Dream 634 – A Royal Decree and a Priceless Crown

Finished on Sunday, September 25, 2022

Received on Thursday, September 22, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  I made a declaration that, if You didn’t heal me by yesterday (due to my intense right lung pain), I would have no choice but to seek medical attention.  Well, You healed me instead!  Thank You and praise You, Father!  For the last few days, I have been exhausted, so this is a welcome reprieve.  We have received record rains around here, so having my strength back is good.

Our workers are not scheduled to come for another two weeks to fix the side of our home from flooding.  Now Hurricane Fiona is bearing down on our area this weekend.  We are praying that You supernaturally steer the storm away from us.  This would be a miracle as it is heading right towards us.  We have had warnings of upcoming torrential rains.  In anticipation, I had our three sons help clear out the basement.  I felt strongly that we were to prepare for this coming storm.

Younger son:  “Why do we need to clear out the basement?  Mom, where is your faith?  God won’t allow this again.”

Although I liked his thinking, I was also upset by it.

Me:  “The Lord warned me last time and I didn’t act fast enough.  We then had a mess on our hands.  This time I know the storm is coming.  While I pray God will miraculously move this away from us, we need to prepare.  As for if it does move off, I will dance in gratitude.  I just feel He removed my sickness in order to give me strength for this coming storm.  What is better… ignore the warnings and sit back and do nothing on faith or prepare the house and then wait on God’s Will?”

There was silence from all three of them.  They then quickly moved furniture and other things away from where we know the flooding has occurred in the past.  Still, my son’s question came back up in my mind.  Was I guilty of a lack of faith?  God tests His children.  He tests structures.  God looks for steadfast faith and strength.  God allows troubles to come both to His children and to others.

We have had such trouble lately here.  Illness has circulated in our house and it has lasted a long time.  My younger son lost his job on Monday because of illness.  He has had difficulty sleeping ever since.  My absolute favorite month of the year (September) has been horrible and it is not over yet.

This led me to look again at our tests.  The month of Elul is all about getting our hearts right for the Ten Days of Awe, Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur (Tishrei 1 to 10).  We are to reflect on our actions and repent for anything contrary to God’s ways.  We are to be presented as holy as possible to God.  There are many signs that God is moving quickly right now…

  • We have the five red heifers without blemish now residing safely in Israel.
  • We have the mourning for the Queen’s death.
  • We also have the Parashat reading in synagogues all over the world titled Ki Tavo, which means ‘when you enter’. God instructs Israel to bring the first ripened fruits (Bikkurim) to the sanctuary once the Israelites have finally entered the land He promised to them.

What an amazing blessing for the children of God to hear that their 40 year long wilderness journey was finally coming to an end.  They were about to cross over into the Promised Land (Deuteronomy 26:1-2).  Well, we just saw the Queen crossing over into eternal life as a servant of Jesus.  Her testimony is truly amazing.

God promises that obedience will be rewarded.  This includes divine protection, prosperity and blessings for families and future generations.  However, there is also punishments for disobedience and rebellion.  This comes in the form of diseases, plagues, poverty, famine, slavery and defeat by enemies.

I was about to go to the Lord when He told me to go into town early to pick up my stepdaughter from school.  This was at about 1:30pm.  When we got home at just after 3:00pm, the basement had started to flood due to the heavy rainfall (unrelated to Fiona).  The flooding came just as He said they would and our clean up would last 12 hours.  This meant vacuuming the water up before it became a serious problem.  I finally left the vacuuming to our sons and went back up to the Lord.

Me:  “Oh Lord, the wall that is the source of flooding holds our electrical panel, our internet, our water and our heat pumps.  We need this wall to hold.  Oh Lord, please keep us dry and have this precursor to Fiona stop.  Please, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  I have never left you.  I promise to deliver you from this trouble.”

Me:  “Lord, when?  I won’t last.  My body hurts everywhere.  I hit my head.  Flooding goes to the very core of my being.  It is an enemy that overcomes me.  I am powerless to stop it.  Like this sickness, I can do nothing without You.  For 22 days in total, I was so sick, I couldn’t breathe at times.  You then strengthened me and healed me only to have me use this new strength to vacuum water.  This always affects my sleep as flooding keeps me from sleeping due to the worrying.  Please help us.”

Jesus:  “When you are exhausted, in pain and overcome, where does your help come from?”

Me:  “You and only You.”

Jesus:  “Then give Me your burdens, Erin.  You don’t understand all of this right now.  While I must seem cruel and unrelenting at times, I have allowed this for a reason.  You have a matter that needs attention, so I am sending you help.  I allow troubles so that I can test the hearts of those under your care.  While I know this is difficult, anything I allow is for the greater good of all those involved.”

Me:  “Well then, Lord, I submit all of this to You.”

Received on Sunday, September 25, 2022


Dear Father,

The Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins tonight and lasts for approximately two days (around 48 hours)!

Thank You for this beautiful fall day with clear skies.  This is a true miracle.  The storm moved East, so Fiona didn’t impact us as all of the reports originally said it would.  After our flooding and cleanup that lasted until 3:30am, we were expecting the worst.  I prayed and openly sobbed before God for mercy as I had no idea what we would do if our foundation had crumbled at the impact of more rain.

Thank You, Father.  While power outages occurred all over, You kept our lights on.  Thank You for answered prayers.  There were several of these…

  • A new job became a reality for my younger son, a job that pays better and with better hours.
  • A soon settlement with the Washington State Labor Board is in the works. Our lawyer was in shock that they would do this as they are usually entirely unreasonable in all matters.
  • The moving off of the storm Fiona away from our area.
  • The report from our vet that our dog, Zoey, still has 50% of his eyesight left.

I am so thankful.  My sickness lifted after a total of 23 days (from August 31, 2022 to September 22, 2022).  Then we had the storm.  This week, You set me free from my last oppressor (Washington L&I).  You then removed the rain and flooding at 3:30am.

I then felt led to read Psalm 97:9-12.  The entire chapter is about our Lord reigning and Him being our Sovereign Lord.  I then felt led to read Psalm 93:1-5.  Just as I was about to close my Bible and write my dream down, You spoke to me as I sat there.

Jesus:  “Continue to read the next script, Erin.  Those who hate evil and strive to do good are honored.  I am about to pour a greater portion of My Spirit out into My Remnant.  I am about to send them out to clear the way, to gather the lost, heal the sick and bind up the brokenhearted.  I am about to speak truth and ready the fields.  I am about to prepare the roads and highways so that all nations will know that I am God.

“I will not be shaken or moved.  I will not forsake My people.  I will send signs, wonders and miracles.  The wicked will be removed from My sight.  Never before will the Earth see God move in such a way.  Now rejoice, Erin.  I discipline those I love so you lack no good thing and your heart remains contrite.  I will curse anyone who delights in doing evil as they have learned nothing of Me.  Now watch and see the goodness of God and the Year of My Favor.

“I do not share the Earth with these wicked spirits who have entered the masses.  They have delighted in their speed to possess nations.  However, this will lead to My hand of deliverance as I will remove the wicked and unclean from the Earth.  Like a lump of clay, I will shape it, form it again and throw it into the furnace.  I will begin a new Earth, one clean and holy.  All iniquity will be removed.  Great will be peace upon it.  The wicked will be removed.”

I wrote this Word from the Lord down and then spent time praising His goodness.  After this, I wrote down the amazing dream I had last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “A Royal Decree and a Priceless Crown” begins…

I was young and beautiful.  I had no makeup as I needed nothing.  I never saw myself up close, but I was still in awe at what I saw from a distance.  There was a massive castle with many rooms.  There were many of us being dressed and prepared for a special service.

I went over to my door and peered out into the hall.  As far as my eyes could see, there were many doors and attendants.  I was so excited.  I was dressed in a beautiful white gown.  I had a sheer white overcoat.  It was simple ad beautiful.  I heard a knock on my door.  I went over and opened it.  There was a young man standing there.

Young man:  “Are you Erin?”

Me:  “Yes, I am.”

Young man:  “Wonderful.  I have your crown and decree.”

Me:  “Crown?  Decree?”

Young man:  “Yes.  This is from the Lord.”

Me:  “Oh, how exciting!”

I peered around the corner and saw many couriers at the doors down the hall.

Young man:  “You do not have much time.  When the trumpet sounds, you will be called to the Great Hall and go before the Throne for your coronation.”

Me:  Repeating what I had just said.  “Oh, how exciting!”

Young man:  “Take your decree.  It is your oath before God.  He will then bless you.  I must go.”

After he nodded his head, he was gone.  I carried the large square box to a table.  I took the lid off.  Two attendants came over to assist.  I smiled because they both wore white gloves as they brought this beautiful crown out.  It had beautiful jewels; mostly diamonds and sapphires.  It would be worth tens of millions on Earth.

Me:  “What is this?  What does all of this mean?”

I saw that beautiful, jeweled birds had been set into the crown.  There were doves, sparrows and an eagle.  There were other symbols too, many I couldn’t decipher.

Attendant:  “We must place this upon your head after the decree is read.”

Me:  “So I don’t put it on now?”

Attendant:  “No.  Only after you accept God’s blessings after the decree is read.”

Me:  “Oh, I see.”

Attendant:  “We will take this box and lead you to the Great Hall before the King of kings and the Lord of lords.”

Just then, the trumpets sounded.  I followed the attendants down the hallway with thousands of others to the Great Hall.  We filed into God’s Great Hall.  My attendants led me to an arch I had been before where Enoch and Elijah met me and prayed for me with God as our witness.  The area near the Throne was not visible with our eyes.  I could only see the sapphire glass floor and the emerald glow of God’s Throne.

His presence was so magnificent and His power so great, none of us were able to gaze directly upon the Throne of God (only around it).  Once all had entered, the horns (trumpets) sounded and all of us immediately dropped before God.  We all placed our face to the floor as we could then hear His Voice.  His Words went right into our bodies and rested upon us.  His Words went right through us to our very core!

God:  “You are here today because you have experienced trials of many kinds and you have been victorious because your heart has remained upright during your afflictions.  Now, this is a good day.  I have chosen you from all the fruits of the Earth.  You are Mine!”

I then heard a loud voice…

Voice:  “Erin, wake up, wake up, wake up!”

I heard a knock and yelled out ‘Hello?’…

Sub-Dream 1 over…

I had yelled out ‘Hello?’ in real life and woke up my husband.  When I asked him if he had heard a knock, he said no and fell back asleep.  I decided to go immediately to my devotional chair to write this dream down.  I felt led to read Isaiah 60 before doing do.  This seemed like a Scripture about all of us being gathered into the Great Hall.

Me:  “Oh Lord, when will all of this be?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  The wicked have increased in great number over the nations as the enemy and his army plunges the Earth into darkness.  They know and understand that they will be unable to suppress the Will of God and His Remnant.  My glory will rise upon you like the sun and they will say ‘whose are these?’

“They will then be unable to come against you.  They will know that My Spirit is upon you as My light rests upon your face.  Great will be My salvation throughout the Earth.  Now rejoice as you are the branch of My planting and the work of My hand.  My promises are true.  Rejoice and celebrate as your afflictions have concluded and great will be your joy.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord!”

Jesus:  “I love you even more.  Now rejoice as I have redeemed you.”

Dream over…

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