  There was no longer any purpose for their toiling.”

Jesus:  “This is why all of you must store up your treasures in Heaven.  All that you see around you will one day be destroyed by fire.  It has no value, understand?  All the toil for material things has led to nothing.  Now, I have prepared a place for you here in Heaven that will delight you.  All lovely and good things are here, things that bring joy and laughter.

“However, this is not just for Heaven when it comes to My Bride.  I will provide you with Heaven on Earth.  While this won’t affect you, the dollar will be of no value.  This is because it is not of substance.  Other items, such as gold or silver, will still have value, but who will own it?  Yes, trade will be practiced.  However, this will be uneven trade and people will be greatly deceived.”

Me:  “Bread, meat, butter, flour, rice and sugar are all now priced so high.  We can’t afford to eat meat every day.  We eat meat about four times a week.  It is not that much.  It is sad and depressing here now.”

Jesus:  “This was created by the evil at war with the good.  Do not worry, Erin, as I will provide for you.  Do not be afraid.  The wave that is now coming, complete with the trumpet sounding, is false.  This is meant to spread great fear amongst the nations.  However, I am about to change the playing field.  This will upset the playbook of the wicked.

“Now, the deceiver is using his religion too punish the nations.  They believe I am a prophet, yet their prophet will arise and is here, now out of the west.  This religion will merge with many into one punishing religion.  This religion will be based in deception.  Still, Erin, you are to now rejoice.  I am with you.  It is I, the Great I AM.  My Voice is now in you.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, I was looking for a ‘prophet’ to be physically over a church or religion.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I wasn’t expecting this person.”

Jesus:  “The minute someone is using something to insert a substance into someone’s body without knowing what is in it under the promise of threat or fear, there is a problem.  Erin, this has happened before and millions eventually died.  These are experimental.  Now, there is an entire army whose religion is against the substances used in the vaccines and they are free from using it.”

Me:  “Are you referring to the religion of the Black Dragon?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  This is one of the largest.  Their plan is to exempt the false religion and its followers and force Christians and Jews to take the vaccine.  In the beginning, the injections will be false and just for show to display public compliance.”

Me:  “This is so evil.  What can we do?”

Jesus:  “Do not worry.  Help is on the way.  Erin, if some have no options but to take it, they will not be harmed.  While this new wave has come, it is not as fearful as what they claim it is.  The enemy is using this fear to shudder people back into their homes.  This will allow more time for riots, looting and crime to be on public display.

“Through the use of fear and a call for safety, a mandate will be called to seize citizens’ guns and weapons.  Any resistance will be taken to reeducation camps.  However, these camps will really be prisons controlled by very wicked officials.  Many will die there, or at least this is what they hope for.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, I pray that this is not going to happen.”

Jesus:  “These are the plans of the enemy, not of God.  They are moving quickly so that no one will fight them.  Still, you are not to worry.”

Me:  “Lord, please help us.  They are testing you.  They are acting like god.”

Jesus:  “While I know they are mocking Me, they will not succeed.  I see them.  They are training secret military members now.  These people hate beyond reason and operate aside from God.  I am the God who sees.  I see who turns the other direction at evil.  I see what they do with aborted fetuses.  I see what they do to young children as a means of trading for evil that which is innocent.

“An entire war has been waged over those who suspect nothing.  While they will eventually awaken from their slumber in anger, it will be too late.  They will have been overcome, their car stolen, their items auctioned, their bank accounts seized and their families separated.  All that they had worked for is to be given to those who did not earn it.  The evil in their plans have no limit.”

Me:  “What can we do, Lord?  We have to stop this before they takeover.”

Jesus:  “The enemy is planning a grand revolution for ‘the greater good’ of the world.  He wants to exterminate several races, several religions, the young, the old, men who lay with men and women who lay with women, along with their pets.  Men are being fueled by great hatred and fed great lies.  However, this could not happen if there hadn’t already been the seed of the open door to demonic possession.  Erin, you are witnessing the precursor to men and women being given over to demons.”

Me:  “Please stop this, Lord.  None of us will make it.  What about revival?”

Jesus:  “I have a Great Plan that will circumvent the plans of the evil one.  Large men who are strongmen will curl up and weep at the sight of just one of you.  Why?  Because they will know I am in you.  You will have the strength of ten of them.  Many will then turn back to God with great repentance.  Others will turn and run for the hills.

“Now, there is more… when I place something on your heart several times, do not dismiss this.  You should instead say ‘Lord, this is You, right?’  I will then answer.  Erin, I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  Rejoice, Erin… rejoice and pray.”

After completing this dream, we received some horrible news…

Dear Nest,

Please keep us in your prayers.  I received more devastating news via a phone call this evening. My long battle against my final enemy seems to have been a loss.  Effective yesterday, I will no longer receive disability.  It was supernatural as our attorney has never seen such a clear-cut case end in this way.  It is brutal and an appeal will take more than a year to battle.  This after I was hit with bad news just two weeks ago.

So now we are 100% reliant on God for all things.  While I am scared, I am free from my last great oppressor!  Could you please believe for a supernatural God-sized miracle for us?   God said, “I have You!! Do Not be Afraid!”  Yesterday, He told me this…

Voice of God:  “Erin, when you worry and have doubts, you allow these to become larger than God… My voice in you.  Instead, wield the weapon of faith as I who am in You is greater than the he who casts the weapon of fear against you.”

We love all of you and we are thankful for your continued prayers of faith!  We are thankful for such a wonderful family of Nest Sparrows!

Much love and many blessings, Erin

Thanks yet again to our faithful Nest members!  We appreciate each of you!

Dream over…

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