Dream 665 – Tillman, Shapiro & Weekman – Barristers

Finished on Sunday, January 29, 2023

Note:  The following was a Birthday Message to the Nest from Erin as posted to the Nest Forum on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

Dear Sparrows,

Thank you for sending birthday prayers to remember me!  It was so touching to be thought of on such a bittersweet marker of turning 60.  I had been going through what I call ‘Watcher’s Fatigue’, although I am not a date watcher as much as a ‘Signs and Wonders Watcher’.

I have been pretty downcast because I usually have visual markers in the natural to coincide with what the Lord is speaking to me.  I didn’t seem to be getting anything lately.  I had awakened on my birthday expecting to see a red cardinal at my feeder or some other surprising bird… but nothing… just a snowstorm and covered feeders.

Yesterday, I saw a few of the regular birds I am used to and I thanked the Lord for the ability to feed them in the winter.  The usual visitors were there; the nuthatches, the woodpeckers, chickadees, mourning doves, crows and a grackle.  I was surprised to see a grackle, but I ignored it and thought nothing of this until this morning when I realized for the last week it has been visiting the feeder by itself and it wasn’t a grackle… it was a Starling!

A new bird… iridescent like a grackle, but with dots which look like stars on its feathers.  It avoided my camera lens each time, but I know at some point I will get a shot off – if he doesn’t reunite with its group.  This morning the Lord gave me this…

Me:  “Lord, thank You for sending me this mystery gift.  Is there anything I should know?”

Jesus:  “Change is coming, Erin.  These birds dance intricate patterns in the sky.  They are a sight to behold as they are in flight together and fly with choreography orchestrated from Heaven.  Their song is also beautiful.  To some, they are considered pests.”

Me:  “I have been hearing a singing bird that I haven’t heard before over the last week, but I could never see it.”

Jesus:  “Something to reflect on concerning this sign I have given you.  When you see the dance of these birds in the sky, notice they seem to have an invisible conductor and no one bird stands out as they are all together and equal in rank and file… or wing and feather.”

So, to me, this was a great gift from the Lord about what He has planned for us.  May we be together in 2023 in service to God as Starlings in sync together united as one!  My heart is stirred by your generous hearts.  I have been down and your words, love and gifts have so touched my heart!  I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done!  It has been an amazing journey and I am so thankful that you have stayed here with me!

Great Love and Blessings in Jesus, Erin

Ecclesiastes 3:11:  “He hath made everything beautiful in HIS time!”

Received on Saturday, January 28, 2023


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your great love.  The world grows darker every day.  Corruption and evil are penetrating every aspect of our world.  Although all seems lost as it spirals downward, our hopes and our dreams are in You.  Bless You, Father, in all Your Kingdom.  Let it be on Earth as it is in Heaven and soon.  Let Your Name be no longer on cursing lips.  Let it instead be a heart song of our gratitude to You, our God and Savior.  Blessed be Your Name in all the Earth.  My dreams…

Sub-Dream 1 “A Surprise Show Home Display” begins…

I was living in a vertical build house.  It was built on a hill with a view of a valley city.  The home was white with large windows.  There were three floors.  The home was mediocre compared to al the homes nearby.  The homes here had been built close together… no more than four feet between each home.  The home needed updating as it looked like it had been built in the 1980s.

The interior walls were all in need of tearing down as the views were being blocked.  My grandpa lived with us in the home even though he passed away in 1993 when I was thirty years old.  He was mostly bedridden in the dream and had his own suite.  My kids were young again, about elementary school age.  I also  seemed to have a few extra kids around that I didn’t recognize (smiles).

I was not sure why these kids were here or who they were.  I worked fulltime as an interior remodeler, but I had no free time or income to update or care for my own home.  At least it was clean.  I had just arrived home after preparing for a separate Street of Dreams Home.  It was Show Home Season, so I was very busy.  I hadn’t been home long before I heard my grandpa call out to me…

Grandpa:  “Erin, you received a letter.  It is on the counter.”

Me:  “Thanks, Grandpa, I will take a look.”

I opened up the letter and here is what it said…

“By order of the Street of Dreams Committee, your home has been selected for public admission during this year’s event.”

I almost passed out when I realized that this wasn’t for next year.  It was for this year.  I had no time to prepare.  I suddenly realized that my peers and the judges would be coming at 6:00pm.  I looked at the time and it was already 4:00pm.  I began to run everywhere to hide our valuables, personal papers, photos and other such items.  I then realized that my grandpa could not be moved.  I then heard a knock on the door, along with some obsessive doorbell ringing.  Some of the attendees came early!

Me:  Opening the door a crack.  “Come back after 6:00pm.  I am unprepared.”

They were angry.  I could hear them murmuring as I shut and locked the front door.  I realized I was not prepared for a massive amount of people to come through my home.  As a working designer, they were expecting that my personal home would be even greater than the show homes I worked on.  The doorbell rang again and the people were back.  These shows draw 80,000 people and I was not wanting the attention.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Me:  “Oh Lord, my heart is pounding from waking up from this horrible dream so suddenly.  What does this mean?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “You feel unworthy and unprepared for what is coming.  Your status will change. You will hear wonderful things spoken about you.  However, you will also hear horrible things spoken about you.  Still, your critics will be far from you.  You fear what those you once respected would think of you.

“You fear what public opinion will be.  Well, do not, as I am with you.  They will be judged from their houses, not yours.  Do not worry.  I have you.  All you can do is stay with Me and care for the house and the Nest I have given you.  Do not worry.  Now, you had more dreams…”

Sub-Dream 2 “A Visit by a Baby Squirrel” begins…

This was a very quick dream.  A baby squirrel was running towards me across my jasmine plant.  It was about to jump onto my devotional chair.  I wondered how it got into the house.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Sub-Dream 3 “An Old Dream is Incubated” begins…

I was in an unfinished basement room with junk.  I had begun to gather the items for the trash.  The floor of the basement consisted of freshly mowed grass.  This was weird because it was real grass, not turf.  I moved an antique writing desk that was also a drafting table.  The hinges on one side were broken, but there was a small light on the inside.

I peaked in and there were two mice on top of some important drawings for a project.  The mice were huddled together and sleeping.  I tapped on the table to wake them up.  They ran out.  There was also some other animal that looked like a mangled fox.  It hissed and scurried out.  The hinges suddenly worked again.  I rescued the drawings.  As I was turning to leave the room, I heard a chirp.

A bird with fur in caramel, black and brown ran after me.  While the bird came towards me, the mangled fox came towards the bird.  I was able to pick the bird up to protect it from the fox.  I carried it with me.  I looked more closely at the drawings I rescued and realized they were a home I loved so much that I saved the plans for it.

Me:  Addressing the bird.  “Well now, that is an old dream of mine.”

The bird jumped from my hands and landed on the drawing.  It then looked as if it was incubating an egg.

Sub-Dream 3 over…

Received on Sunday, January 29, 2023


Dear Father,

Thank You!  You are a wonderful Father and a Great Blessing to me and our house.  It has been a difficult week.  My two sons are encountering trials and tests.  While these normally come to nothing, I am struggling.  My older son, and as my daughter so eloquently puts it, uses God as a personal genie.  He puts a desire out there, prays over and over for it and then expects God to do what he commanded.

Although this seems endearing and a bit humorous, it is not.  Asperger’s in a young adult is a bitter pill to swallow.  Nothing seems to go their way.  Instead of realizing God must be saving him from troubles, he is still disappointed.  I am patient with my sons because they have difficulty understanding the concept of an unseen Father and Creator.  They are looking for healing and they don’t understand why He is delaying.

I sometimes struggle with answers because I know God can do anything.  He can and He has.  We have experienced it.  We know God is capable.  He IS God after all.  However, He is also a Father that possesses all of the information.  He knows the beginning from the end.  He knows everything.  He knows every detail.

His plans are greater than ours.  It is wonderful to live in His plan because living apart from Him is to be lost.  It is better to be found by God than to be lost.  Mostly prior to these dreams, the above are the things I have said when I have questioned God.  I also used to say the following…

  • Why didn’t You stop me, Lord? Still, 9 times out of 10, I am sure He sent signs.
  • Lord, I have been praying. Why are You not answering me?

Here is my experience with respect to God’s reply…

  • Yes: Yes to prayers means a quick yes from God.  All of the elements of answered prayers then happens.  He even sends a bonus treat for going the right course and being in His Will while doing so.
  • No: No is a clear no.  If you have been praying for something, His answer can be a swiftly closing door.  This could mean several doors that cannot be opened.  No means no.  God sees something we do not and has more information behind the scenes as the enemy seeks to devour.
  • No Answer: You pray and even pray and fast, yet you get nothing from God.  Well, this means you do NOTHING and wait.  Later on, if something comes at you and there is no choice but to act, then this must be God.  For instance, if the court says you must appear on a certain date, then you must appear.  It is important to obey the laws of the land even when they are contrary to God.  This is because He sets up and deposes kings and rulers.

You should also keep in mind that our perceived need to act quickly on all other matters could be from the enemy.  For instance, there is an incredible deal on something you normally wouldn’t need.  All of a sudden, you now need it.  You pray and get no answer from God.  It is a NO because He has something better.

At times, He will call us to do something impossible.  Sometimes this happens to answer a need we didn’t know we had.  We had better recognize this as God as He will then also send us special signs.  In all things, God loves us.  We must trust Him to know what is good and fruitful for us.  I felt a desire to pray about our situation…

“Father, please help me to instruct our children with God-led words, things of You, not our own understanding.  Please help me to remain patient while we wait.  Please keep all of our mechanical functions in the house remaining at 100% until You create Your plans for us here.  We know whatever You plan will be perfect.  Help us to stay wise with all You have trusted us with.  We pray for all of this in Jesus’ Mighty Name!”

Last night, I had two dreams that really stood out…

Sub-Dream 4 “Purchasing Four Groundhogs” begins…

This dream was extremely vivid.  I went to the pet shop.  I went to purchase the four groundhogs I had seen before for our yard.  A clerk approached me…

Clerk:  “How can I help you today?”

Me:  “I am here to purchase the four groundhogs.”

Clerk:  Walking me over to the cage.  “Well, you can… but I am not sure you will like what you see.  I am willing to sell you them if you take them home today.  I will even give you 50% off your purchase.”

When I arrived at the groundhog cage, I looked in the cage…

  • There was the half-size chubby groundhog. She was in the back right of the cage looking worried.
  • I then saw the skinny groundhog. She looked like she was trying to wrestle with the two full-size groundhogs.
  • The two full-size groundhogs were curled up in a ball flipping around.

Me:  Addressing the groundhogs.  “So, are you coming home with me today?”

They immediately looked up at me and walked over towards me in the cage.  The baby was in the back.  I handed the clerk the appropriate amount and took them home.  They all were excited to arrive at my home.  I opened the gate to the carrying case and they ran under our back porch.  I had a huge smile on my face.

Sub-Dream 4 over…

Me:  “Father, what does this order mean if the groundhogs represent years?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Well, a war will be ongoing throughout the 3.5 years, one which will involve the world against each other.”

Me:  “WWIII?”

Jesus:  “Yes, but You do not understand that the war has already begun, a war you do not expect.  A timeline was laid out by some very wealthy evil leaders with a goal of half a year.  What they have planned would cause great harm for three years.

“However, they do not understand who I am and that I am the God of change.  What I am about to do will send them into great anger, rage and isolation.  I will place their plans on hold until I am finished.  I am God and I decide.  They are children of destruction and I do not know them.”

Me:  “What are we to do in the meantime?”

Jesus:  “Be patient and pray!  Great is My plan.  Since you do not understand it, it is Mine to keep… for now.  Do not worry as man plans.  God is not nervous or anxious.  I am not moved to act quickly to do this or that.  There is a plan.  I do not dance to the tune of the enemy’s drum corp.

“I am not in a cage he can rattle at will.  Greater is My Army against ALL of his army for ALL of the days to come.  Do not worry as I have sent angels to guard you in all you do.  The enemy is angry.  You are covered.  I have you.  Now, tell Me about your second dream…

Me:  “This one was also vivid…

Sub-Dream 5 “Tillman, Shapiro & Weekman – Barristers” begins…

I was looking over a great house of brick and stone.  The campus was a great institution upon a beautiful river.  It had been built pre-WWI and I believe it was English by the architecture.  The arches of stone were pointed.  There was some gothic style mixed in.  The interior of one room had many arches.

It appeared to once be a church.  It had rib arches with apses on the sides.  While it was beautiful, it was empty of people.  There were doves in the rafters.  They were nesting and cooing.  There was very little sign that this had once been a grand cathedral other than by the architecture.  As I walked, I saw a paper tacked up on the wall.  I went over and read it…

It read ‘By Order of the Commonwealth…’, followed by a bunch of legal jargon.  It was signed and notarized by a law firm named ‘Tillman, Shapiro & Weekman – Barristers’.  It was strange.  As I looked around, I noticed this Order had been posted on every wall.  Some were even posted on the stone floor.

Sub-Dream 5 over…

“Lord, what does this mean?”

Jesus:  “This is a lesson in history.  It means that God does not forget.  The forgotten God does not forget, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, I think so.  How do I find this meaning?”

Jesus:  “Well, it sounds as if an order by a law firm of partners went out against a learning institution, one of higher learning.  However, prior to all of this, it was My church.  Time has a way of erasing memories, disposing of records and removing truth.  I sent judgment on these institutions as, one day, they will be changed and will be no more.  Truth is recorded in Heaven.  The record room is precise and nothing is lost or missing translation.  All is visible and together in perfect order.”

Me:  “I was wondering why such specific names.  Lord, I just did some research…

  • Tillman: Could be someone who prepares a field… tilling the soil for planting.  It could also mean what is written up until the point in time or the event mentioned.
  • Weekman: Could be a period of seven days.  Weeks is an English surname.  Could also refer to battle or war.  Could even refer to a small outlying village or a small bay inlet.  In the Bible, a week can be used as a seven-year period.
  • Shapiro: This is a Jewish name.  It is a version of the word Shpira.  This is the Jewish name for the German city of Speyer (once known as Spira).  This city has had a long and tragic Jewish history.  The citizens fell victim to successive waves of crusades and blood libels.  In 1349, the Jewish community of Speyer was totally wiped out by a blood thirsty mob.

“What do these mean, Lord?”

Jesus:  “What you have written is good, Erin.  I do not forget.  Many scholars of the Torah came from here.  The enemy tried to destroy them.  However, God’s hand was with them.”

Me:  “Lord, 600 years after this, Israel was reestablished!”

Jesus:  “God answers the prayers of His people, Erin.  However, this is not always in ways you would come to expect.  One day, when you are in Heaven, you will see a historical movie of truth from God’s eye.  You will see it and understand what the enemy has done against His Chosen, His Elect, His Children and His Redeemed.  All of His Creation, and even from the beginning, you will have a great understanding.  Peace will then come from knowing all was made right by Me.  I am with you!”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  Oh yes… what about my older son?”

Jesus:  “Tell your son that, when I send him messages to confirm something, he should not leave them ‘unread’ as in a ‘text’.  He needs to press into Me with a pure heart of love and gratitude.  He needs to do this with no expectations other than My unconditional love.”

Me:  “Lord, I will tell him this.  Thank You.  I love You.  Please help with these mysterious dreams from You as I do not want to get these wrong.”

Jesus:  “I gave you the dream and you wrote this down.  I led you to truth and answers.   While I will reveal this, I can also send interpretation.  Some you know (that is, those on the Nest) are gifted in these areas.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, can You also grant this to me?”

Jesus:  “You are My Scribe.  I have you record our conversations, observations and events.  Since you are in the midst of these, should you be the only one interpreting?  Give this to Me and I will send help.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “You are welcome!  I love you.”

Me:  “I love You!”

Dream over…

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