Dream 471 – Give God the Glory for His Victory

Received on Monday, January 18, 2021


Dear Father,

We love You!  While I can’t speak for everyone, there are those who look to You and continue to press forward in love and truth.  There are those who still cherish You.  Thank You for another day here.  It has become more difficult lately.  Each day brings new surprises.  Each day, I am more aware of my aging body.

I am unable to travel for my brain tumor appointment.  This is because I am unable to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival and then for another 14 days when I come back.  Hospitals are still canceling surgeries deemed non-essential.  Well, at some point, these non-essential surgeries become essential.  Still, I am not sure that I would welcome surgery right now even though I am on standby for one.

I had three dreams last night.  The first was, by far, my favorite of the three…

Sub-dream 1 “The book of my life” begins…

I was being given a chance to look at my life at the point of death.  It was to be an inventory of things that were notable to God.  I was not yet sure as to what was going to be in this.  I went out to the yard where the stream was and noticed a small bench by our stream with a book on it.  I sat down and opened the book.  It was the book of my life.  However, the content of the book was different than what you would think.

Yes, there were records of the births of my children and other major milestones, but this was minimal.  It was instead a record of things that God found worthy or endearing.  There were so many things I had long forgotten about.  There were things I did for others that I received no earthly thanks for.  There were things I did anonymously.  There were gifts given out of love, not expecting anything in return.

To my surprise, there was a whole section on the care I had given to God’s Creation in nature.  While I forgot this, this was actually things I started to do when I was a little girl.  I had prayed and worried about little animals, birds and flowers.  There were things I never thought would mean anything to anyone, but they did…both to them and to God.  I smiled when I saw that there were various sections and how they were labeled…

  • Sunshine section = Joyful moments
  • Dew section = Moments I caused joy
  • Raindrops section = Moments of blessings
  • Teardrops section = Moments of grief
  • Clouds section = Moments of difficulty
  • Storms section = Moments of crisis and pain
  • Dawn section = What I learned (really, this speaks for itself)

As I looked through the first few chapters, I realized it was all ‘God-centered’, not self-centered.  The events were not about what meant a lot to me, but what meant a lot to God.  I want to reiterate that these were really not things you would expect.  There were quite a few things done in secret with only God as a witness.  While some events were quite far-reaching, most were seemingly tiny in impact.

I cried and cried when I reached the end.  I was so sad that I had only filled one book.  I then felt a nudge on my left arm.  When I turned, there was a stack of books.  I laughed.  I was so thankful.  While I had remembered my accomplishments ‘according to man’, I had never really given that much thought about my ‘ripples under God.’

Sub-dream 1 over…

Note:  I wanted to leave the last paragraph above out as I felt it perhaps sounded somewhat lofty or conceited.  My husband, however, wanted to leave it in in order to give hope to all those out there that do so much for God with very little recognition.  You can see that he ‘won’ on this one as this last paragraph is still there…smiles.

When I woke up from this dream, the wind was really blowing out.  However, I still eventually fell back asleep…

Sub-dream 2 “An unexpected group of thieves” begins…

I was going to an amusement park.  In particular, we were going for one specific ride.  It was a type of roller coaster combined with a water ride…or vice versa?  This ride is hard to describe as it has no earthly equivalent.  When we approached the gate, my friends went ahead into one of the cars.  I stayed behind to wait for the next car.  While standing there, I was approached by five tall young men who had just exited the ride.  I recognized three of them as being from my church.

As they were talking to me, one had gone behind me.  He was trying to pull out my wallet from my purse that was hanging on my left shoulder.  I yelled ‘Hey Stop!’  The group then proceeded to run away with my wallet.  They were all laughing.  While I knew that they were not going to steal anything since I knew three of them, I was still upset.  I knew how to find them.  Even though I still wanted to go on this unusual ride, I was now preoccupied with what had just happened.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Sub-dream 3 “Someone trying to claim my space as hers” begins…

My bedroom was in an open and public space.  The bed where I sleep was on full display as if it were in a showroom.  Since I was busy remodeling my room, I was out shopping for various items.  When I came back from the store, I noticed someone familiar to me, someone completely unqualified, was already doing my remodeling.  However, she was now trying to claim this space as hers.  However, I stood my ground against her and was able to reclaim my space.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Both of these last two sub-dreams disarmed me a bit.  The first sub-dream was great though.  Father, please help.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in our side yard feeding the small animals and birds.  I put my feeding tray on the ground and ran to the stream in our front yard.  There was snow everywhere.  The stream was mostly frozen.  I was hoping for the bridge, a bench and a book or two…smiles.  I felt a nudge on my arm.  I was expecting an angel as I turned.  It was a deer instead.

Me:  “Oh…hi there!”

The deer just stood there staring at me.  The deer then nudged me for a second time.  I looked around and didn’t see anything.  The deer then nudged me for a third time.

Me:  “I am not sure what you want?”

I petted the side of the deer’s neck.  The deer was then startled and darted back up into the trees.  I sighed.  Just then, I felt another nudge.  This time it was Raphael!

Raphael:  “I have been sent with a message for you from God.”

Me:  “What was all that about with the deer?”

Raphael:  “Deer?  I don’t see any deer.”

He was smiling.  I could tell he was joking and trying to make me laugh.  He succeeded.

Me:  Laughing.  “You are so funny.  Are you part of the ‘comic relief team’?”

Raphael:  “Erin, I am no ‘comic’.  How about if we change that to ‘he who brings a smile’, okay?”

Me:  “Absolutely!  So, Raphael, what were these three dreams about?”

Raphael:  “The first dream is how God sees you and many others.  He wants you all to know just how much He loves each of you.  However, the second and third dream represents what the enemy wants for you.  Erin, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.  The enemy is working, and has been for some time, behind the scenes to rob you of your purpose under God.  He is trying to stop you and all who God has called in this moment.”

Me:  “Are you warning me that I am about to lose all that we have?”

Raphael:  “No…well, unless there was a memo I did not receive.  No, I have seen them all.  Therefore, this would be a no.  Erin, do not listen to the enemy’s messages of fear and doubt.  God knows that you often see yourself from the obscured lens of the world instead of the clear lens of God.  God’s lens is the only one which is not foggy or ‘dim-sighted’.  God’s vision is always crystal clear.

“Erin, this stream of yours is also becoming clear.  Now, remember your purpose.  God keeps His promises.  He has kept you and your household secure.  He will do the same for the others under His Cover.  He has kept you far from the enemy’s schemes.  Although you see yourself as old and forgotten, God has never seen you through your own eyes.  They are too…”  He nudged me to complete his sentence.

Me:  “Foggy and ‘dim-sighted’?  Yes, Raphael, you are right.”

Raphael:  “The events you see are being staged by the enemy.  They are all in full view.  Do not forget that they have a star-studded lineup of performers, all for their big show.  However, none of this is of God.  The event will display dark vs light.  This is an event to mock God, His angels and His Bride.  However, make no mistake… God knows and sees all.

“Now, you are worried about many things.  You are worried about your health, your sons’ health, your daughters’ health and your husband’s health.  You are concerned about your future.  You are concerned about the future of your family and friends, including those that reside with you on the Nest.  You are concerned about your church, the country and many other things.  Well, Erin, these are all beyond your abilities to control.  Are you God?”

Me:  Crying.  “No, of course not.  I am sorry.”

Raphael:  “Because events in and around you have not occurred as you expected, you are unsure of your status or place in this war.  Yes, Erin, as you know…this is a war.  However, you have not been left forgotten in the Valley of Decision.  Though you are sometimes uncertain whether God will use you based on something you did years ago or a ‘certain hand gesture to someone’, this has not disqualified you, understand?

“Instead, God has placed you in the Valley of Victory, soon to be delivered from giants.  However, that is not all… He will take you to the Valley of Beracah, the Valley of Blessings, where you will be healed and strengthened as you were in your youth, but better… like the sons of Jacob, but even better.  While God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, He can still do a new thing and remain God.

“Now, please, Erin, I know that you are worried.  I know that you grieve.  However, if this continues, this freshwater stream will turn into saltwater.”  He jokingly nudged me.

Me:  “Yes, but I know that you would make it fresh again.”

Raphael:  Laughing.  “Well, Erin, salt is good.  However, this stream is meant for freshwater and for drinking.”

Me:  “May I drink from this now?”

Raphael:  “Soon.  Erin, you are worthy.  God has declared it.  Those He has called are worthy, understand?  They have already been vetted.  They have already been refined in the fire of affliction and found good.  Do not allow the enemy any personal victories.  Give all of your concerns, worries and fears to God.  He will carry your burdens as only He can.  What is impossible for man is possible for God.  Rejoice, Erin, and give God the Glory for His Victory… Operation Heaven’s Shield.”

Just then, I felt a nudge in my side opposite from Raphael.  I turned and there was the deer again.  I was now looking at the deer as I patted her neck.

Me:  “Oh Raphael, what will God do?”

When I turned back to look at Raphael, he was already gone.  I smiled and shook my head.  Thank You, Lord, for Raphael… he always brings a smile to my face no matter the circumstances.

Dream over…

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