Dream 204 – Six Rooms, Acts of God, and War

Received Sunday, June 5, 2016


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day. Thank You for the blessing of family and friends.  Though the Barn has burned down, and those within have now flown, You still speak to our hearts until one day, one by one, we meet together in the sky.

Our time together here was amazing. Because of this little Barn, so many Sparrows formed lasting friendships.  I thank You, Father, for giving us communion with each other at Your Altar.  There is no going back to the way things used to be, but we can rest assured that all things work together for the good of those whom love You.

Time on Earth accelerates, yet time waiting for You to return for us seems to take painstakingly long. Father, my dreams recently have involved gathering children, and not always of my children’s ages, but some younger.

Dream begins on Friday, May 27th

I was visiting northern Europe with my three children at their current ages of fourteen, sixteen and eighteen years of age. We had traveled to northern Europe in order to minister to the lost.  While we were there, we stayed in a house like an orphanage or boarding school for children of ages from birth to age eighteen.

This house had several stories and the rooms were like wooden boxes. However, there were no ceilings and each room had one open wall exposing the inside to the elements.  In addition, there were wooden stairs which were suspended in air with no railings that linked the various rooms together.

Dream 204 Pic 1

Room #1, the highest room, was a room for babies of ages from birth to two years old. Some of their mothers were there as well.

Room #2 consisted of special needs children of varying degrees of severity. Many of these dying children had mothers serving as advocates for them.

Room #3 consisted of children of ages from three to six years old. My daughter was spending time in this room playing with these children as they had no family.

Room #4 consisted of children of ages from seven to ten years old. Most of the children in this room seemed to be comforting each other as there were only a few adults coming and going to assist them, but not many.

Room #5 consisted of children of ages from eleven to fourteen years old. There were no beds in this room, but only desks.

Room #6 was the lowest level of the rooms and consisted of ‘high school’ children of ages from fifteen to eighteen years old. Most of these kids were sleeping in various areas other than this room, with some even sleeping on the stairs with no railings.

The younger children would spend time in Room #4 or in Room #6. However, the children in Room #5 seemed to struggle with school.

My two sons spent their time between Rooms #4, #5 and #6. They were trying to help the kids by befriending them.  However, many of these kids were upset and bitter as they had been abandoned.  I went from room to room to encourage and spread the Good News.

As I went about performing ‘His Business’, I noticed that, while I was still in my earthly body, I had now been healed of my disabilities and looked considerably younger. I also noticed that my sons were no longer special needs and had been changed to being ‘normal’ as well, both mentally and physically.

While all that was occurring here was ‘pre-Rapture’, I just knew that we were also now very close to the Rapture and that we had been called into greater service in order to bring more people to Jesus prior to His coming for us. As our hope was elevated by each of our healings, each of us was even more encouraged to spread the message of salvation, that time was running out and a choice had to be made for Jesus and soon.

What I also found interesting is that I somehow knew that this ‘healing’ had not just occurred with my family, but that God had also performed this healing with others as well as a witnessing tool for His glory. It seems that God’s mercy had been extended out to many of us in a concerted effort to aid us in our goal of helping people to accept Jesus prior to the Tribulation being thrust upon a sleeping world.

As we all went about our business, at one point, my daughter came to me in a panic.

Daughter: “Mom, there is flooding in the lower room.  We need to warn everyone.”

I ran down the stairs from Room #3 to warn occupants to not go down to Room #6 as the waters were rising quickly. I realized I was running out of time when my son called to remind me of something I had to do.

Son: “Mom, did you get your letters off into the mail?”

I realized I had become so distracted by the magnitude of my job that I had failed to do something extremely important.

Me: “Where are my envelopes?”

Son: “The water is rising, Mom, but I believe I saw your pen, paper and envelopes on the desk in Room #5.”

As I ran down the stairs, I could now hear the water lapping up the sides of the stairs leading to Room #5. I realized that this meant that Room #6 would have now been  completely under water.

I called out in the darkness to whoever may still be there.

Me: “Is anyone there?  I can help?  Let me take you to a place higher than this.”

At first I could not hear anyone, so I started to think that no one was there. Just as I was turning to walk away, I heard a muffled sound.

Me: I called out to the sound.  “Speak loudly so I can find where you are from your voice.”

I heard some whimpering, so I walked down into the water. I realized there were kids clinging to the roof or top wall of their room.

Me: “Why are you up there?”

Voice: “We thought, as the water rose, we could go higher and higher.”

Me: “Okay, while you could do this, why not just come with me now and take the stairs to safety?”

Shortly after this, hand after hand reached up for me to pull them out. I helped many of these wet teenagers out of the dark water.

However, two teenagers remained clinging to the walls and yelling at the others. These two teenagers were calling the kids that were leaving bad names and were trying to coax them back.  I called out to these two teenagers.

Me: “It is okay.  You can come too.  It is not too late.  I will swim to you.  No one needs to know.  Jesus loves you too.”

Teen #1: “Right.  He didn’t care about me when He left me here to die.”

Teen #2: “He won’t take us.”

Me: “The very fact we are having this conversation makes me believe He is here with you now.”

Teen #1: “Really? Why doesn’t He save us then?”

Me: “You wouldn’t be here and neither would I if He hadn’t called you for a purpose.  Come, take my hand now.  The water is rising.”  I began to pray.  “Lord, please appear to these children.  Please help me!”

Just then, two hands appeared in front of the boys and I heard the voice of God.

God: “Take My hands.  They are mighty to save.”

The teens were terrified and immediately took hold of these hands of God. The Lord brought them up to Room #2.  I heard the voice of God again.

God: “Comfort these mothers.  The children know Me.”

Once God spoke this, I immediately saw the teens being commissioned to comfort the mothers of the dying children. God continued to speak.

God: “Erin, your letters.”

I suddenly realized that I was standing in rising water. I went into the now flooded Room #5 and grabbed my supplies.  I then climbed up to Room #3 where I began to write.  While my letters were already written, the envelopes still needed to be filled out.

The envelopes were made of fine linen in grey and white. It was impossible to write any of the addresses down onto the envelopes without the proper pen because, as much as I tried, my pen would not write on the cloth-like envelopes.

I knew that the messages contained in these letters were really important so I knew that I had to act now. I told my daughter what I knew I had to do.

Me: “I must go back down to retrieve my darker marking pen from Room #5.”

Daughter: “Mom, hurry!  The water is rising!”

I agreed to hurry and ran down the stairs. As I did, I could hear the water lapping even higher up the sides of the house and rooms.

When I reached Room #5, the water was now up to my waist. As the water was murky and the lighting was poor, I could barely make out the small box in the corner of the far end of the room that had the pen I needed.

I began to wade across the room and felt objects hitting against my legs. I finally got to the small box, found the marking pen I needed and turned to go back.  As I moved my head, I caught some movement to my left.  Startled, I spoke out to the ‘movement’.

Me: “Hello, is someone there?  I can help you.”

I heard some whimpering and walked over to the corner. There was an older teenager and he or she was very thin and scared.  As I drew closer, I saw that something had him or her concealed and terrified from moving.  I could not make this out clearly, but I could feel a presence of sorts.

Me: “It is okay.  You will be saved today.  Do not worry.”

I began to shout out in my prayer language and commanded this presence to release him or her in Jesus’ Name. I then saw something massive like a serpent in the water moving around the room.

I realized that I had not been bumping into desks, but rather I was being bumped into by this ‘serpent’. When I looked closer, I noticed that this ‘serpent’ had already begun to swallow this boy or girl.  I again commanded it to release him or her in Jesus’ Name.

I reached over, grabbed his or her hand and the serpent immediately spit him or her out. I pulled his or her body away from the corner and he or she began to speak.

Boy/girl: “But Jesus won’t accept me.  I’m neither boy nor girl.  I hate Christians.  They are mean to me.”

Me: “Yes, at times they are.  If they are truly Christians though, then they speak from a platform of love for the sinner.  The Lord called me here for you.  This very moment, He called me to come.

“You were removed from the serpent’s mouth by the power of God by the Name of Jesus. Now, did it feel better to be in the mouth of the serpent paralyzed to save yourself or free?”

Boy/girl: “Free.  I was being devoured.”

Me: “Then God wants you to be free.  He called me to find something that I needed in order to send a message out.  However, in the process of doing so, He helped me find you so that you could be saved.

“Now, I am no judge, but I do know that I was saved from the mouth of a serpent, that Jesus loved me enough to pull me out from being devoured whole and that He is therefore certainly capable of doing the same for you.”

Boy/girl:  “But Jesus hates us.  We cannot be saved as our sin is too great.  I saw this in the Bible.”

Me:  “Really? The water is rising.  What Bible?  I do not know where that is written.  Listen to me.  Do you want to be free from your trouble?  Do you want to live in paradise?  Do you want to celebrate, have joy, have peace, never worry and never be judged, but, most importantly, be loved and accepted by your Creator Whom knows you better than you know yourself?

“God knows You.  He might hate your sin, but He loves you.   I am not perfect and I have no time to tell you my story, but do you trust me enough to lead you out of here?  Your friends are all waiting for you up in Rooms #3 and #4.  Are you ready?”

Boy/girl:  “Are you sure Jesus will accept me?”

Me:  “Let me ask you this. Are you ready to accept Jesus, the One who sent me, as your Lord and Savior?”

Boy/girl:  “But He hates all of us.  I cannot reverse what I’ve done.  I am not perfect.  You have to be perfect to follow Jesus.”

Me:  “The water is rising and I must go soon. I have to get some letters out with important messages.”

I was becoming frustrated. Just then, the Lord downloaded a story into my heart.

Me: “God knows all that has happened to you.  He knows what happened after you would go to church when you were only six years old.  You believed you could never be normal, but, in your heart, you wanted to be like the other children.

“You cried out to God and He answered, but you refused to accept His love because you felt rejected. Instead, you found a spot which seemed comfortable, but it sickened you.  You began to make yourself part of what others wanted you to be.

“You felt accepted there, but inside you had pain and turmoil.  You had anger from the past, much sorrow over loss and hated God. You blamed Him for not helping you from your abuse.

“You became so angry that you reported those who reached out to you in Jesus’ Name to the authorities for preaching hate. Now Jesus knows you and He is meeting you where you are.  Are you ready to let go and let God or shall I allow the serpent back into the room?”

She started shivering and weeping over the accuracy of what the Lord just had spoken through me.

Boy/girl: “Yes, yes, yes!  I am sorry, God, I am sorry for everything.  Please save me, please!”

Just then, something came out of the teen’s mouth.  I cannot describe it, but it was like a leach with claws. I pulled the disgusting ‘leach’ from the teen’s mouth and commanded it to flee in the Name of Jesus.  As I pulled on the ‘leach’, it was almost like unclogging a clump of something from a drain.

Finally I removed it when the boy/girl coughed up the last part of the ‘leach’ and it dumped into the water.  I saw the teen look at me stunned as if he/she did not even know what was happening.

Boy/girl:  “Oh God, thank You, thank You, thank You, Jesus! I will take You!  Please save me!  Please save me!”

Me:  I smiled. “Come!  You won’t believe what Jesus has planned for you!  Let’s leave this place.  Are you ready?”

He/she looked at me and smiled. He/she swam to me and hugged me.  We then left the room, got to the dry part of the stairs and ran to Room #4.  When the teen’s friends saw him/her, they were amazed as they could barely recognize him/her as he or she had changed so much after his or her release.

Immediately upon seeing this person’s change, several of the teens began to repent and ask the Lord to forgive them too.  I left them with my sons as I quickly went to finish filling out the addresses on these envelopes.

When I did, one of the envelopes was to be addressed to ‘The Prem…’, but I could not see the rest. Another one of the envelopes was to be addressed to ‘The Pres…’, but again I could not see the rest.

Dream over…

Father, please help me understand this.  I feel in my heart that very soon we will be unable to share our beliefs as Christians.  My children are already speaking against the policies of acceptance in schools.   Soon they will be silenced as haters.  How do we live?

In just a few short years, things which were not permitted are now acceptable and things which were once acceptable and permitted are now considered illegal or hateful.   It is difficult to understand that the world we had come to love is now gone.  Quite simply, the world as we knew it is gone.

The very peaceful country we loved is soon to be in turmoil.  It is not what we think; none of it is!  Father, I feel that Your hand of protection has now been lifted off of the land.  Please send help and come quickly, in Jesus’ Name!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

Immediately I found myself up in Heaven and I was walking on the path near a beautiful overlook in Heaven.  It was dawn and the sun was rising over the valley. This is awesome as the sun in Heaven is slow to rise and slow to set here in order to give us time to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

The colors were amazing and were a full display of pinks, purples, oranges and colors I cannot even describe. The valley was beautiful and there were animals grazing for breakfast in the meadows.  Some of the animals were drinking from the River of Life.  There were flocks of different birds everywhere.

One of my favorite sounds here in Heaven is the worshipping music from the various choirs of song birds.  There is no photo or place on Earth that has a Heavenly equivalent.  Quite simply, nothing like Heaven can be found on Earth. I have tried to find places on Earth close to Heaven, but I just can’t.

Not only that, but, on Earth, there is always a looming danger somewhere. With any beautiful place on Earth there is always something similar to the following to be said:

“This tropical beach is so beautiful, but just be careful of jellyfish or sting rays in the water.”

“This mountain path is beautiful, but don’t wander off of it or you could get lost and die of exposure.”

“This meadow is beautiful, but be careful of bear, moose or other predators.  Do not go near any babies.”

“This desert is breathtaking, but the cactus is deadly and the sage brush contains black widows. The ground can contain snakes and scorpions.”

On Earth, the list of hidden dangers simply goes on and on and on.

However, in Heaven, there are no fears and nothing is hidden here or ready to attack.  There are no lions or bears ready to maul us.  We truly have peace here.  The main thing I feel here is safety.

On Earth, and when I was young, I would ride or cycle for miles and miles on back roads.  I would hike alone, swim in the lake alone and swim in the ocean away from people and I had no fear.  Yes, I was in awe of my surroundings, but I was unafraid.

As I encountered more situational human attacks or read about them, I became more and more afraid to venture out without others with me.  I no longer walk alone on trails or roads and I barely feel comfortable going on drives by myself.

Everything seems to be more about safety than it used to be when I was young.  I sighed as I found this depressing and decided to take a deep breath of the fresh Heavenly air.

Me:  “Thank You, Father, for all that You have done. Thank You for this beautiful place that You have prepared for us here in Heaven.”

In front of me was the bench and next to it was the rock with the small bubbling spring from the River of Life.  There I drank at least seven handfuls of water as I was so thirsty.  I splashed some water on my face and it both refreshed and cleansed my body.

Me:  “What a blessing this is.”

I began to cry at the level of God’s love for us.  I am still amazed that He does not just crush the Earth and end the misery of what all of us must cause Him. God is just so patient and so very kind with us and most don’t even know.

I then felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned towards the hand and I saw that it was Uriel’s hand.

Me:  I smiled excitedly. “Hi, Uriel, it has been a long time.”

I reached over and hugged him. I could feel him stiffen up a touch and I guessed that it was because he was not accustomed to being hugged.

Uriel:  He started to laugh. “God requests your presence, Erin.”

I reached and took his extended hand and we were immediately at the door of God.  The door was open and light steamed out.  I turned to the bulletin board and there was a giant arrow pointing to God’s door. I laughed and turned to Uriel.

Me: “I guess He has urgent business today?”

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin, it has been a while.”

He reached up and put salve in my eyes. I blinked to clear my eyes.  I then felt Uriel move me into God’s presence through His door.  As I entered, I instantly heard the sound of the Heavenly angels of Gods Court singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

I looked toward the Throne and the light coming from God’s presence was pure, precise, white and bright, yet warm and inviting. It was unfiltered and un-hindered light, like the sun, but even brighter.

This is very difficult to describe so I will focus my attention to the Sea of Glass. I began to laugh as I realized that even the Sea of Glass was too difficult to describe and, for that matter, so was the sounds of the choir.

Uriel brought me up closer to God, yet still a very long distance from the Throne area. My body dropped as I worshipped my Father God on the Throne.

I started confessing to Him about my lack of faith in my current condition. I had been worried, sleepless, heavy-hearted and at times downcast about everything.  I confessed and asked Him to remove these from me as I felt they had perhaps been a barrier to my healing.

I thanked Him for what we did have. I asked Him to fill our hearts and homes with more of Him.  I expressed concerns over the ministry and provisions.  I gave everything to Him and asked Him to multiply it as I could do nothing on my own.

God: “Erin, I will bless the works of your hands and grant that which you seek.  I have not abandoned you nor have I given your favor to others.  You are concerned over the state of things now and that which is to come.  I am going to do something in your days which you would not believe even if you were told.”

Me: “That is what I am afraid of, Father, I am afraid.”

God: “Erin, I have given you that which is good.  I am pleased with the works of your hands.  Give Me what you have before you and I will multiply this.”

Me: “I have the equivalent of two loaves of bread and a fish.”  I was smiling as I said this.

God: He laughed and, as He did, the floor of the Court shook.  “Put them in the basket.  You will never lack fish or bread.  You will have plenty.  Your vessel, I will fill and, with you, I will pour out refreshing water for those who are thirsty.”

Me: “Father, my dreams recently have made me afraid.  I am afraid for all which is coming.”

God: “I understand, Erin, but you cannot change this as you do not sit here.  Do you believe any of this comes as a surprise to Me?  It does not.  Now, you are concerned about events commanded by Me and the angels, right?”

Me: “Yes, Father, the land is being battered everywhere.”

God: “When you view the aftermath or even during the events as shown on the media, do you hear anything?”

Just then, God commanded the floor of the Court to separate. The Sea of Glass split in front of me.  There I could see storms, tornadoes, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Each time He showed me one of these catastrophes, I could hear people crying out, “Oh God, oh God, help!” In one, I saw a raging river sweep a bridge and several cars away and I could hear people scream out, “Oh God, get out!”

I then saw the devastation of the land from a storm in the Gulf and even more devastation from a different massive storm in the Pacific. I then saw a storm come up the East Coast like nothing I had ever seen before and it hit near Washington D.C.

There was no power for hundreds of thousands, if not even millions of people. I heard people cry out, “Why would God abandon us?  God is angry!  Oh God, where are You?”

I then looked to the north of the USA and I saw ‘help’ coming. However, this was not really help at all.

Dream 204 Pic 2

I saw lightning strikes trigger massive fires in both Canada and the USA.  I saw winds kicking up and fanning the flames.

For the first time I saw that insurance companies would only provide a certain amount of coverage and the government unable to secure the note on the difference. I saw the people affected blame God for this as the insurance companies were saying that an ‘Act of God’ had occurred.

As a result, the insurance companies would claim that there was no coverage. I watched as this new ‘Act of God’ law or interpretation made it so that families were no longer covered by their insurance companies.

Then I saw wars, protests and anger trigger riots with great damage being caused as a result. The insurance companies again declined to reimburse the resulting claims as they deemed this damage as being caused by ‘war’.  This ‘War’ law or interpretation made it so that families were again not covered.

I then saw martial law come into effect. However, even with martial law being implemented, I still saw things unnatural being allowed.

I then saw terrorists come through the borders, yet we were not able to speak against them as we were legally forced to allow them their freedom.

I then saw something wherein the entire continent was now like a ‘giant home’.

Dream 204 Pic 3

Canada was the front door, wherein everything was open and all could come and go into the house. The roof of the house was once God’s cover, but now was peeled back with holes remaining.  God was now removed.

The back yard was Mexico, but there was no door and only windows. Mexico was there to keep the yard of the home and the exterior in good condition and the labor affordable.

I then saw that the foundation of the home was collapsing from the bottom, the concrete was being breached, the basement was flooding and the roof was caving in.

Me: “Father, this is horrible.  When will this be?”

God: “Erin, it is happening now.  The time is upon you.”

Me: “But, Father, You are being blamed for everything.”

God: “Yes, but this is foretold.  What was good is now bad and what is bad is now good.  Half of the population is under the veil of sin and they do not see that the infrastructure is crumbling.  The storms and calamity have been allowed and I have commanded it so.

“As you have seen, some cry out to Me from a platform of sincerity as they recognize Me as the God who saves them from the day of trouble. The others cry out to Me in cursed tongues as they are angry because they love their sin and they desire that I bend, change and morph to their sinful desires.

“However, I will not bend, change or morph. Churches and their leaders might, but I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and I do not bend to the will of the sinner.  I have compassion on My children, but I do not save those who curse Me and follow all types of evil.

“What I have just shown you, you have seen before. I have sent My Son and He died by their hands.  I sent others before Him and they too were killed.  I have even sent those after He left and they too were killed.

“There is nothing new under the sun, but this should come as no surprise. I am here and if they call out to Me then I am mighty to save.  Instead, they curse My Son and shake their fists at Me, the God who sends the feet of those who send Good News.

“Erin, you are to testify about the heart. My Son has shown you His heart.  His love is written on the tablet of your heart.  Who can dispute this?  Now, you are Mine as I knitted you in your mother’s womb.

“I called you from darkness, but you are Mine. You heard My voice when I called.  You sought Me and accepted My Son into your heart and Me into your home.  I have commanded angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.  You are Mine and I call you friend.”  I was crying as I listened.

“Now you have seen that which is to come and you understand the lateness of this hour. Warn your family, children and friends to the times you are in.  Although you look back to better times over past bridges, those bridges cannot be crossed again.

“Times have changed. What you see with your eyes on the media today is not the truth.  What you hear with your ears, unless it comes from a truthful witness, cannot be believed.  What you read, unless it is given by Me or in My Words, cannot be trusted.”

Me: “Father, are You referring to the news?”

God: “Not just the news, Erin, but false testimony is everywhere.  You know it by its fruits.  Now everything lovely, the good news of what I have planned here for you, must be your focus.”

Me: “So I report only about Heaven?”

God: “Mainly.  However, the world is fascinated by prophecy so I will sprinkle this in as well.  Those who seek Me will find Me and I will grant them wisdom.  You must stand, Erin.  You have been given a love letter by your Savior…”  He laughed.  “…and love letters from Me.

“This is a good message. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and whatever is admirable (Philippians 4:8), if anything is from Me and to attest to what you have seen here from Me in Heaven, the place I have prepared for you, then this is what you write.  This is the water which refreshes.  There are so many who thirst and hunger.”

I felt Uriel come up to me to lead me away.

Me: “Father, I love You and I will continue as You reveal to me more of Heaven.”

God: “I love you.  Beautiful are your feet, child.”

I was in tears as I looked down at my feet and smiled. Uriel brought me out of God’s door.  I brushed the tears off of my cheeks.

Uriel: “Erin, the times are upon you which God has shown you.  You are not to fear.  God will provide that which you need.  There is a dramatic shift which has occurred in the atmosphere.  This you have recognized.

“You have been mourning a former life across a bridge which is now closed. You must adjust to the current ways of life as you cannot go back.  You are being called into greater service, along with your family and friends.

“You were shown that there are very few reliable sources of news. There are slants, lies and hidden agendas and most are veiled.  The majority is no longer given representation and now the power is being given to a small fraction of the population.

“This will be like a punishing gauge whereby all laws will be enforced. There will be great unrest as you will see many Christians silenced from teaching repentance from sin.  There will be fear and persecution.  Those who hate God and His Son will be the rulers over the land.”

Me: “I thought we would be gone first.”

Uriel: “Israel is your gauge, Erin.  What is the gauge?  Study this.  Do not worry as you have seen that all can change in the blink of an eye.”   He smiled.

Dream over…

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