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Heaven Dreams & Interpretations

About the Author

About the Author, Erin Aleshire

On November 21st of 2004, I went to the hospital for a routine procedure. I opted to be fully awake for this procedure as my body had historically rejected most anesthesia as well as most pain medications.  During this procedure, I was able to talk with the staff as they worked on me.

As this continued, I started to unexpectedly experience a great amount of pain and this was then followed by sweats and shaking. As I began to lose consciousness, the last thing I heard was “Erin, hang in there just a couple more….We’re losing her!  We’re losing her!!”  This incident then began my very first Near Death Episode, or NDE for short.

While I was experiencing this registered NDE in the hospital, God took me to the base of a mountain. There God told me that I was about to go through one of the darkest seasons of my life and as always the Lord was correct.  Indeed, I began a journey with Him through the darkest of valleys for a seemingly endless seven years.

During this time, my heart condition continued to worsen and this initial event was really just the beginning of the first of a series of NDEs. We later would find out that this was as a result of an unusual arrhythmia which actually causes my heart to stop called Sudden Brady Response, or SBR for short.

During these SBRs, I would continue to experience these NDEs. Some of these NDEs were classified as ‘registered events’ and others were classified as ‘non-registered events’.  Whenever these SBRs occurred, I would be taken for visits to parts of Heaven and even God’s City of Gold, the Home of His Throne.

At first, I kept these visits confined to my personal journals as I did not want to appear to be ‘not of sound mind’ medically speaking. However, these visits foretold of the dreams that were to later come and served as the basis for these books coming into being.

One incident in particular stood out when on the Good Friday of 2008 my heart suddenly stopped. This was an unusually severe SBR and just happened to occur during a presentation at work.  Witnesses to this particular NDE included an architect, a builder and several of my co-workers that were at this presentation.

In this particular NDE, which was classified as a ‘registered event’, an angel of the Lord told me that I mattered to God and, even as I type this today, the memory is as vivid as if it happened within the last week.

Due to this particular registered NDE, I finally received a formal diagnosis from the doctors that this continued heart problem meant facing the very real possibility of death unless I agreed to have a pacemaker implanted. With three young children, I knew that this was something I would have to go through now even with the potential complications of the resulting surgery.

After the pacemaker surgery, my NDEs stopped and my visits to Heaven were temporarily suspended. I then went through a dry spell or a ‘desert period’ wherein I did not hear from the Lord for around two years.  In many ways, this period of aloneness was unbearable based on the fact that these previous visits had meant so much to me.

During these two years, I inadvertently ended up making some decisions that my enemies saw as opportunities to attack me. While under these suddenly intensified attacks, I sought God with complete abandon and I chased after the Lord with my whole heart and every fiber of my being.

Nonetheless, I became quite concerned that my time of miracles had ended with my new pacemaker, but I still petitioned Him on my knees every day and sometimes literally for hours at a time. In my persistent cries to God, my long desert period finally came to a close and God once again began to work supernaturally in my life and to an even greater extent than ever before.

Indeed, in October 2012 I began to experience an amazing string of prophetic dreams and visions which have continued to this very day. My friends and I prayerfully soon after made the decision to finally gather up all of these dreams and publish them as I received them, starting in this same month.

As further background and in terms of how the dreams and visions all began, here is a brief outline of how the Lord grants me these dreams and visions:

First I have the dream at night and then after I wake up I take communion and pray. As I sit to write these dreams in my journal, Jesus then gives me an open vision of the dream that He wants me to focus on.  During this time, this vision is so clear that I can experience and look wherever He desires me to.

Second, as I relive the dream I begin to write in my journal and somehow this all happens with me not even having to look at the journal as I am writing even as I am within these visions. Amazingly, my writing flows from the Holy Spirit and I am able to write in ink without any need for correction.

Third, these handwritten pages are then sent to my friends for typing and posting. In hindsight, I have no doubt that this all happened in this manner so that the dates these dreams were posted could easily be verified as actually happening on the date indicated by hundreds, if not thousands, of eye witnesses.

This way, no one could say that these dreams were posted after an event took place and was therefore written in hindsight. Instead this provided concrete proof that these dreams were all written in ‘foresight’ and on the date indicated that the dream took place.

Interestingly, if not humorously, if I ever try to write something differently from exactly what the Holy Spirit is requesting, my vision of the dream shuts down immediately and I am forced to stop writing. Whenever this happens, my memory temporarily goes completely blank and I must stop and pray before the Lord will allow the download to begin again.

This divine process has resulted in me becoming more like a reporter or scribe. In other words, I cannot influence or change these dreams or what is written even if I tried to as the Lord simply will not allow it.  In the end, I can assure you that the details contained in these dreams are so incredible that it can only be God-inspired as I simply do not have the time, energy or education to take credit for any of this.

What is so wonderful about this incredibly divine process is that I am given a threefold check to everything I write about these dreams. Again, I first have the dream, I then relive the dream in a detailed vision and finally the Holy Spirit helps me write whatever the Lord wants me to witness.

As I experience these dreams and subsequent visions, I actually learn from the Lord as I go and all in live ‘3-D’. The downside of these dreams is that I also experience the darkest of events in ‘live 3-D’ as well.  When it comes to these dark events that I am shown, this can often be quite horrific as all of the accompanying sounds and smells are often hard to bear or even to describe sometimes.

On a side note, my pacemaker continues to record my ‘heart events’ and these easily average about thirty events per day. Indeed, every few months I get an actual printout of these heart events and they register these events much like a seismograph.  Interestingly, the events I am experiencing in Heaven are in a way even registered in my pacemaker’s event log.

Now the thing that is important to keep in mind is that I am not a prophet or even a self-proclaimed prophet, but merely a seer and a scribe. In reality, I am just a type of Heavenly reporter.  Ironically, I do not even enjoy writing at all, yet for whatever reason that the Lord only knows He quite humorously chose me to write more often than I would ever have desired.

Again, I am certainly not a scholar nor am I ‘so special’ that feel I even deserve this gift. However, as shown in Scripture, Jesus specializes in giving generously to undeserving people, so I will take this gift with a very glad heart.

Within the dreams, I really must stress yet again that I am merely being used by the Lord as an example, but almost really as more of an illustration. During these tragedies and losses, I have gained a love relationship with Jesus and He has forever changed me from the ordinary life I was leading.  Indeed, I have now personally seen the beauty of Heaven, yet the Lord has told me that what I have been shown is still only but a tiny fraction of what is waiting there for those who love God.

As you will experience in these dreams, you will find that the Lord is so much more than what we have all been taught. While these dreams never contradict the Bible, hopefully they will instead help illuminate the Bible for you to become even more of a divine love story written on the tablets of our hearts.  While very few have discovered the layer after layer of the love that God has given us already through His Words, I pray that these dreams will help you discover this as He has for me now.

Always remember that Heaven is a divine mystery and there is no lack. Indeed, Heaven is perfectly holy, a place of perfection and there is no death or decay of any kind.  Heaven is a place of absolute beauty, precision and craftsmanship unlike anything on Earth.  Not only that, and somewhat surprisingly to me, Heaven is also a place with state of the art technology that simply cannot be fathomed or matched by anything man can create…and all without a single ‘electrical cord’!

Compared to Earth, Heaven is logical and intricately mysterious, yet infinitely grand and intensely personal at the same time. Again, this is a mystery to me as well, but these dreams will help you see all of this in a clearer fashion, or at least that is my greatest desire for each of you.

Through these powerful dreams and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I strongly believe that you will come to know your Lord and Savior much more intimately than you had ever ‘dreamed’ possible. Remember, Jesus is always the grand subject and this is no different in these dreams.

Given where we are and nearing the end, I sincerely believe that He is now making Himself and His Home for us in Heaven that He has planned for us known to people all over the world. By no means are these dreams a substitute for Scriptures in the Bible, but rather these dreams beautifully illustrate Scriptural truths.

1 Corinthians 2:9 summarizes what I have seen while visiting Heaven: “But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man (or woman), the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”

As you are reading through these dreams, you may find yourself asking ‘now why would Jesus choose Erin, a common Gentile and sinner, for these dreams and visions?’ You should know in advance that I too have asked the Lord this very same question too many times to count.

However, whenever I have asked the Lord this very same question, His reply has always been so simple, “Erin, why not you?” I have since learned to simply accept His answer, though often hard for me to, and I pray that you will too (smiles)…

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