Dream 626 – The Kill Switch

Finished on Thursday, August 4, 2022

Received on Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Dear Father,

I am so thankful and grateful that You are above all things.  You are over and above the Earth and You see.  You are also in complete control as the world is plunging over a cliff.  Please strengthen us for what is coming as, without You strengthening and healing us, we will perish.

Strategically, the world has been weakened on all fronts by five evil entities.  I include Russia, China, Iran, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the New World Order (O and the overseers).  I had a dream this morning…

Sub-Dream 1 “The Kill Switch” begins…

I saw a man serving another man a folder.  The folder contained papers.  Nothing was electronic.  Another man then carried the papers, along with a key and a code, to a secured room.  Once there, two men verified the code and the key.  One of the men then went up to a massive lever.  The folder was labeled ‘Kill Switch’.  I saw a sequence of numbers being entered into the system in the following order…


After entering the numbers, the man pulled the massive lever.  Immediately, all vehicles around the world with kill switches stopped right where they were.  Batteries didn’t matter as all were now digital.  This was different than an EMP attack.  Satellites plunged from the skies.  Pacemaker devices stopped.  All computers and phones stopped.  There was complete chaos.

However, it then got even worse.  All medical equipment stopped.  Lifesaving devices all stopped, including kidney and lung machines.  All banking stopped.  All gas stations stopped (though it didn’t matter anymore as there were no cars to fill up now).  Planes fell out of the sky.  Electrical grids stopped.  Darkness fell.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Father, I have had so many dreams where there is no food, no money, no transportation and no medical care.  I pray that this is for much later.  I can’t imagine what would happen to all of us if this happened.  I had another dream last night…

Sub-Dream 2 “Getting along Post-Transformation” begins…

I was young again.  Many suitors were trying to give me gifts.  However, I was only fixed on God.  I had no attachment to anything or anyone as God covered everything.  He also did the same for my children, my Nest friends and their children.  God was everything to us and we followed Him as He asked of us.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Me:  “Father, these dreams left me with questions.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  While things around you are about to become very difficult, this won’t be the case for your home.  Now, I have heard your prayers and I know your great burdens.  While you are concerned for your household, I tell you the truth… I have you where you are supposed to be until the day I move you.  You are to finish the tasks I have given you.  You are to get your house in order.  While I will grant you further instructions, I am giving you the ability to weather storms.”

Me:  “Lord, please bless our children and our Nest friends in all they do.”

Jesus:  “I will.  Right now, I have made many of My people old, infirm and sickly with ailments the world knows are death sentences.  I have allowed various trouble so that, when I suddenly move those around you, you will be in shock and great amazement.  I am soon to heal all of this.  What the illness didn’t attack, the remedy did.  This weakened all immune systems, causing the body to become slow to heal.

“Erin, I heal broken hearts and broken dreams.  I will grant you, not only the desires of your heart, but that too which you didn’t know you had need of as well.  I will open the heavens and My hosts of Heaven will descend and ascend with gifts and healing, miracles and provisions, from on high.  I will move My people into the areas where they will be surrounded by My presence and glory.  I will call them there and be with them.

“Those below will ask ‘who are they that God shall appoint them?’  However, when evil tries to come against them or their children and property, they do so at their own peril.  As I am God over My people, I will show them My favor and strength.  Whoever blesses them will be blessed.  As for those they bless, I will send blessings and increase.  Those who send curses will be far from them.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please hurry!”

Jesus:  “From Heaven’s perspective, I am hurrying.  From Earth’s perspective, I am slow.  However, neither am I slow nor do I hurry.  I come at the proper time.  Now, I apologize for the dark dreams.  However, I send these to help you all understand this late hour and what you will face in the midst of where I call you to be.  So many will be greatly disheartened by their troubles.

“However, I will use My people, My Remnant, to administer My justice against the wicked.  I will use them to till up the soil in advance of the Great Harvest.  There will then be a record yield to bring in the harvested of the Earth.  All of Heaven will be overjoyed at what I have done.  Now, rejoice, Erin, Rejoice, for I am with you!”

Received on Thursday, August 4, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You!  I pray that the empty be filled with Your Living Water.  Without You, the lost are never found.  However, with You, all that is lost is found.  The lost are found by You.  Blessed are You, Father, in all the Earth.  I had a dream last night…

Sub-Dream 3 “Learning to Live in the New Norm” begins…

We lived in another home.  We were settling in just as school was starting at a local university.  There was a ‘California Mountain Vibe’ to the dream.  I recalled the smells from the Sierra Nevada region.  As a child, we visited Tahoe often, both when we lived in Reno and when we lived in the Bay Area of San Francisco.  I was planting several plants outside, including bushes, trees and flowers.

I also cleaned up a fountain that had a burned-out pump.  I replaced the pump with a working one.  I also added a light.  One night, we were about to turn off the light when I noticed a line moving in the sheetrock on the wall.  This line looked like a snake if one was able to slither inside sheetrock.  Whatever creature it was, it finally burst through.  My husband immediately killed it as it had an evil look to it.

We prayed together about the damaged wall.  When we woke up in the morning, God had repaired the wall.  I could not see any other creatures slithering behind the wall.  In the mid-morning, I went for a walk to the college campus.  There were two sections…

  • One section was learning growth development and infrastructure.
  • The other section was labeled ‘De-Con-U’. This stood for ‘Deconstruction University’.  It was a type of sub-section of the campus.

I walked up to the building.  The place was in disarray.  The leadership was leadership yet was anti-leadership at the same time – this was a confusing mixture to say the least.  The wing that I entered was labeled ‘The Green Experiment’.  There were three stations or sections to this…

  • 1 – Destabilize and Obstruct: These students were learning how to go against all norms of establishments at any cost and by any means.
  • 2 – Survive the New Way: Widespread use of plant-based food.  Remove taste buds using chemical means.  No soap or scents.  Selective reduction of consumption.  Basically, living while starving.  Selective breathing.  Timed bowel movements (disgusting).  Required to leave no carbon footprint.  You basically are required to not leave any evidence that you even exist.  Diminished living.
  • 3 – Operation Climate Control: Death to all opposed to the religion of Climate Change.  Develop cleaner ways to dispose of human bodies.  Destroy what we need to eat.  Develop drugs to allow for a great purge.  Do everything for the greater good of the planet.  While pets are cute, they will now be deemed as unnecessary and euthanized.

The area smelled horrible.  All who were there were so angry.  They had so much hatred, you could literally feel the thickness of evil in the room.  There was one wall that they were constructing with a door.  I wasn’t sure where the door was going to as there was no building attached to it.  Since they were not paying attention to me, I took what the evil designers were designing and put my own twist to it…

  • I changed one area to look similar to the Whitehouse.
  • Another area to look like a prison cell.
  • Another area to look like a bottomless pit.

When they saw the new designs, they became very angry.  They had no sense of humor.  They tore down the entire side of the building so all was exposed.  Everyone could now see what they were doing.  As I walked back home, I chuckled at how angry they had become at my design choices.  When I arrived home, I discovered fountains and beautiful landscaping.  This was not something I had prepared or planted.

Sub-Dream 3 over…

I have had so much happen recently…

  • I dealt with someone who advertised that I was claiming to be one of the Two Witnesses. How she came up with this, I have no idea!  Well, to clarify… NO, I am NOT one of the Two Witnesses and I have never claimed to be.  Anyone who reads these dreams should know that they are Elijah and Enoch… PERIOD.
  • The dentist is having trouble fixing my younger son’s dental work. We don’t have insurance, so this is getting quite expensive.  However, how can he live if he can barely chew on one side.  All we know is that this is necessary and even somehow fits into God’s greater plan.  Still, it is hard to see someone in pain.
  • A person with demons approached me at a Thrift Store. He was really scary, and I mean REALLY scary.  There were three women and all left immediately to avoid him.  I did the same.
  • I smashed a couple of spiders over the last little while. This is a sign of warfare.  We prayed together as a family to have God come against it.  He is Master over all, so I have now given this over to Him.

Me:  “Father, I come to You for answers.  I repent for anything I have done that is against Your Will.  Please forgive me.  I repent!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  I allowed these challenges for your good and for those who are with you.  This is good instruction for all who read.  Remember that you know the enemy by their fruits.  Do not engage with liars and fools.  I want you to think of this and remember it.  Unless I call you to engage the enemy, do not engage.  Do not engage before I call you.

“When I call you, you will be equipped fully to stand.  You are to then take your position and then await further instructions to engage.  Now, what about the demon possessed man who was at the place you find bargains.  You were wise to immediately flee from him.  Why?  Because I did not say stand and let Me deliver him from his afflictions… and there are many.

“Erin, look at this from another perspective… if you were in the front of a store and a man with a gun was coming towards you, but he had no sight of you… well, you would flee quickly as you have no ability to fight on your own.  Unless I was to assist you, you would have no means to defend yourself on your own.”

Me:  “I am so thankful to have You as my Protector!”

Jesus:  “Yes, of course.  However, My Voice in you would say run and take shelter away from the threat.  This man had many demons.  I have not called you to deliver him at this time.  Do you understand?  This is not the moment to engage until I call you to.  Remember that I do not call the equipped, I equip the called.

“Now, when you receive anything unusual via email, text, phone or by another means, stop, drop and pray before you act.  I will then grant you wisdom.  You have come through a long period of fasting.  The enemy is furious about this as both you and your husband have come closer to Me.

“Remember that, when someone keeps claiming they are your friend, there is a good case they are not.  Friends show themselves as a friend by other means.  They do not need to state this.  This is a tactic used by the enemy to disarm the target, even calling you by name to make it personal.”

Me:  “Oh no, Lord!  I have called quite a few people ‘my friend’ before.  Yikes!”

Jesus:  “Yes, but you did not do this ‘obsessively’.  This is because there is also evidence to establish that there is already a friendship.  I am not talking about this.  Now, how many times has someone told you they love you as a sister or a brother, yet all of their actions were the opposite?  Many have done this to you, including even your former husband.”

Me:  “Oh wow, Lord, this has happened all of the time with me.”

Jesus:  “Be careful of these things.  Some even seal it with a kiss prior to their betrayal of you.  This too I know.  Now, you have another question for Me.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  Why have some watchers died and have not realized Your promises?”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, I call one here and another there.  I bring one through the years with many experiences.  Others I remove in their earlier years.  Some endure great illness and pain.  Others endure no illness at all.  Some are rich and some are poor.  Remember that each is given their portion.  I, in turn, take them to the place I have prepared for them.  It is a beautiful place that I built for those I love.  However, your question is not this…”

Me:  “Lord, are You going to take me Home soon too?  I am not healing.  Is it possible You might use me in another way?”

Jesus:  “Why?  Are you done here?  Wow, I didn’t see this coming.”

Me:  Laughing.  “No, Lord, I want to stay.”

Jesus:  “This is good.  I have a great plan here.  I would like you to participate in this.”

Me:  “Oh yes, Lord!  I want to be in that number!”

Jesus:  “Well, this is good then.  Now, it is difficult to have trust in God when the unfolding of the New World Order is occurring in real time.  This is not easy to witness even though you dreamt it.  You are now beginning to live it as it plays out live right before your very eyes.”

Me:  “Oh yes, Lord, this is so true.  Butter is now $7.50.  Gluten-free bread is $9.00 a loaf.  A peach is $1.50.  A bag of dog treats has doubled.  The governments are stopping production of farms.  These prices are going to seem low soon.  Ouch!”

Jesus:  “I am aware of all of it.  They have lofty plans.  Remember that these are the same people who allowed church services, but forbid worship.  While they are ‘allowing’ farming to continue, they are not allowing equipment for the harvest.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, Please stop the spread of Covid and these upcoming food shortages.”

Jesus:  “Again, the Word of God is clear as to the framework of the times you are in now.  Now, you are waiting on Me, right?”

Me:  “Oh yes, Lord.  We are at Your mercy.  We are completely relying on You.”

Jesus:  “Then allow God to be God.  The USA is at war and the wicked have prepared to take out many people, both young and old.  The enemy is sending out waves of trouble from their own wave machines.  However, I am God over all and I am soon to reveal a Great Wave of Heaven upon the nations.  All will be amazed.  Remain in Me as I am with you.

“Now, when you hear a voice calling in the wilderness saying ‘I was sent by God, He is with me’ or ‘leave your homes as I am here’, do not go there as I would not do this.  I meet you where you are.  My Voice is with you.  The same is true for all those I have called as My Voice is with them too.  Pray for each other.  Bless each other.  Bless their children and their houses as I am there as well.

“I am not out in the deep wilderness.  I don’t call from the darkness and say ‘hey light, come to the dark!’  No, I would say ‘My Spirit, My light, is in you.  Where you go, darkness cannot remain!’  Therefore, remain in Me, understand?  The army of the Earth has their orders from the evil one.  All those on Earth that are not Mine now serves Baal.

“Some even dance and worship around Asherah poles.  They then charge their crystals in the light of the moon.  However, until I call you to engage, don’t.  I will tell you when to stand and you will know when without a doubt.  Simply remove yourself from their presence until the day I well up in great strength within you, understand?

“Even those who are fed by you (in this case, a squirrel) are capable of biting the hand that feeds them, understand?  When it comes to these squirrels, pray.  This is because they are now an analogy for this rebellious generation.  They think themselves in control until the day I rise up in the victim of their actions.  They will then be in horror to discover that I am with their victim, not them.

“They will then beg and stammer for forgiveness for their actions as they confess.  For some, it will take even more before the rebellious bend to the Will of God and My Great Army who will display their battle scars.  Now rejoice, Erin, as these lessons, My lessons, are good.  They keep you sharp.  You are greatly loved by Me.”

Dream over…

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