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About the Books & the Dreams

About the Books & the Dreams

The Lord has taken me on a long journey with these dreams. As the dreams progress, Jesus shows me more and more details and unlocks complex mysteries.  This did not happen suddenly, but rather over a course of many years and now with seven books and counting.

While many who find these dreams will at first believe that these dreams were given by God for those who already believe in His Son, Jesus, they are really for so much more than this. Amazingly, Christians are not even the Lord’s intended primary audience for all of these dreams.

Since you have been somehow led to find these dreams, it is quite likely that you are currently disillusioned with people who call themselves Christians that you have seen acting over and over again like anything but Christians. Or perhaps you have attended a church and have been hurt by ungodly behavior as this is happening more than ever and at more churches than ever.  Or perhaps you have struggled to read the Bible and have been told that this ‘Book’ is no longer relevant to a modern world.

If this describes you, just know that you are just one of many that are experiencing a religious system wherein many of these institutions have grown cold and stale over time! However, I can assure you that you are VERY welcome here as I can relate all too well to what you have experienced as I have experienced all of this myself and way too often, wherein this continues to get worse as we get closer to His coming for us.

Regardless of how you got here, I now ask you with all of my heart that you truly give these dreams a chance to help you see the Lord in a different light. Churches and people are imperfect, as am I, but God is perfect and I can assure you that Jesus is more than you could ever imagine and the opposite of all of these things you may have seen or been taught.  These dreams will help you see this as the truth in an ever increasingly deceptive world.

Whether you are a skeptic here to investigate what these dreams are all about or you are someone whose very soul is crying out that there must be more to this life and the next life, I believe that you simply cannot read these dreams without being greatly affected. While these dreams are meant for Christians as well, the Lord has specifically informed me that these dreams are really meant for the lost and disillusioned like you.

Indeed, the Lord has also specifically informed me and warned me that my very worst critics and adversaries for these dreams will be ‘other Christians’. While I will continue to have Christian friends who the Lord has assured me will continue to be faithful and stand with me in all of this, many of these ‘other Christians’ will soon publically say things like the following …

  • Why would the Lord pick someone like Erin who has experienced…(fill in one of many blanks as I will be the first to admit that I had quite an ‘ungodly life’ leading up to Him lifting me out of a ditch of despair)?
  • Why would God not pick a Bible scholar for this purpose? Where is Erin’s doctorate in theology?
  • Why would God use a woman for this and not a man instead?

Really, these criticisms and so many more will soon come and without ceasing as I have already been told by the Lord to expect this. Now, it is not that I cannot relate to these criticisms as I too have asked many of these same things myself.  However, each time that I ask these questions, the Lord quickly reminds me that He often chooses the most unlikely person at the most unlikely time and that, this time, this ‘most unlikely of people’ just happens to be me and for just this time.

The Lord then often reminds me that one just has to read all about what He did for Mary Magdalene, a former prostitute, to find out that He does not look at our outside, but rather what could be, through Him, on the inside. If these attacks describe what you have experienced when searching for the True God of the Bible, just know that these attacks are not from Jesus, but from the enemy who wants you to stay lost and distant from Jesus as He is the only One Who can save you.

I just know in my heart that these dreams are the answer for you as they only become more and more wondrous as God’s glory is revealed as these books continue. While each dream is independent of each other, they are also interlocked and relate to previous concepts from earlier dreams.  I am sure you will enjoy the journey from start to never ending conclusion as much as I did.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come here to investigate and read these dreams. May you be as greatly blessed by these dreams and books as I have!  As you read and study these books, you will notice that the content is ever expanding in scope and wonder, but nonetheless this all had to start somewhere and, in this case, it all started with “The Invitation”.

“The Invitation” has since progressed to the series that I am currently working on called “The Tribulation”. Now over two hundred dreams later, these dreams work together to form the first seven books in the Heaven’s Gate Series as follows:

  • Book 1: The Invitation
  • Book 2: The Blacksmith
  • Book 3: The Mansions
  • Book 4: The House of God
  • Book 5: The Exodus
  • Book 6: The Prophecies
  • Book 7: The Final Hour

I just know that the Lord will speak to your heart in these dreams and books as He has spoken life into my heart and, more importantly, into my very Spirit and Soul. As you look through this website, you will find sample dreams for each of these seven books, along with all of the most recent dreams that are starting to form the eighth book.

I pray that all of the content that you find here is to His Glory alone and not for mine as Jesus and His Father are worthy of all of our praises and I am just a flawed vessel He is working with to bring this to you. To elevate me in anything would be foolish, but to elevate Him in all things is wisdom.

It is therefore my sincerest hope and desire that these dreams and books that the Lord has gifted me with accomplishes all of these things and brings you into a relationship with Jesus you never even thought possible! May you soon find out that even eternity will not be enough time for you to thank Him for all that He has done and will do for you and for the incredible love He has for you and each of those He loves and loves Him.

With love and blessings, Erin

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