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Heaven Dreams & Interpretations

Dream - No Sin too great to be Forgiven


Dream 122 – Training – War Assignment & Harvesting


Received Saturday, May 10, 2014


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day and for all that You have done. Thank You for not giving up on me when I would like to give up on myself.  Lord, I need help forgiving those who continue to hurt me.  How long must I forgive for?

With one of my enemies, I have easily forgiven seventy times seven just as it says in Your Word that I should. How much longer, Lord?  Until then, I will continue to forgive this man until You finally deliver me as I can do nothing else.

Lord, sometimes memories are like tiny shards of glass. Even though you brush them off of your skin and move on, some still go into your skin and become painful.  Since these are tiny and clear, you cannot see them so they are very difficult to remove.

Lord, You have a reason for everything and You have promised to deliver me to a safe place. You have promised to deliver me soon, so please do so as I am wearing down and I desperately need Your help.  Help me, Lord, as You are mighty to save.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

Immediately I was in a city that I did not recognize other than I knew that this city was not in Heaven. I looked around and I could see that there were abandoned brick buildings everywhere.  I saw some script written on the side of one of the buildings and it looked Russian or something like this.

The sky was dark and very gloomy as there had recently been rain. The streets were brick in some areas with some under a coating of asphalt.  I could see that a good majority of the buildings had been blown to bits.

I looked down to see what I was wearing and I had a tactical sniper outfit on. I was still me in this dream, but I was completely in character for this war torn landscape and I was dressed like a soldier.  I could not tell what was happening, but when I saw what I was wearing I quickly realized I was going to be in the middle of a battle.

Me: “Lord, what are You doing with me?  What is this all about?  While I am not sure about all of this, I do know that I do not want to be here at all.”

Holy Spirit: “Erin, I brought you here for an assignment, so do not be afraid.  Allow Me to guide you as you will not be hurt and I will deliver you from this.  This assignment is very important.”

Me: “Okay, Lord. I am willing and hopefully I am able.”

I looked at what I was wearing to see if I had everything I would need to go into battle. Hopefully this did not involve killing as I was not certain if I could do this other than to save children from bad guys.

I had clothing on that was like armor. I had gloves on and extra ammunition strapped like a beauty-pageant ribbon across my chest.  I then noticed that I had another strap and reached behind my back to check this and realized that I had a very high-tech sniper rifle or at least what I thought was high-tech.  I then noticed a type of scope on the rifle that had what looked like a digital display.

Me: “Okay, if the Lord has me here, there must be some extreme evil.  I had better go up to a higher point so that I can see what I am up against and what army I am fighting.”

I ducked into a building with a steel door and it was pitch black inside. I had to slowly feel my way up the stairs, but slowly began to see light as I climber higher.  As I approached a window, I instinctively came up to the side to peek out so that I would not be seen by the enemy.

Eventually I climbed the last several flights to the rooftop. However, before I exited the door, I got down on my belly and slowly opened the door from a low position in case there were others out there on the roof.

I could see that there was no one there, so I scrambled quietly behind two very large air ducts and listened for any sounds. In the distance, I saw a war zone and smoldering buildings, but I still could not see signs of life anywhere.  I looked out the other direction and I saw a sniper station on the roof, but I could not tell where the sniper was as I could only see his equipment.

As I approached the equipment, I saw a trail of blood leading to another utility area of the building. I carefully followed the trail and came upon a body stretched out.  I saw that this body was a young boy perhaps seventeen years old who appeared to be praying.

At first I did not understand the language he was praying in, but then the Lord granted me the ability to know what he was saying. He was praying to Mary and kept saying something like ‘mother of God’.

He was clearly dying so I ran over to him, but he quickly tried to get away from me as he did not know if I was an enemy. Based on his reaction, I gathered that I was wearing the clothing of the opposing side.

It was cold here and only about forty degrees Fahrenheit. I was wearing a stocking cap with some sort of barrier on it like a shield.  I found this all quite odd as I literally know nothing about military combat other than that I never wanted to be in a situation like this.

The man looked so frightened by me. I put my hands up and I said something in his language.  I did not even understand the language as I was speaking, but the Lord granted me supernatural knowledge so I knew what was being said and how to say it.

Me (in another tongue): “I have been sent by Jesus, not His mother, and by God Himself to give you comfort.”

Man: He was shaking and scared; so scared.  “Who are you?  Please do not kill me.”

Me: “I am not here to kill you.  I was sent by God to show you He loves you.”

Man: “God would not send a sniper to lead a sniper home.  This is a trick.”

Me: “No, it is not a trick.  I am here to help you.  What is your name?”

Man: “‘Kelzi Immanuil’.  Snipers do not give out last names.”

Me: “Oh, you are David Emanuel.  Who gave you that name?”

Man: “My grandmother who raised me.”

Me: “You are dying.  Do you know Jesus, the One Who sent me?  Do you know Him Who loves you?”

Man: “He cannot love me as I am a killer and I have killed innocent people.  I am nothing but forgotten and I cannot be forgiven as I even kill children.”

Me: “God has sent me just to show you Home.  Would you like to go to Heaven?  It is Paradise and the angels will take you there.”

Man: “This is a trick.  I cannot be forgiven.”

Me: “Are you willing to accept that Jesus is here with me?”

Just then he began to have shortness of breath and severe pains.

Man: “First you must know that there are others in the buildings, crazy woman of God, and you will need to see them too as I have killed many of them.  Those who were praying in the other building will need you as I am their killer.”

Me: “God knows this, Kelzi, and He still sent me to you.  He told me your grandmother wants you Home with her.  Are you ready?”

Man: “Yes, yes, hurry, hurry as I am being hunted like a dog right now.  Quietly hurry.”

Just then there were old helicopters coming at us and I could hear bombs dropping about a mile away. I could also hear gunfire in the distance, but I still did not know where I was.  Kelzi reached out for my hand and I could see this young boy was so scared now.

Man: “Please do not leave me.  Please.”

Me: “It is okay as Jesus loves you and the angels are ready to take you Home.”

As I looked at him, his eyes seemed to be focusing on something which I could not see. His face was black with sniper paint and his eyes were bluer than blue and stood out against the brilliant whites of his eyes.  As he kept focusing on what I could not see, I began to cry as a smile came upon his face.

Man: “Jesus, I see You, I see You!  I am sorry.  Please forgive me!”  There was a pause.  “Thank You.”

I knew by the pause that the Lord was speaking to him and showing him the way Home and this was so beautiful. As his eyes became vacant and his hand went limp in mine, I knew he was now dead and reached over and closed his eyelids and thanked God.

Me: “Okay, Lord, You can beam me up to the ship now.  Lord, the bombs are drawing closer and it is time to remove me.”

Holy Spirit: “No, Erin, you have the equipment and the enemy is approaching.  There is more to do before you are removed from here.  Do not think about this, but rather just allow Me to work here.”

Me: “Lord, would it not have been more convincing to send someone who actually has been in a war zone or has tactical experience?  I am a bit out of my element here.  Now, a fashion show in New York City might be closer to my level of experience.”

Holy Spirit: “Erin, I can send someone else if you are not capable.”

Me: “No, Lord, You have Your reasons and I am willing, but just please empty me completely of myself and grant me supernatural knowledge about this culture or even this war.”

Holy Spirit: “Granted.  Now go to Kelzi’s sniper station and look through the scope, but first take his iPad.”

I got up and grabbed Kelzi’s iPad and noticed that it had a bunch of coordinates. Next to these coordinates, it had a word which meant ‘kills’.  At each coordinate, he had tracked his kills.

Me: “Oh, Lord, this kid was a master sniper.  How did he even make it to prayers and salvation?  Wow!”

Holy Spirit: “Erin, it is lucky for everyone here that your assignment is not judge and jury.  Please stick to My Plan and do not judge.”

Me: “Forgive me, Lord.  Now what do I do?”

Holy Spirit: “Allow Me to work and do not ‘try’ to do anything as this is wisdom and some could be lost.”

Me: “Lord, could angels not do all of this instead?  Why use me?”

Holy Spirit: “Erin, there is a battle going on right now and you had asked to be used.  Shall I get someone else?”

Just then, I saw a veil over my eyes lift and saw demons of every kind fighting angels from Heaven. They were all around me and the demons were preventing or delaying angels from getting to saints.  There were so many over this area alone that if the Lord had not given me a veil I would have been too distracted to focus solely on this boy Kelzi.

Me: “Oh my goodness, Lord, this is frightening.”

Holy Spirit: “Erin, please continue.  I will put the veil back over your eyes so that you can focus on your assignment.  Concentrate now and you may ask questions later.”

Me: “Lord, just one quick question.  Do all of these people see into the spirit realm?”

Holy Spirit: “Yes, many can.”

Me: “How are they able to survive?”

Holy Spirit: “Too many questions, Erin.  You will have to wait until later for answers as it is time to move now.”

Me: “Yes, Lord.”

I heard gunfire drawing closer as the demons must have told the opposing side that I was here. I went to the sniper station and saw a sniper rifle that was even more advanced than my sniper rifle.

I noticed that everything was digital as I looked through the sight. With one of the lenses, I could see human heat through the building about fifty yards from me.  I could see a mass of heat in a corner and it looked like several people were there.

I then moved the sight around and heard an alert from the iPad. I looked and saw a snipers setting up at several different locations, as well as moving in on the building across the street.  The iPad said some code name and I could read that the foreign script said, ‘Black Dog shoot to kill now.”

Holy Spirit: “Erin, the sniper across from you is not one of Mine, but the enemy’s.  You must remove him now.”

Me: “What?  Shoot, Lord, seriously?”

Holy Spirit: “Shoot first and ask questions later.”

I was shaking as I pointed the rifle and realized that this was the person who shot Kelzi and was on the same side as him. I knew instinctively this was the case as I looked through the sight.

I was alerted by the iPad that I had locked on to the target, but before I could pull the trigger the gun went off. I heard no sound, but I received a vibration alert that I had hit the target.  I found this odd as I did not even do anything.  I looked through the sight of the rifle and saw that the red heat of the sniper’s body was fading and that his body was down.

The iPad alerted me to more movement and had the word, ‘NOW’. I still had the other rifle on my back and I knew I needed to get over to the other building.  I snapped the digital sight off of Kelzi’s sniper rifle and took the iPad and sight with me.  Again, this was supernatural as this was certainly not something I would know to do on my own.

I began to run back to the roof door, opened the metal door and stepped into the darkness. I was in a pitch-black stairwell and felt for a switch on the sight that I had taken.  I moved the switch and the one sight worked like a flashlight.

This scope had three lenses and a body like a camcorder, but the old-fashioned kind. I am sure the parts had names, but I did not think it mattered much right now.  I quickly used the scope to find my way in the dark.  I was thanking the Lord for putting the veil back on as I would have been too busy watching that battle instead of doing what I was sent here for.

As I was thinking to myself that I had so many questions for the Lord later, I reached the bottom of the stairs and opened the door slowly. I grabbed the rifle behind me and I moved the strap forward so that the rifle was now in my hands.

I noticed that the sight on the rifle must have been ‘first generation’ as it was clearly not as advanced as the other rifle I had used. I had a pack that I put the digital scope into, along with the iPad.

As I entered into an alleyway, I looked toward my target building and ran quickly to the edge of the building. There were now bombs going off only about a hundred yards or so away now, as well as helicopters in the air looking for me or the people in the other building or both.  As I looked across the street at the building I was going to, I could not figure out how I would get across the street without snipers shooting me first.

Me: “Lord, I could use help here now.  Please show me which way to go.”

Just then He lifted the veil over my eyes and I saw a double row of angels creating a path for me to the other building. They were fighting demons and I saw an angel I recognized from ‘The Path’ a long time ago.

He whistled for me to move, so I ran full force to the other building and through the door being held open by another angel. Just as I went through the door, the angels and demons disappeared, but I knew that they were still there.

Me: “God, You are truly amazing and beyond incredible.  I am honored by Your amazing love for the lost and so humbled that I would even be able to be used for anything, but especially all of this.”

I was now safely inside the building that I knew held the others. I could hear bombs blowing up adjacent buildings in the hope of killing these people, so I began to run through broken glass, office discs, computers and chairs.

All was in disarray and someone had even moved the items to block the stairwell area. Glass had been strategically placed there in order for them to hear the enemy coming.  I did not know if they had rifles too or what was going on, but I decided to climb over all this stuff anyway.

I pried open the door to the stairs and just then noticed that I was in my 25-year-old glorified body and could move with ease. I was able to get through a ten-inch crack in the door, but barely.

Once through, I snuck up the stairs to the third floor. The door was already open and I looked down and realized a dead man’s body was keeping the door open.  I looked through the opening and saw even more dead bodies.

These were young people as young as sixteen to eighteen years old and I saw both girls and boys unarmed. They had all been shot by sniper through the window and I realized that this must have been bullets from Kelzi’s rifle.  I saw one body twitching by the window as I looked around the corner of the door and saw even more dead bodies.

Me: “Lord, give me strength.”

I ran over to the twitching body by the window and saw that he was just a boy and that he had lost a lot of blood.

Me: In a foreign tongue.  “Please wake up.”

The boy opened his eyes and he had no energy to even care if I was the enemy.

Me: “I am here to let you know that Jesus sent me to take you Home.”

He could not speak as he had been shot in the side of his neck just minutes earlier.

Me: “I will speak for you.  Do you know Jesus?”  He nodded ‘yes’.

Me: “Will you take Him as your Lord and Savior?” He nodded ‘yes’ again as tears streamed down his cheeks.

He grabbed my wrist to get my attention and motioned towards a closet across the room.

Me: “Are there more there in the closet?”  He nodded ‘yes’ again.

Me:  “Okay, I will get to them, but first you.  The angels are ready to take you Home to Heaven.  Will you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior before it is too late?”

Holy Spirit: “Erin, this one is Mine now and it is okay.”

Me: “The Lord has told me that you are His.”

The boy began to cry and whimper as he tried to speak with his mouth but was unable to. Tears were flowing down his cheeks and with a last bit of effort he managed to speak.

Boy: “Spaceeba.”

I heard this in another language so do not know the proper spelling, but at least that is what it sounded like. I believe it was a ‘thank you’.

Me: “I will see you up there soon too, so do not be afraid as the Lord is with you.”

He motioned again towards the closet door before he went to be with the Lord. I quickly got to my feet and began to climb over bodies, desks, computers and glass.  I realized midway that shots were coming towards me as I heard some of the bullets whiz by my ears.

Amazingly, and only by divine design, I was not hit by these bullets and was supernaturally protected instead. As I reached the closet, I could hear crying from within.

Me: “Do not be afraid.  I am not the enemy.  I am here to help you.”

Just then, the door opened and inside were four girls and three boys. A few of them were so scared that they had lost their bodily functions and the smell was horrendous.

They looked glad to see me and they were speaking at me all at once. I did not know what they were saying so I held up my hands to quiet them.  One of the girls saw that the boy by the window was dead and began to sob inconsolably.

Me: “Please do not worry or be afraid.”

One of the children, seemingly all teens, said, “Are you an angel?”

Me: “No, I am not, but I do come from Heaven and have been assigned by God to let you know He is with You and loves you.”

Teen boy: “How can He be with us?  He allowed our family, our friends and our parents to be killed.  He allowed my sisters to be raped before they were killed and they were only four and six years old.  God does not love us.”

Teen girl: “He deserted us and killed us off one by one and now we will be next.  Lady, then you will right after.”

Me: “You are wrong.  God did not kill your family.  There is a war which you cannot see occurring now in the spirit realm and God is giving you a chance.  Now, the bombs are getting closer and soon the enemy will find you.  Your friend over there is with Jesus and God took him Home.  Now, do you want to be here alone with them?”

I pointed to the sky and instantly the spirit realm became visible to them and it was horrific. The teens started screaming as they could see the demons being held back from getting to them by the angels.

Me: “Now, we do not have much time.  Jesus is ready to keep0 you safe in His arms.  Are you ready?  He has taken your sisters and your friend to Heaven already.  Now join them there in Heaven before it is too late for you.”

Instantly they knelt to the floor and all of their hands were shaking in fear.

Teens: “We will take Jesus.”

Me: “The Lord knows all that you have been through so accepting Him now is good and you will receive a special crown for this.  You have each suffered much so if you are holding anything against anyone, you must forgive so that God can forgive you.”

Immediately they started confessing and naming offenders.

Teen: “How can I forgive the person who hurt my sisters when they were so little?”

Me: “I understand this more than you know, but you must release both this evil and the person used by the enemy to God so that the accuser can hold nothing against you in Court.  You must be free from unforgiveness and let God be a just Judge against your enemy.”

Immediately the children confessed even more and it was heartbreaking as their stories were supernaturally downloaded to me. I could temporarily see all of wretched details and the things done to them in secret.  All of them were confessing without me saying anything.

Teen: “God, please forgive me for pretending to be God.”

Then all of them confessed the same.

Holy Spirit: “Erin, tell them I am pleased with them and it is time for them to be Mine forever and ever.”

Me (in their language): “The Lord is pleased with you and you are His.  He is ready to receive you.  Are you ready to meet Him?”

All of them in tears accepted Jesus as I heard the word ‘spaceeba’ or something similar to this, along with the word ‘Jesus’. Just then I heard the building collapsing around us as the roof was caving in.  The debris fell all around us as I reached over to hug the teens.

We looked up to see a plane firing a missile towards us. As the missile approached, I saw the sky open.  After this, they must have died because at that moment Heaven opened to receive these children.

I then was transported on to the rooftop of a distant building. From across the city, I could see an Open Heaven and an epic war all at the same time.  I saw that just a few saints were left now and it was a desolate landscape, a place with no hope and completely void of God.

I realized that it must not have been completely void of God as He had sent me there to help them. I had many questions to ask the Lord about this all.

Dream temporarily ends…

At this point, I finished for the night and it would not be until the next that this would continue. In the meantime, I had read what I had written so far to my sons and this was incorporated into the second part of this dream.  It started back up immediately in Heaven as follows:

Dream begins…

Immediately I was walking through a Heavenly vineyard and noticed several types of grapes. One vineyard had beautiful white grapes, light green grapes and gold grapes.  However, these grapes were not yet ready for harvest as this vineyard was higher up on the mountain.

Down to my right I could see harvesters singing and praising the Lord for these beautiful grapes and their record yield. These grapes were light red and pink. To my left and off to the side I saw them finishing the last pick of some beautiful deep red and burgundy grapes.

There were large baskets and the juiciest of all of the grapes were being carried off for crushing. I saw in the distance a beautiful chateau that was French in style.

The dirt was sparkling, dark and rich and completely unlike some of the desert vineyards here on Earth. In Heaven, the precious mineral content of the ground, combined with Heavenly air of the purest oxygen, made for soil incredibly rich with life.

I should note again as I have previously that Heavenly soil is not dirty. The ‘dirt’ here truly does not need mulch nor are there rotting organic products there.  The food grown here is not from death, but grows purely from living water and soil.

I noticed that I was wearing beautiful sandals with braids of something like leather. Though more comfortable than anything I own on Earth, I still took them off so that my bare feet could rest on the soil.  I was wearing a skirt with a white flowing blouse and a type of pouch around my waist.

I ran up the first row where the harvesters were and reached for a bunch of jeweled red and pink grapes. As I put a bunch of the grapes in my pouch, I ran up a row of vines to the burgundy grapes as I had wanted to try out these perfected grapes.

As I ran to those, I looked at the white, light green and golden grapes for a moment and stopped to pick a bunch. However, I hesitated and bypassed them as these grapes were not quite ready yet.

I was laughing with joy as I was now here and safe in Heaven and was so relieved to be here after what I had just come from. I found a bunch of ripe burgundy grapes and picked some and put them in my pouch as well.

One of the grapes accidentally dropped to the ground and I quickly bent down and popped it into my month. The grape burst with flavor as I bit into it and it tasted so wonderful.  It tasted a bit like an earthly red grape, but really nothing like it at all as it tasted so much better.

I pulled another grape off of the bunch in my pouch as I have only tasted two varieties of grapes in a supermarket and these were clearly different. These grapes were rich and somehow both sour and sweet at the same time.

Well, sour is the wrong word, but nonetheless these grapes make you want to eat more. The grapes on Earth are okay, but I really do not go out of my way to purchase them and nor do my children go out of their way to eat them.  Here however if there were just these grapes to eat here, I could easily live off of them.  I giggled as I added ‘as well as living water too.’

I heard a bunch of harvesters calling to me and they were saying, ‘Erin, come to the celebration.’ The harvesters were loading up these grapes on a type of high-tech cart that was led by horses.  However, even the horses here actually looked like they were as excited to pull in the harvested grapes as the harvesters.

Me: Laughing.  “They seem to know me.  Now how funny is that?”

I had seen the harvest celebrations when I was here last year and it seemed like so much fun. I noticed that there were angels here too.  As the cart continued to move, I waved them on and stopped again to look around me.

I saw waves of color on the mountain and it was breathtakingly beautiful. The smells were so fragrant and I could smell an amazing combination of fresh mowed grass and mountain air with perhaps even a hint of eucalyptus.  While I did not see any eucalyptus around, I knew by the smell that they must be close.

I noticed that I must have been on the southern side of the valley, the same side that will one day be my eternal Home. There was a beautiful southern breeze as I sat down in a row of vineyards and looked up.

It was so peaceful and I could hear song birds everywhere and they were singing praises to God. I never understood how we could be taught that we would be at the Throne of God without stop always worshiping Him on our knees when this is definitely not the case and certainly was not something I personally was looking forward to.

Me: “God, please forgive me for my thoughts.”

I then realized that, simply because of this amazing place that He has prepared for us here, we will constantly be worshiping and thanking Him for all eternity. Indeed, there will not be one single entity in Heaven that will not be constantly praising and worshiping God for His incredible gift of Jesus as He saved us and God sent Him.

God has showed us the way Home and ‘The Path’ which leads to Paradise.  I was so thankful as I grinned and laid down in the vineyard to rest.  I must have drifted off to sleep as I was awakened by something scurrying across my stomach.

I looked down and there was a family of quail all in a row traveling right over me. I laughed and sat up as the little babies were so cute.  The quail were silver and gold with a little plume of blue and purple and the parents were even more colorful.

Wow, they can also be glorified in full color here as they have no enemy and no need to be camouflaged in gray and brown to stay hidden anymore. It would have been hard to even recognize them as quail, but I had recognized the sounds they were making.

I stood up on my feet, but did not know how long I had drifted off to sleep. I could still hear the celebration at my friend’s vineyard as I turned around to go down at row of grapes.

There I spotted Jesus and saw that He was gleaning the last few burgundy grapes. He had a large pouch like basket over His shoulder and He was taking all of the grapes.  I laughed as it is not like any of the grapes are bad here.  He waved at me and I ran as fast as I could down the row I was in and over to the place He was harvesting.

Jesus: “Erin, did you have a good rest?”

Me: “Yes!  I am so glad the quails woke me up as I would have slept here for a few days at least.”

Jesus: He was smiling and jovial.  “Yes, I know and that is why I sent them to wake you up.  I am glad you woke up when you did as those parents can become quite loud and you would have been startled.”

Me: “Wow, Lord, in Heaven, every harvest is a record harvest.  How does this not become routine?”

I saw Jesus laughing along with the angels. They obviously knew much more than I do about Heaven.

Me: “Okay, so everything here is perfect so how does it not become boring or like that movie, ‘Groundhog Day’?”

Jesus: “Interesting choice of words.  Are you worried that things in Heaven will become monotonous after a while?”

Me: “It is okay with me if it does, Lord, and everyday can be the same.  I am fine with this, just please do not send me back to that war.  I have perspectives now that I did not have before so please forgive me.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Hmm, are you negotiating with Me, Erin?  Ask any of the harvesters here as well as the vineyard owner if they think that days cannot be interesting unless there is trouble or trials?  This does not sound right, does it?

“Erin, you spent your entire earthly existence praying for peace and rest with no poverty or trouble, but now are you requesting trouble in Heaven in order to shake things up a bit? You are funny, Erin.”

Me: “Well, when You put it like that, it certainly sounds horrible, Lord, so please forgive me.”

Jesus: “Erin, you were just taken to a war zone and one in which the only winners were the ones saved by Me.  However, from an earthly perspective, the winners were the ones with the most kills.  Are you requesting this in Heaven?”

He stopped to look right at me and so did the angels. All of them had become so serious that for a split second I was terrified.  I suddenly remembered that God could split the ground open and throw me into it with a simple wave of His arm.

Me: “Oh Lord, please forgive me as I speak with ignorance and I do not want anything from Earth up here in heaven.”

Jesus: Now laughing.  “Erin, you must choose your words carefully as the power of Life or death is spoken through the portal of your mouth.  Let your words be few as now I have called you friend.”

He was calming and kind and I realized He had just given me the most gentle of rebukes ever.

Jesus: “I know what you have been wondering for some time now: ‘With all things perfected here, how will it remain interesting’, right?”

As the angels continued to pick the remnant bundles, they smiled and laughed. I could see they had memories and stories about what they had seen and experienced with Jesus over the years.

Me: “Yes, Lord, but please remember that I approach Heavenly things and the mysteries of You with youthful wonder and exuberant ignorance.”

Jesus: “Now that is funny and truthful.  Very good, Erin.”  He continued to glean grapes.

Me: “Lord, why are You picking the remnant grapes.  Are there not workers for this?”

Jesus: “Oh, am I not capable?  Erin, your questions are funny.”

Me: “Lord, it seems that the picking of the remnant grapes somehow reminds me of what You took me through in the war zone.”

Jesus: “Erin, there is much more to this than you know for the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  Remember this, Erin, that this is not so much a mystery, but rather a fact.”

Me: “Lord, I am glad You and the angels are grabbing the remnant grapes as they are too good to be left on the vine.”

I reached into my pouch and dropped a grape into my mouth. As I spun around as if performing a pirouette in glee, I realized I was being silly as they all continued to glean.

Jesus: “Erin, in all the times in which you have come up here, have you ever been bored even once?”

Me: “Oh no, Lord, absolutely not.”

Jesus: “Do you agree that each time has been new and different?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, always.”

Jesus: “I make all things new and there are an infinite number of things to discover here.  Every Harvest is new and different here and each one is memorable and each batch of wine is different.

“A fisherman here will still desire to fish for pleasure wherein each catch will be new and different and each day better than the last. There is so much to do here in Heaven that Earth pales in comparison.  Erin, do you not know this by now?”

Me: “Of course, Lord, I am sorry.  We are taught that perfection on Earth is unattainable, but you can try to purchase it if you have the means.  You can even pretend to have it all on Facebook and there you can be anything you claim to be.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, as Earth is pretense and falsified pretenders of Heavenly ways.  Erin, you talked to Me in your car about something several days ago when you were in Bend.  Do you remember what you talked to Me about?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, I drove around the butte area I lived in order to take some photos.  I did not really know if I would ever be make the trip again and I had not been back there until now to compare it to what I have seen in Heaven.

“I saw the snow covered volcanoes that are the seven peaks on the other side of the wooded valley. The sky was blue and the air was crystal clear and fragrant.  The houses were beautiful, but still nothing like here in Heaven.

“I remember thinking that this was a small slice of Heaven on Earth, but I quickly dismissed this when I saw the true colors of this place. Everything had a haze about it like a dull sheen.  Yes, there were colors, but now they seemed in gray-scale and not at all crisp and perfect like here in Heaven.

“I cried as I left Bend as I fully realized that Earth was no longer my true home and that it no longer had luster to me. I could not afford this place anyway as only people with money live here.

“Quite simply, I was not qualified for this place and I became a person looking through a storefront window with no money in my pocket and too poor to purchase what I wanted. My door had fully closed there and I was sad about this.”

Jesus: “Erin, you understand that many of the people you saw will only know that small piece of pretend heaven, right?  As you have seen at the end, money will not be able to save them.  They will remember back to a time before and Heaven to them will be their earthly mansions that will quickly also become their tombs.

“Erin, do not envy them, but pray for them instead as they are like infants wandering through the glass shop. These people can barely walk and they drool even.  When they see something bright and shiny, they want it and take it.

“See and understand that the glass shop also has a glass ceiling whereby God can see all of this. Blessed be that infant who looks up to see God and asks for His Father to pick him up.  Erin, the laborers are few.”

Me: “I do not understand, Lord, as I thought You had said there is nothing more for us to do.”

Jesus: “Yes, and on your own this is correct, but allow Me to work through you as this is wisdom.  Now you have been looking for your Heavenly home on Earth.  Have you been successful?”

Me: “No, Lord.  I have searched all over the world online and nothing compares to my Heavenly House or any of my friends’ Mansions either.  I realized that my Home here in the mountains would be far beyond anything on Earth.  I thought I could find one close to show others about Heaven, but I cannot find a similar house anywhere on Earth.

“I then thought I could find a house close to this in Bend, but there was nothing and somehow this made being there much easier. I was there with a different attitude as before I saw everything from a perspective of my own lack.

“However, now I looked at everything from the way You might see me. I was a princess hidden in plain sight and You took the sting of pain away.”

He walked over to me and gave me a gentle hug and kissed my forehead.

Jesus: “Now you have let this go and this is good, Erin.  What else did your journey teach you?”

Me: “Lord, it also taught me forgiveness as I still had not fully forgiven.  I saw the contents of some of the boxes I had left in storage there and I wanted to run from them as these were too painful to look in.  I hung on to this after I closed the storage unit door and locked it.

“I then prayed for the Rapture so that I would not need to come back to this storage unit ever again. That night when I got home I was so depressed and the next morning I fell really hard at work and injured myself.  Now I have been out of work for a few days and it has been very painful, but restful at the same time.”

Jesus: “So why do you think that this fall was allowed?”

Me: “Is it to squeeze out my remaining pride and stubbornness like one of those grapes?”

Jesus: “Oh really, and did this work?”

Me: I looked at Him and laughed.  “Yes, I think so, but I am not sure what was more painful; the fall or the people emailing me personally to tell me about my unrepentant sin and how poor I must be at removing the enemy from my life that the fall came.”

Jesus: “Yes, this is common as many are well meaning, but act void of My leading.  However, you now know and understand it is best to wait on Me and to let your words be few.”

Me: “Yes, I have learned that, without Your lead and when I react to someone’s situation and base it solely on my own experience, that I cause offense and later find myself being tested on the very same thing I put into motion with my mouth.  My words opened the door for the enemy to declare war against me whenever I have a higher position in my mind than I ought to.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Okay, Erin, now this is wisdom.  Now do not receive that which was not sent from Me.  Instead, pray and bless those friends of yours that have no true understanding.  Encourage, build them up and intercede for those who are stubborn so that the seasoning and salt enhances them with grace for they too are under a glass ceiling and time is proceeding quickly.  Do so with love and do not rush in without leading when all kinds of evil are so close behind you, understand?”

Me: “Yes, I understand that there is no time for fighting.  Lord, can I help You glean the grape remnants?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Remember what you ask for, Erin.”

He nodded to an angel and he came over to me with a basket to hand to me.

Me: “Hey, I recognize you from the war zone where you held the door open for me. So now you are here harvesting grapes?”

The angel smiled at me and then looked at Jesus.

Jesus: “Erin, let’s discuss what you went through.”

Meanwhile, I started collecting grapes from the vine and putting them in the basket.

Me: “Lord, why are there so many grapes on these vines and why the hurry?”

Jesus: “The harvesters grabbed what they could carry, but they were anxious to go to the celebration as it was their reward for a good harvest.  Now, Erin, why are you still here?”

He smiled and laughed as He stopped to look at me for my answer.

Me: “Lord, I want to be where You are?”

Jesus: “Yes, but you elected to stay and glean.  Why?”

Me: “The grapes left here are still good and some are now ready, but just forgotten.  Obviously they are not really forgotten because You are here, right?”

Jesus: Laughing and shaking His head.  “Yes, Erin.”

Me: “Lord, what was that sniper stuff about?  Is this real?  Is this coming?  Why was I in tactical gear and not a robe?  The children, well really the teens, touched me, but how could they do this?”

Jesus: “So many questions, Erin, but first come with Me.”

He had angels take our baskets as He squeezed my hand and we were instantly at my friend’s chateau. The harvesters were now there and were smashing grapes with their feet and celebrating.  I just knew that these grapes would make incredible wine.

Jesus: “Erin, the wine will taste sweeter when you are all here, but you must remember that this process takes some crushing first.  The grape tastes wonderful right off of the vine, but it is even better when they are made into wine for the wedding feast.  Now take My hand again.”

He squeezed my hand again and immediately we were in the Golden City. I stood next to Him as we overlooked a massive park with the Throne and Sea of Glass on the right of it.

I noticed that my clothes had turned into a beautiful bridal gown that was truly amazing. I still was not sure if this was to be ‘The Wedding Gown”, but it was nevertheless symbolic of what is to come.

Me: “Oh Lord, I can see so clearly that it is beautiful and fragrant here.  The blossoms are amazing and it looks like it is now late spring, but I am not sure.  Regardless, this all looks perfect for a wedding.”

Jesus: “Now first I showed you the crushing and now you are here preparing for the wedding.  You know that the wine will be served at a wedding banquet.  So why do you think that I should you all of this?”

Me: “In order to show me my place here and perhaps my position.  Perhaps so that I will know that this is a position of honor not to be treated casually and to not see myself with a higher status than others.  In other words, that I should not view myself as being higher than I ought.”

Jesus: “Very good, Erin, for now you understand that you have come to this place at a high cost.  You have now traded your earthly ambitions for Heavenly treasures that will have true luster and worth.  You are not to get wrapped up in status contests with others as this wastes precious time, understand?  Now, why did I dress you as a sniper and take you to a foreign land?”

Me: “First, Lord, please forgive me if I have ever thought higher of myself than I am.  Forgive me for being upset at my circumstances.  Forgive me for self-reliance and self-pity.  Help me, Lord, to be more like You.”

Jesus: “Erin you are forgiven as you were purchased for a high price.  The enemy would like you back now as he too knows what is coming.  This is why your battles have been so difficult recently as the enemy does not like the message of hope you are giving.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but this is Your message.”

Jesus: “Yes, but your vessel is being filled by Me and you are an enemy of their enemy, Me, as a result and this is good.  Now, the sniper uniform was to show you that wherever I will take you and if you are willing that you will be well-equipped and that only when you stopped to question was there a delay.

“You were shown a place out of your area of expertise or knowledge and instead of getting in your own way you recognized that you were able and willing but not capable to do things you had no knowledge of.

“You were sent to a place foreign to you where you did not even understand the language unless I gave you this knowledge supernaturally. Now when you read this first part to your teenage sons, what happened?”

Me: “Oh Lord, I am sorry to say that they easily had hundreds of times more knowledge than I did.”

Jesus: “Yes, they knew about the first sniper rifle, the one you carried, but until you all researched it together you were unaware that the other was actually in production now.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, I got chills when we found something close to what I had seen online.  My sons told me that some of what I had experienced sounded like a game called, ‘Black Ops’.  All of a sudden they seemed more interested in the dreams, but I am embarrassed to think that it was a war that got them excited about You.”

Jesus: “Let’s talk more about what questions your sons had asked you?”

Me: “They asked me why the other sniper, Kelzi’s ally, killed Kelzi.  Then my other son said, ‘Oh, I know.  He was going to steal his iPad and steal his kills as he was going to get rewarded for these kills.’  Lord, while this all makes complete sense, it just seems so senseless and heartless really.”

Jesus: “Agreed, but we will come back to this.  What was next?”

Me: “Apparently my older son said the room with the bodies and the teen twitching was like the game to him.  They asked me if I saw anyone older in the Tribulation, specifically anyone over the age of twenty.  I thought about this question for a while and realized that I had not.  Lord, is this because anyone older is killed?”

Jesus: “Erin, what does Scripture say about ‘failing hearts’?  You saw into the spirit realm and saw what was there.  Do you believe that an elderly person is agile enough to dodge bullets, find food or, for that matter, find a doctor?”

Me: I became very sad.  “Lord, please forgive my questions up on that roof, as well as my judgments.”

Jesus: “Erin, I had you first minister to Kelzi for a reason.  If you had ministered first to the teens, you would have held judgment against him and you would have hesitated.  Now I showed you that when you are used for My purposes, you must become low and allow Me to increase as you decrease, understand?  Now, do you still want to continue?”

He was firm, but extremely loving. As I looked into His eyes, I saw more trouble and epic battles.  However, I then saw Kelzi hugging his grandmother near the village in the valley and I lit up and hugged Him.

Me: “Oh thank You, Lord, thank You.  I thought I would have rest right away and that I would just come up and dance in the river and nap in the lilies.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Oh Erin, you will, you will as this you have seen and is not contingent on your performance.  However, when you saw those children, even Kelzi, you felt love, compassion and urgency and you let your words be few and said what I directed you too.  There was a great celebration after this that you have not seen yet.”

Me: “So this was real?  When did this happen?  This is in the future, right?”

Jesus: “One day soon you will understand, but now what do I require?”

Me: “To love the Lord God with all of my heart, soul and strength and to love my neighbor as myself.  Lord, why was the Tribulation like a battlefield game?”

Jesus: “The saints will be hunted down as the enemy knows what is coming and has a plan.  You have seen this.”

Me: “Lord, You mean like tracking systems?  It will be an unfair advantage and I wonder how any of the saints will make it?”

Jesus: “Erin, the enemy will rely on earthly resources as that is all the enemy has.  Heaven has access to both so do not worry about how, but just know that things are in place and all according to plan.

“The enemy operates under the same glass ceiling and just because you do not see it does not mean God cannot as even Heaven can see. The pleading for these teens and others from the families here in Heaven is deafening, but God sees all and hears their cries.”

Me: “Help me to do only Your will, Lord, as I never want to get in Your way.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “You can only get in your own way, sweet Erin, not God’s.”

Me: “Lord, I have so many more questions.  Are the hi-tech helicopters the locusts?  They looked like giant flying bugs.”

Jesus: “Erin, somewhat, but there is more to this.  For now, stay to your path and your course as this is wisdom.”

Me: “Lord, a close friend of mine sometimes takes these dreams and removes me completely out of them so that only Your Words remain.  Should we do this?  I heard some of these dreams with my words removed and Your Words are very strong.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Oh, remove the Bride out of the equation?  This is very clever and in some circumstances you could glean much from this, but in others you would remove My love story for you.  My love story is written on the tablet of your heart, Erin, and your questions come from your heart and I love this about you.

“You fear Me, but you are unafraid of Me because you know how much you are loved by Me. However, there is something to this that might be worth exploring.  Do you not realize that everything you say and do is divine inspiration?

“For better or for worse, all of your questions are human and ‘Gentile’ in nature.” He laughed.  “So you even speaking to Me would cause ruffles to feathers even amongst My disciples not that long ago.  You witnessed Elijah’s eye rolls, right?”

Me: This time we both laughed.  “I still feel so unworthy and so humbled by all of this.  Thank You, Lord.  Please remove me and my children to a safe place soon, Lord, as I know that all of this is coming.  I do not want my boys to speak to the enemy with no leading and I would rather hide them than see them hurt.  Please, Lord.”

Jesus: “I promised to remove you before the time of trouble so do not be afraid as you are loved.  These dreams are also loved by a lot of mothers in similar situations as well.”

Me: “I love You too and I pray You are able to use me always.  Oh yes, and for moms too.

Dream over…

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