Dream 666 – The American Pharaoh, The Anti-Christ

Received on Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for sustaining us.  It is only by Your great hand and Your miracles that we are covered.  If not for You, I wouldn’t have one journal or even ink to write with.  For the first time yesterday, and over the course of the waking day, each one of our children gave praise to the miracles You have done for us.  This is truly a miracle.  We look to You as it is only You who can create income where there is little.  Thank You so much for each of our gifts.

My three children struggled with their jobs this week.  My older son discovered his employer is keeping him because he has special needs.  They also let go several others, so he is fortunate.  Still, he asked us if he could resign.  After listening to his reasoning, we were both in agreement with him.  Since he speaks a second language pretty well, we are hoping he lands a job where this will be appreciated.

My younger son is tall and intimidating to those around him.  He is quiet and works hard.  He is higher paid because of his experience.  However, the eight guys he works with are very poor.  He notices that they often curse God.  This can be depressing to him at times.

My daughter went from working as a sale person and greeter to a salaried management position in just five months.  Shocking.  The company she works for is woke.  However, she loves what she does, so we pray she is able to continue.  While she has had battles with her manager, You cleared this up by removing this manager.  Lord, I see Your hand at her place of employment.  I just knew it was You as it was done so fast.  I had a dream last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “Two Thrones for Pharaoh & his wife” begins…

Note:  I did not want to write down so much of this dream as it I so sad.

I was looking over the USA.  I then saw two thrones together in the central seat of the North American continent.  The two thrones were occupied by a pharaoh and his partner.  It appeared as if a river flowed south from their seat.  Through this, they were able to fashion the continent to pay homage to pharaoh and his wife.

All of the nations of the world were to pay homage to him and his wife.  The entire world was destroyed and people were starving.  An order went out to destroy all Jews and Christians.  All those of a certain skin color were also to be examined and found worthy to either remain as a slave or be destroyed.

All people over a certain age of the wrong skin color were destroyed.  These peoples’ fortunes and belongings were then seized and clamed for the pharaoh.  All young people were to be castrated and turned into eunuchs.  There were no Christian churches.  They were turned into party houses or meditation centers for the pharaoh.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

I woke up at 3:00am.  I then fell back to sleep after prayers.

Sub-Dream 2 “The Evil Plans of The American Pharaoh” begins…

I was in my current house.  I went downstairs to the front door.  It was snowing outside with almost blizzard like conditions.  I then saw a path completely illuminated coming from my front porch.  It was level across the yard to a bridge (which doesn’t exist in real life).  It avoided the snowy ground completely.  I was in my pajamas and barefoot.  I heard a whistle.  It was Breakthrough.  I knew to just go.

I opened the door and stepped out onto this new path.  It was warm.  The ground was firm, yet soft to my feet.  Even though there was a blizzard, the air was warm.  Despite the blizzard, I could still somehow see around me.  There at the creek on the bridge were a group of angels all talking to each other.  They smiled and greeted me.  Uriel was there and he came over to speak with me.  I was so excited to see him.

Uriel:  “Erin, I was sent by God to give you a message.  You are of sound mind as God is with you.  He is in you and His Spirit is with you in all you do.  Now, do not be frightened or dismayed at the plans of the wicked.  The enemy’s plans against the children of God are meant to strike at God.  He knows that God will never go against His own Word or promises.

“Even the enemy recognizes that His Word is sovereign and He is the Living God.  However, the enemy believes that he has the final say over life and death.  He feels that, if he can kill man prior to man taking a verbal declaration that Jesus is the Savior and the Son of God, he then believes he can destroy God’s plans.  Well, he cannot.  He will not be successful.

“Even though he has tried to destroy God’s Words many times, he has never been successful.  God cannot go unread nor can God and His power as God and His Creation be cancelled.  No, do not be dismayed as God see all things and knows the plans of the wicked against the righteous.  What you see seems like chaos.  It is confusing to you and all those who seek truth are left to disseminate fact from lies.

“As a child of God, you have seen the wicked sowing lies.  You are a harvester of truth.  You seek truth.  I have been called, along with the angels of God, to gather up the righteous at His time of calling for His Kingdom Purposes.  The Elect will be gathered and prepared for all that is coming.  However, do not worry for the Lord is with you in all you do.  He has called on us to guard your way.  Now, what I am sent to tell is this…

“The chaos you see is manufactured.  What seems like scattered and broken news all over the world shown as unrest spreading is actually designed to make you want to cry out for a savior, a world leader, to bring order.  However, this is a lie.  It is a grand illusion.  By removing himself to a distant location, he is able to rule from there.  All these events are done with precision.

“The enemy knows that the USA is God’s and that Israel is as well.  God blessed these lands, these nations, and called them good.  Knowing that these have been blessed, the enemy has fought to destroy them.  The rise and fall of nations over thousands of years have all occurred because the enemy has continually introduced evil practices meant to be an abomination against God in order to have God turn away from the evil who dwell there.  Once God’s blessing is removed, the nation cannot stand.”

Me:  “Oh Uriel, what can any of us do?  We are helpless against the powers of the enemy and his plans if God does not intervene.  We will all be destroyed!”

Uriel:  “Do not worry as God is with you.”

Me:  “But so many evil things are happening right now…

  • Churches are being shut down.
  • Free speech and worship are being removed.
  • Food is being destroyed.
  • Livestock feed is tainted.
  • Hens are not hatching eggs.
  • Beef and meat are being destroyed.
  • Crops and land are being sold off to the enemy.
  • People are dying of random illnesses.

“There is too much to continue naming.  You know this though!  I know you see it too.  What are we to do?”

Uriel:  “Calm down.  Do not worry.  Greater is He in you.  He even sent angels concerning you.  He who is in the world has a small army compared to God’s Great Army.  They are no match for our Army of God.  God has allowed this to usher in His Reign.  Just as the enemy imposed his work upon all the nations, God will also do the same.

“As God has shown you… a field, a farmer, soil is prepared, seeds are planted and fertilized… all to produce either a crop of evil or of good.  What you are seeing right before your eyes is the cultivation of evil seeds.  It seems as if these are all separate enemies, but they are not.  They all work in unison to weaken the nation you were born in.

“What you consume has been poisoned.  This is not just food and drink though.  All that you see with your eyes, all the news you hear, all that goes into your mouth, all that you breath, all that you place on your skin… all has been tainted by the evil one.  Erin, the wicked has tainted all of your daily bread in all of its forms.

“They have removed all that is good and replaced it with bad.  The idea is to leave you naked, exposed, afraid and hopeless.  All of this is to make the world call out for a worldly savior.  Erin, they no longer desire God as their Savior.  The field is being prepared, understand?

“Now, the war is about to come to you.  The war is coming to the nation.  Warships and weapons are being readied.  They have worked hard to remove all defenses.  They have removed as many weapons as possible.  Their plan is that there will be no defense when they arrive on the shores and in the air overhead.  The enemy has made known their ambitions, their plans and their positions.

“He wants to breakdown, remove, break apart, destroy children of one race, steal wealth from these people and use it for his purpose.  He wants to remove all that is good.  He even made declarations as lighthearted satire in order to veil his threats.  He has plans to destroy all who oppose him.  His plan is to destroy all with no mercy.

“He has threatened a ‘Red Wedding’.  He has threatened a ‘War on Christmas’.  Remove safety.  Remove individualism.  Remove churches and label them as hate.  Know him also by who he spends time with.  Who are they?  Who is a threat to him?  Always watch his lips.  These spew out curses.  I am here to tell you that all you suspect, all the information you have been given, is from God.”

Me:  “What do I do now?”

Uriel:  “You are to pray.  War is coming.  Seizures of all assets are coming to pay for this.  The removals of all essentials, food, clean water, oil and fuel are coming.  These are the great plans of the wicked.”

Just then, I was given a vision within this dream…

Sub-Dream / Vision 2a “A House built on Sand” begins…

I saw an unstable house being built on sand.  The sand was shaped like a foundation.  It was also somehow like a sandcastle, but hard to describe.  The footings were poor and unstable.  The framing of wood was being built.  Instead of nail guns, the builders were using hammers.  Blow after blow were needed to drive the nail in.  I felt like all could collapse at any second.  I knew it would not last a long time.  No, I knew it would last an extremely short time.

Sub-Dream / Vision 2a over…

Uriel:  “You must understand that the enemy sent his army over the southern border and now the northern border.  The people cannot see what they are not shown.  They can also perish for both a lack of prayer and a lack of understanding.  The wicked leaders have worked as quickly as possible to weaken the people, till up the soil and plant evil.  Even though the American Pharaoh is now here, he will be defeated.

“Now, I am sent by God with Good News.  He wins!  The Kingdom of Heaven is here and the people will turn to God.  Do not worry as we are with you.  Erin, God is here.  Do not be afraid.  The war season has come to the nation.”

Me:  “Uriel, all the people were lied to.  Why does this need to happen?”

Uriel:  “Erin, God is aware.  He is fully aware.”

Uriel turned to the other angels and they all nodded in agreement.

Me:  “How does one prepare for war?  For lack of fuel?  Of food?  Of medicine?”

Uriel:  “You cannot unless you pray.  God is your Cover, Erin.  He won’t stop when things become worse.  He doesn’t just throw up His arms and say, ‘She is too much.  She is not worth of all this.’  The enemy would like you to believe this lie because it is not of God.  Be encouraged as God is about to move in a way only God can.  It is lofty and the enemy will never see Him coming.  He has greater plans than the enemy’s schemes.  All is about to change.  Greater is the True God over all of the Earth.”

Sub-Dream 2 over…

I woke up suddenly to a knock on our bedroom door.  My husband’s alarm was set wrong and didn’t go off.  It was his daughter waking him up to drive her to school and himself to work.  While I know the American Pharaoh referred to here is the evil leader (the former President), it also reminded me of the horse who won the Triple Crown named American Pharaoh.  American Pharaoh was born on February 2, 2012.  He then rose up to win the Triple Crown in just 3.5 years (in 2015).

Me:  “Oh Father, I am not sure if this is a sign or not, but it sure seems interesting.  My Spirit is troubled and I am scared.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  Your dream of Pharaoh is because this is the same spirit who resides in these times.  He is very busy behind the scenes setting up his world stage.  He is quite pleased with his progress.  However, he will have never expected what is coming his way.”

Me:  “Lord, it is difficult to watch all that is happening right now.  The enemy divides us to conquer us.”

Jesus:  “I know.  However, remain in Me.  I am with you.”

Me:  “Lord, how can we trust anything we eat or the medicines we take?  We really have no understanding.”

Jesus:  “Evil is faithful only to itself.  The wicked remain wicked.  You are witnessing evil on every level.  However, My Word is true.  My love is faithful and given to you.  In turn, you love Me in faith.  You hate the world.  You keep your sights on the Kingdom of Heaven and My righteousness.  I give freely to those who love Me.  I send the wicked away empty.  Erin, do not be afraid.  I have you.  I am with you.  I love you.”

Me:  “I love You too, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Then it is settled.  How about a White Wedding instead?  All the trimmings.  Lush flowers.  Fragrant vines.  Wonderful music from Heavenly origins.  Food and wine.  All you can eat!”

Me:  “Cake?”

Jesus:  “Yes, of course.  It will be like nothing seen upon the Earth.  It will be large.  Grand even.”

Me:  “Fun!  Oh Lord, I am so ready!  We all are!”

Jesus:  “I am too.  Not too soon, but also not too late.  Great will be the joy of My Bride and Heaven.  I am with you, Erin.  Now rejoice as the Bride is ready.  The venue is prepared.  The Groom comes.  Oh wait… we have more to add to the Guest List.  Hmm.  You will hand deliver some invitations.  We will do this together, along with miracles, signs and wonders.  So, what do you think?”

Me:  “Oh wow!  Yes, of course, of course!  Yes, Lord, let’s begin right now.  While the enemy is setting up his stage for destruction, let’s instead expand the size of our Guest List.  How about a billion more people?”

Jesus:  “Hmm, while this is lofty, it is good.  There is a massive Guest List and invitations should be personalized.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Then this is good.  The world has never seen what we are about to deliver to the nations.  There will be many tears.  Much will come with gnashing of teeth.  However, those who accept the invitation will do so with grateful hearts.”

Me:  “I am excited.  You had better hurry, Lord!”

Jesus:  “This is on God’s Clock, Erin.  This is not on the enemy’s clock, the Doomsday Clock, so do not worry.  I have you.”

Dream over…

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