Dream 696 – False gods over the City on a Hill

Received on Saturday, April 29, 2023


Dear Father,

Thank You for one more day here!  Thank You for the promise of salvation.  Thank You for being my Father in all things.  Who is like You?  I am thankful for Your Great Love.  While You have been tough on me, a well-trained soldier must have the heart and fervor of a warrior on behalf of his King and his Country.  He is an extension.  We have difficulties in life because You love us and are training us.  You want us to have good things.  You want us to be a representative of Your Kingdom.  What an honor this is.

I spilled my seed tray in the hallway this morning.  While it was probably only two cups of seed, it scattered absolutely everywhere.  As I was cleaning up the mess, my daughter came to greet me and let me know she was soon to go to work and would not be home until around 8:30pm.  Saturday is a busy day for her.  This is the way of retail.  She was particularly smiley today and I asked her why.  She replied, ‘It is just a beautiful day, mom’.  She then sauntered off without a care in the world.

As I continued my cleanup, I prayed and thanked the Lord for her.  She has quite a public ministry and has no fear proclaiming the Lord and His goodness.  I pray for her protection.  Jesus spoke about her to me as I cleaned…

Voice of Jesus:  “Erin, because she loves me and is unafraid to declare that I am God in the face of evil, what is there that I won’t do for her.  What is there that I won’t do for the one who loves Me and proclaims My Name.  Remember that it is Me who created her and called her.  I placed her in your care to raise her up in the way she should go.  Do not forget that she is Mine.  Her place is not here, but in an eternity with Me.  What is there that I won’t do for the one I delight in.  You have trained her as a warrior.”

Me:  “Are you singling out my daughter because I failed with my sons?”

Jesus:  “No.  Wait until the day I raise them up.  For now, this is where I have them.  While they are also in training, it is just for a different battle.  Do not forget that you also continue to proclaim what I have called you to proclaim.  This is so each one is given their portion, their purpose under Heaven.  You will understand all of this one day very soon.  Take heart as I am with you.  I am also with your family and our Nest.”

We are having a beautiful day today.  The trees are just beginning to bud up here in the north.  The floodwaters from the spring runoff are beginning to recede.  The songbirds are very loud.  While I love spring and fall, they are the shortest two seasons here.  I am excited to see the beautiful changes and growth.  I love it when winter turns to spring.  It is a reminder of God’s promise.

While seasons come and go, God remains our God through it all.  Thank You, Father, for Your love.  Lift up the heads of Your people during these dark times.  Send us signs and wonders.  We need healing miracles, financial miracles and spiritual miracles.  Please, Father, heal each of Your Sparrows where they are.

Please bless them with supernatural abundance.  Whisper comfort over them so they are at peace.  The world is too wrapped up in selfish desires right now.  The wicked are emboldened against us.  Father, please send help to Your people.  Heal Your Sparrows.  I speak over the Nest the following Scripture…

Isaiah 65:24:  “And it shall come to pass that, before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”

Father, please watch over us.  Surround us with Your love.  Envelope us with Your Glory.  Please keep us under Your Wings, where we find refuge.  In Your faithfulness, be our shield and rampart.  We love You, Father.  Your truth is our armor.  Your Words are comforting even as we cling to Your Promises and stand on the Rock of Your Salvation.  I had a dream last night that started at about 3:00am…

Sub-Dream 1 “There are 800 left; there are 800 more” begins…

I had an important assignment.  However, I was not to draw any attention to myself.  From an earthly point of view, I had to operate with very little resources.  In reality, I had everything I needed.  There was no water where I was.  While there was evidence that water had been available at some point in the past, there was now no water in sinks, toilets, pools, rivers or lakes.  All of the water had dried up.

I looked in the showers.  I could see dead spiders all around the drains.  They too had looked for water but could find none.  I was not sure how anything could survive out here.  There were no sounds of birds.  There was no movement.  While I was searching to find someone to talk to, I noticed that there was very little evidence of life.

I looked up in the sky and saw a buzzard.  I decided to follow it.  There was an area near the dried-up riverbed that was covered in decaying carcasses.  Among the carcasses were also a bunch of dead buzzards.  This was not something I have seen before.  I believe that, even if there was water, it would be poisoned.  Survival here seemed all but impossible.

Me:  “Father, there is no sign of life.  This happened recently too.”

Voice of God:  “There are 800 left; there are 800 more.”

Sub-Dream 1 over…

I woke up this morning with the words ‘800… 800…!’ ringing in my ears.  Oh Lord, what could this mean?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.”

Me:  “Lord, things are becoming more difficult.  Please help.”

Jesus:  “I know, Erin, I know.  Pray.  Go to the foundation of the nation where it was dedicated to God… The City on a Hill.  Pray, Erin.”

Me:  “Lord, this is Boston MA.  Boston was where the nation was given to God, along with a prayer of dedication.  I discovered that ‘SatanCon23’ is taking place there this weekend.  They argue that abortion is a religious rite, claiming they have a rite to sacrifice children.  This is so horrible.  Father, please stop this.  I used to think our society… really, all the developed nations… were not capable of the things that happened in the Old Testament.  I am in shock to see it is… and perhaps even worse!”

Jesus:  “Look at this differently.  This is an attack on all the things of God that are Holy.  Now, you had another dream…”

Me:  “Yes.  This dream was quite odd…

Sub-Dream 2 “Marvel Superheroes or Fake Gods?” begins…

The fallen angels had manipulated man to believe them to be heroes… heroes of old.  Since the people were familiar with their names in Greek Mythology, it was easy for the people to think of them like Marvel Heroes.  They had vile personalities.  They were handsome and beautiful, carrying swords and shields, with plenty of muscle.  However, this was only from their fronts.

Their backsides were a different story.  Their backsides were completely deformed.  They were trying to convince humans that they were the ones to be worshipped.  While man thought he was loved by these false gods, they actually despised man.  Pretending to be superheroes, they would lure children away from safety and would then kill them.  This was so awful that I can’t write any more on this.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Jesus:  “This is happening now.  Children are worshipping their gods and they are going to slaughter like cattle.  The nation has been invaded.  The cult of evil (SatanCon23 and many others) is praying this weekend that all of those who love Me be sacrificed for the greater good.  They want all to be permissible under the law for their religious rights.  However, God sees all.”

Me:  “Lord, the people are unaware.  Most live in fear.  What can Your people do.  I also had another dream…

Sub-Dream 3 “A Mighty Angelic Army of God” begins…

I saw the angelic army of God gathering.  It was a mighty army like I have never seen.  They were now gathering in the Heavens.  A group of us were praying that You would cut the evil people down.  We prayed for this with great fervency.

Sub-Dream 3 over…

Jesus:  “The army of God is over the areas in question.  Your prayers work in calling My angels down to stop it.”

Me:  “Okay, I will make sure our prayers are heard (Nest members, please pray while you read this next part in bold italics)

“Father, please send in Your angels to cut out all evil spells, rituals, laws and cult activities.  Bring down the roof upon their schemes.  Protect Your people wherever they are.  Activate the army of God over the area.  Rededicate the nation to You.  Father, this is Your Land.  This is Your Nation.  This is Your Earth.  This is Your Universe.  As for the USA, please keep it as One Nation under You, indivisible and with liberty and justice for all.  Father, please activate the army of God and take back what is Yours.  We pray this in Your Mighty Name, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

Jesus:  “Your prayer is good.  Now, God does not sit idly by.  He sees.  Do not worry as I see their altars.  I see their vile images and their worshipping.  They mock God and stand on the hill declaring themselves as gods.  I see their evil.  I will stop their cursed lips, costumes and thoughts of sacrificing children on the altars of Baal.

“I promise you, Erin, that this will not go well for them.  Pray against this evil.  My angels will take back My land one day very soon.  As for these practitioners of evil, they will all come before the Throne of God on bended knees.  Instead of worry, devote your time to praying against these.  This area has fought My Principles from the beginning.  Prayers of thankfulness were once in abundance in this land.”

Me:  “I remember when visiting Provincetown MA that men were flirting with my brother.  He was only ten at the time.  The City on the Hill is Boston MA.  We also visited Salem MA.  It seems the occult practices have always been a part of the area.  However, every tour guide will tell you that these people were innocent and not witches.”

Jesus:  “Well, some were not.  They slaughtered many innocent people.  However, who was their accuser?  Remember… the very thing the guilty accuse you of are the very thing they are doing.  This nation was given to God.  The enemy has fought to take it back for all of these years.  However, it is Mine.  Pray and do not worry.”

Dream over…

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