Dream 443 – The Path and the Deer from the Beginning

Received on Saturday, October 31, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for protecting us.  Thank You for my family and my friends.  It has been a difficult time for all of us.  There is almost too much to write down.  Thursday felt like a life altering day.  However, before talking about what happened on Thursday, October 29, 2020, I will start off by talking about what happened on Monday, October 26, 2020.

I had just dropped my daughters off at school and was driving home.  I use this time to worship You.  I turned up the volume and prayed in my spiritual language.  I prayed for various items weighing heavily on my heart, as well as for needs and burdens for Sparrows and their families.

As I rounded the corner, a beautiful doe was standing right there in the middle of the road.  The doe looked strong, healthy and well fed.  She stopped to look at me.  I then saw another car coming in the distance.  I knew that the position of the sun would have made it so that this driver could not see the deer.  I wanted the doe to move so I honked.  To my relief, the doe leaped off the road and into safety.

Fast forward back to Thursday morning, October 29, 2020.  It all started off strangely.  Our two daughters and I have three alarms between the three of us.  On this particular morning, all three alarms failed to sound.  It was an important day as our younger daughter had just finished working on a school project.  However, this was no ordinary school project.

My daughter had chosen to recreate something from history in a model.  She had just finished an amazingly accurate replica of the Tabernacle used by Moses and the Hebrews in the desert.  We carefully moved it into the car.  Because of the alarm failure, we were late, as in way late.  We prayed together and we all felt that I should adhere strictly to the speed limit despite being late.

As we drove in, we noticed a car that barely missed a deer.  We decided to pray for the deer’s protection, along with any others, as well as all of the drivers too.  After praying for this, a strange thing happened.  A woman in a vehicle pulled out in front of me.  It was so close, I believe she may not have seen me.  She was driving very slowly.  Thankfully, there was a passing lane, so I passed her.

This must have enraged her as she suddenly found her accelerator.  She was tracking me very closely, but she didn’t pass me as the passing lane had ended.  I decided that I would pull over and let her pass as soon as I found a safe place.  We came around a corner near a small house with a lighthouse on it.  The sun was low and right in our eyes.  As a result, I was only travelling at 45-mph in a 55-mph zone.

Just then, a large doe leaped the guardrail just in front of the car.  I had learned many years ago to keep your steering wheel straight and drive through this.  Had I steered to the left, I would have hit a school bus.  Had I steered to the right, I would have plunged down a steep embankment into a bog.  Our car obliterated the deer.  We drove right over it.  No matter what we did, we would have still killed this doe.

A beautiful animal had just been ‘sacrificed at the altar of our path’, our daily drive.  I just knew that our car was in bad shape, so I pulled over to the side of the road.  The woman I had passed gave us a rude smile as she passed us.  She then projected an even ruder finger at us.  She didn’t stop.  She just kept driving.  I knew in my heart that she was happy about what had happened to us.

Once safely pulled over, I got out of the car to view the damage.  Most of the right side was obliterated.  We have a metal hood, but it still had buckled.  Wires were hanging from it.  The right light was mashed.  The car was clearly undrivable.  I was shaking and couldn’t pick up a phone to dial properly.  I finally calmed down enough to get a hold of my husband to come and get the girls so I could wait for the police.

Just then, a fire department dispatch person pulled up.  He had been on his way to work.  He called dispatch animal control and they came almost immediately.  This prompt reply was because they had just been down the road dealing with another deer incident.  Emergency road crews soon came and removed the deer from the road.  I later found out that the deer was given to a needy family.

I soon found out that the man helping us is named Dave.  He had looked in our car and recognized our older daughter.  My daughter had interviewed with Dave just a couple of months before on ‘Fire Awareness’.  Dave therefore knew that my daughter had gone to a Christian school.

Dave:  “Are all of you believers?”

All three of us, almost in unison:  “Yes.”

Dave:  “That’s great.  I also work as the pastor of a Baptist church.”

Older daughter:  “Wouldn’t you know it…we had just prayed about protection for the deer and for the drivers.”

Dave:  “Well, your accident could have been much worse.  It could have come through your windshield or through the passenger side window.  The hunting season for ducks and geese are causing problems.  That shooting you here down by the water is scaring them up here to the road.”

Me:  “How horrible!”

Dave:  “There is nothing we can do about it as it is their season.  Now, don’t worry as I will wait with you until help comes.”

Just then, my husband pulled up in my old Pacifica.

Me:  Talking to our daughters.  “Okay, time to get a ride in the Pacifica.”

Since I was the driver for this accident, I had to stay back with the damaged car.  They then carefully transferred the large tent of the Tabernacle diorama to the Pacifica.  Dave’s reaction was priceless.

Dave:  “Wait!  Is that the Holy of Holies?”

My husband:  All of us were laughing.  “Yes, it is.”  He then looked at our daughters with a smile.  “So, did either of you girls mishandle the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ during transport?”

Dave:  All of us were now laughing harder.  “Well, I must say that this is a first for me.”

My husband and daughters drove off as I remained with Dave.  I was going through periods of tears, then periods of ‘bravery’.  I was obviously shaken.

Me:  “This is normal for me.  I usually stay tough during traumatic events, but later become quite affected.”

I then spent some time giving Dave my testimonial of my near-death experiences and my coming to Jesus.

Dave:  “I wonder what this accident was for.  The Lord always has a reason.”

Me:  “First off, accidents are not always about the victim.  It is also not always about our being sinful as some churches teach.  I would argue that we are instead being used as measures.  God is lining up his sheep and separating them from the lukewarm goats.  God is the Giver of Good Gifts for all those He has called…for those who love Him.”

Dave:  “Hmm, what an interesting perspective.”

Me:  “Who are we to question the methods that God uses to bring all of His perfect plans into place?  After all, He wants it so that no one lacks any good thing.  While we can be inconvenienced as a result, like we are right now, God never promised us an easy path.  He only promised that, on His perfect path for our lives, under His plan, we may be perfected and our heart reconciled.”

Dave:  “This makes sense.  There are never accidents with God.  There are so many that attend my church that just don’t ‘get it’.  I even had a man come up to me to tell me that God had called him to be a ‘fruit inspector’ (that is, to judge the fruit of others).”

Just then, my husband made it back and at the same time as the arrival of the police officer.  The police officer came over to me and started taking down an incident report.  My husband continued to make phone calls to the dealership and the insurance company as I met with the officer.  Now that the officer and my husband had arrived, Dave told me that he was leaving.  I thanked him for keeping us calm.  I continued to speak with the female officer.

Officer:  “Sorry about taking some time to finally get here.  It has been a busy morning, mostly because of incidents with animals like you just had.  Are you okay?  Do you need an ambulance?”

Me:  “I think I am okay.  I will contact my doctor when I get home.  I don’t think I should go to the hospital though as this would take hours.”

Officer:  “I don’t blame you.”

Me:  “I just can’t believe this.  We had just finished praying for protection for the deer and the drivers as we had just seen a near miss a few minutes earlier.”

Officer:  “Are you a believer?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Officer:  “You should know that God was looking after you.  This could have been much worse.  The deer and other animals are being driven up to the roadway.  To get over the guardrail, they are taking a running leap.  Even without the sun in your eyes, you would have been unable to avoid this collision.  The guardrail is less than three feet from the side of the road.  You drove properly though.  Most overcompensate their steering and get into an even worse accident.”

Me:  “Making this worse is the drivers that are passing me.  I am sad at the amount of people who look happy at our troubles.  They have been honking, pointing and laughing.”

Officer:  “Oh, I know.”  She shook her head in disgust.  “These people delight in someone else’s troubles.  However, there always seems to be payback.  Troubles come to them.  If not today, another day.  It always does.”

The officer was just finishing her report as the tow truck came.  She gave me her card and smiled.  She then had to leave as she had received another call.  It was another deer accident.

When the tow truck driver came out of her tow truck, my husband recognized her immediately.  Every time he has had to call a tow truck, it is almost always her that has come.  While very much a tomboy, she was very friendly.  She loaded our car to take to the local body shop as we drove off.  We then went to a car rental place and rented another car.  Unfortunately, the day did not get much better after this.

Two of our kids had substantial dental work and it cost almost $1,000.  The Pacifica then had a leaky tire and we had to take care of this as well.  When we finally got home, we then discovered that our freezer we had just purchased three weeks ago had just stopped.  A few hundred dollars of food had to be thrown away as a result.  We then had an odd time of lights flickering.  This happened on multiple circuits.

Our dishwasher than began to behave funny.  There were so many other things as well.  While they were little compared to the accident in the morning, they would have been significant on any other given day.

Me:  Crying.  “Oh Father, this left me so depressed.  The attacks have increased against Your people.  There is very little good news these days.  The enemy doesn’t stop.  Attacks are increasing.  While I know that You just warned us of this, I am still overwhelmed by all of it.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was walking up a hill with an incredibly detailed stamped dirt pattern.  I immediately recognized this path as the one from the very beginning of these dreams.  The fine powdery dirt had a beautiful geometric pattern unlike anything I had ever seen on Earth.  As I climbed, my feet ruined the pattern.  No matter how carefully I stepped, each footprint obliterated the existence of the current pattern.

My shadow followed me as I stepped.  I turned to look at my shadow and it was elongated and skinny.  Shadows do not reflect details like age.  If anything, shadows make us look better…smiles.  I walked further before turning to look at the mess I had just made.  To my surprise, something interesting was happening instead.  My steps were revealing what was underneath the dirt the whole time.

My footprints were removing what I thought was beautiful, the stamped dirt, only to reveal what was hidden below this dirt.  This was beautiful stonework beyond description.  The joints of the stone had created the illusion of what I thought was an intricate pattern in the powdery dirt.  A wind then came up and blew away all of the dirt that was there.

What was left was everlasting beautiful stones in an impossibly complex and amazing pattern.  The pattern was in order, not disorder.  Between each joint was beautiful soft grass.  As I looked closer at the stones, I noticed that each stone had a date and a number count.  Under these dates, I saw names.  Under some of the dates, I saw many names.  I was not sure what the number count was for, but guessed it was the number of days in my life.

I turned around in a full circle.  Yes, I knew this hill.  It was definitely from the very beginning.  However, there was no fog this time.  I could now see clearly all that was in front of me.  I started to cry in joy.  As I cried, I heard something ahead of me.  I looked up and there was the beautiful doe from so many years ago, the deer from the beginning of these dreams.

This deer had shimmering fur and the most beautiful face.  She walked over to me.  I hugged her.  She licked my arm.  I turned to kiss her head and noticed her eyes.  When I looked into her eyes, I could see the front side of the car that hit the deer on Thursday morning.  I saw my older daughter on the other side of the window.  I gasped when I realized I was witnessing the moment of impact in the deer’s eyes.

Me:  “This was you!  My car hit you.  However, you are the same deer I have seen here in Heaven before, including at the very beginning.  I have chased you up the hill.  I have watched you climb the rocks.  How is this even possible?  This just happened two days ago.  I am sorry.  I am so sorry.  If I hadn’t passed that lady, you might still be alive.  If I had just…”

The beautiful doe interrupted me by nudging me to turn around.  I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned around and there was Jesus!  My heart leapt with excitement.  I reached up to embrace Him.

Me:  “Oh Lord, I am so sorry…”

Jesus:  “I am not.  The deer is not.  Erin, she is strong here.  She has no fear here.  She can leap and climb without an accident.  She is happy.  You will see her again.”

Me:  Crying.  “Lord, so many people have died recently…so many loved ones.  There is so much grieving and uncertainty right now.  I am scared.  I had an ominous dream last night.  I had a difficult night.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but I also showed you something wonderful.  However, let Me start by saying this.  The deer did not suffer.  My angel took her spirit before impact.  Please take comfort in this.  Hearts were tested that day.  There was a Great Divide that you could not see…

  • Some recognized you and drove by.
  • Some scoffed at your troubles and said you probably deserved it.
  • Some stopped to gaze and then drove off.
  • One gave you a scoffing laugh and a ‘hand gesture’.
  • Some saw the man (Dave) testifying about his walk with hand gestures to praise Me. People honked, believing you were being rebuked by him.
  • Some were sad for you and the deer.
  • Some were relieved that it was you and not them.
  • Many judged you harshly.

“At least eighty vehicles drove by in the two hours you were there.  While each one had something to say, very few were good.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, this makes me so sad.”

Jesus:  “Understandably.  Me too.  This is the Great Turning Away vs the Great Turning To…the Great Awakening.”

Me:  “Hmm, I don’t think I fully understand.  In the end, this was just me hitting a deer, wasn’t it?”

Jesus:  “While this appears insignificant on the surface and in the simplest of terms, you were a measuring device, a type of heart monitor.  While a large wave of troubles have come against My people, it is not as it seems on the surface.  Erin, this is a final sweep…one last call.”

Me:  “What?  Wait!  Are You saying that all of our troubles these last few seasons have been allowed by You for all of this?”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin.  While the enemy believes it is because of his power, it is not.  It is actually by My power.  Erin, you have been shown the bridge many times now.  This is the bridge between Heaven and Earth.  You are not the only one with this bridge.  There are many bridges, but only for those that I have called.  You will be able to see over the bridge in a similar way as those could view the Promised Land.

“However, you and those I have called will be able to cross over and back.  While there is much more to this, this is to remain a mystery for now.  This bridge is also My recompense…My reward for My weary.  It is good.  To those who are not Mine, they will be unable to view these bridges.  Angels protect these entrances to Heaven…these Gates…day and night.  As a result, nothing evil can come near these Gates.

“Now, Erin, what is upon your heart?”

Me:  Crying.  “Oh Lord, I am so sorry.  I could be better.  My pain and weakness make me tired and grumpy.  When I am here with You, I am young and healthy.  While I am in great distress in my living on Earth, I am free from pain here in Heaven.  This accident gave me greater pain.  Oh Lord, I am ready for something…well…positive!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “You have been studying My Word.  Would you share your findings according to your heart?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I have been studying Isaiah.  It has always been one of my most favorite.  It is like my road map.  In Isaiah 56:11, You call on us to do what is just and right.  We are to worship You and love You and serve You.  We are to honor the Sabbath and rest.  We are to remain true to Your covenant.”

Jesus:  “Erin, in Hebrews 4, I am your Sabbath rest.  I wrote Hebrews.  I was the author.  It has been disputed.  Was it Paul?  Was it someone else?  Well, I authored this.  It was I and I alone.  It is My history lesson of which no one could know at the time.”

Me:  “Where did it come from?”

Jesus:  “The physical origins of this writing are unknown.  However, this matters not as nothing is impossible for God.  You worry about many things.  You do this as if worrying about things you cannot control can change an outcome.  Well, you cannot.  Therefore, it is I Who tell you to pray.  When you pray, you take what the enemy planned for evil and turn it for good.  Remember what I said…

“No one therefore takes My life.  I give of My life sacrificially because I have the authority to lay down My life when I want to and also to take it up again, understand?  Therefore, if I have the power over life and death and I even have the keys to release those held in death, then Who gave Me this?”

Me:  “God, the Father.”

Jesus:  “Yes.  I am given all authority and only Me, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Now, you have only to look at the patterns of history to understand the patterns present today.  Isaiah the prophet was a clarion call to his people, to Israel.  He sounded the alarm.  God had chosen the Hebrews for himself.  He delivered them out of Egyptian bondage.  He gave them His Law, as well as the Promised Land that He had prepared for them.

“He sent them judges and prophets to help them govern the contract covenant with Him.  Despite this, the Hebrews wanted to be like other nations…desiring their own king.  They then followed the other nations by participating with pagan religions and practicing spiritual adultery.  What then followed was sexual sin and child sacrifice (Isaiah 57).

“They also gave more honor to false prophets than those My Father had sent.  Those God had declared and separated to be a light to the nations instead became as dark and sinful as those nations.  What follows is the darkness covering the light of God.  All goodness therefore becomes consumed by evil.

“What you see across the nations now is the same.  What was once bad is now good.  What was once unforgivable is now dismissed.  What was once truth is now lies.  This goes on and on.  The land is now under My judgment.  Darkness is on notice.  Lies are being exposed.  I have stirred the hearts of those I have called…

  • A new day is coming
  • A new priesthood is coming
  • A new wedding
  • A new mercy
  • A new prayer
  • A new Heaven
  • A new Earth
  • A new Jerusalem

Me:  “Lord, please hurry.  Please help us soon.”

Jesus:  “I do all things for the good of those who love Me.  Evil cannot steal an election.  They do not control this.  I am over all things.  I see the wicked schemes in secret.  I allow the exposure of the wicked so that those who have eyes to see will avoid them.  I know the plans of the wicked against My people.  They will not prevail.  Just remember, no one can raise up a leader without God, understand?”

Me:  “I think so.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Do not worry so much about those things which I am God over.”  He nudged me.  “Okay?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Now, I promise you that there is Good News coming.  I have signed and even sealed a contract.  I am not a breaker of contracts.  I do not enter into something and remove it conditionally unless I say ‘if you do this or that, then I will do this or that.’  As an example, I could say ‘as long as your heart remains in Me and you do not follow pagan gods, you will then continue to receive My blessings.’  Erin, I am clear, understand?  Now, what about these patterned stones all around you?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord!  These are beautiful.”

Jesus:  “This is because you made a pact with Me around twenty years ago.  I made an agreement based on your ability to let go of the world and allow Me to render in you a heart of gold…a difficult pact.  You kept your side of this.  You stayed steadfast.  You remained in Me and even chased Me, never letting up.  Even when you wanted to give up, you still pursued Me.  In turn, Erin, it was I Who had always pursued you.  I have never left you.”  He smiled as I hugged Him.

Me:  Crying.  “Thank You, Lord.  I love You.”

Jesus:  “I love you too.”

Me:  “Lord, in my dream last night, I was changed.  I could do things.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “For I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  A new thing!  Now, rejoice.  Judgment has come, but also a new mercy.  Rejoice, Erin.  Take comfort in Me.  Even read Hebrews as if I am writing and explaining it before you, understand?

“Oh yes…do not participate in any pagan festival related to child sacrifice.”

Me:  “Do You mean Halloween?”

Jesus:  “This one in particular.  I say all these things so you do not miss any good thing.”  He hugged me.  “Oh yes…the dates and names on these stones list out the many you have affected or are soon to affect for the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Me:  “Lord, these stones seem to go on forever.  I cannot even see an end.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “It is very beautiful…one of My best works.”  He clapped His hands together as if to get the dust off of His hands as if He had just been sculpting.  Of course, He didn’t have any dust as this was just Him making me smile.  “While this is your life, it is My story.”  He laughed.

Me:  “I love You, Lord.  You are so amazing.”

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin.”  He smiled.

Dream over…

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