Dream 590 – 3 Days of Dreams, 9 Sub-Dreams to Ponder

Finished on Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Received on Monday, March 21, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family, my Nest friends and our home.  I am thankful for Your protection, Father.  Please open a door for my husband to find work.  It has been a long time and so much disappointment.  We need a miracle.  My dreams last night made my stomach ill this morning.  Clearly, my body even reacted to what I experienced while sleeping.

Sub-Dream 1 “China quietly takes over Russia” begins…

We were watching the evening news on the television.

Announcer:  “And then there were two!  As we start the news this evening, today marks the official fall of the Russian Empire.  Any remaining officials are now being forced to be under China’s occupation.”

They then showed a field reporter on the ground in Russia.

Reporter in Russia:  “It has been three months of carnage.  What was first an act of alliance by China to aid Russia on its quest to return to the former USSR has now turned into something Russia and the world never saw coming.  The people were not happy that China had taken over the banks, the ruble, the real estate notes, the gas and oil and the food supplies.  What started as a partnership and act of goodwill became a visible act of aggression.

“The citizens of Russia did not take well to the news that Russia is gone and now it is the Peoples Dominion of China (PDC) territory.  Other reports too graphic to air shows any dissenters or rebels being shot by a firing squad.  Many Russian officers and other leaders have been executed to make way for the PDC… or, really, Xi’s dominion.  Back to you.”

Announcer:  “Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this coming as China has been actively purchasing land in Canada, the USA, Africa and really all over the world to set up their new dominion state.  We are now asking our reporter in Washington to comment.”

Reporter in Washington:  “Yes, as you can imagine, this news is alarming.  However, the USA, Canada and other NATO alliances are more emboldened than ever to rise up as one nation to solidify and strengthen global strength.”

Sub-Dream 1 over…

This newscast felt extremely real.  I pray this doesn’t happen in our lifetime.

Sub-Dream 2 “History burnt down to make way for a new history” begins…

I saw the sons of perdition.  They were the now indoctrinated youth.  They were taught lies from an early age and believed the lies completely.  They called for the Smithsonian Museum to be burnt down, as well as the Museum of Natural History.  They wanted all museums throughout the nation, as well as libraries, to be torched.

They called for the torching of the Library of Congress, along with other historical documents.  I then saw them actually destroying this historical evidence.  It was all being livestreamed.  They burned the Declaration of Independence.  The original articles of the Constitution were burned.  All costumes, valuables and historical sites were all decimated in order to create a new history.

They destroyed beautiful building and estates.  All items were burned.  Some wicked leaders determined this was good and an executive order went out to also burn churches and Bibles.  The Words of God were then labelled as hate speech and banned.  This was one of the worst acts of evil I have ever seen.  It was brutal.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Sub-Dream 3 “Pleasing animals, birds and fish removed” begins…

I saw a deer and a cow hanging from a light post in a residential neighborhood.  Their bellies were very large.  It was a horrific scene.  I then heard an angel of the Lord…

Angel:  “Erin, come to the edge of town.”

When I arrived there, I saw a massive cloud of God’s angelic armies descending to the Earth.

Angel:  “They have come to collect the animals from the Earth.”

Me:  “All of them?”

Angel:  “The animals of the ground, the fish in the waters and birds of the air.”

Me:  “Why?”

Angel:  “Come.”

He took my hand and showed me a wicked laboratory that was weaponizing the birds of the air, the freshwater fish and farm animals.  This experiment using targeted weaponization was only to target food sources, mainly protein, in order to weaken any opposition armies.  Plagues were being sent to remove testosterone and any other male related reproduction hormone.

I then saw something happen which was unexpected.  It was announced that all meat from fish, birds and land animals should be avoided.  Family pets then began to die suddenly.  This was heartbreaking to watch.  Like the deer and the cow that I saw hanging at the beginning, all of their stomachs were bloated.

While the angels came and took most of the animals, fish and birds, God allowed the predatory ones and the unclean ones to stay.  He then strengthened those that remained.  He did this to create fear in these wicked scientists as they would now have to deal with scary wildlife instead of compliant ones.  I then saw a disheveled man talking to an equally disheveled woman.

Man:  “So, what now?  Are they going to eliminate bread and plants next?  Who can even afford sugar now?  Where is the oil?”

Woman:  Crying.  “No butter.  No eggs.  No bacon.  No milk.  No honey.  Surely there is an angry God.”

They then proceeded to curse God for what had happened.  In their blindness, they didn’t put the blame where it should have been put… the evil of mankind.

Sub-Dream 3 over…

Me:  “Father, this was a horrible nightmare.  Please collect us before any of that happens.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here.  I am with you.  Do not worry.  You are to understand, Erin, that the very same leader who claims to have harnessed power even greater than the sun is already experimenting with these plagues.  This happens as the other leader (of the Black Dragon) dismantles the USA and is planning to sacrifice Israel to her enemies.  For now, both leaders are allowing this to happen on both sides.

“While I know this is difficult to understand, they are on the same side.  Few understand this though.  There is a silent ruler using the current ruler as a mask.  The agenda of overthrowing the nation has been in the process for quite some time.  While the people speculate, none know.  This is because of all that is hidden in darkness.

“The leader of the Black Dragon (using Biden) and the leader of the Red Dragon (using Putin) are both leading by proxy right now.  The war you are witnessing is that of fools.  The one leader you have been shown is being used by others.  All of this is happening as a distraction while wicked policies and schemes are in the works in the shadows.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, this makes my stomach sick.  Please take Your people Home to Heaven before this happens.  I saw officers going door-to-door to make sure that all pets were euthanized.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin.  I send angels.  Angels are watching over children and orphans right now.  Although no miracles are being reported, know that the hand of God is already here.  My judgments have now come because of the wicked rulers.  You are not to worry though.  While I have shown you their plans, this does not mean these will have success.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  These dreams were brutal.”

Jesus:  “I show you these so you understand the great evil of the Dragon, the Beast and their many heads.  These heads have an insatiable need to devour the innocent.  However, you are not to worry.  I have a great plan against wicked rulers, their wicked friends, their properties and their provisions.  I call this God’s Equity… My justice!

“Even though you still worry, do not worry about anything.  I have answered your prayers and you will receive a double portion.  I will increase your blessings as what you have asked of Me is small.  My Bride, My Elect, will receive a great dowry from Heavenly storehouses.  Now, rejoice, Erin, as I am with you.  I know your needs before you ask.  All is about to change.”

Received on Tuesday evening, March 22, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love and affection.  Thank You for all You have done.  The world is very scary right now and will continue to be barring some divine Heavenly miracle.

Yesterday, after I fed the animals and I was detouring off our yard, I saw something very large in the ditch across from our house.  When I approached this large blob, I soon realized it was a very large porcupine, probably three times the weight of the one we had euthanized and taken away.  While it was standing on all four legs, it was not moving.  It was freaking me out, so I called my husband over.

My husband came up to it and nudged it with a long shovel.  There was no movement.  It was dead.  Maybe it was buried in the ice by a passing snow removal truck.  Both of us had never seen anything like this before.  We immediately thanked You for making this porcupine a non-issue on our property.  With the size of it, it would have eaten up the rest of our trees.  We felt this was a blessing from You and an answered prayer.

I began to have this strange feeling over my body again earlier today.  It came over me this morning and hasn’t left yet.  While I like the feeling, it makes me feel separated from my daily life.  With most everything I do right now, I seek You first.  I went to a vintage shop and picked up a sailboat with a poem written on it…

“We can’t all play a winning game.  Someone is sure to lose.  Yet we can plan so that our name.  No one may dare accuse.  That when the Master referee scores against our name.  It won’t be whether we’ve won or lost but how we’ve played the game!”

I read an article on March 15, 2022 that the Russian military is claiming the USA is plotting to weaponize migratory birds by infecting them with deadly avian pathogens to be used as a bio-weapon against Russia.  The mortality rate of this strain of H1N1 is 50%.  Apparently, the KGB in the early 1980s had claimed that a USA funded research project in Pakistan was sending ‘Killer Mosquitoes’ into Afghanistan.

I had two vivid dreams last night…

Sub-Dream 4 “Feeding Birds Empty Shells” begins…

I was living in a suburb of a city.  A neighbor to my north approached me.  He was Asian.  He seemed nice, so I wasn’t worried.

Man:  “How are you able to attract so many birds and little animals?”

Me:  “I just place seeds and nuts out and they find them.”

Man:  Concerned.  “But I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work.”

Me:  “Do you want to show me what you are doing?  The birds are only a few feet away.”

He brought me to the side of a busy road.  There were two large plastic blue bins.  The man pointed to the bins.

Man:  “I leave one of the bins here and the other bin I scatter on the ground.”

Me:  “Can I see what you use?”  The man got one of the bins so I could get a closer look.  All I saw were empty shells.  “Where are the nuts and seeds?”

Man:  “This is how I bought them.  This is cheaper.  Since these birds and animals are not smart like us, they don’t know the difference.”

Me:  “I disagree.  God grants them the instincts to recognize real food.  They really are not stupid.  God’s Creation is really quite amazing.”

As I looked everywhere on the ground, there were now empty shells on brown muddied grass.  There were so many empty shells that it looked like a flood of them had come.

Man:  “Well, I’m going to shoot them instead.  They make me angry.”

Me:  “Shoot one and they will never come back.”

Man:  “Fine.  I don’t care.  I spent all this money and they won’t even take a bite.  Well, I’ll fix them a snack they won’t soon forget.”

I then wondered if he was planning to poison them.

Sub-Dream 4 over…

Sub-Dream 5 “Looking for a nice Nazi item?” begins…

I was on a college university as an appraiser for ‘The Antiques Road Show’.  We had worked hard all day explaining the origins and values of the many different antiques and artifacts there.  At closing of the show on the first night, a former classmate of mine came up to me.

Woman:  “I need help with an item that has been with my family for some time.  I am not comfortable bringing this item in front of the public for this show.”

She handed me a small black velvet cloth bag with gold strings.  I opened it and pulled out a silver belt.  It looked like something an officer would put around his shoulder and possibly opposite torso.  Normally, these are brown leather, but this was unusual and about 42” in length.  It had tabs or small square flags with points hanging from the belt.  It was a rather awkward item.  I felt strongly that it was from the 1930s.

Me:  “How did your family come to acquire this?”

Woman:  “It was my grandfathers in the war.  It is from Germany.”

Upon closer inspection, I could tell it was an item from the Nazi era.

Me:  “Well, I can now see why you would keep this item hidden.”

Woman:  “We need money and I would like to sell this.”

Me:  “While it might be seized, let me see what I can find out about it.  You keep it in the meantime.”

I looked underneath near the fastener and I could see four hallmarks (stamps in silver).  The first one was a phoenix.  The second one was a lioness standing on her hind legs.  The third one was a crown.  The fourth and last was an SS with a crescent moon.

Me:  “While I am not sure, this appears to have been forged in Germany.”

As I looked more closely at these flags hanging from the belt, I could see every other one was a swastika inside an embossed circle.  The other symbols were odd.  I then realized that the other symbols represented countries to be conquered under the Nazi regime.  I knew this was a rare find and quite valuable.  I saw a total of 30 nations to be conquered.  It made me sick to my stomach.  When the woman saw my reaction, her entire state of being changed and she became angry.

Woman:  “Come on, Erin, you know exactly what this is.  This has more value than anything here and now more than ever.  Don’t play stupid.  I have had it appraised before and I will have it appraised again.  There is nothing new under the sun except for you.  When is God going to do something?  There is nothing new here but you.  God won’t fool anyone.  By the way, this belt is worth $200,000.  You are so stupid.”

She took the item and left in a huff.

Sub-Dream 5 over…

Me:  “Father, these dreams were troubling.  I have a bad feeling about the world.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “This makes two of us.  It doesn’t look good for the Earth in general… apart from God, of course.  Now, tell Me what you believe.”

Me:  “Well, I believe You are in control and that You will do something amazing.  Oh Lord, I am so excited.  As it stands now, my stomach is sick.  I fear what we are being told in the news is not truth when it comes to the war.  While I am mad at Russia for invading Ukraine, something else still seems off.

“It was leaked by a Ukrainian military commander that they were catching young Russian soldiers and having them castrated.  Many of these soldiers were told that this wasn’t a war, but a liberation movement.  I feel horrible for the soldiers on both sides.  What if something worse is actually happening?  All of this just seems ‘off’ to me.”

Jesus:  “Erin, there is nothing new as the enemy uses the same playbook and has since the fall of man.  I have told you that they declare their plans with their lips, but then those who listen and hear their plots only recall them when their plots unfold.  While they are liars, they tell the truth about their plans.  Still, many forget soon after they hear them.

“The old diminished ruler (of the USA) declared his plans yesterday publicly that the deaths of tens of millions of people years ago was a great opportunity.  Well, it is like the phoenix rising.  It was wicked then and it is in the beginning stages now, except you must multiply the deaths they are hoping for.

“Back then, it was experimentation against the Jewish people.  They labeled the Jews as being carriers of disease.  The enemy has been working to remove God and the promises of Heaven and eternal life.  They have increased their evil on a global scale.  They are not a house divided.  It is already in the process and the people are being caught unaware.

“This same evil is throughout the nations now.  I showed you the reversal of all that was done by God with Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.  The plans of evil were destroyed when God caused the languages to come and break apart the evil unified nation.  The people were then scattered.

“While the world tries to ignore it, the one nation (Red Dragon) then uses their money to buy up valuable resources around the globe.  What is being ignored?  The plans of the adversary are lofty.  Last time, there were wars, a great plague and, of course, genocide.  However, the enemy now has an even worse plan underway.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please do something now.  Your people love You.  Please help us.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin.  With the Tower of Babel, tongues of foreign languages fell upon the people and they were scattered.  When Pentecost later occurred, Tongues of Fire fell upon the people of God.  These were strange Heavenly languages spoken by God’s people so that the enemy did not know what the Spirit of God was ministering to the people in Spirit and in Truth.

“However, Tongues of Flaming Truth will soon fall upon the liars.  I will bridle their mouths to confess their wickedness.  This will cause the wicked to flee from God’s people.  There will be great fear for them because Heaven will be visible in miracles, signs and wonders.  God’s people will unite together as one under Heaven.  Lips will rejoice with singing.  Tongues will testify to the Glory of the Lord.

“Don’t worry, Erin, as I will now grant wisdom to those who pray for it.  I will do this right now.  Rejoice, Erin, and do not worry.  I am here and I am with you!”

Received on Wednesday, March 23, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your great love.  Thank You for our family and friends – a great gift of love from You.  Thank You for the promises of spring.  Father, my whole body feels different.  I did nothing from my normal morning routine today.  I did not make the bed, attend to the birds and animals or turn on the lights.  I got my water and went straight to You.

I don’t quite understand what is happening now except that I feel separated from all of the things I once loved in this world.  I am speaking of activities here, not people.  My old activities and ambitions have no pull at my heart anymore.  There is a feeling that these activities are truly meaningless for the long term and just serve as place and time holders.  My dreams have been elaborate and detailed lately.

Some have stirred my heart to anger as I realize most of the world has been deceived by their evil leaders.  Still, this to was as allowed by You, Father.  I now realize that, anytime the left tells us to fight ‘Climate Change’, the words climate change can be replaced by Christianity and makes perfect sense.  A global clarion call by the wicked is calling them to battle against us, the ‘Climate Changers’.

However, in reality, it is only You who shakes the nations, splits the ground and brings great storms and destruction.  It is You who has turned up the heat and made the sun seven times hotter.  It is You as You are God.  As predicted in the Bible, the enemy is currently trying to rapidly impose a one world government.

They are requiring that we all share in the same vision together.  The one evil leader declares we will overcome and overthrow the course of the world.  An evil plot is in place and it is disguised as a progressive move of the wise and learned.  I had a detailed dream last night…

Sub-Dream 6 “The Rivers of Death” begins…

I saw a leader on a throne.  Around him were smaller thrones.  There were four thrones on his left side and four thrones on his right side.  His throne was elevated in comparison to the thrones around him.  His throne was sitting on a stone slab.  The nine thrones formed three quarters of a circle.  In the center of the area was a sun mosaic inlaid on the floor.

This was something like the light of the sun, only in optics, shining through the floor.  The eight were worshipping the throne over the sun.  The center throne declared that the sun would be his footstool.  The altar of stone at the base of this was for sacrifice.  From this altar, blood flowed with such abundance that it was called the altar of sacrifice to the throne of ‘god’.

The blood formed into rivers and these were called the rivers of death.  Those who bathed in them would be reborn and regenerated with a form of youthfulness.  It was so evil and the complete counterfeit of God and all He stands for.  While this seemed impossible to witness, the Lord reminded me that He has given permission to the enemy.  This permission is hard to understand, but ‘It Is Written!’

Sub-Dream 6 over…

While the enemy has been thrown down from Heaven, we should not be surprised when his presence increases throughout the nations as permitted by God.  The spirits were released from fleshly prisons once their hosts partook in blood consumption.  The evil inside man was and is set free when pride kills all reason and then consumes integrity.

When angels or man places themselves at the forefront of their thoughts above God, evil is then birthed and becomes like brand new.  What we are experiencing now in this world is the rise of the Beast and his kingdom.  His kingdom is based on great lies.  His bricks are made of lies upon lies upon lies.  This is all meant to confuse God’s people, defile His Bride and destroy His Elect.  Evil has now come of age!

Sub-Dream 7 “10 Balls of Fire” begins…

A wicked ruler hurled out ten balls of fire…

  • The First: I saw several farmers working the fields.  Every day after planting, a swarm of crows would come and steal all the seed.  Day after day, the farmers planted and then the seed was stolen.  They were never able to plant so there would be no harvest.  This represents modern day churches.
  • The Second: The rule of law, fairness, mercy and justice are all under attack.  This was to strike down anyone opposed to the throne of the god of the sun.  Into its place were set wicked judges, law enforcement and lawyers.
  • The Third: The natural order that God created was attacked.  Strikes were made against the daughters of Eve to wipe out her existence and therefore God’s pure Bride.  This was also meant to defile men with all abominations and things detestable to God.  This was the defiling of the natural order.
  • The Fourth: All evidence of historical significance was removed and all corresponding records destroyed.  Worms were sent to consume all paper and change the records through references via technology.  The unearthing of new evidence then came to suggest that God was wicked and that Satan was good.
  • The Fifth: Remove all meat.  Use diseases to strike down all livestock normally used for consumption.
  • The Sixth: The sun became so hot that skin began to boil after evil medicines were administered.  Any cure was met with an even greater increase of sores.
  • The Seventh: The air was filled with an increase in disease from death.  The spores released from decay caused many to be unable to breathe pure air.  The quality of air was to be controlled.  The resulting poor air quality would then be blamed on war and God.
  • The Eighth: The installation of a fake omnipresence over all the world.  He could see where you were and what you were doing all of the time.  He could see you by using technological tracking devices.  His army of drones were in the millions.  He controlled all peoples and their actions.  This enslaved the peoples of the Earth.
  • The Ninth: Control of time.  Time to be changed at will.  Seasons set by the leader and feasts to be in his honor alone.  Can turn off power and heat.  Remove the ability for people to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Send fires to places and set up destruction over areas people once enjoyed.  Continue to punish and enslave.
  • The Tenth: Blood sacrifices as atonement to the beast.  All the people of the Earth were to give blood to this leader.  They also set up times for mass deaths of unborn and newborns so as to keep the world ‘balanced’.  Claims made that a baby’s blood was full of disease.

The plans of this group were hidden from the other rulers, rulers who were to unite the nations against the Kingdom of God.  Most were unaware of the great evil they were spreading for the Beast System.

Sub-Dream 7 over…

This dream was so real and so evil.  When I woke up, I was sick to my stomach.  This was here already.  While some watchers speak of the coming evil, what is planned is actually even worse.  I prayed to the Lord for mercy before falling back to sleep.

Sub-Dream 8 “Reeducation Class changed over to Church” begins…

I had to attend a court ordered reeducation class to maintain my original university degree and my credentials.  There were several of us in attendance for an appointed time.  No one came until the very end.  We were frustrated.

Young person 1:  “Where is our instructor?”

Young person 2:  “Why are you here waiting?  Your instructor is at the Church of His Presence.  Today is communion.  If you hurry, you can still catch him.”

Only about a half of the class hurried to church.  The church was beautiful.  A choir of angels were singing out teachings from the Lord.  We all praised Him and partook in the service.  Afterwards, many of us approached the Lord with questions.

Me:  “Lord, did we miss Your call somehow?”

Jesus:  “The enemy tried to detain you, but I sent help in the eleventh hour (that is, in the morning before noon) to let you know that I am here and now here you are.  This is great.  I am glad you came.”

All of us were so excited.  We hugged Him and we were so joyful.  He had the angels sing for us.

Jesus:  “You are right on time.  You didn’t miss a thing.”

We were all overcome with tears and love for our Perfect Savior.

Sub-Dream 8 over…

Sub-Dream 9 “A Light cuts through the fog” begins…

I was in a blackened landscape.  It was once a hilly forested area.  However, all the trees had fallen and it was desolate.  Only stumps remained.  It was cold, damp and foggy.  I became so sad.  I cried out to God in the darkness.

Me:  “Father, while it is spring, there is no signs of life.  I hear no birds.  There are no animals.  There are no flowers.  All is dead.”

It looked like there had been something like fire that had destroyed the entire hill.

Jesus:  “I am here.  Do not worry.  I am in you.  Call upon the signs of spring, but do so in My Name.”

Me:  “Could I ask for something first?”

Jesus:  “Proceed.”

Me:  “Could You first spread Your light over this charcoaled damp landscape.”

He immediately sent a warm ray of sunshine through the fog.  I praised Him for doing this so quickly.  Then, and as if in time lapse, I saw spring come forth.  I saw the trees reverse from death and come back to life.  I saw blossoms, grass, crocuses and flowers sprouting from the ground.  I heard birds singing again.  I spotted some woodland animals.  God made everything brand new with life.

Sub-Dream 9 over…

Me:  “Thank You, Father.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  The enemy plans and plots like all the evil leaders combined throughout the ages.  They are too numerous to count.  From his evil spirit, he births evil.  His spirits of evil have hosts.  This is what I spent most of My time on Earth with – ridding demons from their hosts and releasing captives from evil torment.

“So too it will be done again, but very quickly, so that the land will be free from the wicked to make way for My miracles and wonders.  You know evil by their fruits.  They first start with an idea that sounds great on the surface.  However, make no mistake, this will be against My Will.  My Will is not for the Earth to suffer, man to die a painful death or for crops to be destroyed and diseases to spread.

“These are evil and not of God, understand?  I allow these things so that those who eventually see this as wicked will turn to Me, their Savior, not those whose plans are to lie, kill and destroy.  The wicked move with such speed that the people are unaware of all their movements.  Not all are reported and what is reported are usually lies.”

Me:  “So, when do You come for us, Lord?”

Jesus:  “I am here now, Erin.  I am in you.  My voice is manifest in My Bride.”

Me:  “Okay, but when are we, Your waiting Bride, to be strengthened and healed and revival begins?  These are the signs You have declared for us to watch for as clearly evil is spreading quickly…

  • In Luke 21:25: There is the distress of nations.  We see great stress in the peoples.  We see no way out of our current state.  We need a Savior and an Act of God.  We need You, Lord, and we need You now!
  • In Luke 17:26-27: The state of the world is in moral decay.  All morality is corrupt.  Men are given in marriage to men and women to women.  There is self-harm to men and women to remove their original birth orientation.  Youth is encouraged to sin.  Death on a widespread level is encouraged.  Evil is abundant.  Good is called evil and evil is called good.
  • In Matthew 24:6: Wars and rumors of wars are here.
  • In 1 Thessalonians 5:3: People are declaring peace and safety.  However, destruction comes suddenly and the people are caught unaware.
  • In Matthew 24:14: The Gospel will be preached to all nations, then the end will come.  Is this before Transformation?  So much of Your Truth is now being diluted with the sprinkling of lies.  When is this complete?
  • In Luke 21:24: When has Israel been center stage like it has in history?  Like it is now?  Jerusalem is always in the news, but you have to look for it.

“Lord, this just seems like the best time for You to Transform us.  I can feel in My Spirit that there is a war in the Heavens which we cannot see.  Our house is very tired.  There have been more headaches and clumsiness amongst our children.  We have seen signs.  An eagle flew right in front of our car yesterday.

“Speaking of cars, we have one in the shop again.  There was a malfunction that kept the windshield washer fluid to be squirted on the windshield.  This seemed to be another sign.  It has been a while since we have experienced a ton of signs, but now would be a great time for it, but hopefully only for our convenience (I was kidding… sort of).  Oh Lord, please protect us as this war rages all around us.”

Jesus:  “I am here.  I am with you.  Do not worry.  The plans and schemes of the enemy will be struck down.  These will not succeed.  Do not worry.  Any destruction he has sent or is in the process of sending will be publicly exposed and reversed.  It will be a healing and glorious overtaking as all evil will be halted and Heaven will be visible on Earth.  My promises are true!  Take heart for I have overcome the world and the corrupt ‘towers’ they have built.  Rejoice!”

Dream over…

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