Dream 562 – We will be given the Keys to Heaven on Earth

Received on Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for granting me another day!  Thank You for Your promises.  I cling to all of these like a life raft in a tumultuous sea.  Thank You for Your Life Raft.

My heart is so heavy, Father.  The enemy is power grabbing while we sleep.  As we sleep or stay busy with distractions, we are watching, or not watching, whole governments radically changed and all for the New World Order.  This is not designed for the good of the people, it is designed for the good of those who seek control.  Instead of being hidden to those You have watching, all is revealed and it is frightening.

If there was any shred of doubt that there was corruption at the highest level, we now know for certain that a shadow government is in place.  Today, the Senate of the USA debates the removal of the filibuster.  Their desire is to press forward with what is being called a voting right’s bill, giving all power to the current government.  It will no longer be ‘we the people’, it will be ‘we your controllers’.

Then there is a bill written into law in December 2021 in Canada that makes conversion therapy via religion illegal and a criminal act.  Parliament pushed it through based on some extreme cases that were horrifying.  However, no one read the fine print for checks and balances.  With Bill C-4 now Law C-4, any message of truth from the Bible can be a crime.  Speaking to the LGBTQ community about God could mean jailtime.

Please pray for these groups.  It is very radical and is geared toward Christianity only.  Whatever happens in Canada seems to trickle down to the USA and vice versa.  This will technically make the Word, the Bible, by far our Greatest Tool from God, being labelled as an instrument of hate.

The next two days are extremely important for the world as the New World Order tries to power grab our Constitution.  This will give them unlimited power.  This could cause a civil war that could topple our country.  At the very least, this will pave the way for the rise of the ‘shadows’, evil operating in secret.

I go back to Your written Word and the history of Your people.  Many times, Your people had fallen into sin despite many warning from prophets.  At the time, it seemed there were very few who hadn’t fallen into sin and very few who still kept Your laws.  Israel had fallen into the hands of evil many times and, each time, though difficult, You preserved Your people.

This time, I believe there are around 70 million in the USA that put at least some of their hopes in You.  Perhaps more, perhaps less, but only You know.  Churches are holding prayer vigils and many of us fasted and prayed for our nation and the world.  We were all exhausted in advance by this plague, a plague allowed by You to turn all of us back to You.  This is the case even though I know it was created by wicked people.

The world was imprisoned.  Many of our elderly and the weak have died as a result.  This current government rose from deception.  This was not because the people welcomed and voted for it.  There was so much deception here.  Now the great rise in evil is occurring and anyone who speaks out will be destroyed.  Soon, should you oppose them in anyway, they will make it so you can’t work, have a bank account or do anything you once enjoyed.

This time is the same type of pattern in history.  The Covid-19 plague started coming into fruition in late 2019.  In 2020, it rapidly rose.  I took a photo of a frozen corona around the sun on January 18, 2020.  Today is the 2nd Anniversary of this photo.  At the time, I already knew this was a great sign from You.  Despite the frigid conditions, multiple cars had stopped to take a photo.  Father, You allowed all of this because You declare a thing and then it is.  You establish all things.

Surely, the land was more wicked than we even knew.  It has been two years of continuous punishments and restrictions.  In March 2022, it will have been a couple of years of lockdowns and lies.  The governments have become so wicked.  They put laws into place while we are locked up.  We have to wear facemasks.

Churches have gone bankrupt.  Great racism has swept over the nation.  In the meantime, Pharoah sits in the shadows waiting for his government foundation to solidify.  If they are successful, there will be a great slaughter.  This will be at least ten-fold greater than the Holocaust.  All of this seemed to serve as the basis for an epic dream from last night…

Sub-dream 1 “Testing Kits of Mass Destruction” begins…

While I saw people dying at home, I could not figure out the cause.  I heard screams from everywhere.  I decided to walk into a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood.  I then saw a delivery truck come to the neighborhood.  They delivered small boxes to each person.  The people then took the tests.  I then heard blood-curdling screams.  An open flat-bed truck then came and loaded up the dead bodies.

I then heard screams from the next neighborhood.  The entire scenario was playing out again and again.  I saw a couple of workers loading up the dead bodies onto the flat-bed truck.  They did not look happy.  I went in closer to them in order to hear their conversation.  Even though I was now close enough to hear them, they did not notice me.  I knew this was supernatural.

Worker 1:  “Man, when will this end?”

Worker 2:  “Hey, our families are safe.”

Worker 1:  “Right.  However, we eventually won’t be needed.  We are witnesses.”

Worker 2:  “I know, I know, but what can we do?”

Worker 1:  “I guess we just have to continue what we are doing.  I just pray that God will have mercy on us.”

Worker 2:  “God?  God doesn’t care.  He let all this happen.  The people just mindlessly do what they are told.  They are stupid.”

Worker 1:  “Well, if you think about it, we are just as stupid.”

Worker 2:  “True, but at least we are useful… for now.”

As they loaded bodies, I saw another group of men taking the test kit boxes back into a disposal truck.  The boxes were white and blue.  However, I could not make out what these were.  I then went to the place where the delivery truck was passing out the boxes to get a closer look.  I watched the delivery driver knock on each door and hand the people one box for each person living in the household.

I then looked over at the delivery truck.  The side of the delivery van said ‘The Way to Freedom Starts Today!’  I saw each recipient sign for these boxes.  They then took their boxes and went inside.  As the delivery van pulled away, it said on the back ‘BeTheChange.org’.  I could now hear screams from everywhere.  All of this was now happening very quickly.

I was then able to get a closer look at the blue and white boxes being handed out.  While I had been expecting this to be ‘suicide drugs’, I soon realized that it was actually testing kits.  The swabs included in the testing kits were killing the airways of all of these families.  This was horrifying.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I woke up suddenly from this dream and called out to the Lord.

Me:  “Lord, these kits will be mandatory for many people.  This is horrible.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “These are the plans of the enemy if all else fails in gaining control.  There are several methods they will use.  This is how they will change the landscape for evil.”

Me:  “First You showed me gangs invading the peaceful neighborhoods and now this?”

Jesus:  “Always remember that God is in complete control.  Erin, I am here.  This is just one of their many planned ‘Final Solutions’.  However, this is not My Plan.”

Me:  “Lord, are we so evil that all of this had to happen?  It did not seem that bad to deserve all of this.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the enemy is a liar.  He now has an army who lies in unison with him.  Only those who see the truth understand the gravity of these wicked schemes.  Now, God does not move in times of peace.  He moves in times of trouble in order to bring about His change and authority.  Some churches have now been closed because they operated in the authority of the devil.

“They whined and wept instead of rising up and raising up warriors in the Voice of Truth.  They cowered in fear and trepidation instead.  They are now trying to silence all of My people.  The army of the son of perdition does not even understand what they are doing.  However, they take their instruction seriously and enjoy their new found power more than God.  As a result, I will give them a double portion of trouble in due time.

“Now, I sometimes grant you a dream to sound the alarm about the future plans of the wicked.  They try to spread lies as quickly as wildfire ignites a dry field of grass.  If they do this, they can certainly do the same with the small, innocent and powerless.  They are working day and night with a flood of different methods.

“This is happening so quickly that people are being caught unaware.  Erin, the unaware go about their days and know not of all the evil being done to them.  They won’t see it until change has occurred.  In an instant, the voices of truth are drowned out in a flood of lies.  However, you are not to worry as My promises are true.”

Me:  “Lord, my heart is sick with something that happened recently.  A young beautiful girl at Croft House Furniture in Los Angeles CA was stabbed to death for no reason.  This store is similar to the one I once had in Portland OR.  I would have been devastated had something like this happened to one of my young designers.  This girl is the age of our kids.  She had so much promise.  Her hopes and dreams were struck down in an instant.  Her family is devastated.  Lord, please help them.”

Jesus:  “Even though this was a hate crime, it will be kept quiet because too many would be upset by this.”

Me:  “Lord, there are other events too that turn my stomach.  There are people being pushed into subway trains.”

Jesus:  “Why are these things allowed?”

Me:  “I don’t know right now.  All I know is that we are at the mercy of this corrupt government.  When will this end?”

Jesus:  “No, Erin, you are not at the mercy of the government, you are at the mercy of God.  The government will soon understand that I am God and there is no other.  While the governments will seek My mercy, they will not find it.  I will destroy this evil.  Now, Erin, I know you are upset about this girl.  I have her.  She fell asleep.”

Me:  “Lord, please allow Your army to raise up those who were slain to condemn those who did evil to them.  Please.”

Jesus:  “You ask a good thing by asking Me to raise up those who were slain in the pursuit of doing good.  Well, that would certainly shake up the nations, right?”

Me:  “Oh, please, Lord.  Please raise this girl up.  Please also raise up all the children who have recently been slain.  There are also so many others.”

Jesus:  “It is written that whoever loves and follows Me will also do the works that I am doing.  However, they will do even greater things than these because I have now gone to My Father.  This means all of the miracles I displayed on Earth.  However, notice something… this did not occur in the past because it was not yet time.  Those who were with Me during My walk on Earth were also able to drive out demons, heal the sick, cause the lame to walk and cause the blind to see.  However, no miracles performed has so far exceeded the miracles I had displayed.”

Me:  “Is this because of the enemy holding us back?”

Jesus:  “No, Erin.  Remember that the enemy did not take My life.  I offered My life as a sacrifice.  My Father gave Me the Keys to life and death.  So, here we are today.  Much of the same has come to pass as in those days.  However, these miracles will soon happen in greater measure.  So then, by what authority will those I have chosen be given to do even greater than I did and why?”

Me:  “Well, by Your authority because Your seat is in Heaven with God the Father and whatever You loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven.”

Jesus:  “This is only in part.  Erin, I will now work through you and a multitude of others I have called.  I am actively in you and I will be the same for them.  My Voice is in you.  Since this is the case, so too will My power be in you and those I have chosen.  Erin, who is speaking to you now?  Whose voice is in you?  By what authority?”

Me:  “You, Lord, and by the Ultimate Authority given to You by the Father Himself.”

Jesus:  “I declared in My Word to Peter that I would build My Church upon this Rock and that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  At that moment, a shift changed by My Words.  My Authority then established My Church on the Rock, a solid foundation not of shifting sand or sinking mud.  I then declared to My Church builders that I will give you the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.

“As a result, whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven.  Understand bind is forbid and loose is permit.  A Key was given.  This Key represents the authority to either lock or unlock a door, understand?”

Me:  “Wow, I have always wondered about that.”

Jesus:  “This was a Key given.  Directives went out to build My Church of believers.  This was done so that they would have a place to gather and worship and be united as one body under Heaven.  It is the same concept of breaking bread with one another in fellowship with Me.  Now, not only are you not to hold anything against your brother, you are instead called to create peace.

“My Greatest Commandment was this… to love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the first Great Commandment.  The second Great Commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself.  These two Great Commandments are by which all the law and those of the prophets are built upon.  Now, when does God show up in My Church?”

Me:  “Where two or more are gathered?”

Jesus:  “Read what I said, not in part, but in whole.  I appear as welcomed into My Church when My people do not bicker with each other and do not operate in the negatives of the fruits of the Spirit.  You must understand the context of ‘when two or more are gathered, then I show up’.  Look at it from a different angle… since I am God, I am therefore always present.  As such, there must be more to this.

“Erin, My miracles, My blessings and My answers to prayers occur when the body of My Church is united with My two Great Commandments.  If this is not the case, miracles are few and far between.  Look at when your miracles took place.  It didn’t happen when you were at church.  No, it happened when you were on your knees and in the pages of your journals.  I know this because I was there.

“You activated the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.  How?  You surrendered everything to Me.  You were emptied.  You suffered affliction on all levels.  You gave Me the Keys to your heart.  Thereby this is My Bride.  My Bride has emptied themselves.  You died of this world and it is you that held the Key to the way your life was.  You loved Me so much, you gave Me the authority to unlock Heaven in you.

“I am not speaking of the Holy Spirit or Baptism.  I am speaking of two becoming one with the Father.  My Body is now one with yours, understand.  To understand what a Bride is to the Groom, look at the traits.  Since you are My Bride, you are entitled to all of the things the Groom has.  I am your Groom and you are My Bride.  This means that all things, both on Heaven and on Earth, are yours in My Name.”

Me:  “I love You.  All of this is just way too extravagant.  I just know that You love us more than we can even comprehend.  While I am grateful for all that You are gifting us with, all I really want is to capture Your heart.”

Jesus:  “Then it is yours, Erin.  When you married, you made a covenant with God as a contract with Me, your Husband.  You were united under God and given a symbol to each other as a reminder of your Covenant.”

Me:  “Yes, the Wedding Ring.”

Jesus:  “Very good, Erin.  This is like the sign of the corona around the sun.  This was a sign to those I have chosen that I will do all I have promised.  Erin, you will be marked as Mine.  The enemy will also have his own mark, but this is for another time.  Your mark will be like the Covenant I gave to Peter about My Church.  While you do not understand all things fully yet, you will do greater things than I had done on Earth because I will now flow through you.  Nothing will come against My Bride, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  By You saying this, it makes me feel safe from this wicked world.”

Jesus:  “Then rejoice, Erin, for I am with you.  While the enemy shuts churches, I am busy doing something he would not believe even if he were told.  Rejoice as I have established this.  I love you.  You will have the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  Heaven will be visible through My Bride.”

Dream over…

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