Dream 629 – David vs Goliath

Received on Thursday, August 25, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for reminding me that You are above all things.  I am thankful that You are above all things as here, on the surface, usually straightforward level things are even growing horribly dark.  How can we rise above the battlefield while in the midst of an epic battle?  The war is raging and enemy troops are coming in at us from all sides.  The carnage to us will be epic as we are unable to stand against the enemy and his schemes.

There are many enemies now and my body grows weak.  My mind breaks just from the looming threats we all now see.  This battle raged all this week as illness and troubles fell upon us.  These things are mild compared to what the landscape will soon look like.  Lord, I pray that we are on the cusp of the Greatest Move of God the world has ever seen.  This will be such a blessing given our current state of wave after wave of troubles coming to Your people.

Me:  “We are helpless without You.  In my prayers yesterday, I asked You for a miracle above all miracles.  I asked for something too wonderful for any of us.  I asked this for our household and our Nest families and households.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  Do not be afraid.  I am above this valley.  I am above the battles that rage.  I am over it all and I see.  However, I don’t just sit back and watch from a distance in disbelief.  I am active instead.  Since I am with you, who then can come against you with any success?  When David faced Goliath, he was small.  He had no armor.  He only had a sling and a stone and his tiny weapon.

“As for Goliath, this giant was threatening.  He terrified all of those who stood against him.  Remember that there were two hills and a valley in this story.  On one hill were the Philistines and on the other hill were the Israelites.  Goliath was large.  He had armor of bronze and a massive javelin and shield.  He came out and harassed the army of Israel for forty days.  They were terrified of this giant.

“While I could have used Saul or any other fighting man to slay the giant, I instead called on David, a youth, to stand against him.  I welled up in David and granted him courage.  While David had courage, the rest of the army was in fear of Goliath and his taunting threats. David then boldly asked what the wage would be for taking down the giant.  He asked Saul about this while in front of those that were serving Saul.

“While they had strategies to take down this giant, there was still too much fear amongst them to move forward with any of them.  This is why they were so annoyed when David, a ‘grunt’ bringing them supplies, asked about the wage associated with taking down Goliath.  Erin, do you understand where I am going with this?  The fighting men were discouraged as this threat loomed large.

“The giant continued to be there front and center, reminding the fighting men that they were afraid.  Now this young shepherd was there wanting to take Goliath on, using emboldened actions and great words of faith.  They were jealous that David continued to be focused on God and on the prize despite the threats of the giant.  David then made a case to go before Goliath in an unusual way.  He chose not to wear any armor.

“The armor would have been too cumbersome.  In reality, any armor or additional weapons would have hindered David from what he was called to do… The Impossible!  He walked to the stream and selected five good stones.  He then placed the stones in his pouch.  With only his sling in his hand, he came before Goliath.  David then surrendered his whole heart to Me in this moment.  He put his complete trust in Me.

“My Voice welled up in David and he spoke boldly and with authority against the cursed lips of the giant.  David then boldly stated to Goliath and all those who witnessed this that he was about to eliminate this threat.  He then took the first stone and slung it at Goliath’s head.  This was all he needed and it was fatal.  The giant fell face forward on the ground.

“He appeared to be worshiping his false gods.  In reality, he was now bowing ‘by stone’ to the one true God of Israel.  Goliath’s death then caused the Philistines to run.  However, the Israelites pursued them and defeated them.  After this day, David agreed to serve King Saul in his house.  He would later become king.  Erin, you know this story from a few thousand years ago, yet here you are.

“Right now, a giant has presented himself.  From the mountain, he dwells and calls out to you from the valley he has crossed into.  While he only represents a threat, he would love to destroy you.  Now, you have faced giants before and have overcome them.  Why?  Because of what you have done?  No!  It is because I am God over all things.  I go before you in these battles.

“Now, it is difficult to dream and to write what I call you to write.  Some of your dreams speak of times that seemed once far away.  There had been no need to worry as there was no sign close to what you were shown.  However, now this is different.  You now see the battles and the pending war.  They are now here.  You fear for your children and for your Nest friends.  You wonder about your future in this world.

“You then ask Me if I am seeing all of this.  You question where I am in all of this.  Well, Erin, here I am.  I am here.  The enemy has lofty plans.  They are building ramparts upon your city walls.  They are destroying by dismantling all you have come to look forward to, all you have worked for.  They have built up great armies to come against the weak and the infirm.

“They have come to rob, steal and destroy God’s people and pillage the land.  This is what the enemy does to prepare the land.  He creates despair.  He diminishes.  He disheartens.  He makes destitute those who have hope.  He redistributes according to his evil plans.  He is loyal only to his evil.  He is wicked in all of his schemes.”

Me:  “Lord, please stop this.  Please!”

Jesus:  “As soon as My Father in Heaven calls upon the angels to sound the horns, there will be nothing that can stand against the plans of God.  Heaven will be visible upon the Earth.  All Goliaths will fall.  God will then gather His people in great numbers and heal their brokenness.”

Me:  “Lord, please help us in these valleys.  I need Your help.  I need Your help today, not tomorrow.  I need Your help today.  I stand on Your promises.  My pleas are for Your help.  Stopping all of this evil will truly take an act of God  We need You.”

Jesus:  “I will send an army of angels.  I am with you.”

Me:  “Lord, I am terrified and so sad about all the warfare coming at us right now.  I am exhausted and in so much pain.  My sleep is broken and nothing is going right.  I am not sure what to do about anything.  I am worried.”

Jesus:  “Erin, everything you have, I have given to you.  Your heart is generous and you give to others.  Will I not then also provide for you a defense against the schemes of the enemy?  No matter who you are and the little means a person makes, there is a vast army of evil coming to destroy the land of your birth.  They hate you and your children.  However, more importantly, they hate the living God over all of the Earth.

“I am very capable of helping those I love.  You have served Me faithfully.  While I reward those who serve Me on Earth and in Heaven, it is not always in the ways you think.  However, it is always in great ways.  Now, you are familiar with the accuser.  He shouts out insults to try to engage you from faraway places.  However, do not go out.  Stay where you are until I move in you.

“I will rise up in your house and heal it.  You will be changed.  The enemy has been kept from you because I have not used you in full capacity yet.  However, I soon will.  Now, don’t take this Word to mean you should not prepare your house.  I desire you to continue on your course.

“I require only that you continue to come to Me in all matters.  I will take care of you.  Erin, you are Mine.  I will take care of you and your children.  I will take care of your Nest friends.  I will remove any threats.   Do not worry, Erin.  Pray together with your husband and I will grant you the desires of your heart.  I love you.”

Me:  “I love You, Jesus.  You have my heart.  All of me is Yours.  Your Will be done in my life.”

Jesus:  “My promises are true, Erin.  Do not fear threats.  Do not run from them.  Face these and do not be afraid.  They will come to nothing as I go before you.”

Dream over…

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