Dream 474 – A Reminder of Heavenly Places

Received on Sunday, January 31, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for this mild winter… so far.  Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for our children and our Nest.  I feel very blessed.  Father, as You know, I have been struggling with so many things completely beyond my control.  It has been overwhelming.  I fear the unknown.  On Tuesday, two of our children are scheduled for tests with a doctor.

My oldest son will then likely need a specialist… endocrinologist and specialty care.  As for my daughter, I believe all will be okay.  Two weeks back, as we were talking at the dining table, my son raised his arm.  I then noticed that he had some unusual red lines on his arm.  He then told me that he had them in a few other places.  After taking photos and sending them to the doctor, he set out to work on it immediately.

This is difficult to watch as my son is so innocent and kind.  My son’s heart is big.  To see him deal with something like this is just heartbreaking.  There is nothing I can do on my own strength to help him.  I have got to give this all to You, God.  Father, please heal my son.  Please heal my husband as he has a procedure on the 8th.  Please heal me as I have a procedure on the 11th.  Please, Father, grant a miracle for all of us.  I had a disturbing dream two nights ago…

Sub-dream 1 “Car full of crazy people” begins…

My husband and I were driving on the I-95 in Maine.  It was either late spring or early summer.  We were both younger… transformed, but off duty (not 100% sure though)?  A car with young adults suddenly pulled up along side of us and started to taunt us.  There window was down and they were yelling and swerving.  We were driving in a really neat and fast vehicle, so my husband put it in race mode and we zoomed off.

We were incredibly fast and the vehicle with the crazy people soon disappeared from our sight.  We prayed for protection from them.  We then took an exit and went into a large store.  It looked similar to a Target store, but with quite a few windows.  My husband decided to stay in the car while I ran in.  I was quick.  I had just checked out and was looking out the window.

I saw my husband running towards me.  He was trying to get my attention.  I then saw one of the women from the ‘crazy car’ just behind him.  She then stabbed him in the back.  She pulled out a knife about 18 inches long.  She had black crazy hair, black and red lipstick and black makeup around her eyes.  There was no blood on the knife.

Note:  I felt it was important for me to emphasize that there was no blood on the knife.  While this means that no true and lasting harm was done, it also means to be particularly aware of the enemy’s schemes.  This was a good reminder.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I woke up suddenly from this dream.  It felt so real.  I then had another dream last night…

Sub-dream 2 “A glass tank with figurines” begins…

I had a large glass fish tank with no lid.  In the tank were five living figurines, each about 2.5 inches tall.  There was a grandmother, a mother, a father and two others.  In addition to the five figurines, there was a larger and seemingly alive baby.  I was extremely busy, so much so that I forgot these little miniature people were alive.  My daughter later came up to me…

Daughter:  “Hey, mom, you should check on the tank.  Their tank might need to be cleaned.”

When I went to look, I realized that I had failed them.  I had forgotten that they were real and living.  I panicked as I had not given them water, food or comfortable living conditions.  On one of the little beds, the grandmother laid stiff and appeared as a tiny plastic doll.  The tank was filthy and the other people were barely hanging on.  My daughter helped me clean everything up.

I picked up the tiny baby and fed it.  When I did this, all of the other stiff plastic figurines came back alive.  They began to breathe.  They had so much joy.  I gave them all water and food.  I fixed up their place so that they were much more comfortable.  Still, in my heart, I felt such horror and guilt that I could ever be so negligent to these living figurines and baby.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, this dream was so real.  So was the other one.  Please protect us.  I am grieving as if my heart has been broken.  We are under attack on many fronts.  I thought our tests were over.  I thought our final trials were finished.  Well, here I am again.  This road is so long.  Did I take a wrong turn somewhere?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was out on the side yard of our home feeding the birds.  I set my tray down and ran to the upper yard by our stream.  As I stood there, I could hear the birds singing all around me.  I was standing in the snow.  I turned to look at the frozen stream.  As I looked, the snow began to recede.  Within seconds, there was dry ground.  I then could see green grass.

I chuckled at this as I remembered that we are actually to start getting fresh snow starting tomorrow evening.  I then felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned and there was Jesus.  He was completely bathed in the Light of the Son.  His fragrance was beautiful and unlike anything I have ever smelled.  I went into His arms and hugged Him tightly.  As I cried with quivering lips, He put His arms around me.

Jesus:  “I am here.  Erin, I am here.  I have not forgotten you, not once.  I am with you always.”

Me:  “Lord, You sometimes seem far away.”

Jesus:  “I am not.  I am always with you.  I have something to tell you.  When you were young, you were brave and fearless.  You had no worry of things.  You would not allow your own children to do the very things you did long ago.  You were carefree and reckless back then.  While you did not know Me at that time, I knew you.  You had been cursed by others from an early age.

“This cursing happened mainly by your parents.  They feared that their children would rise up and expose them.  They also feared that you would grow up smarter and more skilled than they were.  Out of this fear, they would then speak curses over you.  They would say such things as ‘too bad you are so short’, ‘too bad you will never be a great artist’ and on and on.”

Me:  “Yes, I remember this.  I guess I didn’t recognize these as curses at the time.  I incorrectly viewed these as reality checks meant to keep me from disappointment and failure.”

Jesus:  “Ah yes… and were any of these pillars of great success themselves?”

Me:  “Hmm, well, some accomplished amazing things.”

Jesus:  “Perhaps.  However, each time they spoke these painful words to you, they cast stones.  The enemy then capitalized on this and built a stonewall around you.  Each stone cast was like a brick built in a stonewall around your hopes and dreams.  The enemy did this not just to you, but to all those that I have called.

“If the enemy could make you feel walled in or held captive by large walls of cursed stones, he then felt as if he had succeeded.  Remember that the enemy’s goal is to remove God’s ‘Called’ from their ability to operate in the natural here.  It is difficult to see a lampstand or candle through a stonewall.  You have been held back your entire life by what the enemy built around you.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  However, was this not part of Your ‘furnace of affliction’ for me?  Was my pain not also my gain through these afflictions?  Still, every dream or ambition I ever had and worked to attain was taken from me because of my failures.  It was my fault.  I allowed the stones.  I allowed liars to have a platform.  I even allowed this to form a roof over me, a false and unstable cover.

“So, Lord, here I am now.  I must admit that, with the times becoming so disheartening, I turn to the possibilities, the ‘what-ifs’, in fear and in the realization of who I am today.  Well, I am now defined based on my circumstances.  Without You doing something miraculous, well, what do I have?  Lord, what can I even do?”

Jesus:  “Erin, I am with you in all things.  I know that you are dependent on institutions for help.  I know that you can do nothing on your own.  However, I will soon remove you, so do not worry.  I will tear down these stonewalls built by the enemy’s lies.  I will topple them into a heap of rubble.  My truth will prevail in all things.

“I know that you are tired and weary.  I know that this path has been difficult and your journey long.  I know the isolation and pain you have felt.  I know the unjust things done against you.  I have never forgotten.  Erin, I keep My promises.  My promises are true.  Now, come… I have something which will make you smile.”

He reached for my hand.  Once His hand touched mine, the bridge crossing into Heaven appeared.

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Hmm, where is Raphael with that special lock?”

He said this as we crossed the bridge together.  When I looked behind us, we were now completely in Heaven.

Me:  Laughing.  “Where are we?  Lord, are we now in Heaven?  I do not recall being on this path before.”

Jesus:  “There are so many things that I have prepared for My people.  There are so many special places.  Not one of you will ever grow tired or bored here… not even once.  You will never have fear here.  It will be a place of great joy and laughter.  Now, I have a place that I have prepared just for you.”

He brought me to a small dock on a beautiful river.  There was a boat perfectly made of the finest wood.  There was a beautiful mast with a white sail.  He stepped into the boat first and then gently brought me into it.  He sat me down on the most comfortable cushion I have ever felt.  There was no leaking water as all of the joints were seamless.  He sat behind me to steer the boat.

Just then, a slight breeze filled the sails.  The boat began to travel down the river.  The area was beautiful and lush.  This was perfectly groomed by the Master Landscaper.  We passed flowering trees that looked like weeping willows over the water.  The fragrance of the flowers and grass was amazing.  Tears streamed down my cheeks.

Me:  “Lord, I have never seen such beauty.  This is stunning.”

He smiled back at me with such love.  The river meandered.  We sometimes travelled upstream and sometimes downstream.  The water was crystal clear.  The stones were made of fine gems and made beautiful designs in the water as if they were set in mortar and preset by master masons.  There were colorful fish swimming alongside the boat.  They were hopping out of the water to be nearer to Jesus.

There were flowerbeds like water lilies floating on the water.  There were animals on shore walking to the water’s edge to watch Jesus.  The animals were perfect.  I saw deer, rabbits, ducks, swans, squirrels, sheep and even a beaver.  There were other animals and birds too.  Their sounds were simply amazing.

Jesus:  “We are almost there.”

Me:  “This is all so beautiful.  Oh Lord, please take Your time.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, did you just ask Me to take My time?  I don’t believe that I have ever heard such a thing said by you!”  He smiled and laughed.

Me:  “Yes, but especially lately.  Just to confirm though, please don’t take Your time on Earth.  Well, Lord, You already know how I feel.”

Jesus:  “I take the perfect time.  Do not worry.  Everything will soon make sense.  Now, one more turn here.”

The wind picked up and we came around a bend on the great river.  My breath was taken away.  I began to cry.  Right there in front of us was a beautiful structure, a structure unlike anything on Earth.  Nothing even close.  There were peacocks running to greet us.  We went over to some stairs that led from the river to the landing.  Jesus stepped up onto the platform.  When He did, the peacocks lined the steps of the area.  He reached out for my hand.  I was in complete awe!

Me:  “Lord, is this ‘Garden Folly’, but in Heaven?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “I can assure you that there is no need for ‘Folly’ here in Heaven.  Now, where do you think the idea of it came from?”

Me:  “Heaven!”

Jesus:  “Yes.  Now, look over there.”

I was now looking at an octagonal shaped building with open archways.  The entire architecture seemed to focus on the number 8.  There were 8 entries on each side.  There were 8 columns, each ending in the beautiful round dome top.  The height of the structure was 32 feet (4 x 8).  The diameter was also 32 feet.

On the very top of the dome was a balcony to walk around.  The top of the dome was hammered metal of some kind.  This was laid over the stone.  On the outside and all around the structure was 8 fountains pouring over into channels into the river.  As I continued to look everywhere, I became more and more in awe.

Me:  “Lord, there are no grout lines.  Is this all carved from one single massive stone?  How is this even possible?  This is beautiful beyond description!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Come, I will show you the inside.”

He reached for my hand and walked me up the stairs.  We then walked through the archway of stone.  The inside was just as stunning.  It was beautiful.  The floors were colorful mosaics and beautiful carpets.  The carpets were thick and lush, hand loomed of silk and lamb’s wool.

There were beautiful things to see everywhere.  I could see paintings from master painters.  I could see curtains with woven fabrics unlike anything on Earth.  The ceiling was a mosaic of beautiful birds in the blue sky.  Tears were now streaming down my cheeks.

Jesus:  “I had something made for you.”

There were four chairs.  Each had cushions like clouds.  The fabric was of the softest velvet, but even more luxurious… again, nothing on Earth can compare.  The fabric was the glorified version of a fabric that I could never personally afford on Earth.  However, I was familiar with it as I had used it in one of the ‘Street of Dreams’ homes.

Me:  “Lord, what is this place?”

Jesus:  “I built it for you to come here with friends.  All of this is yours.”

Me:  “Mine?  But this is built for a king or queen.  It is certainly too wonderful for me.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, have you not learned by now?  Can a Groom not gift His Bride?  Will she then refuse what He built for her?”

Me:  Now in tears.  “Of course not.  It is just so beautiful, Lord.  You are incredible.  You do things for me here that I didn’t even know I would love.  I never want to leave.”

Jesus:  “I am glad you like it, Erin.  There are many gardens here and I have built something special for each of you.  Erin, do I see concern on your face?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  Forgive me.  Are You showing me this because my time is up?  Oh Lord, it is not my time yet, is it?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “No, Erin, you still have time.  That is, unless you have changed your mind?”

Me:  “No, Lord.  I want to spread the Good News of Your Great Love.  Too many people still do not know You.”

Jesus:  “Well, they will very soon.  I know you have been discouraged.  However, when you are, I am with you.  Just ask and I will answer.  Your burdens are heavy.  You feel weighed down by the world.  Soon… yes, very soon… all will change.  Yes, I know it is difficult for you to hear Me say ‘soon’.  When I do, I see your face welling up with questions.  You want to know My definition of soon.  Am I correct, Little Sparrow?”

Me:  Nodding in agreement.  “Yes, Lord, please!”

Jesus:  “I brought you here today to remind you that I think of you.  I love you.  I consider and remember things which are important to you.  I am not ‘the god who forgets’.  I Am the God of Great Matters and Fine Details.  No stone is left unturned.  All evidence is presented.  I Am the God of Truth and My Word will prevail.  Now, make sure you pray while you wait.”

Me:  “I have been and I will continue to do so.  Thank You, Lord!”

Jesus:  “This is good.  I will answer your prayers.”

He smiled as He reached over to hug me.

Dream over…

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