Dream 564 – The Red Dragon and Russia

Received on Monday, January 24, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my husband, our children, my family and our dear Nest friends.  My dreams have not been pleasant lately.  In fact, yesterday, on my birthday, I was pouty and tearful almost all day based on hopes I had.  It was the first birthday I had any expectations at all.  Normally, I have no hopes, then I am surprised and joyful.  That being said, I did have quite an incredible dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “Warnings to the Red Dragon and Russia” begins…

An angel took me to what looked like Russia.  I saw a church there.  While the outside of the church was unkept and in disarray, the inside of the church was magnificent.  The leader of Russia was praying in this church next to a pastor.  The Russian leader and the pastor were alone in the church.  The pastor was prophesying to the leader about the coming days.  Even though the pastor spoke in Russian, I could understand…

Pastor speaking the Words of God to the Russian leader:  “I called you as a boy to raise you up and lead a great nation.  I trained you in war.  Your hands were skilled.  I made you strong.  I gave you abilities that made you feared by those around you.  I granted you wisdom.  At first, you let Me work through you and many around you were astonished.  However, you then kept Me away from you.  You then became wise in your own eyes.

“You ordered evil by proxy.  You laughed at the demise of the weak.  Even so, I called out to you.  While I sent My prophets to turn your attention back to Me, you would have none of it.  As for your country, half of it is Mine.  This is a greater number than many nations combined.  Because you remember Me and still keep Me hidden away, I will not allow for your total destruction.

“Now, understand what is about occur.  You believe yourself to have an ally to the East.  This leader (the leader of the Red Dragon) has made promises to you.  His power is great in both weaponry and in sheer number of fighting men.  He has use for you right now as he has begun a hidden map of areas he plans to invade.

“While you think yourself untouchable by this leader, understand this… his hidden plans for conquest include your country.  What appears as a partnership in strength to the nations is instead a lie.  He has no intention of keeping this alliance with you.  He believes himself sovereign.  You are only a puppet to him, to be used by proxy to shield the world of his plans to take it over.  Your country is his in-road.

“While you are busy and the attention of the world is upon you, he is making his power known.  He will bargain with you in exchange for the valuable and rich resources in your land.  I come to give you a warning today.  Do not trust this leader as his plans are to destroy you from within.  This leader takes over the nations while they sleep.  His desire is for you to bow to him and worship him.  As for now, he needs you to fight his wars and rumors of wars so he can continue in the shadows.

“Now, this is what the Lord says to you… If you turn your face back to Me, I will then confuse his plans and you will remain a country under My hand.  However, if you fail to do as I have told you, I will then deliver your land to the Red Dragon.”

The Russian leader was enraged to hear this.  He was very angry.  While he was congenial to the pastor and thanked him as he left the beautiful church, he was outraged at what he had just heard from the Lord.

Note:  The angel who was showing me all of this did not speak to me.  He reminded me of the angel Breakthrough.  I could tell that the angel did not want to distract me from what he was showing me by speaking to me.

The angel then took me to the large nation in the East (the land of the Red Dragon).  We went inside a compound with secure walls.  In this room, the leader was meeting with his generals.  The meetings were top secret and all computerized.  I saw a map of the world.  Timelines dotted the map.  He was strategizing various scenarios.  He was planning on taking control of the world without a physical war.

I saw a massive arsenal of what appeared to the world as very high-tech weapons.  However, only a few of these weapons actually had full capability.  While the weaponry backing them had ‘the looks’, it did not have the capabilities as advertised.  They had instead invested their money into the strategy of information cultivation to create great fear in advance of their show.  In other words, they were using hype to create fear.

Their idea was to continue the war of propaganda.  Many were in charge of this.  Their main objective was to dehumanize and demoralize the people of the nations.  I saw one strategy of sending gifts in advance of requests.  The requests were then granted.  Money given to those in charge of the nations were in exchange for their loyalty.  The Red Dragon then promised to protect them.  Billions of dollars went into this.

I was then shown the strategy for the takeover of North America.  The plan for Canada, the USA and Mexico was to surround them from all sides.  The plan was to control the people by fear of the virus and by the confusion surrounding the virus.  In order to create fears of shortages, the supply chain was then disrupted.

Then came the purchase of areas within and surrounding North America.  Using their citizens as land purchasers, they began to buyup all areas from within, especially areas with valuable farmlands and resources.  I saw a map that showed all the land the Red Dragon already owned in Canada, USA and Mexico.  The Caribbean was easily purchased.

I then saw a division set out to control all waterways and ports on all coasts.  They then brought in a strategy of supplying lethal drugs.  What I thought were armies of the Red Dragon in Mexico were actually drug cartels bought and paid for by them.  I saw them use open borders by proxy to move drugs.  While these drugs are being used to destroy the population, their specific target is young fighting men.

I then saw Canada form an alliance with the Red Dragon.  The Canadian leadership then removed the strength of the nation by mass demoralization.  Great amounts of money were granted to denounce all of those opposed to the government.  By spreading bad information about the plague, they hurt the Canadian economy.  They hurt it so much that the Red Dragon was able to buy up Canadian companies at a fraction of what they were worth.

These mass purchases were being kept secret.  With money and the economy slipping, the Red Dragon set its sights on Canada’s oil fields and other rich assets.  Judging from the map I was looking at, the Red Dragon believed that the takeover of Canada would be their easiest target before moving on to the USA with greater force.

I then saw the Red Dragon declare that the Year of the Dragon (February 10, 2024 to January 28th, 2025) would be the beginning of his ‘one-nation initiative’.  This came with something dreadful…  I saw a plan in place to manufacture various remedies.  While these remedies would look good initially, they would actually have a secret side affect of breaking down the mind.  I saw them all laugh together.  They were ‘as one’ with their great plans.  They praised their leader as God over all and sovereign.

I then saw an invitation to this leader arrive via courier.  He smiled and excused himself.  He then went with a large security detail to a factory.  It was so disheartening to see.  A USA-based well-known publisher was printing Western-style ‘Bibles’.  When he arrived at the factory, he was taken to a conference room.  A ‘Bible’ was presented to the leader.  The factory owner looked so pleased with himself.

Factory owner:  “Your honor, I present to you our finest piece, ready just in time for the New Year.”

Note:  While not sure which Chinese New Year he was referring to, we note that the Year of the Tiger goes from February 1, 2022 to January 21, 2023.

He then presented a golden leather ‘Bible’ to the leader.  The leader looked quite pleased with this.  There was a marker at the start of the ‘New Testament’ for the leader to start reading at.

Leader:  “The ‘Spirit’ has been removed, correct?”

Factory owner:  “Yes.  The Spirit of Christianity has been completely removed… with you in its place.  You have been given sovereignty… as you should be.  Our best scholars have confirmed the proper replacement, inserting your excellency.”

An assistant to the leader:  “This ‘Bible’, along with your ‘Book of Thoughts’, will complete the dynasty of your supreme reign.”

The leader nodded.  He was very pleased with himself.  The angel then silently pointed at the ‘Bible’.  I watched in wonder as Words from the Lord raised in illumination about two inches above the ‘Bible’s’ false words.  No one else but the angel and me could see what the leader was seeing.

The Word from the Lord to the leader of the Red Dragon:  “I have raised you up for a time such as this.  Had you continued on your course as it was written, I would have then allowed your course.  Men are easily led astray by false doctrines and practices of evil of every kind.  You have instead made yourself a seat ‘above God’.

“I will therefore cause an even greater army then your army to rise.  I will raise My Army to display awesome deeds.  These awesome deeds will not be made with weapons in a show of force, but by the works of their hands with Me being with them.  Nothing shall come against the Living God or My Army.  My Word is the Word of Truth.  It is the beginning and will be everlasting.

“Now, look down at your arms and hands.  Look down at your legs and feet.  What part of your body was created by man?  Other then the evil you plot, what part of you has been created by man?  You plot great evil because you are void of Me.  Look at your physical being and remember that I created all of it.

“Now, after I am finished with My initiative from Heaven, I will then allow you to continue on your present course.  I am only allowing your course in a manner wherein you bring about My plans and fulfill the Words of the prophets.  I know who you are and that you know that there is a God that you must conquer in the hearts of man.

“However, you now also need to understand that there is yet another army you must overcome other than My Holy Army.  This is the army of the son of perdition (the Black Dragon).  Both of you plot and are unable to use each other in those days.  Your plots will remain separate until they are not.

“Because you consider yourself more powerful than God, I will shake the lands.  Your fighting men will panic and become confused.  Angels will appear before them and they will strike out against their brothers.  It will be as if their brothers are enemies as they will be disguised as such.

“I will then send out an even greater plague and even more bloodshed.  I will send hail and fire from Heaven to the nations surrounding Israel.  You will then all know Me as God over all things.”

I watched as the leader became extremely angry at the Words he had just read.  The men around him were in shock as they rightfully expected him to be pleased.  He pounded his fists.  He then rubbed his eyes several times.  He then looked at the ‘Bible’ again.  The Words of God that floated just above it were now gone.

Leader:  Looking at the person who had presented him with the ‘Bible’.  “Kill him.”  The man was shot immediately and died instantly.  Now addressing his experts.  “Re-read all that has been printed.  Do not appear to me until this is verified.  Read every word.  Do not sleep until this is complete.”

They all looked terrified.  They each grabbed a copy of the ‘Bible’.  The leader then left.  The angel then showed me the cities of the lands surrounding China.  An order had been placed to invade them.  The streets of these cities were empty.

I then saw a frightening entity.  It was an almost transparent dragon crossed with a tyrannosaurus rex.  This is very difficult to describe.  This entity moved extremely fast.  Since the people had been pre-warned, most had now fled.  This entity was frightening.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Me:  “Oh Lord, this was very scary and very clear.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Do not be afraid.  I am God over all.  I see all.  I see the plans of the wicked.  I see every one of their secret plots.”

Me:  “I thought Russia was Gog or Magog?  However, I am definitely no expert in this.”

Jesus:  “Islam is one army.  While they have a vast amount of money, only a few hold it.  They are unruly.  They hate Christians and anything Israel.  They fight with iron fists and a display of chaos.  This is to bring about their control through fear.  The leaders of the Far East despise these people as they are loyal to their religion.  He uses them by proxy to dishearten and create fear among the nations.

“However, he does not control the enemy who is in the shadows.  Instead, he advances quickly and the enemy studies him and enjoys his gains.  However, I am aware of the plans of the wicked.  Nothing is hidden from My sight.  Both of them saw peaceful regions with no visible walls or gates.  Both of them enjoyed freedom, wealth and great blessings as favored by Me.  They decided to destroy them with great hate and a need for power and control.”

Me:  “Stop their plans.  Lord, please.”

Jesus:  “I will.  I have formed a Great Army and I will soon make the call to deploy them.  Rejoice, Erin, as I am with you and I am in you.  Now, with Me in you, who can come against you?”

Me:  “No one.”

Jesus:  “Truth is good.  My promises are true.  I have come to fulfill the prophecies.  All will know I am God.  Rejoice!”

Dream over…

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