Dream 612 – The Most Powerful Army is God’s Army

Received on Friday, May 27, 2022


Dear Father,

Please bless the pen I scribe with and the paper on which I write.  I just know that You have something very important to disclose.  I do not want to miss one thing…

  • Your ways are perfect
  • Your plans are lofty
  • Your promises are true
  • Your love is complete
  • Your peace is a treasure
  • Great are You, Father
  • Thank You for another day

This is the third morning in a row that I have heard the song ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe in my head upon waking.  While I dismissed it the first two mornings, the third time made me take it a bit more seriously.

The Lord has been dialoguing with me as I work on the tasks He is instructing me to complete.  God doesn’t remain silent for long concerning my questions about various events.  I am also learning more and more about the Sabbath.

Me:  “Lord, I apologize to You for all the days I did not rest.  For years and years, I have not obeyed the Sabbath.  I have done this for thousands of Sabbath days.  Oh Lord, I am so sorry for not obeying Your Commandment to rest.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I gave you rest on these days when you were unaware.  I did this for all of the years of your battles, your youth and when you were a child.  I did this so the enemy could never declare this against you.  Now, you were convicted in this late hour as I instructed you.  Since I call you My friend, I then must also direct attention to any of your actions that are contrary to the healing you seek.  God made a covenant to His people.”

Me:  “I believe this is outlined in Leviticus.  Leviticus 26:3-4 says ‘If you walk in My statutes and observe My commandments and do them, then I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.’  Oh Lord, while I mostly get this, I am not a farmer!”

Jesus:  “You actually are even though you do not realize this.  I use farming terms because you understand what produce is available in due season.  If transport was not possible, you would then understand this better.  Most now expect their produce to be available even in the winter.  This is not easy to understand if you do not make your living as a farmer.  However, you can understand the signs of harvest and know this by the seasons you have come to expect.

“Blessings by God were and are given to His people when in obedience to observe your day of rest, your Sabbath.  There are other periods of rest.  There is your year of rest in the seventh year, the year of the time of release, the Shemitah.  Then there is also the 50th year, which is also a Sabbath, the time of Jubilee.  Erin, without you realizing this, you practiced this unaware.  This is because I have kept you.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord, for Your Great Grace.”

Jesus:  “I have a great purpose for this.  You have kept My Statutes and Commandments.  However, in the last year and unaware, you did not fully rest as I have called you.  You would then be unwell for two days until the third day.  While this may seem harsh, it is also important.  I am in you and I am working through you.  You are My Vessel.  I have formed you.  As such, you are useful when you are blessed by Me.  I will not go against My own Commandments.  This is why it is so important.”

Me:  “For the last year or so, I have learned this the hard way.”

Jesus:  “My way is not easy, especially at first.  However, I promise to bless you through your obedience to it.  I do not punish the upright heart.  A mother is able to nurse her child or feed her children.  However, there are other times where meals can be prepared in advance in order to honor Me.”

Me:  “Are You referring to convenience food?”

Jesus:  “Well, you could call it this.  You should not spend the day in cooking labor while your family rests.  It is better if the house then fasts together instead as the times call for it.  However, I will direct you in the ways you should go.  For instructional purposes, there are blessings for obedience.  However, there are also curses for disobedience.  Both of these are written about in My Word.

“The lands and the people experience blessings and enjoy great prosperity, security and peace when they keep My Statutes and Commandments.  However, if they reject My Word and abandon My Covenant by turning away from My Statutes and Commandments, they will then be cursed.  The lands in which they dwell will then also be cursed.  This is why I send rebuke in the form of calamity.

“Like reproof, I grant warnings.  In My Word, I grant a variety of blessings as a promise, a reward, for obedience.  For instance, seasonal rains in due season.  I also then keep away torrential downpours in the offseason as this is not beneficial.  Instead, seasonal abundant rain produces an abundance of fruit that the time of the threshing of it will extend until the time of sowing seed.

“The ground yields its crops and the trees yields its fruit.  This all happens in good season.  If you obey My Commandments, peace then prevails.  You will live peacefully in your own lands.  You will even chase away your enemies.  They will fall before you.  No one will make you afraid.  Now, what is the most important blessing of them all?”

Me:  “Your promise to walk with us if we walk in Your ways.  You will place Your Tabernacle among us and walk in our midst.  You will be our God and we will be Your people.  This is from Leviticus 26:4,6-7,12.”

Jesus:  “Now that I have shown you the ways, walk in these.  Great will be your peace.  Abundant will be your blessings.”

Me:  “Lord, the curses for disobedience are also listed.  These are quite frightening.  It is happening to our country right now.  Please no not forget about us.  People are dying for their lack of knowledge.  We have turned away from our first love… You.  While some people now see this, our rulers are evil.  They put laws into place in the darkness and then declare a thing that we did not agree to.

“I am not even certain these people were actually voted in by the people.  So many will perish.  Lord, please heal the land.  In Jeremiah 17:14, Jeremiah cried out ‘heal me, oh Lord, and I shall be healed; save me and I shall be saved, for you are My praise.’  Lord, You came to the people and made a new covenant with us.”

Jesus:  “Yes, My cup, the New Covenant in My blood, was the abolishment of the scapegoat as I took the sins.  My blood was poured out.  As it was written by the Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 43:25) ‘under the strength of this covenant, your sins are forgiven and remembered no more.’  However, many who accepted Me as the Blood Covenant over sin used this as a free ticket to continue on their course, their way.

“Erin, this was never meant to be My free ticked to continue to knowingly sin.  Instead, it was a release of your guilt by grace and a call to go out daily and sin no more.  Many go their own way and profane My Name while doing so.  Many who wear My symbols, some even etched into their skin, continue to operate contrary to My Word.  They do not count the cost of sin or the magnitude of their examples and how many would be lost on account of their sinful actions.”

Me:  “But, Lord, these are sent by the enemy.”

Jesus:  “But, Erin, they believe they are Mine.  Pray on account of them.  Pray for their victims.”

Me:  “I had two very clear dreams last night.  The first one was alarming…

Sub-Dream 1 “Keep God’s Covenants” begins…

This dream started out joyfully with a wedding.  It was a beautiful setting.  The couple stood at the altar under a flowering vine canopy.  They said their vows and made their covenants known to all in attendance.  In the guest seats were family and friends to agree with them and witness their covenant before God.

They partook in communion together as one under God.  They then broke the glass under their feet.  All in attendance witnessed this and cheered.  There was a young boy witnessing all of this who had questions.  While the boy was unaware that the ‘person’ next to him was an angel, it was indeed an angel that was sitting next to the boy.

Boy:  “Why do they do this with the glass?”

Angel:  “This is meant to be a remembrance of the destruction of the Temple.”

Boy:  “Why would they want to remember the destruction of the Temple at their wedding?”

Angel:  “To be in agreement not to break God’s Covenants.”

The boy nodded in agreement with what the angel had told him.  However, when he turned to ask the angel another question, the angel was already gone.  The boy then began to give the guests an urgent message…

Boy:  In a loud voice.  “Do not break God’s Covenants!  Do not break them!”

He was very serious as he went to deliver this message to several of those around him.  His grandmother seemed alarmed at his insistence.

Grandmother:  “Who did you get this from?”

Boy:  “A guest.  A man was here and then he was gone.  I cannot find him.  However, he told me that God’s Covenants should not be broken.  This is especially true if you have made a promise to God to keep them.  I then saw a vision.”

At this point, several more guests had gathered around the boy.

Boy:  “If you break your promises before God, then He will turn away.  He showed me that it is like a bride and groom with bare feet being forced to break the glass without a cover.  He showed me that you are not to do this.”

The adults soon dismissed him.  However, they were still troubled.  They knew the boy had seen a vision and had spoken to an angel.  The guests were bothered at the thought of bare feet being forced to stomp on the glass without a cover.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Jesus:  “What happened next?”

Me:  “I woke up and ‘The Final Countdown’ song was again playing in my head.  It was 4:30am.  I managed to go back to sleep.  I then had my second dream…”

Sub-Dream 2 “The Night of the Broken Glass” begins…

I was instructing a class of appraisers on making evaluations more accurately.  I held up two items.  One was a plastic numbered Anime figurine similar to one my younger son has.  The other was a beautiful porcelain vase from the 1800s all hand painted with hallmarks and even the artist’s signature.

Me:  “Which one of these has more value?”  I pointed to the plastic figuring.  “Of these, about 1,000 were made.”  I then pointed to the porcelain vase.  “With this, it is one of a kind.  There is only one just like it.  It is not perfect because it went through a few wars in Europe and an oceanic journey.”

An appraiser raised his hand.  He was very learned and pompous.

Me:  “Go ahead.”

Appraiser:  “Well, of course, the vase.  That is obvious.”

Me:  “While I agree with you that this is how it should be, you are incorrect.  While there is no interest in this vase, there is great interest in these figurines.  In today’s market, this plastic figurine is worth thousands.  As for this vase, you can pick this up at a thrift store or on eBay for $40.  The value of an object is only worth what someone will pay for it.  This means most of what we have come to know, expect or love has now become worthless to the world.  That’s all for today.  Thanks for being here.”

The appraiser left angry.  They knew I was right.  I was now all alone.  I sat on my desk and started to cry.  As I did, a figure entered the room.  He was wearing a white hooded robe.

Me:  “May I help you?”

‘Man’:  Still hooded.  “Erin, the Lord requests your presence.”

He then removed his hood.  It was Uriel!  I became so excited!

Me:  “Uriel!  Uriel!  Oh, how I have missed you.”

While Uriel rarely smiles, he smiled.  I ran up to him.

Uriel:  “Come, the Lord requests your presence.”

I reached out and took his hand.  We were instantly in Heaven.  We stood at the great overlook of Heaven.  There was a massive army of warriors… angels in the millions.  They were illuminated and stood on the hills surrounding the Lord’s House.

Uriel:  “Now you see that the army of God is massive and powerful.  Nothing will come against it.  Not one army is greater than God’s Army.”

I saw a row of massive and mighty angels.  They each held flaming swords.  Each regiment had different qualities and purposes under God.

Uriel:  “Now, this is vast, if you are able to see it.  They are over a thousand hills.  This also means the cattle over it.  There are also the lands, the air and the sea.  There is no corner for the enemy to hide.  There is no cave deep enough.  There is no valley low enough.  No matter the setting, God’s Army can pursue the enemy.  Now, God, our Lord over the Armies of God, requests your presence.”

I was without words.  As far as my eyes could see, the entire landscape, was filled with God’s Army.  I really wanted to see God now.  We were immediately in the Courtyard of the Lord’s House.  It was beautiful there.  The beautiful domed pavilion had a table set with angels in attendance.  There were beautiful flower vines and fountains everywhere.  There was music and an orchestra of angels in an open room.

Over to the Northwest side of the Courtyard, which is massive, I saw a meeting of robed men around God’s Clock and Calendar.  Above this area on the roof were guards and massive angels over it.  I saw one angel with a beautiful shofar covered in gold with a mirrored polish.

Uriel:  “Come, Erin.”

He took me over to the area of the massive wheel with the years, seasons, months, weeks, days and hours.  The wheel contained wheels and words I could not understand.  I looked over and Jesus smiled.  He was glad to see me.  He reached for my hand.

Jesus:  “Come, let us have some food and talk over lunch.”

He walked me back over to the pavilion.  He sat me down to his right side.  He was at the head of the table.  Angels came to fill our cups and serve us breads, cheese and fruit.  It was amazing!

Me:  “Lord, what is about to happen?  It is scary right now.”

Jesus:  Nodding in agreement.  “Erin, many are the plans of the wicked.  Their evil plans are too numerous to count.  I brought you here to reassure you that I am the Voice who now dwells in you.  However, I am also here and with others as well.  I am not limited.  I am unlimited.  I am in all places all of the time.  When, by the direction of God, I order to sound the horn…”  He pointed up to the angel with the horn.  “…then the world will be greatly changed in a single day… even in an instant.”

Me:  “Lord, I thought the angels were already over the Earth at war with the enemy.”

Jesus:  “Yes, this is true.  However, these are a different division for a different purpose under Heaven.  They have a great plan to carry out in and around the Remnant of God.  This is good.”

Me:  “Lord, who are all the elders around God’s Clock and Calendar?”

Jesus:  “Each one of these have been alive on Earth and now they reside here in Heaven.  They know the schemes of the enemy as they have experienced his wars and troubles throughout the years.”

Me:  “Are these prophets, kings or judges, or some combination of the three?”

Jesus:  “You are wise.  However, for right now, this is unimportant for you.  Now, there is a pattern of the enemy that is coming right now.  It is called the Night of Broken Glass in history.”

I went to look this up and was horrified.

Me:  “Lord, it was on November 9, 1938.  I never read about this before.  Apparently, this night was a turning point in Germany.  Before this, the Jewish people dealt with harassment that was mostly non-violent.  An incident then occurred.  A young Polish Jewish man, aged 17, named Herschel Grynozpah, learned that the Nazis had expelled his parents to Poland from Germany.

“In retaliation, on November 7, 1938, he shot a German diplomat.  He died from his wounds.  Using this incident, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, immediately caused a rise up in rage against all Jews.  Nazis torched synagogues, homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and cemeteries.  The German Police were told to standdown while all the Jewish areas burned.

“In the aftermath, broken glass covered the streets from vandalism.  The Nazis then had the nerve to blame the Jews for the incident and issued a collective fine of $400 million on them.  30,000 Jewish men were then arrested and sent to Dachau and other camps that had been constructed by the Nazis to hold Jews, political prisoners and other enemies of the Nazi state.  This was the beginning.  The Night of Broken Glass was the beginning.  Lord, this same thing is happening right now.”

Jesus:  “Many are the plans of the wicked.  Time has created lessons from the past.  Although the patterns are the same, they are carried out in a way that are embraced by many who, if they knew what their true plans were, would never embrace this and carry it out.  The enemy knows My Word.  His favorite is Psalm 137.  Couples read this under the Chuppah.”

Me:  “Why?”

Jesus:  “While there are some more hopeful words, it is so they never forget their first love… Jerusalem.  The enemy uses this as a punishing stone and even as a promise of destruction, all before the breaking of the glass happens during the wedding ceremony.  Now, what was it that bothered you that the woman spoke of on the phone?”

Me:  “The term ‘Social Score’…”

Backstory on the term ‘Social Score’:  At dinner time the night before, I received a call from the bank.  It was an offer for a credit card.  Not wanting to be rude, I heard her offer to use it to get rewards.  However, she said something that bothered me.  She said having credit increases your ‘Social Score’.  I had her repeat this, but she then adjusted her words.  However, it still stuck with me after the call.

Me:  “…did she mean to use the term ‘Social Score’?”

Jesus:  “No, she did not.  However, I used her slip to instruct you on the plans of the wicked.  Now, understand the goal of the enemy in the simplest of terms… he hates the people of God and anyone who is connected to them.  While he says ‘an enemy of my enemy is my friend’, he still has very few friends.  He enjoys no hope.  He loves to remind people of their sins.  He uses opportunities to weaponize groups.

“Now his goal is to remove all dissent.  He would have achieved this by now had the population been smaller.  Now his call is for depopulation.  They are bringing the USA and Israel low through corruption.  Bad leaders are in place to destroy the people they do not agree with.  However, there is much more.

“The weak are also to be destroyed.  The list is large.  There are also the homeless, addicts, Jews, white nationalists, welfare recipients, elderly, retirees, the sick and the disabled.  They also want to remove certain races completely.  They want to destroy anyone who stands for the One True God… Me.  They want to destroy anyone who has no value to them.”

Me:  “Lord, that is billions of people.”

Jesus:  “They have lofty goals.”

Me:  “Lord, please do something.”

Jesus:  “I brought you here so you can see that I am active.  I see.  I will not allow the enemy to succeed.  I have you.  I know you worry about many things.  You worry about provision as troubles have come.  However, please know that I will send help.  I am over all things.

“I am over banks, cities, governments and all institutions.  My favor is upon you and all of those who bless you.  Those who bless you, I will bless.  Those who you bless, I will bless.  Do not worry as I own the cattle on a thousand hills.  I own the armies of Heaven over them.  I am with you.”

Me:  “Lord, the ‘Social Score’.  Is that a real thing?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  It is the enemy’s measuring line.  It covers all you do and rates you according to your habits, spending, travel and what you do.  While this seems good on the surface, it will be used for wicked purposes.  You would hold no value to them.  However, your value to Me is high.

“Now, do not worry.  You are seeing the order of the world building one foundation apart from God.  It won’t go well for them.  Now, enjoy your food, Erin.  I am in you and with you.  I am in control over all you see.  I see.”

He smiled and placed His hand over mine.  I went over and hugged Him.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Me:  “Thank You for these two amazing dreams, especially the second one.  It was so nice to see You and Uriel in person again.  I miss Your perfect hugs.”

Jesus:  “I love you!”

Me:  “I love You too!”

Dream over…

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