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Testimonials & Miracles



Letter 1

My Healing-Testimony

Lord Jesus I am so thankful for every day! I praise your Holy Name! Yes, Jesus healed me from cancer and gave me also a new home where I live now. For me these are two miracles at once.

Last year in summer August 2015 the doctors found an very bad aggressive breast-cancer on both sides on my body. So I needed a fast Total-Operation, hoping that the cancer didn’t spread out into my body. But then they found in the hospital again some very bad cancer-cells in my lymph nodes on my shoulder.

So I prayed to God to help me through this hard time of chemo and ray treatments. I prayed very much and believed in Jesus 100 % to heal me from cancer and that He would take care of my whole body – also in spite for all the negative side effects (medicine) during this time.

Jesus put his arms around me and said: “Susanna, I will help you and heal your whole body from cancer. You will not die, but live! Trust in Me!“ He gave me also 2 Bible verses to encourage me: Exodus 14:14 and Mark 16:18. Yes and I believed in God’s healing power – even if the doctors said to me that I won’t live very long, maybe some month or so. OK, but today one year later I am still living and I feel so good. Praise God! God is good – all the time! The doctors told me that my cancer could come back any time – no but it didn’t happen.

Today on June 22, 2016 the doctor check up. She made another ultrasound scan from my lymph nodes – and found nothing, no bad cancer cells, everything is ok. Oh I’m so happy! Now I drink every day a special dandelion tea with roots. This is very good to kill the cancer in the blood and body and many other parts.

In January 2016 I had another big problem with my very loud apartment, so I had to look for another home and move again in April. This was not easy to handle, but God helped me every day and gave me enough strength and wisdom. Now I live in a beautiful silent new home. I know this home is another great miracle – Jesus put his finger on it and select it for me just in time. He takes care of my whole life and blessed me. Thank you Jesus!

I know Erin very well from the Sparrowsbarn-Forum and translated many dreams from her into German.

I am so thankful for all my wonderful friends and family here in Germany and in my church, and also my lovely sparrow-friends with Erin who prayed for me. I believe for God nothing is impossible. He heard my cry and set me free. God can help and save you also in your own situation, no matter how much you suffer. Sometimes God tests your faith, but He will never leave you alone. Maybe God will go with you a different way, but the ultimate goal is the same. Just give Him a chance, open your heart to Jesus and trust in Him! He can change your life in one moment.

THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH! What the enemy tried to steal me away, Jesus changed it all into the opposite way. Praise God for your healing! Jesus I am so thankful for every day of my life. I love you so much and praise your Holy Name. Amen.


Letter 2

Well, things are happening!!

As I am here sitting at the computer my sister called me to give me a message from my disabled brother, his name is Alessandro and he cannot walk, talk and he dribbles. He is 41 years old and he was born like that. He and I always had a special bond since we were kids. His mind is clear, to certain extent.

The Lord gave me many, many dreams of me praying for him. In some dreams I would pray for his legs, head, tongue etc.; and in my dreams he was healed completely.

SO, he just called via my sister to tell me that Jesus had just visited him and said in his ear that I am going to pray for him and he will be healed, then he pointed to his head, legs, arms and even his mouth!!!! My sister is still asking him questions, (in Brazil).

He told her that Jesus was walking from one side of the room to the other and told him so.

When I spoke to him just now, he is so overjoyed and believing. The Lord used him as an intercessor.

I believe something is shifting and healing has begun.


Letter 3

Praise the Lord dear sweet sister Erin.

Thank you, thank you so very much for your precious prayers.

God has done a miracle in my life. Just an hour ago I came back from the hospital. All these days I’ve been suffering from severe thirst and excessive urination leading to a tumour in my pituitary gland or something that went wrong with the kidneys. But meanwhile I’ve been also suffering from infection in the stomach with severe diarrhoea and urine infection which hospitalized me.

Doctors needed to do a brain scan etc., to decide the root cause of the problem. But Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, only through your precious prayers, God touched me with His Mighty hand which is not short to save me from this valley of darkness and death. Every infection has gone away and all thirst and excessive urination became normal. Now doctors said everything is normal and no further tests are needed which is quite abnormal to be healed like this within a short span of time. But everything is possible with our loving Saviour and this has all happened only because you have prayed for me.

With tears of gratitude thank you so very much for your precious prayers in your valuable busy time. May God bless you and your family abundantly opening the flood gates of heaven for your faithfulness and compassion towards me. Thank you so much and love you sister.


Letter 4

When in Brazil last Christmas we had the opportunity to pray for a few people. I have quite a few ‘kids’ in Christ. So the Lord gave me the privilege to lead this family of over 20 people to Jesus about 23 years ago, so when I am in Brazil they do everything to spend time with me and my family.

This time they organised a special meal for us. As soon as we got there I looked around and saw that my oldest ‘kid’ in Jesus, he is over 80, so as looked at him I noticed that he was a bit unhappy, I said “Hello” and hugged him. He said that he was unable to go to the toilet for over a week and was very distressed.

The spirit of faith came over me and I said to him: “We will pray for in a little while”. So after we ate, I found him sitting in the big farm kitchen at the table. Some of his sons and one of his daughters were there to, they wanted to see the prayer. Well, the Lord gave me such boldness that I told them all apart from their father:

“Only stay here if you believe!” Nobody moved. So I said “OK, let us pray”. We prayed until we felt something happening. A little later I asked his wife if he was OK and she proudly said: “Yes”!!!!! Jesus healed him. He was so happy.

I went to the Ukraine some time ago, and we witnessed so many miracles of healing that it seemed we had fire coming out of our hands. We were ministering in a stadium; we had thousands of people. I was in the prayer team.

When the time came to pray for the people, I had the chance to pray for quite a few. One of them was a lady that came to me and via an interpreter said that her son was not going to survive the night as he was very ill in hospital and the doctors had given up.

The Holy Spirit came over me and with such faith I declared to her via the translator: “Your son is not going to die, I am going to ask Jesus to go in that hospital room, and He will touch your son, and heal him, and tomorrow you will come back and tell me”.

So I prayed just that, and the next day she came with bags of gifts for me, tried to kiss my hands, and I said “No, Jesus healed your son not me”. Her son had been totally healed!!!! We need to dare to believe the Lord and pray for the needy.


Letter 5

I would like to share a miracle:

Some time ago I developed a dental abscess. I prayed and God healed my tooth miraculously, I didn’t need any medication! Something like this had never happened to me before!

I had dental abscesses before and each time it was a nightmare; the pain was completely unbearable!


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