Dream 566 – The Financial Harbinger of the Bridge Collapse

Received on Saturday, January 29, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love for all of us.  Your children watch for You day and night.  There is not one day which goes by when we don’t think about You.  You are forever praised on our lips and in our hearts.  Thank You for keeping us close to You at all times.  Father, I had an epic dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “The Great Bridges of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania” begins…

I was standing at the area of the bridge which just collapsed in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  The entire landscape was grey with white snow.  The area was void of people.  I noticed a park sign that read ‘Frick Park – Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed carrying Forbes Avenue’.  I then looked up the background of who ‘Frick’ is…

Henry Clay Frick was an American industrialist, financier and art patron.  He was not from a wealthy family.  He and some cousins used an oven to turn coal into coke.  This coke was then used for steel manufacturing.  Frick had vowed to be a millionaire by age 30 (which is similar to being a billionaire into today’s dollars).  He received loans from his family and from his lifelong friend, Andrew Mellon, to finance the business.

By 1880, Frick had bought out the partnership.  At the time, he had 1000 employees and controlled 80% of the coal output in Pennsylvania.  In 1881, now age 30, Frick met Andrew Carnegie in New York City while he was on his honeymoon.  He then formed a partnership with Carnegie Steel Company.  This eventually formed United States Steel.  This partnership ensured that Carnegie had adequate supplies of coke.

Frick then became chairman.  Carnegie tried to trick Frick by claiming that the company had nowhere to go and it was time for him to retire.  Despite all Frick had done to contribute to Carnegie’s fortune, Carnegie disregarded him in many executive decisions.  Frick was then wrapped up in some shady deals that didn’t end well.  However, upon his death, he dedicated all the land for this park, as well as millions in trust to maintain it.  The bridge that fell had fallen over this park.

Me:  “Why am I here, Lord?”

Just then, an angel of the Lord stood next to me.

Angel:  “This is a sign and harbinger to the nations.  God sees.  God knows all things done in secret.  Men of power and men of renown cannot stand before God in the Courts of Heaven at the Mercy Seat and tell God a new thing as if He knows not.  They cannot call a helpmate, associate or enemy who might owe them favors to intercede for them.  God cannot be ‘paid off’ to bend an ear and grant mercy.

“God does not deal in uneven measures performed in secret.  These lands… all that you see here and beyond… this is what God has created.  These lands have been entrusted to man to do no harm and to care for the land, the peoples, the animals, the birds of the air and the fish in the water.  God does not forget the deeds of the wicked even though man tries to distract His attention away from their evil with an act here and there of benevolence.

“The mercy of God cannot be purchased.  Not far from here was a massive flood from a breeched dam.  Many perished.  The actions of but a few caused this to be a great calamity.  This is an important event marking this time.  A leader born here in this state now has more power than any of the names here in this park (the current President of the USA was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on November 20, 1942).”

Me:  “Wow, he has more power than Frick, Carnegie and Forbes?”

Angel:  “Well, yes.  However, he did not work for the betterment of the country.  He instead worked for the betterment of himself.  He has betrayed all that God has entrusted him with.  God has called down this bridge and the road across it as a harbinger of the financial fall of the nation.”

Me:  “So, this is pointing to the collapse of ‘Forbes’ Avenue in this park.  Forbes is a name commonly associated with the nation’s wealth and finances.”

Angel:  “Where is the coal?  Where is the steel?  Where is the oil?  Where are the jobs?  The bridge has been broken in half.  This city (he showed me Pittsburg) represents a fortified settlement on a hill.  The city to the east (he showed me Philadelphia) is the city of ‘brotherly love’.  This is the city that gave birth to this nation.  It was the great financial center.  The name of the street below was carried by this bridge.”

Me:  “Yes.  Forbes.  When I think of Forbes, I think of finance and money.”

Angel:  “Look!  Where is it now?  The automobiles have fallen.  Look, the transport has also fallen (he showed me a bus that had fell).  In response, all the leader says is ‘we will fix this’.  Well, God sees.  This man and those who support him have stolen from the country and therefore its inhabitants.  However, they have really stolen from God.  They have broken a great covenant under God of a land which was to be indivisible.

“During the dark of night, they stopped what was fair under God.  Even though they tried to cover it up, God sees everything.  All those responsible for this pillaging will receive no mercy.  All those who received payment for the betrayal of God will be punished.  God is about to place hooks in the noses of the leaders who have corrupted the land.  This is God’s land and He sees all.  Come…”

He took my hand and brought me to the border to the south (Mexico)…

Angel:  “The corrupt leaders have made deals with foreign governments to destroy this land of God’s.”

He showed me masses of people coming over the border illegally in the dark undetected.  I then saw busses waiting for them.  I saw millions (literally) being dispersed into nice quiet unaware communities.

Angel:  “Very few in these convoys have good intentions.  This is a new army hired against the people of God to overtake the law.  They are here to do harm.  They are here to pillage, rape, steal and overtake all they see.  Their goal is to do so quickly.  The plague kept people shuttered because of fear.  These are sent to fuel fear and bring forth a new order of law from corrupt leaders.

“They will use the invading armies to drug and kill any opposers.  They will use great evil to remove justice.  They will use deadly force to take the wealth of the law abiding.  All will be done to benefit the wicked.  The hate is so great that they will even rape and kill the children.  They will broker the children, dealing them dead or alive for evil purposes and financial gains.  Anyone opposed to their evil will be silenced.  Come…”

He took my hand again and brought me to the border to the north (Canada)…

Angel:  “This will remain closed as this leader (‘True Dough’) works for the established governing bodies and works to please them.  He withholds healthcare and other benefits to those who do not agree.  He has removed My Church and receives great praise from corrupt organizations.  While evil is free to enter, good cannot leave.  They are losing lands to the leader in the East (the Red Dragon).  They are allowing the sale of all the wealth to foreigners while spreading lies and controlling information.”

I saw the government control all the media, military and police.  I saw spying on all citizens using various methods.  The leaders encouraged rebellion against parents, all in the name of ‘freedom of expression’.

Me:  “This is horrible!  Won’t God do anything?  When will it be time?  How many must die?  How can I feel at peace when this is all happening in secret?”

The angel then showed me a great distraction by Russia.  All resources were then turned towards Europe.  I then saw the leader to the Far East, the land of the Red Dragon, rise up out of the sea.  At first, he was represented by what looked like a massive alligator.  I saw it swimming around the seas surrounding Taiwan, the Philippines and Malaysia.

I then saw it swim around Australia and back up the outer islands north to Japan.  There it went under again.  However, when it finally rose up out of the water again, it was now a massive Red Dragon.  It had tied up all of these nations and tethered them to itself.  The islands appeared to be uprooted and drawn to this large nation.

Me:  “How is that dragon able to do this?”

Angel:  “Several ways.  Many will have no choice.  They either become part of the dragon or they are destroyed… wiped off the map.”

Me:  “But some of these are God’s.  There are many believers who chase God there.  Please don’t allow this.”

Angel:  “I am only a messenger of God.  This leader has lofty plans.  Many of these nations have been de-platformed, the leaders weakened and the people disheartened.  God has brought warnings and will bring more so that not one will be lost whom God has called.  Do not worry as God is greater than all of these wicked rulers.  He sent me to show you this to confirm your thoughts on the matter.

“Even more, so you know that God has allowed this, sees all of it and that His time is therefore upon you now.  Do not be concerned when you believe the wicked is prevailing.  It is only temporary in darkness as God’s promises are fulfilled at dawn.  His mercies are made brand new at the break of day.  Rejoice, Erin, as you can now see the signs of God.  This bridge collapse is a great harbinger for the wicked.”

Sub-dream 1 over…

I got up and fed the birds before the storm arrived.  The Nor’easter is scheduled to arrive in the early morning.  It is expected to have a lot of snow and wind.  I am praying that our house has uninterrupted power.  I prayed over our home.  I asked the Lord to protect us by His Mighty Hand and shelter us from the coming storm.

Soon after coming inside, the winds began to blow in several different patterns and directions.  The sounds outside became very loud.  The snow is blowing and spinning in white out conditions.  As I prayed for, the power continues to stay on (and has continued to as this dream is being posted in the early evening).

Me:  “Lord, how do the animals and birds know that a storm is coming in?  They seemed to know to come out and grab the food I was spreading.  They did it with much more than typical urgency.  These little ones have been bustling about for the last two days to prepare.  Do You send them signs?  Do the angels tell them?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “You have many questions.  The animals and the birds know when a storm is coming.  They are in sync with My weather forecast.  They also know from signs and the behaviors of others near them.  For instance, a crow has a warning signal, a shout, that a predator is nearby.  All the animals and birds then scatter.  He then gathers up his workers, his family, and they use a few patterns to chase the predator far away.”

Me:  “I have watched them dive bomb hawks and even eagles.”

Jesus:  “They are bold when threatened.  They don’t fear much.”

Me:  “I never thought I would ever say this, but… I have grown quite fond of this crow family.  They watch over the other birds and animals.  They warn them of danger.”

Jesus:  “If the animals and birds and even the creatures of the sea have warning of impending storms, then won’t I also do the same for those I love?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  You even send help.  You also send people to warn us to prepare for what is coming.  When the storms arrive, we are at Your mercy.  We can only pray.”

Jesus:  “I don’t only send warning to those I call, I also send those I call to give warnings.  Great harbingers have come in hopes the wicked would turn back to God and humble themselves.”

Me:  “They instead have closed up the churches and shut our worship of You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but they have done even more in darkness.  I have given fair warning for them to turn from their wickedness and do what is right.  They instead continue on their evil course.  I will now allow them to confess their sins before the peoples of the Earth.  I will unleash their tongues to confess to their wickedness.  They will desire to cut off their tongues, but their tongues will be strong like Damascus steel and just as unbending.

“They will have no choice but to abandon their posts and positions and run for the hills.  I will cause this.  The wicked do not know that I see their deeds and that all is measured.  The oppressed cry out as justice has died in the cover of darkness.  However, I am the Just Judge and I judge a man based on their heart, not on their outer appearances.

“Now, God has created both man and woman.  The two are unique in their ways, but together they are good.  I did not create man to lay with a man.  I did not create a man to declare himself a woman and dress as such.  I did not say to a woman that you are now a man.  This is not the will of God.

“Neither did I create slaves among you.  Laborers became slaves at the hands of the wicked landowners.  Those who decided to instead work laborers long hours, house them, feed them and keep them and their families.  This is why I said to release them free of debt after six years and then on the seventh they are free.  This was based on foreign laborers and the poor who needed work and then became slaves.

“Instead of being fair, kind and generous, many became dehumanized, like livestock.  This is not the will of God.  The will of God is that all men be free… on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Today there is slavery and it is for man’s sexual lusts.  It involves the poor, the needy and the least of these.  What has been before is once again true today.  There will always be the poor among you, but this does not mean they are forgotten by Me.

“The nation is under a plan of enslavement by only a few.  The enemy is attempting a great wealth transfer.  It is very evil and God sees all those who participate in these practices, but especially against children, the little ones.  Erin, you have seen where they who do such evil against My children go while they await judgment.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  It is frightening.  This is horrifying.  Even though they are evil, this punishment is beyond my comprehension and a great personal fear.”

Jesus:  “You are not to fear this as you will not be subject to this.  However, you are to understand this… I will repay evil done to these little ones with that which you have seen.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, this is worse than a millstone tied around them and thrown into the sea.  It is worse than anything I can personally comprehend.  If this happened to me, I would wish that I had never been born.  They will say this once they experience what is coming for them.”

Jesus:  “Erin, My Words are true and I am true to My Words.  As for you and your family, this storm will soon pass.  As for your daughter, she will arrive safely back from the funeral surrounded by your enemies.  I have her.  Do not worry.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord, thank You.”

Jesus:  “You are welcome.  Do not worry when you see the wicked continue their schemes.  Do not worry as I have a ‘special gift’ coming to each of them.  I see all.  I see everything they do in darkness.  Now rejoice, Erin, and breathe!”

Me:  “Oh yes… my breathing is so much better since doing the seven deep breaths as You instructed me to do yesterday.  Thank You!”

Jesus:  “Fresh air is good.  I love you.”

Dream over…

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