Dream 540 – Events are flying off of God’s Clock

Received on Sunday, December 5, 2021


Dear Father,

Tonight is the eighth night of Hanukkah.  Thank You, Father, for divine miracles, signs and wonders.  Thank You for family and friends.  We celebrated my oldest son’s birthday last night.  Despite such great difficulties living with Asperger’s, he is working hard to learn elements that are foreign to him.  He is learning patience, compassion and understanding.  He is navigating things using comparisons to others as a guide.

This is so hard on him.  He communicates with his friends and listens to their stories.  Many of his childhood friends are in the military and very lonely.  He has become a safe friend to talk to for them about the struggles they endure.  He is encouraging to them, speaking about God.  He has many unlikely friends and they have banded together.  It is truly a miracle.  He gives them hope where they would usually have no hope.

Sub-dream 1 “The Earth’s Rotation is Reversed” begins…

As I entered this dream, I seemed to recognize it as a review of a dream I had years ago.  I was looking at the Earth as it rotated on its axis.  As it turned, it was completely in darkness.  There was no light of day on one half as is usually the case.  It was instead completely enveloped in darkness.  The only way I could tell this was the Earth was from lights periodically flashing over the land.

These bursts of light were either from storms with lightning or from wars with explosions.  I then heard a rush of wind.  This wind caused the Earth’s rotation to reverse, almost as if it was a backdraft of sorts.  Momentarily, and for about three seconds, I could see lights across the land.  While these lights were all over the globe, they did not center around cities.

They instead were scattered like flames that could not be extinguished by man.  Since these lights were dim (unlike the bright lights of the Transformers), I wondered if these lights represented the Tribulation Saints.  This was sad to me because, when I saw something similar to this years ago, there were more lights.

Sub-dream 1 over…

When I was not a Christian, I worked very hard at being independent.  When I didn’t know how to do something, I would work hard to learn how to do it.  I would then become invaluable as a result.  While this ensured job security, it didn’t always mean that I was then well compensated.  It was a strange and toxic mixture at times.  While I was trustworthy, I often then became a target for their personal issues.

This is why I had to learn personal boundaries.  To be vulnerable means there are areas within us that we are unable to control.  While the world sees these as weaknesses, God views these as a door presented enroute to Him.  In my youth, I spent a great deal of time around people void of the light.  This then gave me a unique observation on these people who are bound by the light of materialism.

Each person consists of three layers of being.  While most only function in the two outer layers, all somehow know that there is a third layer, or core being, inside of us that very few venture into.  Children are closest to God because they operate in all three… that is, until the world ‘helps’ them close the doors to this.

The outer layer is how the world sees us and / or how we desire to be seen.  This is like a reflection in the mirror.  It is what we want the world to measure us by.  This can be physical appearances, material wealth or a successful career as an athlete.  The physical attributes of an individual then becomes somewhat like a resume for the world to view and judge.

The second layer is under the surface.  All of life’s experiences live here.  This could be hidden secrets of painful memories.  It could be hidden sins.  All of this second layer is made up of things that control what the first layer looks like.  It is often the driving force behind the motivation of appearances in the first layer.  Here are a few examples…

  • Let’s say you were called ugly as a child. This could have then led to you making it your life’s mission to be ‘attractive’.  The pain of the name calling would have therefore driven your desire to be beautiful.
  • Let’s say you are in finance and fear becoming poor. This desire for wealth could end up compromising your morality.  Perhaps you are then willing to steal from others to achieve wealth.
  • Let’s say you are a pastor of a church and love the power of control over others. You then act as God, pointing out their sins.  You seem perfect on the outside.  You appear as a pillar of righteousness in the community.  However, and behind the scenes, you have a hidden sin which is beginning to manifest into the outer layers.

The fine line between the first layer and the second layer is the refusal to believe what is happening just under the surface of the first layer.  Often times, hidden sin and unresolved issues manifest physically here.  You then become hyper aware and avoid anything that could get you caught.  You then do whatever is necessary to keep the threat away from your first layer.  This is one of the reasons worldliness can sneak in.

As I said before, most of the world today operates in these two realms of the physical.  However, the third layer is the biggest and most important layer and represents our spiritual layer.  This is where the Light of God waits for us.  This layer is our core and our ‘soul-being’.  This is the place that is the scariest for us to go to.  It is the most difficult layer because you have to start dying to the first two layers.

This is because we have to make the difficult leap from self-reliance to now surrendering all control to God.  This can be a very dark place, at least at first.  It is the rock bottom in each of us.  We could be given a death sentence of cancer.  We could be publicly humiliated.  We could suddenly be physically marred in an accident.  This is anything that suddenly removes the manmade foundations we have built around us.

So, why is this such a scary place?  It is because it is a place void of lies!  It is the place of truth in us where all layers are stripped away.  This is where God is the only option.  Blessed is the man who comes to this place.  I have been experiencing this third layer for a very long time now.  Since going back to living just in the first two layers means spiritual death, I choose to remain here in the third layer.

This is where the light to my candle is maintained by the Almighty God.  This is the Light of Jesus that the world sees in me.  Using visualization as a way to underscore what I mean by this, I will use the physical attributes of the Earth…

  • The first layer would be all of the landforms we see on the surface of His Creation. This would be the land and sea.
  • The second layer would be caves, crevices, volcanic activity, tectonic plates and springs that regulate the conditions on the surface.
  • The third layer is the core of the Earth, the center of gravity by which all things are magnetically attracted to.

At the core of us IS God in us!  It is His Light at the core of us!  Our troubles in the superficial (Layer 1) and the hidden and physical (Layer 2) form the keys to opening the door to God.  Once we have exhausted our options on our own and we have been deserted by those we put our trust in, the only ‘True Layer’ left is the ‘God Layer’.

Our sins do not remove our troubles, they only amplify them.  We then continue on this cycle until either God calls us to face it or we are forced by man or institutions to deal with it.  God then presents that door to our core.  This can either be a core of darkness or we can flood it with His Light.  Once we have His Light, His Light permeates all of our layers.  We then become His Candle burning in the darkness.

Speaking of ‘Candles’, tonight is the eighth night / candle of Hanukkah and tomorrow is the eighth and final day of Hanukkah.  I received a note from a Jewish site earlier today that wrote about the eighth candle of the Menorah and the significance of this.  The following is a summary from this article…

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

When the Israelites were constructing the portable Tabernacle / Mishkan in the desert, even with all the talented builders and artists, they all required that the last step be from God and He put this together.  The last step had to come from God because the final seal of transformation is always a compassionate miracle.  This is the moment we realize we can’t make it on our own.  On this eighth night of Hanukkah, God reaches out to help us.  He brings down to the world a perfect pure light from another world.

Towards the end of the article…

God gives us the eighth day of Hanukkah as an opportunity to find that place inside of us where the light doesn’t go out, where the parts come together and where we feel safe and connected.  While it is just one last night, it is so much more than that.  It is a chance to transform all the lights of the Menorah.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

What they still don’t realize is that Jesus has already come as their (and, of course, all of our) ‘Perfect Light’.  He is also now in each of us who accepts Him.  He is the Lover of our souls and the Igniter of our flames.  Oh Lord, be our Perfect Light!  Heavenly Father, please strengthen and transform us!  I had another dream last night…

Sub-dream 2 “The Squirrel’s Hidden Nuts and Seeds” begins…

A white squirrel kept bringing nuts and seeds into our home for safekeeping.  He kept sneaking in.  I finally let him freely come and go.  Even though I looked, I had no idea where he was storing the nuts and seeds inside our home.  Even though I could not see the nuts and seeds, I knew they were somewhere.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Me:  “Father, I am scared.  I have doctors’ appointments coming up and we are now at Your mercy in all things.  In every manner, You are our sole source of strength and provision.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, this is a good place for you to be.  You are free from the strongholds that controlled your days.  The control of governments’ provision always comes at a price.  By their own contracts, they recognize your condition and promised to provide for you as you became injured under their contractual covenant.  You even paid money as insurance.  They have gone back on their contract based on lying reports in which they paid for the specific lies.

“I am aware of their corruption fully and I will judge all those responsible for the falsehoods.  Do not forget that evil and deeds of evil have increased and multiplied against the good.  What you have experienced is this increase of evil wielded as a weapon forged in the flames of lies.  However, you are to remember that the greatest weapon is Truth.  I am Truth and this evil will not prevail against you.

“The wicked are enjoying their power over the righteous right now.  When one who is already evil then has his power increased, he becomes even more emboldened to do evil.  He then openly harms those who are innocent.  A war is occurring.  Although the war strategies remain the same as in the past, you cannot see it as it is not fought on the battlegrounds of history.

“A manmade plague has been sent out with great success.  The evil leaders have enjoyed their control and its usefulness to their common goal.  They then sent out another and it too caused death.  Great fear gripped the nations and demands have been made for vaccine serums.  These serums are weapons meant to fight the plague, but also to compromise the natural ability for the system in you to fight against it.  This is to further weaken the nations’ fighting capabilities.”

Me:  “Is this a form of removing our right to bear arms against the government?  Are they doing this secretly by removing even our fighting capabilities?”

Jesus:  “They are doing their best to remove the right and ability to fight against invaders.  However, and as you wrote, I am your Core.  I am free to work in all layers.  Surrender all to Me.  I am with you.  No power of hell nor schemes of man will ever take you from My hands.  Remember that it is I who has the power over life and death.”

Me:  “Lord, my daughter is being taught in theology at school that there is no hell and that You will accept all people.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, by My own Words, enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it (Matthew 7:13-14).  Then read what I say about false prophets and their fruit (Matthew 7:15-20).

“This man is false and is leading many a lamb to slaughter by his words.  Your daughter has heard this.  You know a false prophet by his direct contradiction to My Words.  They are opposite and leads to death.  They are emboldened now and teach with no regards to truth.

“Who will speak against them with success unless I call them to?  Your daughter must take note and pray.  However, interrupt the enemy in the course of evil only when I call and at no other time right now or your position will be made known before the proper time.  Do not worry as the proper time is approaching with great speed.  Erin, look…”

I was instantly taken into a vision, the clearest vision I can remember…

Sub-dream / vision 3 “Events are flying off of God’s Clock” begins…

I suddenly saw the Clock and Calendar of God in His Courtyard.  It was being guarded by angels.  There was a huge wheel.  Within this wheel were wheels.  Within each wheel were wheels.  I did not recognize the inscriptions nor did I understand what I was seeing.  However, I did see events disappearing off of the large wheel.  It looked like hundreds of events per day were disappearing.

It was happening with a much greater speed then when I had seen this before.  I then saw an angel standing before the wheels with scales.  I saw with each passing event the side of the scale which was labeled judgments becoming so heavy that the scales were tipping.  There was only a little more room before the scales could tip no more.  I then saw the ground open in the Courtyard.

I was now looking over some desert lands (perhaps the Middle East?).  I saw sand dunes.  I then saw some starting gates, each with riders on horses.  I saw an angel with a horn.  I saw another angel with a large bronze platter.  The bronze platter had handles on it.  On top of the platter were some scrolls.  Instead of a starting gate with horses released at the same time, it was instead done at the count and sound of the horn.

From my view, the horses were restless.  I was unable to count them because of the covered starting gate.  I heard shouting from the inside gate.  A sound opened a cover over the first horse in the lane.  I looked down and saw a white horse with a rider with a black robe over his head.  On top of his head was a crown with many spires and jewels.  He was demanding to be let out.  However, he had to wait for the angels to ‘stop stopping’ him.  In turn, these angels waited for God’s commands for all things.

Sub-dream / vision 3 over…

Me:  “Lord, this is frightening.  These horses and riders are quite frightening.”

Jesus:  “I showed you all of this so you could see the lateness of the hour.  However, Erin, you are not to worry.  Not one of these riders will exit their gates aside from God.  Though the horses can try to jump over the gate, they will be forced back until God is ready.  Now, and more than ever, you are to place your trust in Me in all things.  I am with you.  Do not worry.  Rejoice as I will not remain silent for much longer.

“Stay on your course.  I know it is narrow and dark at times and the gate small, but I am with you here.  I am at this quiet place.  I love you.  Now, children are the closest to Me at the core.  They are not confined by the world.  They easily define the good from the wicked unless tricked by those they love.  I am also close to the brokenhearted, those who have been through tests and trials.

“I am close to those who are lowly, who are not bitter… but instead are out of options.  I am also close to those who have lost all those around them due to age or illness and surrender their lives to Me.  I am close to those who are poor.  Still, even these can become bitter in their circumstances and fail to see My miracles surrounding them.  So many then choose other roads and paths.”

Me:  “Well, Lord, I am then asking You to hold a Massive World-Wide Revival!  Stir up hearts.  Heal the broken.  Show Your great love, Lord.  You are the Light!  Raise up Your Army!  On the first of Tevet (today, Tevet 1), Esther became Queen.”

Jesus:  “Oh yes… a great day.  An orphan girl from the Jews becomes a Queen with great beauty.  This was a Great Transformation and many were saved from death because of this.”

Me:  “Lord, it has been almost 2500 years… how about raising up Your people as Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses throughout the lands.  Please raise us up to be even more powerful than the sons of Jacob.”

Jesus:  “You make a good case.  Now, how about you let Me work?  I have an even greater plan than this.”

Dream over…

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