Dream 642 – Fake Ballots replaced with True Ballots

Received on Tuesday, October 25, 2022


Dear Father,

You are wonderful!  I love You so much.  This year is like no other year before it.  It feels ominous.  We have only two months left in 2022, but it feels like huge changes are coming to the world.  We have had a very rainy year and our basement needs repairs.  However, we have no idea when any workers will come.  More rains are forecast.

My oldest son was recently ghosted by a girl who gave him her phone number.  My daughter is working long hours at her new job.  My husband’s son is isolating himself in the basement.  This is typical as he is a bit of a loner and always has been.  My husband’s daughter is happy, as is my youngest son.  I had a vivid dream last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “Fake Ballots replaced with True Ballots ” begins…

Angel Michael:  Loudly.  “It is time!”

I then saw the back of a Rabbi.  He was wearing a white and blue cover.  I then saw a glorious shofar rise up against a blue sky.  The sound was unlike any other.  I then saw buildings topple like dominoes.

Different angel:  Loudly.  “Warn the children to not eat the candy!”

I then heard the wailing rush of wind as loud as a freight train.  The shofar sounded again.  I saw freight trucks with ballot boxes sending thousands out ahead of the elections to areas all over the country.  The shofar then trumpeted for a third time.  I then saw the angels carrying these boxes away and putting in place boxes of truth.  I heard wailing and screaming so frightening that it was as if hell had opened.

Woman:  Wailing.  “Who will abort my child?  I need to be free.  Who will take this growth?”

She began to roll around on the ground in order to try and kill her unborn baby.  There were other people running and screaming up and down the streets.  I saw an angel of the Lord remove the baby from the crazy woman’s womb and bring it home.

Different woman:  Crying out.  “We will dash your children upon the rocks and you will mourn.  We will force you into prison and there you will not be safe.  We will pay you back!”

These people had plunged themselves into darkness.  An event occurred that manifested their demons.  They were unable to hide their evil.  They were exposed.  Then there was silence that fell over the land.

Then the shofar blasted for the fourth time.  I then saw a type of reversal of all that had been destroyed, dismantled, toppled or rejected.  All was completely changed in the matter of minutes.  I heard great cheering and tears of joy.  There was music, festivities, safety and peace.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Me:  “Oh Father, this was such a vivid dream.  Thank You for this!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  Do not worry.  I know you are anxious and I understand.  What you are experiencing is like labor or the anticipation of the due date of a delivery.  Well, you are experiencing the birth pains of the beginning of a great move of Heaven upon Earth.  In order to rebuild what has been torn down often requires that debris must be removed first.  The sight needs to be levelled so the foundations are laid properly.  Now, there were four trumpet sounds, but not in the normal order…

  • The first shofar blast: This was to sound that trouble had come; trouble in the form of judgment and destruction of all that is contrary to God.  This involves the fracturing of those things that were concrete, unmovable and unshakable.  These had become towers not of My building.  This was the sound of the warning of levelling, of judgment.
  • The second shofar blast: This was to sound that changes had come.  These changes came with wailing as many don’t like change.  The old is cast down.  Darkness protests, but then flees.
  • The third shofar blast: This was to sound that Heaven would now be visible upon the Earth through My army.  This army will bring healing, restoration and reversals.  Great miracles will be experienced.  The wicked were then put on notice that they had judgment waiting them.  All their wrongs were now to be broadcast.
  • The fourth shofar blast: Bringing restoration means celebrations and great praises to God.  There is a celebration in preparations of the ushering in of the King.

Me:  “Oh Lord, please let this be soon.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry.  Remember that I am God over all things and I know the plans of both the wicked and the righteous.  I know what is planned for evil against the good.  I promise that I will not delay concerning My children and those I have called.  Now please take courage and trust Me with the perfect plan.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Now, I know it seems like you are under spiritual attacks right now, but I allow these for several reasons.  When all seems darkest, I then move and do a great work.  In all your troubles, I will provide a great way.  Do not worry.  I will grant you an increase.  I will grant you a release of your burdens and debts.  I will heal you and your household as I have promised.  I am with you.”

Me:  “Lord, this world is so very painful.  It is very difficult going places now with so much uncertainty.  It seems more and more that people are mean.  The moral decay is so widespread now.  My children experience this and it is s common.  The enemy never stops.”

Jesus:  “This is because evil knows that God is going to make all things new.  There will be a day when evil rises and, just as Heaven appeared upon the Earth then was removed, so too shall it be after, during the Great Tribulation, when hell is visible upon the Earth and all its offerings do not satisfy.  The wicked who remain will ask for death and not find it.  However, this is in a while.

“Before this, Heaven is visible for all to see as My Glory, the Glory of God, comes upon the Earth.  It is a great time of healing and reconciliation.  Then when all those saints are gathered as one body, I, along with My angels, will remove all those who chose Heaven and believe I came to save them.  Then they will be collected and caught up into Heaven where every eye will see My Bride and know that I am God.

“There will be great distress of nations and great darkness will be over the land.  The veil will be lifted and that which was unseen will be seen and many will die from heart failure.  There will be great calamity on that Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.

“Now, pray for those who do not know Me as they know not of truth.  Do this so that, when miracles come and the harvest begins, they will soften and turn to Me.  However, those who enjoy hate and relish in this state of decay will hide until all things of Heaven are removed.

“Erin, I have shown you the water caskets in the prisons of the sea for those who are reserved until they repent or go to eternal judgment.  These you can barely speak of and it is something you cannot imagine for anyone.  However, understand that I am God over all and I see the wicked done in secret to the innocent children and even infants.  There is judgment on Earth as it is in Heaven and all is fair.

“Now, when you become angry at injustice against the innocent children and even the elderly, remember that the sons of perdition, the army of hell, will not prevail over My justice.  They have no chance over Michael and his multitudes alone.  Nor will they succeed against My Elect, those who are like the sons of Jacob.

“Now, do not worry about all these things you see now that appear to convey that evil is winning.  I can assure you that My justice will be swift.  In the blink of an eye, you will see no more of the wicked succeeding in their plans.  The hour is late.  Pray for the protection of the innocent against the wicked.  There is a scheme of great evil set out against the nation I love.  Whoever removes Me, I will remove.”

Me:  “Lord, protect the children against poisonous drugs disguised as candy meant to kill the masses by genocide.  Is this at Halloween, Lord?  Please protect them.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry.  I have the keys to life and death.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please help soon.”

Jesus:  “I will.  Your children need not worry.  I am about to fulfill My promises and all their plans and prayers will succeed.  However, I will not let the enemy trick them into a trap.  I have promised you.  Hang on just a bit longer.  I have a great plan for you.  While I know you become angry and disappointed with yourself, I am not angry at you.  I love you.  Don’t believe the lies of the enemy who constantly sends daggers of deceit, lies and discouragement.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, what can we do?”

Jesus:  “There is nothing to do except pray.  Pray over all things, whether it is internal, external or topical.”

Me:  “Please protect us!”

Jesus:  “Do not worry as I am with you.  I am God over all things.  I see.  I am about to do something so unbelievable that I will leave you with unspeakable joy.”

Me:  “Lord, I am ready!”

Jesus:  “Good then!  I am with you.  Do not worry.  I have you and your family.  I have your Nest friends.”

Dream over…

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