Dream 625 – The Mysteries of Babylon and the Missing Children

Finished on Sunday, July 31, 2022

Received on Saturday, July 30, 2022


Dear Father,

You are so marvelous!  You are glorious in all of Your works.  No scheme of the enemy is beyond Your knowledge.  No deal is made in a secret place.  With You, there is no secret that is not known by You.  You see all and are all-knowing.  You see the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning.  Blessed are You, Father, in all of Your works.

I woke up yesterday and this morning with some very disturbing dreams upon my heart.  These were vivid and clear.  A word came to the forefront of my thoughts…


This means calm or send to sleep with soothing sounds or movements.  It is a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity.

However, after further research, I also discovered it means to convey a false sense of security, to tranquilize, disarm and / or subdue.

This is one of the most effective games that Satan has played.  He has had possession of this world for six thousand years now.  The Earth once belonged to man.  God had granted man Earth at Creation.  However, when man chose to obey Satan instead of God, he left the service of God and entered into the servitude of Satan.  As man is easily swayed, or lulled, into deception apart from God, Satan easily conquered man.

Satan became the master of mankind and man became the servant of Satan.  Man then lost his dominion.  Man lost his gift of the Earth as given to him by God.  Ever since this horrible event happened in the Garden of Eden, man has become a prisoner in captivity and slavery to sin. Oh Lord, You are over all things.  Nothing can compare to You.

As written by Paul in Romans 6:16:  “Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one who you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness.”

As spoken by God in Genesis 1:28:  “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth, and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the Earth.”

As written by Isaiah in Isaiah 45:18:  “For thus sayeth the Lord that created the heavens; God Himself formed the Earth and made it; He established it.”

Lord, You established all things.  You did not create it to be defiled and come to nothing (made desolate).  You instead inhabited the Earth and all its life.  You are God and there is no other.  In essence, there are two kingdoms upon Earth…

  • One is the Kingdom of Righteousness, the Kingdom of God.
  • The other is the kingdom of evil, set up by Satan (Matthew 12:26,28).

I had a dream three nights ago (on Wednesday, July 27, 2022)…

Sub-Dream 1 “A Game of Global Domination” begins…

I was playing the board game called ‘Risk’ in my childhood home in Albany CA.  For those unfamiliar, the game of ‘Risk’ is about global domination.  The map looked different than today.  As I sat there staring at the troops on the board, I saw a massive country labeled as Ukraine.  It was disproportionately huge and bigger than the rest of Europe.

I got up from the table and went to get a drink of water.  When I came back, the board had expanded.  China had become enlarged and was conquering the entire globe.  This happened while the world focused their attention on Ukraine.  I looked around me and I didn’t recognize the furnishings.  I didn’t belong there.  I woke up when I began to walk to my old room.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

I then had another dream the night before last (on Friday, July 29, 2022)…

Sub-Dream 2 “Killing the Farms in less than Two Years” begins…

Time 0:  I saw men driving in fancy SUVs to rural farms.  The men wore black suits, black sunglasses and drove black SUVs.  Think of the movie ‘Men in Black’.  Each vehicle contained three people: a banker, an attorney and a real estate agent.  The real estate agent specialized in acquisitions.  They travelled all the back country roads.

Time 0 + 2 Weeks:  Two weeks later, on the same roads, came moving trucks.  The first wave was to purchase small, distressed farms at better than market value.  The farms were growing hay, wheat, corn and barley.

Time 0 + 1 Year & 2 Weeks:  One year later, tumble weeds were blowing.  Whole farmlands were left desolate.  There were no farmers and therefore no farming.  There was no farming and therefore no production.  There was no feed for livestock on other farms.  The same army of black SUVs then went to medium-sized farming operations.  While their initial offers were good, many knew something was wrong.  As a result, only about half took the offer.

Time 0 + 1 Year & 4 Weeks:  Two weeks later, moving trucks came for those who had accepted their offers.  As for those who didn’t, servers came to them to site their properties with environmental orders.  Their equipment now had to comply with impossible to meet emissions regulations.  Many then reluctantly accepted their offers from two weeks ago and walked away from their farms.

Time 0 + 1 Year & 6 Months & 4 Weeks:  Six months later, the large black SUVs drove to the cattle stockyards.  Many of the ranchers had lost livestock due to drought, famine and disease.  Many were now discouraged.  They were forced to sell their breeding animals.  A heated conversation then ensued…

Rancher:  “Why are you interested in purchasing my operation?  It takes 40 months to prepare the beef.  You will need to put all of these down.”

Banker:  “Either way, you won’t make it.  There are plant-based options now.  There is no demand.”

Rancher:  “What are you going to do with all of this?”

Lawyer:  “It is none of your concern.  However, I suggest you take this generous offer.”

Rancher:  “Can I sleep on it and let you know in the morning?”

Real estate agent:  “Yes.  We will return tomorrow morning at 9:00am.”

After they left, the rancher phoned all of the ranchers he knew.  They had a meeting that night and collectively decided to stand together against them.  The rancher then met with them the next morning with their consensus of ‘no deal’.

Time 0 + 1 Year & 7 months & 1 Week:  Within two weeks, all the ranchers’ cattle had died from some airborne chemical sprayed over his stockyards at night by drones.  Thousands and thousands of cattle and other livestock were now dead.  It was horrible.

Time 0 + 1 Year & 8 months & 1 Week:  The men pulled up 30 days (1 month) later with a pre-foreclosure notice and a demand for their properties to be cleaned up or evacuated.  Many of the ranchers were not complying.

Time 0 + 1 Year & 8 months & 3 Weeks:  Within two weeks, during a great windstorm, the properties were set on fire.  All were destroyed.  I heard a rancher lamenting…

Rancher:  “They purchased up the good lands and turned them into badlands.  They killed the grains.  They killed the beef.  They will kill all of us next!”

Sub-Dream 2 over…

My dream last night (on Saturday, July 30, 2022) deeply disturbed me…

Sub-Dream 3 “The Lord protects our Home in the Country” begins…

All of the farms had stopped operations.  They were desolate with no crops and nothing to glean from.  We were still able to live in our home provided we leave no carbon footprint.  This was impossible.  We were allowed to travel one day per week for supplies, but all of this came at a massive price.  Tucked away under the deck of our house, we had been keeping two cows, one rooster, two hens, two pigs and two sheep.

God helped us to figure out how to not emit any carbon dioxide as we have no knowledge of these things.  If we were discovered to have these animals, they would all be killed.  This was because no one was allowed to keep agricultural animals anymore.  It was rare that anyone would check on us as we no longer had neighbors.  Almost all had left for the towns and cities.  Somehow our property flourished without being seen.

Sub-Dream 3 over…

While in prayer and worship this morning (on Saturday, July 30, 2022), You gave me a beautiful vision…

Sub-Dream / Vision 4 “Millions of Children Arriving in Heaven” begins…

I saw millions of children arriving in Heaven.  They were greeted by family and angels.  I saw a great celebration there.  During the ceremony, all the children held hands together before Your Throne at Your Altar.  The children were praying for their parents.

Sub-Dream / Vision 4 over…

Me:  “While my dreams were terrible, my vision was beautiful.  Please help us!  Father, why did You show me so many children arriving in Heaven?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  My plan is to save, not to lose.  There is a great deception occurring right now.  You can track the enemy’s movement by listening to the talking of fools.  A world war is occurring without the people even knowing that they are already at war.  This is because it is a war unlike any other before.  This is because wars on battlefields are not popular.

“Now, the war being fought on stage right now (Russia ‘invading’ Ukraine) is meant to distract the world from the hidden objectives of the enemy to remove the majority of the population by various methods.  This war is a board game for the world to invest in.  However, and in fact, it is meant to bankrupt the USA and plunge it into despair.

“Canada will also soon be in great trouble and an evil country will offer help.  Meanwhile, people will have money, property, food and medical seized from them.  Brothers will turn against brothers and hand them over to be killed.”

Me:  “No, Lord, no, no… please!  These things are being set up right now.  The stage is already set.  People will starve.  Electricity will be cut.  How will we draw up water with no electrical pump?”

Jesus:  “The enemy has lofty plans.  They also have plans to continue to not have fair elections.”

Me:  “Then won’t You please help us!  Please!  Please begin Your Great Harvest.  Please strengthen us and ready our houses for what is soon to come.”

Jesus:  “Do not panic!  Do not be afraid here.  I have a Great Plan.  The enemy has lulled the world into inactivity.  Spiritually, the people no longer seek Me for guidance during troubles.  They no longer are moved by My Church because they are starving and no longer fed there.  They are thirsty yet receive no Living Water there.  This is because I have been removed from the midst of them.  The enemy has sent drugs, technology and other forms of self-gratification to disarm My people and plunge them into darkness.”

Me:  “Lord, please don’t forget those of us whose hope is in You!  We love You and long for Your presence.  There are some churches who have not been silenced.  Lord, how can You blame all the people as most only did what they were told and obeyed the laws during the shutdowns.”

Jesus:  “Well, democracy died in the darkness and was reset.  New leadership took over the world.  People at every position of power were purchased, especially in the world’s governments.  This was done so that no one would oppose these takeovers.  Those who tried to ‘whistle blow’ on their evil plans were quickly dismissed, usually in shame.  Their goal was that all with ears to hear would believe.  Still, they have not been shy about outlining their goals.  They told you they wanted…

  • To eliminate all meat.
  • To reduce the population.
  • No oil or fuel.
  • No private land ownership.
  • No private vehicle ownership.
  • Everything to be plant-based.
  • No Dairy and no meat.
  • Open borders.
  • No children.
  • The elderly removed, claiming that ‘they drain valuable resources yet offer little to society’.
  • The Bible banned and removed as it is ‘hateful’.
  • To remove your weapons.
  • Christians to be labeled as hateful.
  • The legal right to have children killed, even at birth.
  • Parents to have no say in the raising of their children.
  • Mass castrations and child mutilations.

“Erin, this is the enemy’s grand last push to defile and destroy My Creation.  Fear has kept people silent.”

Me:  “Lord, it is very scary now.  All we can do is pray.  We encounter unfair situations daily.  If we speak out, we are destroyed.”

Jesus:  “Do not engage the enemy until I tell you it is time.  While it is not the time now, it will be soon. You will know when it is the right time.  When it is time for My Army to march, there will be much to do.”

Me:  “Lord, the world is upside down.  People are now angry everywhere.  Please protect your people and keep us close to You.  Please send more angels to keep our homes safe, as well as our children.  My husband was almost killed today.  A woman was coming head on in her car.  He avoided her, but still doesn’t know how.  This means You intervened, so thank You.  My arm hurts so badly, I can no longer write.”

Jesus:  “Then rest and rejoice that the God of all Creation is with you in all that you do.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I love you too, Erin.”

Received on Sunday, July 31, 2022


Dear Father,

You are mysterious and awesome in wonder!  Your works are great and mighty.  No world leader can measure up to You.  Father, please guide my pen today as the troublesome dream I had last night (on Sunday, July 31, 2022) was sent from You about subjects that I know very little about.  Please bless my pen and let all I write be Yours.

Sub-Dream 5 “The Dead Church and the Dead Baby Lon” begins…

I was attending a very large Southern Baptist Church.  I could tell it was ‘very old school’.  While I never saw the sanctuary, there was a very broad staircase leading up into the main sanctuary from a lower reception lobby.  The staircase was about 20 feet wide and curved.  It had a remarkable curved mahogany structure with railings and stair treads and risers.

While the stairs there were very showcase-like, they wouldn’t be up to commercial codes.  While the carpet on the stairs was expensive wool-Axminister, it was a very ugly medium brown color with red floral bursts in a linear pattern.  I was on the upper deck at the top of the stairs.  The crowd was ascending the wide steep staircase to the auditorium-like sanctuary.

I then saw a very tall woman with an incredibly ornate head covering.  She was holding a toddler on her shoulders.  I overheard two congregants speaking about her…

Congregant:  “She is from the Dinka’s in Africa.  She is a guest speaker and missionary.”

Everyone was in awe of this woman’s dress and height.  As she ascended the staircase, her child became very unruly.  The woman almost dropped the toddler twice.  I then saw two doves of white come out of nowhere and hover over the woman with her child.  While the child was laughing, quite cute and so happy, he now wanted to climb ‘on his own’.

When she reached the top step, the child flipped himself from a standing position on her shoulders to landing on his head on the floor.  His head was split open and he was instantly killed.  The doves were no longer there as they went with the child’s Spirit Home to Jesus.

Running up the stairs were her husband and about six other of her children.  The woman stared in shock at her toddler’s lifeless body.  I was disgusted when I then overheard two congregants speaking about this tragic event…

Congregant:  “Even though this is a tragic event, she has many children and can have more.  I am not going to stress myself over this at all.”

This made me angry.  No one came to assist the woman or her now-dead toddler.  Paramedics finally came and removed the body.  All of this was then dismissed as an ‘unfortunate accident’.

The Lord then welled up in me and called me to console the woman with a Word.  As I was about to go over to her to do this, a deacon ran up to stop me.  His demons had obviously warned him about what I was about to do.

Deacon:  “You are not to speak.  You must be vetted and your life examined.  The process takes several months and a female has never been approved.”

The Dinka woman knew the Lord had a Word for her from me.

Woman:  “Please let her speak.  I want to hear from the Lord.”

Deacon:  “I am sorry, but not just anyone is allowed to speak on behalf of God.”

Realizing he was being unreasonable, he gathered up several deacons and their wives.  He then took them, me and the Dinka woman into a conference room.

Deacon:  “Look, this is a messy situation.  We are sorry about your accident and your inability to control your child.  Here is a settlement on behalf of the board of the church.  Of course, we took some funds out of this settlement to pay for the repairs and cleaning of our carpet from your accident.  As for your speaking slot, do not worry as we already found someone else to speak.”

I stood up in even more disgust.  The deacon immediately addressed me.

Deacon:  With a raised voice.  “Ma’am, please sit down.”

Me:  Calmly.  “No.  God has numbered the days of this church as He is not welcome here.  You will write her a check for double the settlement.  If you do not, God will grant each of you double the calamity.  While you brought her in here as a token of your ‘charity’, you really didn’t want her here in the first place.  As a result, the Lord made her son a sacrifice to atone for your sins.  However, these are too great as clearly you do not know the Lord nor do you seek Him.  Today, the blood of this young child is upon you.  God help you.”

I then turned to the woman.

Me:  “Now, you are not to worry about your son…”

Woman:  Interrupting.  “Lon.  My baby’s name is Lon.”

She said this ‘matter-of-factly’, and certainly not as a mother who was grieving the recent loss of her toddler.  She continued…

Woman:  “He was unruly and demanding.  He was not like my other children.  He seemed happy and well by day.  However, at night, he was evil and went his own way.  Because everyone loved him, no one saw what he did at home.  I prayed that the Lord would heal him and have mercy upon me.”

Me:  “Did you say ‘Baby Lon’?”

Woman:  “Yes.  His tongue was unruly and his behavior confusing.  While I am sad to lose a child, God assured me that Baby Lon had a purpose and He would take Him Home.  He also assured me that I would see him changed and delivered into God’s perfection.”

Deacon:  “We don’t talk like this here.  A child is dead here.  There are blood stains on our previously clean carpet.”

Woman:  Ignoring the deacon.  “Do you still have a Word for me?  Anything?”

Me:  Addressing the deacon.  “Please get that compensation check prepared in the corrected amount and I will be on my way.  I need to go grocery shopping after this.”

The deacon was angry.  I was going to Walmart.  What was odd was that the Walmart was attached to the side of the church building.  I then addressed the woman.

Me:  “God has answered your prayers.  He will bless you for your great sacrifice and beyond the need to rely on these.  Go home and build your church.  While He will bless you, you must leave this place as God’s favor has been removed here.”

She hugged me just as the deacon handed her the revised check.

Deacon:  Addressing me.  “Not so fast, you Jezebel.”

Me:  “I don’t belong here.  While you are a church full of wealth and commerce…”  I then saw decay in the corners of the ceiling.  “…your sin also lies just under the surface.  You have treated God’s Holy Church as a den for thieves.  There is no room for God here, nor for His gifts nor for His miracles.  When you read God’s Words from the pulpit, the sermon is on life support.  God’s Spirit, His Holy Spirit, is not living and breathing here.  There is no heartbeat and no pulse.  Change or be changed by God.”

The deacon became enraged and began to lunge at me.  I left down a staircase towards Walmart.  Between the church and Walmart, there was an office area with no windows and many cubicles.  The entire operation was under foreign rule.  I saw a large bedroom off to the side.  There was an Asian (Chinese) woman in bed that was sleeping with all of the workers.  My stomach was sick.  I walked into Walmart.

Sub-Dream 5 over…

When I woke up, I went to look up the name ‘Lon’.  It means fierce, ready for battle, lion, noble.  I thought it was so remarkable that I just now noticed the obvious.  ‘Baby Lon’ is spelled in the same order as ‘Babylon’.  Babylon means ‘The Gate of God’.  You then showed me another vision (on Sunday, July 31, 2022), a second vision on consecutive mornings…

Sub-Dream / Vision 6 “The Dragon Stirs up the Lands and the Seas” begins…

I saw a map of the world.  I saw a great serpent with many heads swimming the waters of the world.  I saw something like whirlpools in the many waters that the dragon had stirred up.  I then saw great twirling winds like tornados upon the nations as the dragon blew up the dirt.  Everywhere the dragon swam in the seas, every place the dragon stirred up the grounds, was now owned by the dragon.

The dragon then decided to ‘call in his power’ and erect a great monument to himself.  The tower had a walkway encircling it and rising up.  While the tower had many rooms, it only had one road.  The dragon demanded that all of the people of the Earth bow to him and declare him god over them.  This was planned to happen by no later than the year 2049.

Sub-Dream / Vision 6 over…

Father, if the end is similar in pattern to the beginning, then there seems to be a Nimrod scenario playing out right now.  Why does the world have to be connected?  Why can’t each of us remain where God has placed us unless, of course, He specifically moves us?  I know why.  This is all about power and control.

When I think of Babel, I think of a babbling baby that speaks in a language that makes no sense.  Babies use their tongue muscles early in order to make noises so that they will one day formulate recognizable speech.

In the instance of the Tower of Babel, Noah’s son Ham had a son named Cush who had a son named Nimrod.  Nimrod attempted to form a one-world government after the flood.  His goal was to be greater than God.  He built the Tower of Babel and made one language for the people in order to control them.

However, God, being brilliant and all-knowing, saw Nimrod’s evil intentions.  He then confused the people with many languages.  By confusing Nimrod’s evil empire propaganda, his ambitions were dissolved.  Nimrod’s dream for a one-world government then failed.

Father, this brings up a question I have.  If the government agencies are so convinced there is no God and their policies reflect the removal of God, why then do they build Biblical representations of various things from the Bible today?

Me:  “Oh Lord, the power of the tongue can destroy lives.  One group has all of the power and can easily take down their opponents.  They can deprive families of their bank accounts and therefore their means to live.  Surely, Father, You will act soon before they completely remove all of us.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  Remember that I see all things.  Remember that I know the lofty plans of the wicked.  Much of their evil is no longer in secret.  The spirit of Nimrod is alive today.  While there are still many tongues, they are now converging into one voice.  They even built a modern tower in the image of Babel for their government.  This was 22 years ago.  They also crafted a woman riding the beast with horns.  They have no idea that this is the harbinger in plain sight for all to see.”

Me:  “So, Lord, is ‘Mystery Babylon’ a new Tower of Babel as opposed to the USA?”

Jesus:  “This is still a mystery.  However, do not look at the governments as you once had come to know them as they have all been weakened as the one system has begun to rise.  You can now see the Words as spoken in Daniel and in Revelation.  There are two women spoken of in Revelation…

  • One woman is evil and represents idolatry and the Beast of the Earth. This vile woman wears expensive clothes and possesses great earthly wealth.  She displays it openly for all to see.
  • The other woman represents My Bride.

“Back when John was given this great vision, the vile woman was wearing purple cloth.  In those days, purple cloth held the highest value.  This is because the color of a heavy robe of purple needed the dye extracted from several thousands of Tyrian sea snails.  This was an excessive display of wealth back then.  Now, where have you heard or seen wealth like this on display today?”

Me:  “Lord, this is a mystery because I thought USA was ‘Mystery Babylon’.  I then thought that perhaps New York City was a more specific candidate.  However, since I now see the USA as falling, invaded by foreigners, sold off and broken apart, this doesn’t seem to fit as much.  In essence, I keep changing my mind and I don’t have my mind set on anyone in particular anymore.  There are candidates other than the USA to me now, including Europe, the UN and Dubai.  I think I’ll just stop now.”

Jesus:  “Well, Erin, time will tell.  Just because news gives bad reports or television displays excessive visible wealth, it doesn’t mean this is accurate.  Again, this is just more deception.  As for ‘Mystery Babylon’, this refers to a city not in existence when the Word of God was written…

  • If it were Rome with its seven hills, then there would be no mystery.
  • If it were Germany, there would be no mystery as these were the Assyrians, the Germanic.

“Remember that I once told you years ago that, as these events came closer and unfolded before your eyes, you would begin to see the visions of the prophets take shape in what you now see.  There are fewer mysteries now than there were 20 years ago.  If you were to go back 20 years or even 200 years or even 2000 years, you could see all that God has done here to fulfill the Words of the prophets.

“Just think of how difficult it is to describe things not yet conceived.  Still, and by faith, My ‘scribes scribed’ with pen on papyrus and stored them in jars, sealing the lids and hiding them in dark caves, all for a later time to prove My Word is truth.  Right now, you are experiencing the pains of the ‘Great Wrap Up’ of God.  As for today’s leadership, they have great plans to destroy the majority of the population.

“They feel the need to be in control.  They label this reduction as ‘urgent’.  They are forging ahead because they think the people are stupid.  However, they are not.  If only the people would have turned from their wicked ambitions towards their Creator, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  I would have then turned to heal them.  However, they have not.  As such, I will only gather up the people who cry out to Me.

“If they cry out to Me, I will hear them and then have mercy upon them.  I will heal their afflictions.  I will then be their God and they will be My people.  There will then be great rejoicing throughout the lands before I take them to the place that I prepared for them.

“However, there is another group.  This is My Special Remnant.  This is a Remnant of Jacob.  This is an Army unlike any other.”

Me:  “Who are these?”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, you are in this number.  Now, do not worry about the troubles that you see in the news.  None of it is good.  Instead, be excited that the times spoken about by the prophets are near, even at the door.

“Now take heart as I am soon to strengthen you, heal you and pay your debts so you and your house and those I have called will not be subject to the world and free from harm.  Rejoice, Erin, for I am with you.”

Dream over…

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